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One of my favourite hobbies is to create coffee bean art in my spare time. First of all, I am a coffee lover who loves the taste and aroma of coffee. In fact, I used to have stack of different varieties of coffee beans sitting in airtight containers, neatly stored away from light, heat and moisture, in my pantry.

Sometimes, I would open up one container just to appreciate the aroma of coffee beans (LOL). Eventually, I started playing around with the beans and using them to create my coffee bean art on a regular basis.

Below are a few pieces of my coffee bean art that I would like to share with you:

IMG_20160709_105039 copy.jpg

IMG_20160720_082919 copy.jpg

Mind you, I love creating art (all kinds of arts) since I was a young kid. My sister and I were sent away to live with my aunt (my grandma’s sister) and uncle in Japan at a young age. They lived a very simple life, closed to nature. My uncle was an avid gardener who built his own Japanese zen garden. He would present natural objects such as stones, sticks or leaves for me to play with. He encouraged me to arrange these natural materials in various pattens and designs to my liking. Almost instantly, I fell in love with the idea of arranging objects and to create art! And, that’s how I started my journey of art making.

Art has played an important role in my life and has helped me to overcome adversity. For example, as a kid, I didn’t have parents to stay with and I was moved around a lot from country to country, living with different relatives whom I did not really know, the language barrier, once I started to understand the language then I had to move again to a different country learning a new language and the life of living out of little suitcases were extremely stressful. Luckily, I was always able to adopt and the only reason is because of art making.

To honour my belated uncle who loved nature, I particularly picked the following pieces in his honour. I am forever grateful that he introduced me to art in the first place and I hope that in the near future, I would be able to introduce art to my future child:

IMG_20160705_104102 copy.jpg

IMG_20160719_171902 copy.jpg

Art making is extremely healthy to our mental health. Scientifically, it has been proven that art could relieve stress. When you are doing any sort of art, it allows your mind to stay calm and collect itself. You aren’t thinking or worrying about your environment, instead you are focused on creating something that you love. It also supports personal meaning in life and discovering joy in one’s own self.

One thing for sure is that art helped me to develop mentally, socially and emotionally. It allowed me to be in the moment and express myself. It boosted my ability to analyze and problem solve. It helped me to build self-esteem, strengthens focus and increases attention. More importantly, it always made me feel good while I am creating art which ultimately helped to boost my self-confidence.

To me, making coffee bean art has always been about the process, not the outcome. I believe that you don’t need to create the most beautiful art that everyone loves. Instead, the art is for yourself to enjoy as it is a great way to express your feeling at that moment.

It is for all of the above reasons that I truly enjoy making coffee bean art as a hobby in my adult life.

IMG_20160713_082138 copy.jpg

Now, I know what some people may be thinking. We all had to take art classes in primary school, and you may remember feeling not artistically proficient as those around you. Or maybe you have been told that most people aren’t meant to be artists. Let me let you in on a secret - anyone and everyone can be an artist. There’s no such thing as “good” or “bad” art. There’s just art, and it’s supposed to make you and only you feel good.

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Always producing wonderful food art. Whether it's coffee or the dishes you make, it's always pleasant to the eyes.


Thank you @rt395 - much appreciated!

thank you for sharing :) I love the pictures and I love coffee!!


You are most welcome. Glad you enjoyed the post!

I agree with you completely, art is art, as there will always be someone who appreciates a work of art and those who don't find it as tasteful. I have to admit, I LOVE your photos and your coffee bean art, very creative. I also love how it comes with sentiment, from your uncle. I very cool hobby you have there! Thank you for participating in this week's Hobby Hub challenge, much love, @sweetpea


Much appreciated @sweetpea - Thank you for the opportunity to share my love for my one of my favourite hobbies. I fell so great speaking about my late uncle and how he influenced me in such a positive way.

Art really is like meditation, and aroma therapy at the same time. I LOVE your pictures - Great post. I have upped and resteemed. ;-)


Thanks so much @what-did-she-say for the support and I couldn't agree with you more. Much appreciated!

this is fantastic. thank you for sharing your personal story and i think art is beautiful in any form and we need to learn to incorporate art in daily life.


Thank you so much for the like and I think all of us might have already incorporated art in our daily life w/o knowing. Like the art of organizing, the art of cooking, etc.

Your picture has been very good. This picture is really amazing. Thanks for sharing this.