Exchange Transfer Report: 3/18/2018 to 3/24/2018

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USD values are calculated per day via API feeds from Cryptocompare (for STEEM and SBD values in BTC) and Coindesk (for USD value of BTC). For the top 50 reports in USD terms, I take the average USD value for STEEM and SBD for the week using the daily closing price which came out to:

  • STEEM: $2.0352
  • SBD: $2.06028

Previous Report:

  • STEEM: $2.19279
  • SBD: $2.33181


Please see the first report for a detailed explanation of my personal assumptions related to what this data could mean (along with commentary on previous reports). What it does not show is people powering up, powering down, or if they are buying or selling on an exchange. It's just some interesting data dealing with transfers to and from exchange accounts.

Linked Accounts

hitbtc includes hitbtc-exchange and hitbtc-payout, includes freewallet, openledger includes openledger-dex, binance includes binance-hot and deepcrypto8, upbit includes upbit-exchange and myupbit, and gopax includes gopax and gopax-deposit.

Previous Reports

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Top 50 Accounts Transferring to and from Exchanges: 3/18/2018 to 3/24/2018

First included transfer: 2018-03-18T00:00:27+00:00
Last included transfer: 2018-03-24T23:57:00+00:00

----------------------------- Exchanges ------------------------------

@binance STEEM transfer total: 1,595,564.258
@binance SBD transfer total: 108.273
@upbit STEEM transfer total: 378,878.320
@upbit SBD transfer total: 92,897.363
@openledger STEEM transfer total: 15,380.440
@openledger SBD transfer total: 110.939
@rudex STEEM transfer total: 7,015.727
@rudex SBD transfer total: 272.573
@changelly STEEM transfer total: 5,716.870
@changelly SBD transfer total: 0.000 STEEM transfer total: 1,050.333 SBD transfer total: 411.469
@poloniex STEEM transfer total: 27.669
@poloniex SBD transfer total: 0.246
@hitbtc STEEM transfer total: 0.000
@hitbtc SBD transfer total: 0.000
@steemexchanger STEEM transfer total: -415.244
@steemexchanger SBD transfer total: -1,046.731
@gopax STEEM transfer total: -19,435.608
@gopax SBD transfer total: -8,168.183
@blocktrades STEEM transfer total: -45,245.593
@blocktrades SBD transfer total: -25,453.236 STEEM transfer total: -660,829.232 SBD transfer total: 0.000
@bittrex STEEM transfer total: -1,071,363.373
@bittrex SBD transfer total: 118,879.191

------------------------- Total Transferred --------------------------

Total STEEM transferred: -206,344.567
Total SBD transferred: -178,011.904
Total USD transferred: ($   786,708.00)

-------------------- Withdrawal to Deposit Ratio ---------------------

Accounts withdrawing: 4152
Average withdrawal amount: ($       511.43)
Median withdrawal amount: ($        13.90)

Accounts depositing: 1697
Average deposit amount:  $       321.95 
Median deposit amount:  $        45.90 

Ratio of withdrawals to deposits: 2.45/1


AccountNet Transfer Amount
1alpha:($ 422,904.64)
2korbit:($ 203,520.23)
3valueup:($ 122,040.66)
4proskynneo:($ 103,795.32)
5jaewoocho:($ 83,443.29)
6ngc:($ 60,798.64)
7jyp:($ 48,901.84)
8appics:($ 40,704.05)
9slowwalker:($ 39,520.88)
10kwak:($ 27,208.34)
11ioc:($ 27,082.00)
12imacryptorick:($ 25,954.31)
13jackkang:($ 25,539.86)
14sesangsokuro:($ 19,300.82)
15solisrex:($ 15,838.72)
16btcvenom:($ 15,520.52)
17steemship:($ 15,050.65)
18lovesh4336:($ 14,520.13)
19buildteam:($ 13,432.34)
20sonamoo:($ 13,225.88)
21chainsquad:($ 11,712.29)
22rossco91:($ 11,035.39)
23peaceandlove:($ 10,381.58)
24kerriknox:($ 10,176.01)
25cognoscere:($ 10,172.02)
26cryptomancer:($ 10,104.87)
27onehand:($ 9,726.52)
28corn113:($ 9,140.41)
29robertking:($ 9,050.79)
30skt:($ 9,021.35)
31ssg:($ 8,183.23)
32eeks:($ 8,140.81)
33roelandp:($ 7,843.79)
34fiveboringgames:($ 7,106.17)
35sander-lacerda:($ 7,015.41)
36mdoo824:($ 6,884.77)
37johnsmith:($ 6,497.68)
38appreciator:($ 6,213.99)
39booster:($ 6,133.14)$ 6,130.69)
41aquabox:($ 6,115.78)
42teamsteem:($ 6,107.57)
43kakaotalk:($ 5,873.28)
44louispark:($ 5,712.11)
45trail:($ 5,691.95)
46slavix:($ 5,655.12)
47swissclive:($ 5,406.55)
48demotruk:($ 5,390.16)
49newsflash:($ 5,349.83)
50craig-grant:($ 5,209.84)


AccountNet Transfer Amount
1unchainedio:$ 173,609.39
2korbit2:$ 60,105.16
3redpalestino:$ 58,704.69
4plantedtank:$ 44,120.21
5fenghuang:$ 41,711.00
6evilmorty:$ 39,651.44
7fucktime:$ 29,339.31
8wingchunqigong:$ 27,608.99
9remain:$ 25,159.17
10philakonesteemit:$ 24,440.10
11rhodium:$ 18,837.83
12unknownbloc:$ 16,906.78
13dobartim:$ 15,283.55
14z8teyb289qav9z:$ 15,264.02
15zhangyong:$ 14,975.40
16danvillani:$ 14,153.81
17gomeravibz:$ 13,274.89
18tosch:$ 12,772.73
19linkweb:$ 12,211.13
20chairmanlee:$ 12,101.07
21aaronqli:$ 11,981.01
22tcpolymath:$ 11,105.11
23bennsf:$ 10,541.83
24sirvotesalot:$ 10,176.01
25trailmaster:$ 10,176.01
26qhuber:$ 10,176.01
27docsweettooth:$ 10,175.95
28azircon:$ 9,993.15
29angelinafx:$ 9,773.44
30kcc:$ 9,494.95
31transcendingman:$ 9,492.04
32heeyaa35:$ 9,442.99
33barbro:$ 8,039.03
34crypto2crypto:$ 7,617.50
35toucancrypto:$ 7,604.89
36sarahkl:$ 7,434.59
37thegreatgatsby:$ 6,906.71
38gfi24k:$ 6,802.65
39bluemist:$ 6,802.35
40globocop:$ 6,799.19
41cryptoiceman:$ 6,630.19
42steemitwarrior:$ 6,563.28
43kaylinart:$ 6,445.02
44anwei:$ 6,332.13
45goldbuyer:$ 6,283.51
46vikisecrets:$ 6,270.18
47m00m:$ 6,120.15
48victordoan:$ 6,105.57
49tysler:$ 6,033.10
50miescho:$ 5,520.60

Withdrawal to Deposit Ratio by User Count over Time

click the image for an interactive graph


  • I wonder what @unchainedio is up to as the website they link to doesn't go anywhere.

  • $700+ heading out to exchanges. Will this number every reverse?

  • The Withdrawal to Deposit ratio was pretty steady this week.

  • The decrese in people powering down next week is 5.67% in the green compared to the previous week.

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thanks for the update on the exchange report. alpha is always first on the withdraw list

@alpha is a funky one as it's used by @blocktrades and has some relationship to exchange accounts, but I don't think it's clearly just used for exchange stuff. I'm still a bit confused on it. Maybe I should include it in the blocktrades account as an exchange account?

Thank you for this great, and informative report!

The decrese in people powering down next week is 5.67% in the green compared to the previous week.

Stupid question: How does this actually matter, and is it going to have a positive, or a negative effect?

In theory, fewer people powering down could mean less liquid steem entering the market to push prices down. There's never a super clear causation/correlation though.

I have a newbie question. Is coinbase still the easiest way to go from bank account to BTC to STEEM to SP? Coinbase's fee is insanely expensive, but I also don't want a complicated path. Any decent alternatives?

If you use GDAX (part of Coinbase) there are no fees. You just have to be a market maker and set your buy orders so they provide liquidity. I always hesitate to describe "the easiest" or "best" way to do something because it changes all the time. If it was me, I'd use GDax to get some BTC, transfer that to an exchange with high volume for STEEM (seems bianance is doing well based on CMC), get my STEEM and then transfer to my wallet and power up.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I've heard of gdax before, but they won't add my bank account for some unknown reason. I'll contact their support and see what happens. Thanks!

Edit: Well, that was easy. You can link your bank accounts on coinbase, and then use them to fund your account on gdax.

This is a better report than the immediate previous one as the rate at which people power down has reduced. Thank you @lukestokes for always being the eyes of the community.

This is my favorite stat report and that of witness voting engagement...

@eurogee of @euronation community

Alpha is always no 1 in the withdrawals list.

Sir, you have mentioned the topic of market exchange very beautifully now that has inspired many to see that there are many things we need to know about but we do not know the investment in the market and do various things which are not quite right, thank you very much for writing a very nice post. .

Thanks for sharing exchangereport
I appreciate your post

Great post I like this your post.
Thanks for sharing trading.

Thanks for share experience front us

thanks for the update. it pretty steady thou. Information is power.

thanks for the update, share more about transfer report. would like to vote you as witness :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Looks text Your amazing post is very good,you deserve something valuable in esteem..

I guess they do that as a result of fear of the unknown
But what some fail to realise that without risk, we cant make it. Everything we do in life is a risk.
I beleive steem and sbd will rise again, these are just challenging times.
Proudly a steemian

Nice post..
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Really you are giving a very good information sharing with us D:) @lukestokes
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