What Would You Do for 100 SBD?

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What lengths would you go to for 100 SBD? These women took on a 22 day challenge and here are the results!

Heart is the difference between those who attempt and those who achieve (winning 100SBD)!

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Would you be willing to commit 22 days to a challenge, all for a grand prize of SBD?

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After a huge announcement calling on Steemians to take on a 22 day vegan challenge for the opportunity to win SBD, @paolapaopoly, @kubbyelizabeth, @splendorhub, @itinerantartist all jumped on board and now after the challenge has come to an end, I am announcing the winners! Exciting, right?

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One month ago, I initiated a challenge called #eatlikeasuperstar and invited all of Steemit to join me in a 22 day competition to win 100SBD!


The rules were simple see the original post here!

  • Eat vegan for 22 days!
  • Take photos of every meal!
  • Share here with us!

4 women took my challenge and now that the 22 days are over, let's see how everyone did!

I was looking for:

  • transformation
  • creative meals
  • challenges faced
  • funny stories
  • interactions with friends/family
  • effort put into post
  • commitment to sharing/helping others get involved

... as well as following the few simple rules such as tagging the posts, including proof photos and mentioning the contest.

I've gone through all of the ladies' posts and have called in friends to finally announce our winners!

When I first announced this contest I pledged 100 SBD in prizes!

  • 1st place 50 SBD
  • 2nd and 3rd place 25 SBD each!


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1ST PLACE: @paolapaopoly = 50 SBD!


See Poly's Lemon Pie recipe here!

I really admire Poly's efforts and for that, am thrilled to award her 1st prize! Every meal was documented with a proof photo and taken with extra care. She brings a Venezuelan background and takes traditional recipes and makes them vegan-delicious!

More than that, there was a lot of heart poured into Poly's posts, she detailed the experience and shared her thoughts and feelings along the way, concluding with videos of the whole experience. I loved hearing and watching Poly's experience and I think you will too! Check it out!

Poly made me drool with her scrumptious photos and recipes that she created for this contest. I know at times it was hard to keep up the creativity but she pushed on and made it to the end! She documented the whole way through so if you want to see her journey you can check it out below!

I'm so happy you ended up deciding to take this challenge Poly! You really exemplified what I wanted this contest to be! Your creativity is a gift and we have all benefited from you sharing! I hope you continue on this path and am so happy to hear that you've been able to experience this journey to the end! Congratulations, you deserve this!

Final Post

Days 16-20

Days 13-15


Days 10-12

Days 7-9

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Days 4-6

Days 2-3


Day 1

Taking The Challenge!


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2ND PLACE! @itinerantartist = 25 SBD!

Wow, this girl has serious commitment! Through traveling and shake ups in life, she remained incredibly dedicated to this challenge, always checking labels and asking for ingredients even in the most unsuspecting of places. She caught many hidden animal products in foods and turned them down, all to keep her vow to the contest!

I loved how even while camping, Breanna came prepared with her own vegan meal! That commitment and attention to detail gave you the second place crown! I'm super proud of you and really admire your efforts (especially turning down pizza after a big night out with friends!)

Thanks for taking this challenge Breanna, I really hope that you feel amazing and use your new detective skills in the future! ;) You really have a competitive spirit in you! I just love how you never once gave up! I hope you'll continue on past the end of this challenge!:)

See her final post here!


3RD PLACE! @splendorhub = 25 SBD!

I have to admit, being based in Cali, I knew Nora would be able to take on this challenge no problem! ;) Of course, easier said than done (I'm sure!) Nora made this whole 22 day thing look like a walk in the park (and why shouldn't it be?!) How much fun did you have @splendorhub? :)

Her imagination and lovely creations have made me smile the whole time through! She has an incredibly upbeat attitude and a never give up philosophy! I loved reading her updates and seeing her creativity come through in her food! She even gave me some feels when one of her meals was at Chipotle, a restaurant chain in the USA that helped me through when I was first transitioning myself! I always added the guac! ;)

She talks about wanting to try veganism for some time but this competition gave her the push to really go for it and how does she feel? Check out her final post to see!

Great job Nora! I'm super proud of you and hope you continue this journey! With your mental clarity and energy up, I really think that more great things are to come for you and I am happy to help you continue for as long as you want!

Final Post



Honorable Mention:

I really want to give a big shout out to @kubbyelizabeth for completing this challenge as well! I know it was tough with a lot of naysayers but you did it and you are rocking reading Proteinholic and showing them all that you can do it and survive! I hope your mom isn't too upset with me for getting you to give up meat for this whole time but I am really happy to hear that you made it through. It can be tricky with labels and ingredients that are not mentioned. It becomes a habit of always asking. I'm happy to continue helping you if you ever have questions or want some advice!


Since I really loved hosting this challenge, I had a hell of a time trying to figure out how to judge this so I enlisted some friends and we went through all of the posts together and what we found was that there were so many similarities between everyone competing!

You know, the same struggles come up time and time again when changing a diet and that's why 22 days was necessary to break the habits we have collected over time!

My hope is that now that you all have had this incentive to push you, that your habits will be broken enough for you to choose your own path from here on out!

Remember that your body is going to be sensitive to items you have been without for this time so ease back into them if that is what you choose!


As an added gift, I am offering my services and advice to everyone who participated for free on top of the prize SBD!

Also, I will be adding each participant to my autovoter for the next month as a thank you for entering!

💖💖💖💖💖 Congratulations everyone! 💖💖💖💖💖

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Congrats everyone! I was especially caught up in following @paolapaopoly, so it's nice to see her get the big prize after all of her hard work and thoughtful posts.

I'm so proud of everyone for sticking through! Now I tag you in to keep them motivated ;) <3

I will certainly try to provide continued inspiration! I've got a few killer strawberry recipes coming up soon after going picking last week. :)

Thanks Katie! You were always a great support. Hugs

You really did a fantastic job, so I am so happy to have been a part of the journey! :)

Woohoo 🎉 Congratulations ladies! I’m very proud of all of you! Thank you heart to heart 💜

Thank you @kubbyelizabeth <3 You rock my dear! I'm really excited to hear how this plays out for you long term! <3

Any challenge for men? You must do so @heart-to-heart

It was an open contest for men and women my friend! Only women entered! :)

What a great idea heart to heart! Congratulations on a successful competition!

Thanks @stickcj ;) It was a really fun 3 weeks watching these ladies completely take on this challenge! =D I'm so proud of them all!

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Congratulation to all of you ladies!!! What a journey and a day-to-day life challenge! And shoot out to you @heart-to-heart to be such an inspiring human beeing ❤️

Awww @nickskywalker you make me blush <3 These ladies are amazing! So much dedication and drive to follow through, it was so much fun to watch their journeys :) Thanks for supporting them! <3

They are!!! Every padawan need an inspiring master 😉

Congratulation to the winners and all those who participated.

Thanks for supporting them @yungchief ! =D

Congrats to you all, such determination and creativity! Big kudos to heart-to-heart for hosting this challenge. 3 lives changed in an amazing way. Wow!

I'm still sad you didn't join us @birdsinparadise ;) I think that your chocolates could have gotten you through the 22 days no problem. you wouldn't even need anything else <3

LOL you are so funny....you know you love chocolate too! I am looking forward to your next creation! Well, give me some time...I might surprise you and challenge myself!

I really do love chocolate and I need to make something chocolatey today since it's been such a long time!

For the record, it wouldn't surprise me at all and I would be willing to help you through any challenges you came up against (I'm sure this whole tribe would have your back!) ;) <3

You're the best! Glad to have you as my friend! :)

I am just getting back home after a lot of traveling and work and messiness of life to see this - so SO wonderful! thank you so much to @heart-to-heart and all the amazing participants - the camaraderie was real and it was so nice to have a supportive environment here:)

Hey welcome back and you are so welcome! Keep me (us) updated with how things go moving forward! Congrats, I am super proud of you for seeing it through despite all of life's hiccups along the way <3

Congrats to the winners. They really tried. I considered the stress and constrain as a student then gave up.

Congrats to them once again and to @heart-to-heart for organising a contest that would be profitable to the contestant's health. Kudos!

It can be very difficult to take something like this on while there are other big events going on in our lives but in the end, there is always a reason for not now, I hope that one day we can inspire you to try and see how it works for you! Especially as a student, you might really enjoy the added energy and mental clarity that are commonly felt after switching diets! =D

True. I will try next time if only there will be a next time.

Well it seems to me that the real winners is the bodies of these ladies (wait, that sounds creepy... Oh well, I'll keep it...).

Forget about the kah ching it's all about the clean! Clean eatin' that is!

Okay, welp thanks for readin' all that brilliant brain dumpin'. Have a wonderful day!

I agree with you! The bodies of the women have received a gift as well with this challenge :) Just an added benefit to their motivation and dedication! =D

Congratulations to all the winners of this fantastic contest!

And to answer your question, dear Cece: yes, I guess I would take on a 22-days long challenge in order to win 100 SBD. Depends on the challenge though! ;)

Thanks @oleg326756 =D I guess I knew you would ;) I wonder if I could convince you to try this challenge which is to give up animal products for the 22 days... ;) Might have to do another round of this!

I was vegan for four years, so shouldn’t be too difficult, I guess. And I don’t eat dairy products already. But I do love fish and seafood, though. :) However, three weeks feels doable… Depends on timing – it will be much easier to do, if I’m not travelling during that period. Let me know if you decide to do it again! ;) <3

Three weeks is the amount of time to break a habit ;) I wonder what would happen if you tried again! I didn't stick vegan the first time I tried either. Love to hear you're willing, I will definitely let you know if I do this again <3

congrats to the winners!!! This was such an amazing challenge!

Yay @evecab thanks for cheering them on! I am so excited to have done this! It was really amazing to see people actually follow through with it! <3

Congratulations to all the winners and an extra congratulation to my girl @paolapaopoly i'm so proud of you for making this challenge and rocking it ❤

Yay! They all did it! How fun! Maybe we have more vegans around here now? ;)

Ohh!, Sweety. You always supported me, Millions of thanks Nico!

Well done everyone, poly ur entry was spectacular well done :)

<3 Thanks for supporting them dear! I am so proud of everyone for finishing and really giving it their all :)

Congrats to all the winners 🎉 What an awesome contest and amazing prize!

Hey Lisa thanks for the cheer! I loved this contest so much! Might have to do it again sometime :)

OMG! I can not believe it! Thank you, Cece. It was a great experience in which I still continue because it has helped me to feel healthier. I am very happy, I read the publication very slowly and I did not expect this. wao! is incredible! It's very exciting. Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to see my publications, you tell me some very nice words. This experience has been the best!
This is me celebrating hehehe


I am so happy to hear you're happy my dear, you definitely deserve this :) I hope that you'll continue on this journey, you make such delicious meals already and now that you're feeling even better, I am so excited that this could happen for you! <3

Oh congrats all amazing girls, you all did such a great job with this challenge! I really admire you for trying the vegan lifestyle for almost a month! Hope you will continue on this path!;)

All they need to do is follow you and your deliciousness will rub off on them ;)

Haha so lovely! Thanks Cece❤🤗

I would look the same in that situation :D

Hahaha I would too, that's why I liked it so much! =D