Qurator Tier Changes

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In the previous Tier update we announced we will be going subscription based. The feedback that we got was not all positive. So in this post we hope to make some things clear on why we need to change the Qurator model in order to sustain it while giving decent support to all our members.

Why do we need to gather more funds?

With the price of steem seeing a big drop in the last couple of weeks we will not be able to keep up with leases from the earnings Qurator makes. It is simple math, we earn less while the lease rates stay the same. @scrooger and some other donors have been helping out and sending weekly steem to help cover the leases, hoping that the price of steem would recover. Sadly it didn't and hasn't, so we need to prepare for a long-term scenario. We do not get any whale support, we understand that projects rarely do. No matter how many members we support. Some whales are just too busy, cough, cough, self-voting. Our members are the ones carrying the project thus far.

What happens IF we do NOT change our system?

  • Leases will expire = Smaller upvotes for everyone

  • Members will undelegate their SP from @qurator because they are seeing smaller upvotes (already happening)

  • Qurator will be unable to do anything but give even less support and upvotes

It's a snowball effect and Q will slowly degenerate and then find a new balance at a much lower rate.
Only the long-term supporters will keep their delegated steem with @qurator while the others will look for something else to delegate to.

Below is a comparison of the current rates of upvotes we give versus the upvotes if we use only the profits that Qurator makes

Current (with donations) vs Without donors' help


That is a big difference and if we did not chip in to keep the numbers up, the above rates in bold, would be active right now.

So how can we fix this?

Option 1

We thought of increasing the registration fee, but we did increase the fee in the past and recently too.

0 - 100 members the fee was 1 STEEM/SBD
100 - 1000 members the price was 2 STEEM/SBD
1000 and up is currently 4 STEEM

We really did not want to do this since 4 Steem is already a bit pricey for new members. The fee will stay the same for a long time more.

Option 2

Increase the minimum upvote weight for T1 and T2. This was the initial idea but since not many members can upvote at high values we know many minnows will fall into lower tiers. This is not what we want since we want to focus on minnows more. This was the main reason we went to a subscription-based system.

This way, even though minnows who post a lot and do not have SP to delegate or the upvote strength to upvote for a higher tier (if we upped the minimum upvote for T1 and T2), they would still be able to purchase a subscription to a higher tier as and when they are able to.

Option 3

No longer accept upvotes for Tier 1 and Tier 2 and go purely for a subscription based system where members would pay a monthly fee for higher Tiers. That way we would generate a decent amount of steem in order to cover leases and maybe even get some new ones in the mix.

This was not a popular option and it also negatively affected those who did not post that much but still wanted the bigger Tier 1 or Tier 2 upvote. This is the group that gave us the backlash; and we re-looked at the whole re-structuring model to also consider them.

The Revised Solution (a mix of options 2 and 3)


- Tier 1

OLD: Upvote 4 times a week on any @qurator post with a minimum of $0.01 or at least 100% upvote if you do not have a $0.01 upvote.

NEW: Upvote 7 times a week on any @qurator posts with a minimum upvote of at least $0.03 OR pay 1 Steem per month subscription.

- Tier 2

OLD: Upvote 7 times a week on any @qurator posts with a minimum of $0.01 or at least 100% upvote if you do not have a $0.01 upvote.

NEW: Upvote 7 times a week on any @qurator posts with a minimum upvote of at least $0.05 OR pay the 2 Steem per month subscription.

What about all the members who don't have a $0.03 upvote yet?

We have not forgotten about our minnows and we will still be offering a higher tier if they choose to support Qurator.

Upvote a minimum of 7 posts per week at 100% and still get placed in Tier 1 instead of Tier 0.

This way everyone has the option to go the upvote or subscription route for higher Tiers.

Everything else still stays the same, Tiers still stack with delegations and you can still access T1 and T2 for 100 and 200 SP delegations.

Note: You can stack to Tier 2 if your upvote is currently worth $0.03 (T1) and you pay the 1 steem (T1) ie: T1 + T1 = T2

New member bonus!

Since new members pay the 4 Steem registration fee, we will be offering them T2 membership for 30 days to enjoy upon registration. This should help them get some of the funds back from what they spent for the registration fee.

NOTE: All members who joined in April will be given Tier 2 for 30 days starting May 1st.

Qurator is a community project.

What exactly does this mean? It means that we are only as strong as the community makes us. With every upvote and every delegation you are supporting 1200+ members. Not just yourself or Qurator. We give back everything we make and we take pride in giving back more than we get from the community.

In reality, if you want bigger upvotes, then support the project.

There are hundreds of members who chose to upvote at $0.01 since that is the minimum. They could have given a little bit more, yet they didn't. Most of our members are minnows and so many upvotes do not even come close to $0.01 yet, we still offer them Tier 2 upvotes since they are the members who need the most support.

Keep in mind that members gave their $0.01 upvote to Qurator and we post around 10 times a week, so a total of $0.10. What did you get in return? Our Tier 2 upvote is currently worth around $0.14. Post seven times a week and that's almost 10 times more that you enjoy compared to what you give (minus curation from both parties of course).

There is a little tool that can show you how much you have supported Qurator and how much Qurator has supported you.

Visit Mysteemitfriends and type your name in there to get an idea of the type of support we offer. Reverse 'Voter' and 'Author', to make a comparison.


We are also aware of a silent group who may have registered awhile back, and left their membership idle while getting Qurator upvotes to their posts, although small upvotes but nevertheless are still being supported by Qurator. They are still in Tier 0 but may have grown from the time they joined us.

Some of these members are in the above 500SP or even 1000SP range and above.
We invite them to participate a little more, with a better support to Qurator. It is a win-win situation as you also stand to enjoy higher upvotes.

So to make a long story short. If everyone would just support a little extra, it will benefit everyone, including yourself.

The community decides how big we are, we don't.

This might seem like a big change and maybe we should have done it a long time ago, then we wouldn't be in this situation. With more members we need more support, it's as simple as that.

The new changes will take effect on MAY 1st.

All Qurator Tiers

Basic 4 STEEM registration fee. Upvote for life from Qurator ProjectBasic upvote for life from Qurator.
Delegate 100SP OR Upvote 7 times a week on any @qurator posts with a minimum upvote of at least $0.03 OR pay 1 Steem per month subscription.**Tier 1 upvotes
Delegate 200SP OR Upvote 7 times a week on any @qurator posts with a minimum upvote of at least $0.05 OR pay the 2 Steem per month subscription.Tier 2 upvotes
Delegate 300SPTier 3 upvotes
Delegate 400SPTier 4 upvotes
Delegate 500SPTier 5 upvotes

Elite Tiers

Delegate 1000SP+ to @quratorCopper weight - T5 x 2
Delegate 1500SP+ to @quratorSilver weight - T5 x 3
Delegate 2000SP+ to @quratorGold weight - T5 x 4
Delegate 2500SP+ to @quratorPlatinum weight - T5 x 5
Delegate 5000SP+ to @quratorDiamond weight - T5 x 12 + Rotational Resteems

We went for as many options as possible to climb the Qurator Tiers. This might be a bit confusing but we are always on Discord if you need any help. =)

Click to enlarge

Like what we do? Consider voting for us as a steemit witness.


Great explanation what you've provided us. I think it's the best long-term solution so that we can enjoy the benefits of belonging to this superb community. Resteemed for all my followers to read and be part of @qurator project!

Thank you for your support. Hopefully now everything is clear and all the members can find an option that suits them.

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I appreciate the effort put into writing the new Q-post. I think it is to the point, clear, and balanced. Many thanks to all those who put their considerable effort to put this post together.

In 81 Days! Enough said!!

That is some impressive result you have there!
Thank you for all the support you've been giving us in those 81 days.
Full Steem ahead :)

where did you get that calculator? That is awesome :) And thank you in advance!

Just above. Scroll up!

Honestly, you guys have run the most professional, transparent, thoughtful, useful, and fair community that I have seen on Steemit to date. Well done.

Even the fact that you are taking the time and effort to listen to people's concerns and adjust in a way that considers all viewpoints is highly commendable. I for one am totally on board with the new system. I have been trying to support Q as much as I can (100 SP delegation and always 100% upvotes) and still always thought I was getting the better end of the deal. I loved looking at my stats because now I know how true that is.


That is over six times (not factoring delegation) what I am receiving AND with less than half the number of posts. If I was posting everyday it would likely be a 10x or more return.
Bravo and thank you.


Thank you Sam! Nothing is more rewarding than knowing that the effort we do put into the project pays off :) Gives us the power to keep on pushing. And you - members let us do what we do. How can we not listen?
Your starts are great! Thank you for your support and just keep on Steeming.

I can only agree!
Investing 4 STEEM and upvoting at least 7 times a week brought me these results:

Now I will fall back to TIER 1 if I understood everything correctly (upvoting 7+ times a week with 100% which is 0.01x SBD now).
I would love to give more than only the small upvotes but I simply don't have more to offer yet.
Even if the ROI goes down for me now I'm still very happy with the @qurator because it's not only about upvoting here.
There is a great community also on Discord.
A lot of people invest their time to find posts mentioned in the daily posts - and I'm still proud I was a chosen one once :)
So, yes! Keep on the great work even in difficult times.
My support is guaranteed - even if it's still small because of limited recourses.

Your support means more that you may think. Thank you for sticking with us.
Keep up the good work and it will all work out :) We will make sure of it!
See you on Discord :)

I completely understand your urge to take this tough descision. Your previous post was a bit confusing. This one looks really convincing and a great solution. Please continue your good work @qurator. Though I'm a minnow, I'm really happy to support your work with a 100% upvote on your posts.

Very happy to hear that the change is more clear and acceptable now. Hopefully this solution will work for everyone and we will be able to support all our members even more!
Thank you for your support, it is very appreciated :)

So now i am pushed back to tier 1 from tier 2, even after supporting you with as much i can. Using autovote too.
I have upvoted your every post since joining. So can't i stay in tier 2.

The change above is needed and will help support all the members and give highest possible upvotes to all Tiers instead of making them smaller and smaller.
We also want to keep supporting every single member. There are extra options added for members that do not have enough SP to delegate yet so it is easier to get to higher Tier and get bigger vote than T2.

Lets see how its goes.

It seems you may have something but for the moment, I have no more patience in my cup for all this. Your proposals of late have disappointed. Adding weight requirements are a good thing. I might also suggest that somehow (I know it would be difficult to implement) but somehow, if qurites are encouraged/rewarded for visits to the posts that you place in the daily promotion posts.. by visit, i mean a comment (it can't be fair to enforce an upvote as well I think).

Users should engage more - rewarding upvotes on your daily posts goes a distance, But I think it is still not far enough if community engagement and learning are the objectives.


@scrooger here. The owner of Qurator.

I normally do not comment or speak my mind that easily as I am extremely patient and understanding. Sadly, after several attempts, I still can't understand you.

You registered with us. Same as all the other users. A fee that must be paid since the beginning of Qurator.
Then, you did start to get your upvotes. Higher tier upvotes since you were supporting us as well, and we were grateful for every bit of support we gott. Later, we tried to change to a subscription service to keep supporting our ever growing member base and to stay afloat with the low price of steem (remember whales don't join us, mostly minnows with little that can not offer that much in return). We had to make some changes or risk slowly imploding. You were so unhappy and immediately attacked us with a rant post of your own against Qurator. A first in Qurator history. Qurator tried to keep our cool and so did I. I know one of my mods replied to you stating some facts and trying to get our point across. Sadly that failed as well.

We tried to change and we saw quite a few members did not like the change. We went back to the drawing board and changed again. This time with multiple options for everyone. So far the response has been very positive and many Qurites were happy with the changes and accepted them.

Still, you feel we are not doing enough. We are giving you so much more in the long run. If you are here for the short run, sure you will not make money with Qurator, but if money is your only vision for Steemit then, by all means, go for upvote bots instead of community projects. Steemit is a marathon, not a race. We are all here for the long run and the members who are showing support has seen great returns on their content. Not just with upvotes but with extra followers and comments. We host several contests and have an active Discord Post-Promotion with some extra comments and upvote rules in place. Yet, you feel this is not enough. Your opinion and I will respect that. Like I have said many times before, we are a community project, you either join the team and we all do better and have fun or you can choose to show no support and get the minimum support in return. Don't be sour about it then. The options are there.

If the service is still not too your liking and we have failed you so miserably, then I suggest you can ask for a refund and we will all go our merry way. There are many support systems in place and you can join them as well. Steemit is huge! The negativity around Qurator is something I am not happy about. We try our best, day in and day out. 215 Daily Qurator Editions, yes we are here DAILY. We don't get to take a day off. We constantly work on it all to make it better.

So, please I am giving you the option. Let the negativity go or request a refund. That way you will still win since you get your money back and the upvotes we gave you in the past.

Yours sincerely,



Thanks for your response.

I only read this morning that many other people did not agree with the proposal from last week. It was also at this time I read the latest proposal. I have to repeat it: it is a better proposal.


I don't smile on a prompt in order to gain acceptance; neither do I make harsh statements about ungrateful, foolish or salty users, in order to curry favour. Such actions do not build community and they have never been in my repertoire. If I had joined that bandwagon last week, you might have thought I am your best ally. Because I expressed my true and genuine opinion, you react by asking me to leave. Not good.

When I am critical of something, it is for good reason and I believe I make my points clear. It is always good to read a response that shows the other person is not entering the conversation with bias or grievance that doesn't apply to what I said. I can look past all of this nastiness, including the offer you are making for a refund.

I don't want nor do I think anyone should ask for a refund. If you send me one, I will assume you are throwing me out and that would be the end of it.


edit: i am in this for community, not business. I am in this for a long haul, not pump and dump. I don't know if upvotes have reached 2 Steem or not. I have never cared about that. I have adjusted my autosteem so that next month I can hopefully start giving 0.03 in votes. Until then, I prefer remaining at tier 0 - you have explained how our tiny votes are not enough to sustain the project. I prefer not receiving more in upvotes than my upvotes are worth

@qurator has been nothing but transparent and honest towards every single member since day one. Every person who's involved and knows the project can see that miles away.

I was avoiding answering you as well, because I sincerely thought you were missing something regarding how the project works, and it was only an easy to solve misunderstanding. I was wrong.
Your answer above completely changed my point of view.
Apparently, no matter the solution we come up with, it will never please you, and it will be only used for your "eloquent" manipulation of the facts. How can you say:

" I only read this morning that many other people did not agree with the proposal from last week."

You were all over that particular post, where we made the monthly subscription solution announcement with your comments. So, once again, I don't understand you. Were you commenting without reading what others wrote?

On that same day you decided to remove your votes from our posts and even removed your witness votes and unfollowed @qurator as well. A very premature and unthought decision for someone who claims to support the project, to say the least.

I subscribe every single word @scrooger wrote above.
And for the record, no one is asking you to leave, we are giving you all the possible options.
The last thing we want is to keep you, or anyone else, "hostage" from a project that you don't believe in, and according to you, has nothing but bad things to offer.

Your opinions are noted.

At least you have a sense of humor. There's still hope.

Lol, are you sure you want to use the phrase Final Solution?

Yes... How about A Revised Solution, or even A Compromise.

You make a good point, we never know what the crypto world is going to do next. Edited

Just in time, before it is recorded into the blockchain for all eternity!

I will take a diamond membership for that! (joking... Unless you are going to offer it!)

This is a perfect solution for everyone concerned. I still say we (members) always get more than @qurator receives; especially with their time and I for one, am truly grateful. And, thank you @qurator for your support! You will always have mine. : )

Thank you for the lovely comment and all the support. We are not gonna stop supporting all the members. Oh no :) This is just one of the tradition to make everything work better.
Once again, thank you :)

Explanation to overcome current problem looks to be a good move forward, glad you have found a way to continue supporting minnows, keep up the good work.

Thank you Joan for your support. We owed the explanation with some extra adjustments. We want to give the maximum support we can to everyone and this seems to be the right solution now.

thank you @qurator, great effort to solve the problem, hopefully can solve this problem.

Thank you! That is the plan :)

noted. I've been listing qurator as one of my auto votes for 100% ever since i join, i'm still building up my SP so i can delegate more.

and thanks for the update.

Thank you very much :) It will still keep you on higher Tier and help building up that SP 👍

Damn I'm $0.01 short for that $0.03 lol All the more reason to accumulate more SP fast :)

Love that we can at least still be placed on a higher tier thanks to this:

Upvote a minimum of 7 posts per week at 100% and still get placed in Tier 1 instead of Tier 0.

It still places you on T1. And in no time you'll be on T2.
We are not going anywhere :)

Thank you...the great work is appreciated.

Thank you very much :D We do our best!

What an interesting solution. I like it! one question, do you calculate the upvote values from when they upvoted or after payout?

Glad you like. Hopefully everyone can find the option that suits them now.

About the votes. They are checked always on Monday at around 12pm UTC before the Tier Update post. So some posts are closer to payout, some further.

Ah ok, I better up my vote weight then to make sure it's enough :)

I'm in! And appreciate all @qurator does for us!

Thank you Melinda :) You have always been very supportive and we love you for that.
Keep on Steeming!

No worries I understand :)

The new solution looks more than reasonable. I really appreciate you thinking about and accommodating minnows’ needs. Thank you for listening to your membership base and for being so flexible!

As to myself personally, I see this change as a positive one. I have been a Tier2 member of @qurator, while delegating SP to @make-a-whale to avoid paying monthly subscription fees. The coming changes in the T1 and T2 of @qurator made me re-think my strategy. I decided to once again start paying subscription fees to @make-a-whale and delegate 500 SP to @qurator for that awesome Tier 5. So, as soon as my delegated SP returns to me next week, I’ll begin delegating to @qurator. Thank you for incentivising me with these new rules!


Thank you! After long discussions we hope we got it right and even the tiniest minnow will still profit and enjoy the journey with us.

That is some serious strategy thinking and swapping between the two projects :)

Great to see you take into consideration people's views from your last post on this matter and try to meet half way. Hopefully those who had undelegated will come back and look at joining the community again.

We are here to help all the members, and the members create Qurator. It is all about team work. Thanks for sticking wit us :)

No problems. Hope all goes well and the transition next month goes smoothly.

All looking good :) Full steem ahead!

Good job guys! A very fair compromise.

My 2 cents:
The problem is not so much the VALUE being upvoted on the daily posts, but rather the %... at 100% upvote, that give me just 10 votes per day before starting to run into VP problems (this, for me anyway, is the reason I upvote Q dailies at less than 100%). If my upvote was worth more, even just 10c, I would have gladly be giving more than the ~0.1/0.2 that my VP was allowing.

Having said that, qurator offers way more value than other places I've been putting my upvotes, and I guess the challenge is just to lower other votes I'm making to meet the new requirements... I'm sure when looking at everything, Q will prevail.

P.S. thanks for all the (unpaid) hard work that goes on behind the scenes... holding thumbs the last 2 days crypto rally continues and all of this becomes a non-issue :-)

Steem On!

Thank you @braaiboy!
The first idea that we had was to introduce just the fee (as you know). That would solve one issue about the votes - you (as an example) would keep all your votes to use. But it did create another problem as we could see.
Keeping all options open we leave the decision to the user. Some have more votes to spare, some more SP and some prefer the monthly fee and keep the votes and SP.

P.S. It better continue! Some little Steem push would more than welcome right now :)

I'm happy you found a solution that puts everyone in! Great work man, this is the steemit way, for me :) You heard, you triee a compromise, and in my opinion it works with efforts from all parties. Great :)

Thank you for your good word! Team work and adjustments is the way to go :)

Well done for responding to people's concerns @qurator. These options give people many more options. Excellent job! 😊

Thank you Gillian! This way all Tiers are more accessible and everyone can choose the the most fitting option :)

I think this is a great solution. Well done reaching a compromise that most seem to like.

I just want to make sure I understand the tier stacking and upvoting. If I upvote 7 times worth over $0.05 and delegate 300 SP will I still be in Tier 5?

Hi @gregory-f, thanks for the feedback.
Regarding your question, yes, it will stack up just like you wrote there.

posting a very good friend

Read before commenting

I appreciate all the hard work you do. It has been pretty up and down, but I love the way everyone pulls together to make a solution. Thank you for all you have done in supporting the group.

Thank you very much for you kind words! Few more gray hairs on the Q-teams heads :)
Hopefully it will work for everyone now.

I don't understand, previously you said 0.03$ and now it's 0.05$? But sometimes it's still 0.03$?

How much our upvote needs to worth to get T2 access?

For the T2 it is minimum 0.05.
For the T1 is is minimum 0.03, unless your vote is not worth that much yet, then with 100%. It will still count for T1

Ok, thanks!

What a great way for you to make adjustments after listening to some of the people who voiced out their opinions.

I have changed the weight of the vote so that I can give more as well. Qurator has done so much for me and other red fishes like me.

This is also why you are a witness vote for me. Communities like you are very important.

What would Qurator be without it's Qurites :) Thank you for your support and the witness vote. Appreciate it all :)

Thank you go being awesome and looking after us! So we will do our part!

Just to clarify. Are you saying that if I would like to remain in tier 2 I can simply vote 7 times with a .05 vote and not have to pay the monthly fee? thx.

Exactly that.
We leave the options open. It is either way the 7 votes, OR the monthly fee. Whichever suits you better.

OK! I can do this! I will adjust my voting to make sure you get .05+ seven times a week. I'm very happy to do this and thank you for everything you do for minnows {{{Hugs}}}

Your comment is so full of energy! We all can do this if we stick together :)
Thank you for all the support!
{{Hugs back}}

Well... I haven't been doing enough!

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 23.56.09.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 23.56.58.png

It's such a balancing act to keep a reasonable VP on Steemit especially if you love manually curating, and those auto votes always seem to spoil the fun! :') But this is not fair since you're contributing greatly to the community <3 And after a month of playing around with different voting values (auto and manual) I think I finally have it under control :-)

So, I was thinking, I can go two ways: either UP my upvote (triple from my current percentage) or more or less match the required 5 cents for Tier 2 AND give you guys a small delegation as a bonus to support you and therefore those who still need to grow to a higher level.

Which of the two do you generally prefer? A delegation or higher upvotes? I might even do both, but I'm just trying to figure out how I can support you guys best within my possibilities!

I am SUPER happy you're giving us the opportunity to choose our preferred contribution (monthly fee or upvoting 7x a week) and I'd love to support a bit extra in order to keep you guys running.


Those are some nice numbers you have there :)
Know what you mean about the manual voting and seeing that button turn blue with a click.

We will leave the decision to you though.
The advantage of SP delegation is that you do not have to remember about upvotes or subscriptions anymore. It will keep on you on the same Tier until you decide to undelegate and you get all your SP back.
But some prefer upvotes if they do not have enough SP to spare. Just keep an eye on them, because the value does go up or down.
Or you can mix both those together (and with a subscription too) to reach the higher Tier.
So it is purely up to you :)

Thank you for your support and kind words :)

It is impressive as the great team of @qurator, who could say "our team", which works for us as a community, continues to fight to reach all of us with their votes, and the votes they feel, despite the adversities presented, including if they do not continue in this team, as they continue to demonstrate the great commitment they have with us. I only had personal support with $ 0.00, I made a small investment to help everyone with a little more, $ 0.03, the investment is small but I struggled to keep it, because of the problem of falling prices. I just want to thank all of you, despite all the problems, they come and review all our publications, something admirable, any decision or update that you do, I will support you, it is not so much my support, but I am pleased to do so. We are all small, we will all grow together.

Thank you @crisangel! Your words and support means a lot :) And you are so right - we will grow together :)
Qurator loves you too :)

I didn't like the last solution but I love this one!!!
I up vote the daily posts at %100(0.09$) and the others at least %50 everyone should support Qurator to the fullest it's the BESTcuration group out there!

Glad you do! Thank you for the good word and all the support from you :) That's the spirit! We always want to give back as much as we cant. The new change will help with that.

awesome job of dealing with a tough situation @qurator! I like the re-adjusted plan and think it solves the problems that people were upset about! Excellent solution!

Thank you, really appreciate the positive feedback. We have been brainstorming for quite some time and the final update should still be a win-win for everyone. We listened. =)

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Brought to you by @tts. If you find it useful please consider upvote this reply.

I would like to choose this option: Upvote a minimum of 7 posts per week at 100% and still get placed in Tier 1 instead of Tier 0.
Is it here the place where I tell you this?

There is no need. We will see the upvotes and put you on the T1.
Remember that the votes are checked every Monday and the Tier 1 and Tier 2 is updated after the count once a week.

Thank you for really listening and adjusting your new rules accordingly! I always had faith that you have everyone's best interests at heart, but here is proof for those who didn't :)

I have you set as a curation trail, and am not sure of the percentage (I'll have a look after I type this), but I'm thinking it's better to manually upvote 7 times per week myself and use the slider to guarantee I'm giving you 0.05 per vote. I just recently joined at the 4 steem rate and know I don't have 2 more/month to give.

Just basically thinking out loud here haha, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

Thank you again for all you do!

Thank you for all your support! We want all the member to feel comfortable and happy here. That is what we do it for. And all the mutual help will go a long way!

The upvotes are one of the options now to stay on T2. So if you prefer this, than nothing changes except the value of the minimum upvote. You do not have to send any more Steem and you will be on Tier 2. We basically added more options that can still be stacked up for a higher Tier.

If you want to do manual votes we suggest to check on Saturday or Sunday if you have the 7 needed, or you can upvote 7 posts on one day. There is no difference as long as the posts are from the current wee (from Monday to Monday).

Thank you so much for the feedback! My VP sometimes gets too low (like right now:) before I notice it's happening, so this gives me another reason to keep a better eye on it!

This is great news with additional options of upvoting @qurator posts with 0.03 or 0.05 SBD worth votes to stay in Tier 1 Tier 2 respectively. In that way, it will also give an option to earn some SP through curation and in the mean time, gives an option to support @qurator's good work.

Appreciate this :)

Hey @coolguy123, that's exactly what I was thinking! It's great that @qurator listened to those who were feeling a little upset with the changes and then came up with a perfect solution. I hope those unhappy people see this and are thankful for it :)

Yeah, thanks to @qurator, it's now a more viable solution to all.
Hey, how's Brian, long time didn't get a chance to chat with you. Hope everything is fine

Good day :)

We haven't talked for a little bit! I've missed chatting to you :) Thank you for asking, but Brian's had a few rough days and we are beginning to notice little changes fairly regularly now. His immune system is pretty shot and he keeps getting different infections. Such is the nature of the beast I guess. It is kind of you to think of him though. How have you been?

Sorry to hear that @lynncoyle1 nothing is in his or your hand, when god calls back, we all have to go one or the other day, I just wish atleast few more days of energy and courage to withstand those pains and give some more moments of joy to you and your family members.

I am doing good, just be brave and keep writing to keep yourself relieved.

That is so sweet and so very true. We can only make our days as special as possible, what comes next is completely out of our hands. Accepting that truth, makes everything a little bit easier to deal with.

Thank you @coolguy123, I appreciate that very much!

We can only make our days as special as possible

Yes, that is very much the best thing you can do at this point of time. It's nice to know that you have the complete control of the situation after knowing that nothing can change the thing which is going to happen and that should make you a bit relaxed although there will be a disappointment.

Appreciate your courage and the willpower you have.

Have a great day :)

That is so true about the curation :) It all slowly adds up to build up the account.
Thank you for your comment and support!

Yes, although we need to spend some extra voting power, but that gives us some extra reward and also a satisfaction of getting a curation reward with supporting @qurator's activities.

Looking forward to be in Tier 2 for the remainder of April and full of May as I am a new member of @qurator.

Thanks for everything @qurator team.

Yes, you will have the whole May on T2 :)

Glad to know that, thanks for the confirmation @qurator.

Thanks for the info, I wasn't sure about how qurator worked until now. Resteemed and will vote on your posts 7x/week, sure! Have a great day!

Thank you! You will be on higher Tier in no time :)
If you have more questions feel free to drop them in the comment.

Thanks! I do! I usually use qurator tag (and banner) more than once a day, just wanted you to confirm if you upvote only once a day. The issue is the tags to use are only 5 so I could use others more generic in my other posts (around 2-3 a day). Please confirm whether you upvote once or more a day :). And about reestems and mentions in the daily qurator posts, do you chose them based on your own criteria or should I fulfill some other requirement?
Thanks so much!

You do not have to use the tag, so that will save you one space :)

And yes, we upvote once a day. You will get a vote after 24h from the previous one. In case the bot misses your post, you can edit/save any post - it will trigger the bot to send a vote.

The Daily Qurator features are picked by our writer. So no need to do anything there.
But if you would like to participate in Photo Friday competition, you need to comment the competition post with #nominate and give a vote to one of the 5 participants in that post. There is T5 to be won ;)

Thanks a lot for the info. I did the #nominate already, I hope I did it the correct way! Cheers and have a wonderful Sunday!

Seems like a great project. I'd like to support in any way I can but I would be lying to say that I understand everything that's written above. will try to connect through discord to learn more.

Thank a lot :) It is a lot to take in one time. Feel free to ask our Moderators on Discord. They will explain you everything.

I paid 4 steem 19.02.18 The account is not in my favor)

Скриншот 21-04-2018 175912.jpg

Tier 0 is the basic upvote for all the members that join Qurator. It does take longer to get the initial fee back. How about jumping to a higher and get bigger votes? :)

We have to support you as we get support from you. I would gladly pay monthly fee and will try to gain and keep some steem.

Thank you! The fee is one of the options. So you can choose which one suits you better.
Happy to have you on board with us :)

Having read the last update, using calculator mentioned one really gets a clear idea on what is happening in the background. Adjusted accordingly, only using one bot so was quick and easy.

@qurator has been helping many for a long time, it is greatly appreciated. LOL just checked the date of this, it was the last post I read.... Yikes!

Thank you Joan for you support! You have some catching up to do ;)
May will be a bit worky with all the adjustments for the members and for us. But it will work out!
See you around on Discord :)

Tweaking this more regular now to try find a balance..

The only thing I can help is UPVOTE by 100% every day that can give you 0.14. And monthly if my plan works personally, I will donate SBD. If how much, it's up to me. Use it as a power-up guys...

Wow! It is already more than we could ask for. Tank you so much for all the support, we really appreciate all you guys do.
Just keep on Steeming! All together :)

How much % vote will get for tier4 batch ?@qurator

Hi guys, I set back my autovote at 100%, I should be in the tier 1not 0. Thanks and keep up the good work!

See you did upvote many times and noticed only the latest few were 100%. Not a problem, you might show T0 in the update but I will move you to T1 in our bot =)

Thanks @scrooger, always flawless. I will do more for @qurator once my bloody account, with God's grace, will grow.

Hi, the Tier Update wasn't published yet. We will be check all last weeks upvotes. Fingers crossed for T1 :)

que buen proyecto me integro a ustedes desde hoy amigos.

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