The Last Post! Vegan Challenge! My Vegan Journey!

Hi, I'm Poly and this is the last post of my challenge for 22 days being a vegan.

I wanted to share more with you so I made a video explaining a bit about my challenge. It was very difficult for me to do it since I speak English very badly. I'm sorry if you do not understand me, but it was a challenge for me to do it. My boyfriend supported me and corrected my pronunciation as much as possible. I hope what you understand me hehe

For those who did not see the video, I have written this part.

First I want to say thank you to all those people who supported me in this challenge. my friend Nicole, Katie, Lena, Nina, Maru, and all Stemians, (I'm sorry if I forget someone). And especially to @heart-to-heart. for her motivation and help to make this challenge possible. Thank you very much! You always motivated me to do it.

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They were 22 continuous days eating vegan, some easy others difficult. It's the first time I've made a challenge of this kind

The first week I was excited and I felt creative for making different meals. Of course, I missed eating cheese and eggs, (not eating them was the hardest) I wanted to eat arepas with eggs and a lot of cheese, but I really wanted to do this 100%, I wanted to know what it felt like to be vegan.

the second - week, it was the hardest. I felt bored eating, something sad and without motivation. I did not have much time to cook and less to make fabulous recipes. Even so, I continue,

The third - week I felt much better, with energy and it seemed to me that the days had flown by. I could not believe I was about to finish.

I made really great recipes, I dedicated time and love to myself. My favorite food I could do every day was pasta with broccoli and vegan cheese. I loved that pasta. The blackberry cake was heaven and the mushroom burger I still miss.

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The hardest thing was not being able to eat cheese with my arepas. The breakfasts were complicated without being able to eat eggs. Preparing food for my non-vegan boyfriend and just watching him eat, it was torture!

When I made the pizza for him I died of hunger, I had to eat my vegan pizza, which did not taste bad but I really wanted to eat his. Just smelling that pizza and not trying a bite was a real challenge. I'm proud of myself for achieving it.

It was also difficult to take the photos very hungry. I have in my files about 300 or more photos taken, different angles, and lights, I wanted them to always look excellent for you. Do you know what he was doing after taking the picture? Heat the food again because it had already cooled. other times I just devour my food LOL

The most frustrating part was the two times I ate outside the house, there are no vegan options around the corner. most of the menu does not have a single option, that was frustrating and even annoying. I wish there were more options, it's not fair.

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In the past, I have made nutritional plans and never in my life had been such a good girl. In my head, I had a question: Is it possible to change a habit if it is repeated for 22 continuous days without exception?

During this challenge, I lost 2 kilos of weight. When I started weighed 60 and currently weigh 58 and I think they were fat and not muscle mass. what makes me feel very good, I did not expect it, I did not think about it, but it is something positive without a doubt.

Buying food was complicated sometimes (For the situation in my country), many foods are not available in my country or are very expensive, however, I bought what I found in the supermarket.

This challenge made me see that I should be grateful to have food at my table, every day we eat at least three times a day, but we rarely notice or value what it means. Seeing each and every one of the photos makes me reflect on how lucky I am.

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I have felt focused, with extra energy, calm and happy.

What I liked most was that I never go hungry. I was always satisfied for a long time.

Today I should not be vegan, but all day I continue to eat vegan. I thought I would eat eggs and arepa but I just did not feel like doing it (inside of me I felt like I was going to disappoint someone, or that I was going to sabotage my routine and my habits)

I do not know if this lasts other days, I would like to keep it for another month, but I do not know what could happen. Today I continue to be vegan.

Thank you!

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Enjoy It! All My Meals!

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Follow this challenge with incredible prizes from my friend @heart-to-heart. 💗 💗 She has a great contest to invite everyone for 22 days continues to be vegan. To know all the details you can enter here 🌠Eat Like a Superstar! $100 SBD in Prizes!🌠 She also makes very delicious and original vegan recipes.


See you in a next post!

PS: That's all for today! Thanks for the support. You can leave your messages and with love, I will answer you! 💚
All photos were taken by me with a Nikon camera and the video made by my boyfriend Dan.


Great to read you tried and succesfully completed this challenge Poly !

One of the things that worked for me was to do this for 30 days and watch 2 Youtube videos afterwards about the Health Benefits and The Moral Issues when it comes down to eating animal products (I linked both below, you can see watching those as a small extra 2 hour challenge)

I think it is a great idea. So I can reinforce that. Thanks for the support!

Wow again , great videos and tbh your english is not so bad at all, keep practicing and soon we will have you hosting live cooking shows on steemkitchen.

tbh = to be honest lol

Thanks, it would be great to do something like that !! Thank you very much, I will continue practicing my English.

Congrats on making it through Poly!! It was a pleasure to cheer you on throughout, and to get to know you better through your candid posts. I'm glad it got easier as you made it to the home stretch. :) Also glad to hear you are feeling so well at this point! I agree with @byebyehamburgers that continuing to watch and learn helps keep you motivated on making good decisions overall.

Thank you very much, your support was excellent! And yes, I have to continue reading much more and learning from the vegan diet. Hugs!

I'm so happy you took the challenge and it have been a pleasure to read your posts through it :). I hope you will continue the journey even though it's hard in your country <3

i hope you manage to stay vegan as long as possible and be an inspiration to other people in your country! congrats on winning the contest you made lovely food!