Toronto Coffee Shop Series (#1): Goldstruck

in #life6 years ago (edited)

As mentioned in my previous post, I decided to create a Toronto Coffee Shop Series to remember the good old days when I can drink coffee.

The first coffee shop I want to feature is a hidden gem in the Yorkville area, close to my work. I visited on a number of occasions with my colleagues, and we were delighted that it is so close to work!


This gem is at a basement below a shop, but make no mistakes, it is not dingy at all. After all, it is in the trendy Yorkville shopping area.

The theme in the cafe is quite fun and the basement plays nicely off the sort of 'Prospector' theme that they have got going throughout the space. In fact, all these sort of enhances the hidden gem feeling even more!



What I like most is the communal table at the back of the room, with funky lighting. Is it strange that I feel like I am on a treasure hunt every time I am at this cafe?!

Of course, during warmer weather, I would rather be out and sitting on the stools in the patio up front, or near the front window with a view to do some people watching (Believe me, you will be entertained just by watching the Yorkville crowds!).


Now, onto their coffee - In my opinion, they serve the best quality and most innovative handcrafted coffee in the area. What standout to me is the cayenne latte as it is very unique. Have you ever tried cayenne spicy chocolate? It is sort of like that. To me, it's super fun to taste something totally different and to be surprised!

By the way, I also love their logo on their cups:



Overall, this is by far, my favourite coffee spot in the Yorkville area and it's only step away from Bay Subway Station, which means it's very easy to get to. In the summer time, this area has such a different vibe which I think makes it quite unique.

Many people feel that Yorkville is pretentious, which I do agree. However, I have been working in the area for more than 10 years and have a different take on the subject matter.

I think it is an interesting place where you will catch all sort of unique people (I am being diplomatic here), shops and events - Yes, it's pretentious but it is also very entertaining to watch and to get a kick out of this pretentious place.

But it does not change the fact they do serve up an excellent and unique cup of coffee! If you have a chance, check out this coffee spot and the area just for fun!



Damn that coffee shop looks stunning!

this is great! looking forward to the series!

Thanks and stay tuned as more posts are coming!

Hmmm! Freshly roasted coffee! I bet this delicacy will make so much sense to taste. Am definitely gonna locate this place and have a first hand feel of a blend of roasted coffee. Thank u for sharing

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