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If you want to prepare a quick and easy-to-prepare pastry, my recipe for incredibly delicious croissants with chocolate can come in handy. In fact, this pastry is perfect for breakfast and for family gatherings for a cup of tea.

Delicious pastry is not only a way to defuse hunger, but also to enjoy every bit of baking. So with croissants I want to stretch the pleasure of each piece.

You can also change the filling of croissants every time, for example, use berry or fruit jam, as well as use milk filling.

Thus, you can use a huge number of fillings and each time to get a completely new flavor and aroma.


Puff pastry - 200 g

Yolk - 1 pc.

Dark chocolate - 100 g

Sugar powder - 70 g


  • Puff pastry into a thin layer and cut it into a triangular shape. For each triangle put a little chocolate and carefully fold it forming a croissant shape.
  • Form the baking dish with oil and put the croissants. Grease each croissant with egg yolk. Bake croissants at a temperature of 180 degrees 15-20 minutes.

Croissants cool a little and sprinkle with powdered sugar. These croissants perfectly match with the fragrant coffee.

Bon Appetit!

 I hope you liked my photos, thanks for watching and enjoy every photo because it's so beautiful .. 

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wow its look so yummy i haven't try this with chocolate flavor in it i had with butter one seems well made , thank you for sharing ingredients it's helpful ☺

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your post so nice.I love your post

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This is really good.

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