❤🌍Come Wanderlust Through the Magic Island, Bali With Me! 🌍❤

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In honor of Earth Day let me show you some of our gorgeous planet, starting right here in the island paradise of Bali, Indonesia!


As you might have noticed, I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, in my house which means leaving the wondrous island I live on, waiting (and begging) to be explored!

Now, I know you all know what a wandering soul I am having been roaming the world for almost 5 years but Bali is special to me and the reason I got a home here.

See, in Bali being at home is not a problem because inside is outside and outside is inside as there are usually not very many walls in the architecture, leaving a very open concept meaning I'm basically outside all of the time! 😉

I'm always leaving and going other places to do the whole wanderlust thing but there is so much to the island here that I haven't seen so I decided to head out to the hills!

Come along with me!


On my way out to the West coast to catch what are some of the most incredible sunsets I have ever seen in the world, I passed by this temple. Temples are very common in Bali so you'll find them everywhere but they all have their own uniqueness to them.


As I was trying to get a closer look at the ceremony going on, I found these Avatar looking plants that are pretty common here but never fail to take my breath away! Aren't they magical?


Crossing a make-shift bridge across this water and under the hanging Avatar plants, I made it to the other side of the water so I could watch without disrupting the ceremony!



The water was so beautiful, I found myself lost in it. Looking at the reflection of the palms and hearing the chimes of the instruments across the water as the Balinese sung their prayers.



Do you ever just stop to hug a tree?
Trees are powerful allies to us in this crazy world we live. They will definitely accept a hug anytime and hang in that grasp long enough, you might even feel better than you'd ever imagine!

Hugging trees is a ritual for me. I appreciate their beauty and their effort they give to us by cleansing our air. Plus, they make the best friends, they'll never tell your secrets ;) That's nature therapy!



This is actually a raft on the water, I wish I could have shown you what it looks like glazing across the river but I didn't know how to make it go ;)


Not too far away from the temple on the way, chasing the sun I had to stop and admire these trees shooting out on the horizon. They come as a shock from the rice fields in front of them and command tremendous attention with their towering power and magic lurking within.

Know what hides in these woods? MONKEYS!


The way to the West is through the forested fields and how do we get from one side to the other?

A massive bridge through the valley!


A little bit of zoom standing on the side of this bridge gives us a quick peak of one of the active volcanoes here!

Can you see it?


After the huge trip through the majestic nature Bali offers, I finally made it to the sunset spot.


These rice terraces are incredible! Definitely worth the drive!

Look at that view!

Best part? Hardly anyone around!




I might just have to buy this house so I can get these views everyday! =D

I hope you enjoyed Bali! It's such a dream living here that sometimes I forget how fortunate I am to have this nature all around me!

Luckily, I have you to share it with! ;)

Let's travel again together soon! ❤

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This post deserves $1000.00 upvote and I wish I have it, lol ............I also wish I could be there with you. It is a true paradise, everything looks so sacred. And I love your dress by the way 🌸💖🌸

I was thinking the same thing about that lovely dress! ...and being there to visit!! ;) Girls' trip??

I will also come with you girls!!;) We have to plan something!

That would be so much fun!

Look what you've started! My dreams will be filled of this for the next forever <3

Now you are just teasing me! The food between us all would be out of this world!

We need to plan a huge vegan steemit meet up!❤👌

YES! Come! I have multiple dresses like this one as I was telling Lena! We can share and have a group photo haha <3

Vegan ladies of Steem sorority photos... ;) Hee hee

Awww you are too sweet @lenasveganliving, I am just trying to take you along with me since I haven't been able to convince you to come over here yet ;) <3

Thank you! I have this style in 3 colors, made for me in Vietnam actually! You'll love the pink rainbow-y one, I'll have to show you sometime <3

Sweetie, I would love to come along with you if I could and I want to see see that pink dress too, lol.

How blessed you are to live in such a paradise, beautiful photos ❤️ PS- I also am partial to a little tree hugging, aren't we vegans such hippies? :)

Haha I know right? I think it comes with the territory! We love the earth so it only seems natural :) Bali really is a paradise and I feel so silly not to enjoy it more ;)

Hardly anyone around? We should go there together Valentine. Wouldn't that be magical for us?
Hug me too, whisper into my ears, I will never tell your secret to anyone darling.
This place is so amazing. Nature is indeed beautiful. I love the sight.

Haha nope, just some farmers out in the fields and some restaurant owners off the road. A couple of families sitting on blankets watching the sun :) It's a wonderful place to see! We'll add it to the list :)

scribbles it down added. Would be amazing to watch the sunset with you, hug the trees with you, hold hands with you, and chase you around while we goof around, my Valentine. Haha

It's really amazing!. It breathes peace and tranquility. Someday I would like to visit Bali and reflect myself in those waters, I love all the shades of green that can be seen in the photos. Thanks for sharing. By the way, love your dress! OMG!

Thank you @paolapaopoly :) This place is magical. There is so much to see and so much nature that can just take you away to another place! This is not really a visited site in Bali, more on the local side of things but that's why I love it so much! I have so many more photos of this beautiful place, I just need some more time to organize them and then I can share them with you <3

Gorgeous photos. It’s been a decade since I’ve been in SE Asia, and Indonesia was one of the most gorgeously rich places I’ve visited. Thanks for sharing as it fills the niche inside me for traveling... here on the homestead we’re Living a pretty stable life, but can take a moment to visit Bali through this post. thanks for sharing the beauty.

Awww 10 years? I'm sure a lot has changed as it's been crazy for me just within the last 1.5 years I've been here! Indonesia caught me hook, line and sinker after all of the traveling I had done, this country just spoke to my heart. Especially my little island of love ;)

I'm super happy to be able to fill that traveling desire through these kinds of posts, that's my goal and since I have what appears to be an infinite amount of photos, I will certainly keep posting ;)

I have my homestead opp. going on in amidst the travel which is challenging and also incredibly fun :)

Aaaah now I really need to go to bali... The views looks incredible... I really want to go travel and explore the world.
Have you thought any more about taking a trip to Sweden? ;)

Haha well the girls are teasing me saying that they might come on over here right @vegan.niinja, @plantstoplanks, @lenasveganliving ;)

However, given a bunch of craziness that happened, I am signing into a new house for a year but I still have plans to take off here and there and Sweden is on my wish list <3

I just read what happen Sweetie, wow! I am very sorry to hear that, but the main think is that the yoga shower is working.................however, I would hate to be without internet.

Anyway, I wish you all the best with moving to anew place and hopefully you will be settled soon. Sending love & hugs XOXO

Haha I would love to join that party too ;D.
Oh I hope you will be happy in your new house.

You are more than welcome any time you wish to come :)

Very beautiful photos! :)

hello friend @jaki01 i invite you to go through my blog reviewing my content I am a girl lover of chess and I see that you like to promote it in steemit for me the love of my life is chess I hope you can support me and we play some games greetings

Chess? I'm sure you mean cheese because I make my own vegan cheese but certainly do not post about chess lol =D

Do you really make your own vegan cheese? you must teach us .. I love vegan food, I was referring to the friend @ jaki01 that if he publishes chess

Yes of course I do and in fact, I do teach! =D I have several blogs showing how to make delicious vegan cheeze which you are more than welcome to check out <3

Yes. Memang sangat cantik

Hi @jaki01 :) Thank you! It is incredible isn't it? I'm certainly not a photographer, but it's the beauty of this world around us! I am more than happy to take photos of it to share and have soooo sooo many photos that I really need to share with the world instead of hoarding them away in the cloud ;)

Magnificent experience @heart-to-heart. I like it. Thank you for writing on Island of Bali. 🙏🏾

Oh it is my pleasure! Bali is my home and I am in love with it so am more than happy to share the beauty :)

Absolutely beautiful. I'm talking about you, of course.

Oh, the land is nice too!

Well isn't that just adorable ;) <3

It is really beautiful. Thank you for all amazing pictures and for taking us wiyh your travel, what a lovely world!

Oh you are most welcome! I am so happy I can share these photos, they don't do me any good just sitting in my phone forever and I really think everyone should be able to see the beauty around us, everywhere <3

Beautiful looking this nature, I appreciate your traveling. actually amazing your life.
and also good this blog.keep it up.

Hi :) Of course I promise to keep it up, I have tons of travels to share and hope that you'll love them!

Really beauty 😍

Thank you, Bali is such a dream =D

indonesia the beautiful indonesia is one of the places on the list that I have to visit before turning 60, these beautiful photographs, tremendous honor to the pacha mama

Oh really? Well I could not agree with you more! I have traveled far and wide and no other country caught me in the same way. It's so beautiful here, so beautiful that I decided to stay for a a year and now another coming up ;) Just know that when you come, you might not want to leave!

Very nice article. Also, I love all the photos. Some really beautiful landscapes.

Thank you! I love being able to take you along with me through photos but I also love a good story ;) Writing is my passion so it's fun to mix the 2 =D

Bali is incredible, I have so many photos on my phone that I am going to have to share ;)

Oh my goodness @hear-to-heart, and I thought I was in paradise lol! So beautiful. Thank you for sharing your world with us. Was that a religious ceremony going on? The clothing they were wearing was so beautiful. What great place to explore and live a healthy life!

Haha well Bali is on it's own level, that's for sure. There is a reason it's this paradise destination. It completely takes your heart ;)

I can't tell you about the ceremony because I didn't want to bother them so I'm not sure what this one was for. They have ceremonies very often here, some in accordance with the moon cycle, funerals, community meetings, etc and those clothes are what everyone wears whenever these take place, all gathered at the temples like this that are everywhere. You'll often see people dressed in this I guess the same way back west we might dress up for church or for a special event. The men wear sarongs which are kind of like a kilt but different material and the women wear colored lace tops with sarongs on the bottom. It's quite beautiful! When are you coming to visit? :)

wow so beautiful amazing photography

Awww thank you but it's not me, it's all the magic of the island and nature ;)

Those are breathtaking pictures!!! 😍

Hey @nickyskywalker! Isn't it just crazy how beautiful it is here? I really need to stop being so selfish, keeping all of the beauty to myself and share more!

It is!!! how selfish you are?? I'm gonna have to come flip flopping around and force you to share some 😉

Sungguh sangat menarik, dan saya sangat berkesan saat melihat foto-foto tersebut, ingin sekali mengunjungi tempat itu.

Indah di mana-mana di pulau ini!

Lol to that house, I think you can build a better one barehanded in a couple of hours 😂

Bahaha but I just realized it's not very visible in the picture, maybe you can't see how it looks in the future, with me moved in hahaha

I can see it, you are living the dreams i dream of for you :)

Hi @heart-to-heart, you're so lucky to stay in Bali, can have holiday feeling everyday..:))) If not mistaking, the avatar type of plant is one type of climber, called Javanese Treebine, native in Indonesia. I saw it during my Bali trip too..

Oh really? I will have to look it up because I absolutely love those plants, the plants here are so amazingly beautiful! You're right though, it is a dream here, I guess that's how it convinced me to stay :P

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Beautiful post @heart-to-heart! I haven't been on here in a while but you just gave me a good reasons to return.

Awww I know the feeling, I haven't been on as much either but I sure have a lot of photos saved up from that time away so I'll have to keep sharing to encourage the inspiration to return ;)

Very beautiful Magic island you are looking nice in this magic island!

Thank you! I love the magic of Bali :)

Welcome Take CARE....Bless You

I love it so much!! Thank you for mentioning tree hugging :) I've just started hugging them, talking and listening. I even climbed one the other day and felt like a kid again <3

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