Coffee Bean Art Series - An Introduction

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Awhile ago, I participated in a hobby contest, hosted by @sweetpea , and I had the opportunity to share my love for Coffee Bean Art. As a matter of fact, I enjoy any coffee related projects. For instance, in the past, I had teamed up with @smartbean and shared some of my coffee bean art pieces on smartbean's steemit and instagram accounts.

Hobby Hub Challenge 1.jpg

On my personal Steemit Blog, I had also shared my love for coffee via various posts. For example, my latest Toronto Coffee Shop Series to feature my favourite cafes in town. There is no denial that I am a coffee lover. Currently, I am on leave waiting for my baby to arrive and I will be on maternity leave for 18 months (Yeah, I live in Canada and we have up to 18 months off). During my leave, I plan to initiate some projects on my Steemit blog that are coffee related.

The one project on top of my list is to promote art by creating a Coffee Bean Art Series. Under this series, I will showcase my art works by using coffee beans as the medium. Also, I will share some of my thoughts and stories related to coffee.

Hobby Hub Challenge 2.jpg

This is going to be one fun project, considering I have been on coffee withdrawal for quite some time due to my pregnancy. Not sure I will be back on coffee any time soon, due to our plan to nurse (I know it is safe to drink coffee according to research. But, I worry baby will be up all the time as I value my sleep too, lol). But regardless, I am going to have some fun with this new project. Hope you will follow me and join in on my journey!

Hobby Hub Challenge 3.jpg

I have been on Steemit for over 9 months. Today, I decided to go through my entire blog to make a collection of all my coffee related past posts. To my surprise, I didn't even know I had made that many posts on coffee. Is there anyone out there who also loves coffee like me? If so, I would love to connect with you!!

Hobby Hub Challenge 5.jpg

Please check out my past coffee related posts below:

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My mom is also a coffee lover I think she can not live without him, I take it little I like it smooth with milk

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