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Check Out Beyonce's 22 Days Challenge! Can you handle it? Enter for your chance to WIN $100 SBD!


Word on the streets is that Beyonce and Jay-Z are going plant based for 22 days! Are you going to join them?

Psychologists have studied habits in people and through their research have found that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. That’s the key founding principle behind Queen B’s challenge and how I ended up creating this contest!

The icon who inspired me as a teeny-bopper continues to have my vote of approval! She partnered with Marco Borges, her personal trainer, to launch 22 Days Nutrition. From that, she and hubby Jay-Z began a 22 day vegan challenge which went wild all over the internet encouraging fans to join in!

With 113 million follows on Insta, she’s creating a lot of buzz! She sent out the message to her fans “44 days until Coachella!! Vegan Time!! Click the link in my bio to join me!”

Screenshot (418).png

I am so excited I could cry! Let me tell you why!

I’m not, never have been and hope to never be in your face, forcing my dietary/lifestyle position upon you BUT what I have had the profound opportunity to experience, in my own healing and transformation, I have this insatiable craving to help share this with others.

Quick back story from me (why am I giving so much of my SBD to this?)


About 6 years ago I was young, I had just graduated from university and life should have been peaking for me. Unfortunately the truth was that I was incredibly sick and I couldn't figure out why.

I went to doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist and they couldn't come up with a solution so they put me on medication after medication until I had a whole drawer full of pills that if I ever would have taken all together would have ended my life, then and there.

What was going on?

I was depressed and I was ready to give up. The doctors had prepared me and basically gave me the whole "We don't know how long you have" speech because they didn't know what was wrong with me!

It wasn't until I took it into my own hands and started looking into food, what I was putting into my body that things changed for me. That is where my new life began.

I donated everything in my cupboards to the local shelter and I went to the produce section. I was super-student-poor and so I did what I could. Eliminating and recording. Studying, reading, listening to my body.

Before I knew it changes were happening within me. The rest is history. For more of that story, I'll have to write another post but let the point ring clear, I saved my life by changing my diet and I hope that by me sharing this with you, that you'll be inspired to look to do the same!

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With over a 900% increase in demand for vegan food last year, it's clear that the veganism is growing and there are a lot of reasons for that such as health, environment, animal rights, and social influence to name a few.

I don’t call myself an 'vegan activist.' I call myself an "Inspiration activist!"

I believe inspiration is the way to the heart and that's what I want to get to!


While I am including Beyonce’s link in this post, I also invite you to check out my homemade recipes that I share here (that is my way of inspiring a change!) but also suggest roaming around the vegan tag. There are tons of amazing recipes and creations in there that will make you run to the kitchen or store to give them a try.

Here's some recent examples that you can find on my page! Click on the picture if you want the recipe! All organic, plant-based, vegan and gluten free!

chocolate cake edit.jpg





So basically, you don't have the 'there's nothing to eat' excuse! 😉

Why not join the power couple of the music world on this and see how you feel?

Because I was the biggest carnivore on the planet despite the fact that I am a serious animal lover and crazy about the environment… I can tell you from first hand experience that changing my diet changed my life.

I used to be so sick the doctors told me that they couldn’t fix me. No amount of prescription fixed my pain or illness. I was depressed and I thought I should just give up.

When the idea of changing my diet came up, I thought I’d rather die. Thank whoever is up above that I changed my mind because I am living a richer, fuller, more fulfilling life than I ever would have dreamed of and it’s my mission in life to share this feeling and freedom with the world!

Let’s have our own challenge! How to play!


  1. Upvote and comment
    Tell me you are taking the challenge! Share this with your friends! We want as many people to be able to get involved as possible! 💖
  2. Record ALL of your food photos for those 22 days!
    With a small sheet of paper showing the date and your user name. (This proves it’s from the date you’re claiming.)
  3. Create a post every 5 days (4 posts) and then one final post at the end!
    You will need 5 posts in total including the contest, tag and your food photos.
  4. The first 4 posts need to:
    Mention this contest, tag #eatlikeasuperstar, and show your most recent meals with the username tag/date
  5. Final post
    Create a post at the end of your 22 days mentioning this post, including all of your photos of all of your meals.
  6. Tell me how you feel. What did you notice? Did you miss any foods? Let me know everything.
  7. Tell us all if you’re going to consider continuing the diet beyond the 22 days.
  8. You have to start by April 8th to get the 22 days in so you have 1 WEEK to prepare!

can you handle this.jpeg

I will be on standby on Discord and Steemit.chat always for any help with meals, shopping, nutritional advice, etc. If you need anything, let me know!

I believe this will change your life SO MUCH that I’m putting 100 SBD on the line!


Look, I am a nomad, I have no income outside of crypto and this very blog BUT I really want to help be the change I wish to see in the world so, have some of my hard earned SBD if you commit to this!

Prizes! 💖💖💖

1st place 50 SBD
2nd and 3rd place 25 SBD each!!

What I am looking for:
creative meals
challenges faced
funny stories
interactions with friends/family
effort put into post
commitment to sharing/helping others get involved

💖If you’ve got some more money bags hanging around and want to help support this cause, give me a shout- I am accepting donations to add to the winnings here!💖
  • Sponsors will be mentioned in the post and can choose their favorite entries! 💖

I hope to see some of you join in on the fun! 😘 #eatlikeasuperstar

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I truly believe we can heal ourselves through food and it is my mission in life to create and inspire delicious, mouth watering creations that are beneficial and packed full of plant based goodies to fuel our bodies, minds and lives! 💖

My heart's in charge here. I write about what I feel in the moment. What inspires me, what drives my passion. Here are some of my recent additions:

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🍴Hungry? Check out these yummy plant based recipes!🍴
🥑You Won't Believe it's Not Magic! Double Chocolate Mousse (Avocado) Cake!
🎂Treat Yo'Self! Brownies+Ice Cream+Cookies+Fudge = Cupcakes
💜Incredible Purple Vegan Quiche!
🍜Garden to Table: Coconut Curry!
🍝 Baked Lasagna
🍊Fruits to Make You Feel Your Best!
🍫Go Coco-NUTS for Homemade Creamy, Fudgy Chocolate Bars!
🍝 Mouth Watering, Creamy Cashew Alfredo Pasta Sauce!
🍞 The Ultimate Loaded Breakfast Sandwiches

Until next time!

Sending you love through food, travel, inspiration and epic storytime!
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I am a girl of many excuses on why I can’t lose weight or make the right choice when it comes to the food I eat.... but after reading and looking Alittle more into this setup I think 22 days isn’t that bad. I am very competitive and truly do need to start a healthier lifestyle. So I am joining in on the challenge.

I am in the process of moving so I believe this will be a challenge for me in itself but could maybe help me learn how to just simply make better choices.

Let’s get it!!!! #eatlikeasuperstar

Hi @iseeyou, I was in the middle of travel so it appears I missed this! I'm so sorry and am so excited to hear that you're going to enter :)

So for me it's mid day on the 9th, the deadline was yesterday! I hope you've been taking pictures of your food ;) Can't wait to see your first post! <3

It seems very interesting. I will follow you and hope for the best.

Why? It really doesn't make sense to destroy the Steem platform if you have Steem... Shit comment, self-upvote, doesn't even upvote the main post...

Sigh... This is why we can't have nice things.


Also commented to him here I might just go every day, on the 6th day, and downvote his comments and rewards, so if people use my template, or see it, and do the same, he will stop and adjust his poor behaviour quickly, and we watch his comments tab every week.


Yes, Yes, YES! FUCKING YES! Brilliant Idea, I will resteem every entry that I see. If you want to tag me in any of your entries hit me up with a tag. I have just passed 500 followers so I might just help to reach a few more people. You FUCKING ROCK @heart-to-heart. I would enter but I am already VEGAN AF!

#vgang 4 life!

This was the best comment to wake up to! You have been making me laugh on the daily with your abrupt enthusiasm @moonunit, I LOVE IT! :)

I appreciate your encouragement and support! I am really hoping we can get people to enter who are not quote "VEGAN AF" like us, yet ;)

Let's see how it goes <3 Honestly, I feel that once it's in the mind that it's possible, everything from then on becomes a magical journey to a more fulfilling and holistic life, but that's just what I have seen :) <3

We're definitely using this tag everywhere forever. #vgang!

"I wish I had of done it sooner" every new Vegan.

Honestly, If I can do anything to help with the competition or with new folks who want to go Vegan Just shout! Hola at me dog! Fnar.

You da best <3 I know I was one of those people that said what you said we say ;)

Great competition, but i'm wondering why Jay-Z and Beyonce just don't go vegan full time they have done this short term vegan thing before.

Yeah, I have no idea! I read something saying that Jay-Z has a hard time with it and therefore that could probably affect her. I don't know though, maybe this time it'll click for them =D

@heart-to-heart Hello :) I'm loving your blog. This contest idea...ROCKS!!
I've never tried going vegan, but I have certainly thought about it. This post really makes things interesting and fun. Count me in :D (this is going to be a challenge for sure). Best wishes, @splendorhub

If you need anything at all just shout! I would be more than happy to help with any questions or queries you have.

PS I used to eat 2 steaks at a time so believe we if I can do it you can too. I've never been fitter or healthier. 😉

WoW...two ???! lol This transition really needs plenty of mental preparedness lol. Thank you for the support :D

Me too -_- I hate to admit that but I used to be known for eating more than my dates... and by more, I mean more steak ughhhh. So yes, if we can do it, anyone can!

I wish u all the best on this challenge, search the vegan tag on steemit for great recipes, you can do it!

Thank you for the tip :D

Oh AWESOME! I'm super excited to hear this @splendorhub :) I never thought I would be vegan, I promise. I thought it sounded nice, I love animals and love the environment but I just thought I couldn't do it. I surprised myself with my whole new world and lifestyle and I really hope the same happens for you! Let me know if you need any coaching at any point, I'd be happy to help! <3

Thanx :) I have been looking for recipes, and have been eating tons of meat too :( lol I feel motivated to give this a try <3 Thanx again for this awesome idea.

You are so welcome! I'm excited to see your journey! =D

I would love to try this, but not sure if I'll manage time wise. As it is I often just eat cereal or toast when I'm rushed. It could really be beneficial as I'm menopausal and often bloated, but I hate cooking (hence cereal and toast) and work 11 hours a day. Wonder if it will work if I make a whole lot of stuff and freeze it, but that defeats the object a bit - fresh stuff is best. Also I'm quite restricted as far as ingredients are concerned, living in a small village with mostly the basics available. Jeez I sound so full of excuses! As you said, there's a week before it starts .... let me see if I can plan it. I actually have at least 4 vegan families as friends so maybe they can help ... just wish I wasn't so anti the kitchen. Anyway I've upvoted and resteemed it - step 1.

Well, @leighleigh let's start with addressing your concerns :)


I believe this is a huge problem in our society. We've got all this designed food for quick, on the go meals and they're not very good for us. That being said what we typically think to grab is usually not so healthy but if we change what we associate easy/fast with in our minds, it's much easier.

So this is a huge concern people bring up to me and I say to them, grab some veggies and hummus, that's super easy and couldn't be quicker. Just rinse the veggies and dip. You're good to go.

A lot of people like avocado toast. I don't usually do that because I am gluten free and I don't like avos haha but it's a favorite for my clients.

Cereal is hard for me. I know that some cereal might be vegan but I am not a fan of a lot of the ingredients and it's almost always accompanied with milk. I am betting you're not using orange juice in it, right? ;)

So, in that case you can sub out plant based milks or go with granola instead. You can make some at night and have it in the fridge.

Freezing stuff isn't the end of the world, not ideal but better than nothing, if it's what will help- go for it!


This is a matter of perspective. I live in a small town in INDONESIA! We don't even have the same type of supermarkets most people are used to and the stores we have are limited in what I might want to put in my body. I only have 1 market a week to get my produce and I make it by so, it really comes down to commitment. Don't be deterred by this point :)

You've started part 1, I hope this helps lead you into part 2 ;)

Good luck <3

Thanks for the advice! I love avos and have 2 trees in my garden, how awesome is that! Although this year they are not producing much (they go through cycles). I also like hummus, and love fruit and veggies. I can go without meat, it's the dairy I battle with. I love cheese and yoghurt! I think I just love food, especially if someone else makes it :) I've gone through so many different stages over the years, following different diets etc. Thanks for the encouragement, I hope I can get my act together this week.

Oh wow! See?! You're already part of the way there! A lot of people would only dream of having a fruit producing tree right in their back yard! I have seedlings of avos but they're a far way off from my plate ;)

OK so, I know you feel rushed for time but if cheese and dairy are a problem, there are tons of premade vegan sources which you can either try to order online or you could check out some recipes, they're super easy and yo just throw them in the fridge and eat them when a craving comes! I have tons of cheese recipes and have one on hand in general at all times in the fridge ;)

I'm hoping you are able to find a way to make it work! I know dairy can be the hardest, most addictive part but it's also proven to be one of the harder things on our bodies and environment so it's incredible if substitutions can take up the slack :)

There's some great vegan recipes just here on steemit, some are super simple. Red lentils are just so quick to make, just require rinsing check this out https://steemit.com/vegan/@celestialcow/rapid-and-fresh-meal-no-hassel-minimal-preparation-one-pot-super-easy-lazy-vegan. For breakfast make warm porridge and Banana or soak your oats the night before to eat them cold. Get your hands on nuts and dried fruits to snack on the go. Having fresh fruits on hand is a great booster. What can you buy in your small village? I was staying in a small village recently the fresh veg was a bit limiting but they did have a health food section in the super, go for alternative and whole grain things, for example pasta is a quick and easy dish u can add veg too. Can you order online? If u are menopausal look into drinking maca or honey Bush tea.

Thanks for jumping in here @celestialcow ;)

Hello friend, I want to tell you many things: First, I am very happy that you have healed, I am a believer that food is health, your story is a wonderful example. I have read the post several times and the idea has been spinning in my head .I cook vegan food for my clients, I sell vegan and gluten-free food for stores in my country, I love cooking vegan food, but I'm not vegan yet. It's not that I do not want to be, my diet is vegetarian and for some excuses I fall into the trap and confess I feel bad. I would like to make this challenge to show me that this time I can do it, I want to try 100%. When this list I will do Resteem. I only have one question, is it a daily publication? or one a week with all the meals of the week? Thanks for telling us your story. 😘😘

Create a post every 5 days (4 posts) and then one final post at the end!
You will need 5 posts in total including the contest, tag and your food photos.

Thank you for your wonderful response! I'm really looking forward to seeing you participate. It sounds like you have all the makings in your life to have this be a successful challenge for you! I know many people worry about what to make- you already make it so you're more than half way there :)

Everyone has excuses to do things they love and for many of us, we have a strong relationship to the food we grew up with and it takes a motivator to have us try a different way. I hope this contest ends up being yours :)

My story is actually quite deep, I have been considering trying to post it to help motivate people to really put effort into this contest ;)

I appreciate that you understand the healing of food and I believe you can do this- not only that but I believe you can change because the want is already there and now you have an excuse ;) <3

That is really good news and will surely encourage some conscious thinking.

By occasion I found that peta is mailing free 2 week vegan meal plans:


Orderd my kit as some of the recipes look really delicious, but thats it, I already have a dozen of vegan cookbooks and another dozen in ebooks, enough recipes for a lifetime:)

That's awesome, I saw that a little while ago too and was thinking about ordering it just for inspiration :)

Let me know what you think about it when you get it and also, thanks for sharing it here! I'm sure it'll help inspire people thinking about taking the challenge!

I will, i may also post all or some of the recipes here on steemit.

Awesome =D Can't wait!

Oh my holy vegan god!!!! I can't tell you how moved, happy and excited I am about this contest.
I'm so freaking proud of you for doing this.
Resteeming to spread the word.
You rock! Lots of hugs and kisses to you ❤❤

Awww thanks so much @nicoleslife <3 I feel the same way! I am so excited! I have been trying to figure out a way to do this bigger and better for a while, I really hope people join in :)

I really appreciate the love! =D

I'm sure a lot of people will join 😊 I'll make sure to try and spread the word as much as I can 😊❤

Thanks girl! :)

Wow you take this to the next level! I am dancing of joy, seeing what you are going here! I am already a vegan otherwise I would love to join!😉🤗😍🙌🙌💃💃💃💃Good luck to all you who will participate! ❤❤❤❤💘💘💘💘

You??!... a vegan? Jeeze... I would have never guessed that ;) I am really excited too! I tried everything I could to get this contest out there so I really hope we get some people joining us, it'll be really fun to see :)

Thank you for all of the love :)

Oh I am sure some will join in! And you really set up a great price hehe!😉😍

Hahaha my whole rent for the month actually but I really wanted to encourage people to actually try ;) <3

Yeaa thats such a great thing to do my sweetheart! Do you celebrate Easter? Wish you a beautiful start into the new week!😍😙💕💕💕

No I don't! My family wouldn't approve of that but at the same time I don't approve of their turkey on the center of the table ;) I've just tried to start my own traditions but I did a nice meal here on Easter Sunday just to appreciate the love and community of it! Did you do anything special?

Ooh girl, you are upping the ante now!! I'm more of a Jared Leto gal than a Beyonce fan 😉, but I give kudos to the queen for introducing a whole lot of folks to veganism who might otherwise never have heard about the lifestyle!! You know I'm behind you on this and will be happy to support any of the people entering!

Thanks @plantstoplanks you are awesome! I figure why not try an Easter incentive? Instead of giving away chocolate, why not SBD for not eating the milk? ;) Let's see if anyone follows through <3

You are a super star @heart-to-heart I hope many people will join this competition. Its amazing to hear your story and how it changed you. Its crazy how we are brought up to think eating meat is normal and okay even when we love animals and the planet it goes against all logic. Not only do I think the sickness from eating meat is physical but its also spiritual too,. The reality is your consuming death from animal that suffered during its life energically is harmful to put that energy into the body. Much love to u and all the best to the contestants.

Yes I totally agree with you! I focus mainly on health when I speak about my transition because that was the leading force but there are many aspects as you mentioned once we become re-sensitized to the desensitizing! Hopefully some SBD will get people excited to try :)

I eat like a Beyonce already, lol...................I am reposting the challenge for you Sweetie, but taking photos of food everyday is too much work, lol. At least the way I do it. So I will pass this this time, sorry :(

Thank you @lenasveganliving, I hope more people get involved! To answer your concern, honestly all I am wanting is a quick phone snap, not anything crazy like our food photography ;) But it needs to have the name tag to prove the dates that's all! That being said, I am really hoping that I get people entering who are not currently vegan. That's my big push is to help more people try.

I know you already eat like Beyonce so it wouldn't be fair to let you enter, you'd win! ;)

@Heart-to-heart you definately have an intresting background and im sure its very inspiring to people how youve managed with all the challenges to change it all for the better! Glad youve 'found yourself' and are leading a better and happier life!!💪🤗 you should write about it more here as im sure you can reach out and can help out many that are in the situation u were in.
Great challenge! I am more a vegetarian than vegan but good luck to all who join here!!🤗🙌☄

It's great your vegetarian but the problem I find is vegetarians are so because they love animals but they don't realize the diary industry is very cruel to animals and detrimental to the planet. If these issues concern you then you should definitely consider veganism.

Hahaha well that is just TRUE! :) Yes, through my own hell I have been able to heal and now I want to share that and inspire change and healing in others so I really hope that this kind of thing can do it ;)

Awww you are so sweet! You know I have a huge file folder of stuff I start. I have a lot of that kind of content, I just never seem to share it but to fall in line with this contest I'll put some out this week! Thanks for the push ;) <3

Since you're not vegan, you could totally give it a whirl for the 22 days ;) I'd love it if you did!

These kind of diets/challenges are really fun. I won't be participating myself but Im excited to see what kind of food creations the people of steemit will come up with. I love cooking and while I don't think I could do 22 days of this, I would be more than down to try one of the meals if someone creates something awesome!

Awesome! That's great to hear that you have an open mind! I would obviously love you to participate but recreating a recipe and trying one day is a step in its own and I love hearing that you're willing to give it a try :) I hope to see that post when it happens!

This is such an amazing idea! I'd love to participate mainly because I think it would be so interesting to see a snapshot of what I actually eat for 22 days not just the pretty things I create for social media haha. There's no hiding with this one!

Awww my dear you're already vegan! I am trying to give people an opportunity to experience what you already know ;) However if you want to enter for fun, I will upvote every one of your posts full strength <3

Haha i did figure that out last night but forgot to comment! Thank you 💖

Beyonce and Jay-Z are doing the plant based challenge again? I hope they embrace it this time after the 22 days are over.

I think a video of eating the food they prepared should also be included lol!

I for one would love that haha but I don't want to make things too hard for people to join ;)

This is already a tough challenge. Adding one more rule will not make any difference. I'm suggesting this because I don't want to joint haha!

You don't want to join? Why not? 100 SBD is over 200 USD!

I still crave for meat lol! But my mom is vegan. Maybe I'll change my mind and be encouraged to join and eat what my mom eats lol!

Well, I'm probably going to be eating more - and better - than Beyonce... Imma gunna eat like Jay-Z! Super generous prize, 100 SBD is like... A million dollars in 2020 monies... Thanks.

Agree with you :)

No way! Me too :)

Nice, i dont really understand this contest. Which food will i use for the contest and am from africa

It's vegan so no animal products. And it's plant based so healthy food. Like vegtables fruits nuts beans lentils wholegrains. South Africa is very diverse and rich landscape im sure u can find the right foods, let us know how u might find this difficult

Hi @richgang, rice and beans are foods I have seen available in abundance for cheap everywhere in the world, this qualifies as vegan and could work if you have access to it =D

Will i keep uploading food pictures. Or only rice and beans only

OK well the challenge is that you cannot eat any animal products for 22 days and have to take a photo of every meal for the whole time. Even if they are only rice and beans but it means no chicken, beef, fish, milk, eggs or any other animal product to be able to win. Does that help you understand better? :)

Yes, i gat that. So i will upload that. But how many pictures per day cause i like to eat alot.

You can check the rules for more information :) But you need to take a photo with a label of your user name and date every time you eat!

I wish i can join the contest but i can't.
Let me resteem for others to benefit.

Awww that's too bad! Why do you feel you can't join @inspiredgideon?

The cash to spend in getting them. Have been managing to feed using my sbd but daily the price is going deep.
And to put myself on diet would have been nice for me but with the expensive prices of things. Don't know the possibility of that

Isnt eating fruit and vegtables cheaper than meat? It is for me anyway

Depends on your country.
It's expensive here in Nigeria considering the economic situation too

yes this is true an unfortunate these are the bigger powers trying to control world economy and food! its disgusting what has happened to the planet and how many countries are suffering for it so some people can make profits. is there a way to grow your own vegetables or even small things, herbs, leaves, fruits?

That will be so difficult in a way. My feeding in school has been from steem but the fall in price is telling hard on me but thanks to a friend who came to my help.
Read her open letter to me


And ever since then she has being keeping to her words

I know that a lot of countries are getting expensive for fruits and vegetables and it's really sad. I was in Maldives and could barely afford the veggies there but the thing is that rice and beans are vegan and very cheap and available everywhere. Do you think you could try that? They are a full source of protein!

Rice and beans is my best meal. That is what i eat almost everyday with a few changes because no much cash to engage fruits.

Well then it sounds like you can definitely join! You would just need to show pictures of every meal and promise no meat, eggs or dairy in the 22 days to join :)

Already too late. Maybe next time because am currently preparing for my exams.

I don't know when I am going to give 100 SBD away again! ;) But good luck on your exams! If you change your mind you have until April 8 to enter and all you need to do is take photos of your meals every time you eat with a tag saying your user name and date :) ANyway, good luck to you! Have a great week!

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Love the idea! I am considering entering - the only thing is I'm traveling a bit this month and I'm worried about missing a day... are there any skip days? Not to eat junk food but if we can't cook ourselves. I really want to participate !!

Hi @itinerantartist! I hate to tell you this but of course there are no skip days! That would completely ruin the challenge! See, the point is that it takes that amount of time on average to make or break a habit so it's a big part of the point to see it through and adapt it to your lifestyle.

I do have to say to you that I travel constantly and I never have a problem maintaining my vegan diet. There are restaurants and food options everywhere, especially nowdays and I mean all over the world. Even in the most remote places I have been to lately, I have found restaurants that have options for me :)

If you want to participate I am positive you can make it work despite not being at home! I would say that would probably even help you solidify that behavior in the future if you wanted to continue on past the 22 days =D

Best of luck to you!

oh so we don't have to prepare and cook all the meals ourselves?? its a different story if we can also go out to eat, yes i think that will help:) ok checking my calendar, but i think I'm in!

Ya I mean ideally you could learn how to interact with food in all situations so the switch is easier :) I mean that's the point of it being 22 days, for it to set in so I think eating out would be great HOWEVER I have to tell you, sometimes waiters/servers don't know what's in the food so not only do you have to say vegan, you also should specify no milk, cream, butter, meat etc because I have learned this the hard way -_-

thats good advice - thanks!:) I'm usually a healthy but no hassle eater, so i never bother to count calories or check whats in things - so in this way this will definitely be a challenge for me! ahhhh, veganism sprint, here we gooooo ;)

i should note that i also eat a decently healthy diet (lots of grains and fruits and veggies, but i am not vegetarian as i mostly always would eat meat at restaurants etc). but I'm excited to try this:)

Cool well it sounds like it'll be easy for you =D I'm excited to see how it goes <3

Very interesting contest, I always love contests. thanks ^^

Are you going to try to join? =D

Of course. I always look forward to this contest? Can I write about the contest tomorrow?^^

Sure of course you can :)

Your challenge sounds incredible, thank you for sharing a little history, I think you inspired me to change my diet as a challenge for me for 21 days, I'm not sure I can document it but at least I'll try, I'll follow you to know more recipes, greetings.

Hi @melvadg, the challenge is not supposed to be easy but it's to inspire a change so it would be great if you wanted to give it a try :) They say that 21 days is needed for a dietary change to really stick, that's why I chose to have it be that long. I need it to be documented or else I won't be able to prove you did it. I hope you can make it work and will join in =D If not, definitely start small and try some recipes here and there. Sometimes small steps are much easier ;)

I've been reading and I think the recipes are great, I'm psychologically preparing for all these new changes! The idea is authentic and if it's for my health, you have to risk it, thank you for your comment.

Wooow what a brilliant idea! Can we pretend I'm not vegan yet so I can join? 😉

Hahaha you my dear are too close to me, it would be a conflict of interest since I already adore you =D

Hehe, worth a try! 😉 Can't wait to see what people come up with, such a good concept!

Congratulations.! I like the post very much hope you can post beautiful ly, please, please, please give an upvote @giearxel

22 days,huh? I am saving for a trip to Europe and this would be both physically benefitical and financially. Just to clarify, do you want one post a day, a week, or just one at the end?

Hey darlin' :) I'm happy to see you getting in on this <3 When are you going to Europe? I would love to meet up with you and am headed there this summer!

As for the posting, originally I was thinking just one big one at the end but have been given advice to have it more frequently to ensure that it's actually happening. I just quickly updated the rules to be more clear! =D

thanks, you are upping the ante now !! I'm more of a Jared Leto gal than a Beyonce fan , but I give kudos to the queen for introducing a whole lot of folks to veganism who might have heard about the lifestyle !! You know I'm looking for you anyway!

What an excellent post.

nice post, i every bit of it and i want to firstly appreciate u for the idea of this challenge. i want to participate cos by doing so , i'll be encouraging a healthier world

Yes you are right, that's why I wanted to start this challenge :) I would love it if you entered! Let me know if you plan to play along :)

I hope this changes the way people eat :)

So do I!! It would make me so happy if this helped even one person change their diet and life ;)

I noticed your fingers are healers. Look into it. My money is funny so.. 22 days buying from the health food store wont work for me...I can go to farmers market. Very inspirational. Thanks @heart to heart.

Many misconceptions is vegan diet is expensive but in fact eating meat cheese fish is pricey. Vegtables normally are cheap in comparison look for different stores and do some research. Legumes beans lentils really go a long way cheap and filling also who grain pasta rice etc hope u can make it work

Can you do a post on how to dry thyme and other herbs. Also some fruit flies come when I don't consume produce fast enough. Would you recomend freeze drying or something else.
Thanks for helping. :)

Some herbs u can dry by hanging upside down on string, I think sunlight helps. I dried some parsley by washing it and spreading it out on a plate and putting it in my fridge which is on the warmest setting and it just dried out, it was an accident. Let me know if that works for u. Yea we are starting to get little flies now. U can try fly traps, freezing food is a way to avoid this. I find alot of vegtables don't like the fridge but in the summer freezing fruit is great. I think the flies prefer the fruit which they can more easily damage. I don't think the flies spoil the vegtables that easily, wash thoroughly any vegtables or peel them before eating. Keep regularly buying fresh foods than doing one shop for the week.

I meant to say wholegrains pasta and wholegrains in general are more filling and healthier only slightly more expensive but denser so u won't actually want to eat as much

I think also u can buy a fine wire mesh cage thing that stops the flies im also going to look into one of these!

I have these since my house is outside and I only have a couple of walls (Balinese design) :) They are amazing and super cheap! I have no problems :)

Yes..all of this is helpful.
I will try it all. I eat healthy mostly. I need to be able to say always. :)

Hi @sweetjoy =D You know, I spend far less than I used to now that I have a vegan diet. Many people think that it's more expensive because of the photos and recipes that are more elaborate but the truth is at the base it's not. If you're just eating a normal meal, taking out the meat and dairy options actually proves to make the meal cheaper. Beans are far cheaper than meat and can be spread out through more meals. I get 98% of my food from the farmers in my village. I spend less than I ever have in my life! I hope that you'll continue to ask questions so we can help you try this challenge out!

I love to try new things. Let me reread the post. The problem with me is my family eats funny.
One..no sauces or condiments.
Another..no corn, tomatoes
Another no beef, onions or sweet potatoes
Another no tomatoes, spaghetti and milk.
See I usually make two dinners in one night. Unless I work out a magical combination.lol

Well it sounds like you are used to accommodating so this should be a breeze for you ;)

Sounds that way....I am smart enough to not do all the cooking.
Lol. You are an inspiration. I need to take notes...

Hi Joy, my little friend

I would never tell you what to do, but please do not vote for comments from @introvert-dime, and likely not his posts either.

He has been scamming this community long enough, please read my comments to him above, or check the last 15 comments I made to him about his scammy behaviour, and others are noticing too.

Do not encourage bad behaviour Joy.

Sincerely Barry

I see the problem. Thanks. :)

I really like to eat foods that contain many benefits, especially for health, because foods that have these benefits can be healthy and refresh our body. these foods can also treat and prevent our organs from dangerous diseases.
thank you very much master @heart-to-heart

Great well it sounds like this challenge is for you then! Are you going to join us?

i really hope to be able to join you master.
thank you master @heart-to-heart

please master leave the name of the name in my posting voting.

thank you very much master, i feel very happy to meet you.

please apologize first, if I am disturbing your quiet time.

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This is a really beautiful post. I would love to do it. I've done a 7 day vegan fast...but not 21. I just wonder if I could do it. Your meals you prepare look so delicious....

With all of the healthy food I've seen you post, I bet you would have no problem!! I'm in your corner if you give it a go! 😁

You are so kind. I really appreciate your support, step by step...I'll get there.

What do you feel would be your biggest hurdle? I know you mentioned you wondered if you could do it what do you think would hold you back?

Well, Mr. Bird in Paradise is definitely non-vegan, although I am slowly incorporating more plant based food each day. Juices are a huge step...entres are the biggest hurdle.

Do u always have to cook together or for him? I live with my partner for 3 years now and we are both vegan but don't always want to eat the same so we sometimes eat separately. I find vegan chili is great for meat eaters because the beans have the taste and filling quality of meat, so do vegan burgers. U could also make the meal based around veggies and just let Mr Cook his own piece of meat if he really wants it. I know its hard to watch other devouring meat, I have to do it when I visit my family but its entirely possible when you know what your doing benefits you and the planet and the animals u can totally go mind over matter, hope u can make it work

Such kind words. I appreciate your thoughts. We have been married 40 years and it is tough to break those old habits...but like I said, slowly we are. I agree, I think the chili would work. I have a vegan burger I am planning to make this week (I'll post it when I do!) Cross your fingers lol. The problem (if you could call it a problem ;) ) Is that I like to cook! I do feel better when I eat vegan which is wonderful! Thank [email protected]!

wow i can imagine such a long time together, incredible! well like the post says all it takes is 22days to break a habit ;-) i know its not so easy as that but even in such a long marriage theres a point when u have to stand by whats best for u! like u said u feel better when u eat vegan.... and to be the best wife, friend, work mate, mother, daughter, sister etc u need to be the best u! i hope ur husband can compromise and make changes with u.... all the BEST hehe xxx

This is super true, if you're your best, he will love you even more and probably even want to be better for you <3 I hope you try the chili and burgers ... I'm not saying to be sneaky but I have done that with people in the past where we make recipes and meal plans where the husband doesn't even realize anything's happening at first just to get him more open to it. There are tons of vegan meat options worldwide too. I ate vegan burgers every day for every meal when I first was starting because I was a baby and didn't want to die ;) <3

Hmm well, you know when I have clients who are in relationships, I try to make it a team effort and it's usually the male who is the one resisting from the cultural conditioning of men+meat=manly... sigh... I don't know Mr Bird ;) But what I usually do is show the men who think they can't give up meat some really attractive healthy people on Instagram. It always works. You can try Biance Taylor and Jon Venus. Now, they are usually in bathing suits so I warn you but I find that showing these people sparks a fire in most people and so they agree to try. I can't say this for certain with him but just a suggestion =D

You are so kind, thanks for the kind words. After 40 years of marriage we do eat well, plant based for the most part but not yet vegan. An occasional splurge ....but we will continue to move forward in a positive way. Having supportive friends like I have found o Steemit is amazing! The wonderful recipes really energize one's creativity. You are great @heart-to-heart. All the best...

I was thinking about my comment to you all night! I'm happy to see your response :) I had just finished coaching a 55 year old man and he was very eager about the Instagram examples so I gun-hoed it over here then really didn't know if that was the best way for your hubby not knowing him. I like to know who I am working with before suggesting anything so I jumped the gun on this in excitement to help.

I wonder if you talked to him openly about the idea and told him about the contest and showed him some ideas if he would be willing to try it with you?

awww just saw this! I've been eating vegan with teamsteem for the past 3 weeks! It's been awesome! :)

Aww really? That's great to hear! =D

I am taking the challenge. This is my first Steemit post. I'm still setting up my profile. I need this challenge to help me turn over a new leaf. I know what's best for me. Thank you for challenging me to act on it.

Hi @rainhollerer great to hear you're on board. The deadline was the 8th, so I hope that you're ready to be taking pictures of everything you eat for the next 22 days =D I'm excited to see your first post!