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Friends, I remember as a child my mother often prepared chocolate crispy. This is a fairly simple recipe, you only need to knead the dough, to shape each crispy and fry them in oil.

Depending on the thickness of the dough strips, you can get a soft or crunchy texture of the dough. Experiment and try as you like. Do less dough so that the crispy are more precise or add more dough to give the crispy softness and tenderness.

Chocolate crispy, it's just a magical recipe. Firstly it can be cooked easily and quickly, and also it is incredibly delicious :).

For the recipe we need:


  1. Flour - 225 g
  2. Cocoa - 10 g
  3. Sugar - 50 g
  4. Milk - 50 ml
  5. Egg - 1 pc.
  6. Butter - 20 g
  7. Vegetable oil - 50 ml
  8. Sugar powder - for decoration

Cooking method:

Flour sift into a deep cup and add cocoa, sugar, milk and melted butter. Mix well until smooth. Depending on the density of the dough, add more flour or milk to make the dough tight and lightly rolled. Wrap the dough in a food film and put it away for an hour in the refrigerator. Then cut the dough into equal parts and roll into a thin layer and cut into small rectangles. Vegetable oil heat in a frying pan and fry dough straight from each side for one minute.

At the end, sprinkle chocolate crispy with sugar powder and enjoy!

Bon Appetit!

 I hope you liked my photos, thanks for watching and enjoy every photo because it's so beautiful .. 

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sounds like a delicious treat .

great post, looks delicious, I will try the recipe, thank you for sharing!

Thanks for the kind words:-)

Thank you very much for your recipe. Just need to buy the stuff and tomorrow I will taste it _

I wish you good luck in cooking:-)

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These look so good and love the pictures, as always. Steem on and have a great weekend!