MUST READ!!! Updated User Guide to Thundercurator - Now Offering $0.36+ SBD Upvote for $0.12 SBD on Original, Quality Content!

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What is @thundercurator?

@thundercurator is a curation service that guarantees profitable upvote (300%+) and personalized comment of your original, quality content. This service is my call to action after being on this platform and seeing incredible content go unrewarded and unnoticed. I plan on making this service a "household" name on this platform, and assisting the other services to bring to light the best content on the steemit platform.

Notice to Plagiarizers.
@thundercurator takes plagiarism and stolen content seriously! Your work will be checked and if found plagiarized, your fee will be kept and donation and you will be flagged and a comment will be made exposing you and the source of the information. After the second time being caught, you will be banned from the service. If you haven’t been caught now, you will be caught eventually.If you are unsure of what plagiarism is, I suggest you search it on google. If your entire post is a copy and paste or an article and you put the source information at the bottom, that is NOT considered original content!

How to use @thundercurator.
There are very few rules with this service.

  • First, please become a follower of @thundercurator. Click the "follow" tab on the top banner.
  • Submitted articles must not be older than 3.5 days.
  • Using your Steemit wallet, transfer the required SBD to @thundercurator with the link of your article in the "memo" section.

Current fee to use this service (as of 5/14/2018) is 0.12 SBD which guarantees a 0.36+ SBD upvote and custom comment. For an incognito vote the fee is 0.121 (no comment from @thundercurator) which guarantees a 0.36+ SBD upvote.

Make even MORE money with @thundercurator for free!

  • Add @thundercurator to your auto-vote list on steemauto with a minimum of 25% upvote and you will be randomly selected to receive a full 100% upvote from @thundercurator!
  • Follow @thundercurator curation trail on steemauto with a minimum of 25% voting power and you will be randomly selected to receive a full 100% upvote from @thundercurator!

Be part of a 75% profit share pool by delegating SP to @thundercurator!
All earnings after curation will be divided up between SP investors and transferred to their account. The remaining rewards will be used to invest into powering up the service.

If you believe in this service, or it's creator @entrepreneur916, feel free to donate SBD or SP to be used to power up this service. @thundercurator has a noble mission to help bring awareness to great content and new steemit users.

Thundercurator Knowledge Base

How to use @thundercurator video
How to delegate video

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Hello @thundercurator. I sent you 0.1sbd so that you will vote in this post and you did not do it and the post has expired.
And this other publication is due tomorrow and he has not received his vote yet and I sent him 0.1sbd.
¿Can you refund the 0.2sbd? Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello! We are very sorry about the delay in your votes. We're starting to get caught up though. When we get to your post and see that it's expired your SBD will be refunded. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. We should be all caught up tomorrow!!!

Thank you very much for the refund.
To continue working!

that's not very reassuring but i'll give it a try
once and see what happens, ... the threats on flagging arent very nice either BUT ... no harm in trying 0.12 i suppose .. let's see , i don't really believe in any of these but you come recommended by trustworthy people

Greetings I wish you much success and I would like to inform you that I already set up my account in SteemAuto to carry out the automatic votes in the section of CurationTrail and FanBase my question after sending the requested 0.120 SB how long I receive the vote

OK - I got it - thank you very much, and I will increase my bids. I don't use steemauto, but I use steemdunk - can that count for autovoting your posts?

Thank you so much for your loyal service to us! Unfortunately it has to be steemauto because that's how we track it. If you decide to try it and need some help let us know!

OK - thank you so much!

thanks, that seems to have been well worth the money, let me try that on another post then tu.png

Hi. I send the money two days ago and still nothing has happened

This is a manual curation that can take 72 hours and sometimes a little bit longer.

followed , thanks

Hello, I saw this but have already sent another one to you at 0.1, please can i send the extra 0.2? Should i send it as underpayment in the memo? :)

It is easier for you to upvote incognito or doesn't it make a difference?

Honestly, that makes things really difficult on our end. Just start doing it from now on :)

Honestly, that makes things really difficult on our end. Just start doing it from now on :)

I've given auto-vote for you in steemauto.

I have sent you 0.12 SBD for upvote my post but still I do not get reply from your end.

Hola mil saludos y bendiciones a su pagina .. le transferi hace 3 dias y aun no he recibido el voto y hoy tranaferi nuevamente y nada aun ( entiendo que la de hoy son 72 horas ) pero quisiera informacion de la primera antes mencionada para asi trabajar bien aca le dejo el link.

Hello! Do you upvote only English posts? If no, how can you discover if it plagiarized or not?

I sent you 0.12 SBD for upvote in my post but still I do not get any reply from your end. Please check & reply.

Please read our user guide when utilizing our service. You sent your post to us on 6/24/18. We are a manual curation service so it can take 3-5 for us to curate your submission.