The 10 SP Challenge

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Who doesnt love free money?? Thunder Curator triples your money which is how its been able to grow so fast! And we're still growing!

We want to give you as much money as possible but to do that we need more SP!

So we're challenging every one of our users to delegate anything they can spare. This will help us give you higher upvotes!

Help us reach our goal of $3.00 upvotes!

Make sure you watch till the end to see Thunder flex all his mighty power! Haha

My video is at DLive


4 days ago I transferred 0.080 and I never got upvote, please return the amount transferred. This is the link of my publication

Please refer to our guide and current status report. Typical upvotes take roughly 72 hours as per guide. Currently there is a slight backlog which is extending upvote time another 12 hours or so. Your upvote will be delivered or refunded due to post age.

Done!!! I appreciate your service. Good to see you guys on camera, cheers!

Thank you so very much for this!

No problem, I know it's not much but hopefully it helps a little.

I love @thundercurator! I use the service all the time, so I delegated a little SP 😎

Thank you so very much, we work hard to get you all paid!

@thundercurato I love you so much. You are the best bot i ever found in Steemit. I see this full video. Thanks for sharing.

I am going to figure out how on earth to delegate, and will as soon as I can :)

Awesome! Thank you so much! Click on this link

Easy Peezy

I upvoted to support and share some love but I got jack in my wallet :-( By the way nice pipes!!!!

This challenge got me thinking. If only the more than 100 useless bot accounts that insist on following me were to delegate me 1 SP, I'd have more than 100 SP to use! Hahaha. I know this won't happen, but it was a random thought :P .

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