Why You Should Vote For @firepower As Witness—Witness Campaign Post From India!

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In a handful of months from now I would complete 2 years on Steemit and what a ride it has been so far! Suffice to say I fell in love with this platform and Steem blockchain very early on! In the past year I’ve made it my full time job to evangelise this incredible platform and technology which as we know has the potential to change the face of social media and the world if it is properly developed.

Summary of my Activity on Steemit

I’ve been focused on the community building aspect of the platform since the day 1. I’ve curated for top whales, and have helped start initiatives such as the SteemCleaners project, Robinhood Whale and have been core team member of the incredible Project Curie. I’m also an active admin of Steemit.Chat from it’s early days where I've assisted many users over the past year and half.

I’ve also had the pleasure of helping @roelandp and Steemit Inc in the perfect execution of two SteemFests with my amazing team—firepowercrew. I've also sponsored and subsidised tickets to SteemFest for a few users. My work is largely detailed on the platform. I’ve also assisted users such in recovering their accounts.

Recently I’ve been building up the Indian community. My initiatives have helped in growing and retaining userbase from this region in the past year. I've also been able to inspire and motivate many others to do similar things in their areas.

The feedback I've received from past year of work on the platform have made me move in this new direction. I love onboarding content creators and investors onto our platform. India for example is the biggest userbase on Facebook today, and it would be great to see such numbers on Steemit.

Therefore, I felt it would be a logical step forward in my work on Steemit to run witness nodes.

Becoming a Witness To The Amazing Steem Blockchain

For the past two weeks I've been running a primary witness node, backup for failover and a seed node on excellent dedicated server hardware. I should have started this long ago and I could have achieved a lot more for our blockchain and Steemit.com but better late than never eh? I also got a good push in motivation due to a few users recommending me to do this over the past year.

Running a successful witness will allow me to contribute to the smooth functioning of our blockchain, as well as fund further community initiatives and better support growth initiatives from potentially one of the biggest markets for Steem in the world.

I think it’s great to have witnesses (top and backup) to the blockchain who are not only developers, but also marketers, social leaders and community builders who can elevate this blockchain technology to the next level and take it across the globe. In my opinion this is a healthy mix.

My role as a community builder is all about bridging the gap between developers, their product and end users who can make use of these amazing technologies in their daily lives. Because in the real world, you can build anything and all you want, but it doesn't mean people will simply come over to use the product.

I will run a strong witness that supports the Steem blockchain from India, and ensure we support the blockchain in its growth in the years to come.

Witness Node Details

Primary Witness Node
Ram64 GB DDR4
CPUQuad-Core CPU
Disks2x500 GB SSD
Internet Connection1 Gigabit
Backup Witness Node
Ram32 GB DDR4
CPUQuad-Core CPU
Disks2x500 GB SSD
Internet Connection1 Gigabit
Seed Node
Ram32 GB DDR3
CPUIntel Xeon E3
Disks2x120 GB SSD
Internet Connection1 Gigabit

I’m happy to announce that, I’m off to a good start and I’m currently in 104th position. I have been signing blocks for about 2 weeks now. I wanted to take my systems for a test ride and ensure everything is running perfectly before making this post. So far things are running perfectly fine. It wasn't as complicated as its generally made out to be, and I’m constantly learning more.

My dedicated servers are located at strategic locations ensuring excellent connectivity. They have been hardened to prevent any security issues. I’m open to scaling up the hardware based on the needs of the blockchain. They have been setup from the ground-up from scratch to do their job perfectly. I’ve missed ZERO blocks since I’ve started my witness 2 weeks ago and you can expect reliable witness nodes from me.

How To Vote for My Witness

If you are convinced that my contributions have helped this platform, our blockchain and would like to see me continue my efforts please vote @firepower for witness. Please do not capitalise any letter when voting.

You can do it by visiting https://steemit.com/~witnesses. Login with your Active Private Key or Master Key. Please scroll down and type in my witness name firepower in the box. You can vote for 30 witnesses and it doesn’t cost you anything.

If your vote goes through then this is how it would show:

Current ranking:


Moving up the ranks will allow me to sustain my costs for running the server, fund my projects and continue being a reliable witness to the blockchain and sign greater number of blocks without issues.

Would you like to proxy me?

Some users have gone ahead and proxied me as they felt I'm capable of deciding other witnesses for the blockchain on their behalf. It came as a surprise but I felt it was great that many have put their trust in me. By proxying me you will be putting an experienced and established user on Steemit in-charge of voting other reliable and trustworthy witnesses for the job of maintaining the blockchain.

Therefore, If you want me to be a witness proxy for your account and vote on other witnesses on your behalf then you can do it from the same page using your active or master key. Again none of this will cost you anything and takes only few seconds to do it.

I will continue promoting Steem blockchain and cryptocurrency (Communities and SMT when they arrive) along with all the great apps on it such as Steemit, DTube, Busy.org, Utopian, Steepshot, Esteem mobile app, Chain-bb, Zappl and others.

Some Future Plans

I’m trying to get Indian exchanges interested in listing a Steem/INR pair. In fact I've had a rep from the top Indian bitcoin exchange sit unofficially in a recent meetup to understand the response towards Steem cryptocurrency and blockchain. Overall the feedback received was positive. But we’ve got some work to do!

I’m currently gathering information on the legal and financial regulations that goes into running a cryptocurrency exchange in India-for some larger plans I have in the pipeline. Running a successful witness will certainly help with these endeavours in a big way in the long run or at the very least there it will be a good learning curve.

Nothing would make me happier than my countrymen and women being able to trade into Steem directly with Rupees! I’m certain it would happen someday and it would help in faster on-boarding of investors like never before.

However, I won't be stopping here, in fact I won't stop until I connect Steemians across the world with each other and bring users who have never heard of this empowering technology onto the various apps on the Steem blockchain.

A Few Contributions To Steemit

You may look at some of my contributions to the platform to learn more about the work I’ve put in on Steemit over the past year and half and I intend to do a lot more of these in the years to come!

Introduction Post-Hi Steemers! This is Firepower—I'll let my pictures to tell you an AWESOME Story!

-Dummies Guide to Using Steemit.Chat Effectively Everyday!
-Observations Fighting a Serial Plagiarist—True Story!
-Steemit Veni, Vidi, Vici! SteemFest 2016—Together, WE made it happen! Thank you Steemians!
-Starting 2017 with a Bang by Bringing Joy to HIV Positive Kids!
-Paying It Forward: Quick Recap of Few Good Things Done Right in 2016!
-How I faced my demons and fought back!
-Successful #1 India Steemit Accelerator and Steem Cryptocurrency Meetup 2017!
-My Most Incredible Steemit Milestone Moment and Why It Means the World to Me!
-Press Coverage of #1 India Steemit Accelerator in Top Indian News Publications!
-Top Indian News Publication—TheQuint Features My Story as an Early Adopter to Bitcoin, Steemit & More!
-Dummies Guide to Basic Steemit Account Security + Account Recovery Guide! Must Read For Steemit Users!
-I Donated $1300+ Of My Income Earned On Steemit Last Month and This is My Mid-2017 Donation Update!
-Introducing The Youngest Female Surfer and Other Cool New Users from India to Steemit Including my Mother!
-Successful #2 India Steemit Accelerator and Steem Cryptocurrency Meetup 2017 at Robert Bosch India HQ!
-My 1st Steemit Anniversary — Looking Back at an Amazing Year Of My Life!
-Contest #1—Win a Free Ticket to SteemFest 2017 at Lisbon!
-Contest #2—Win a Free Ticket to SteemFest 2017 at Lisbon!
-Steemit Veni, Vidi, Vici Lisbon! SteemFest² Was EPIC! Few Thoughts On Key People From The 2017 Edition!
-Steemit Mentioned In: How to File Tax Returns in India for Your Bitcoin Profits—My Latest Feature In TheQuint!
-My Past Year On Steemit—Quick Recap of 2017!
-India Steem Meetup #1 - We Start From Jaipur For The First Meetup of 2018!
-India Steem Meetup #2—An Incredible Meetup In Bangalore—IT Capital of India!
-India Steem Meetup #3—An AWESOME Meetup In Mangalore—The City Where It All Began!
-India Steem Meetup #4—An AWESOME Meetup In New Delhi—India's Capital and 40+ Attended!
-Presented Steem Blockchain, SMTs, Steemit & Other UIs at Blockchain Bangalore Meetup!
-Let's Watch This Fun Video From India Steem Meetup #1—Jaipur Edition!
-Let's Watch This Fun Video From India Steem Meetup #2—Bangalore Edition!

I will keep you updated on my witness and my projects as always.

Thank you for your time, consideration and support!


I too, believe in @firepower 👍✨🌋❕

Hi @firepower you are doing a great job. We also interested to join your this great project ,and we also waiting for steem meetup @kolkata.

Kolkata is certainly happening. I'm doing the best I can to work out the dates on asap basis and make an announcement towards it. Please stay tuned. :)

Your the greatest man! Steemit is taking over the world. We will live our dream and make it come true.

Thanks man. I hope that it will help us all in the future. That's why i'm working so hard.

I know you are man! I can't wait to see what you gonna do next!
We are all here and got your back :)

Put me on the list too. Hope you remember my previous request for steem meetup in Kolkata.

Thank you! Stay tuned to my posts for update on Kolkata meetup.

Thanks for your valuable reply, will be waiting for that. :)


its so be thats.everyone always belive [email protected]

Well, I don't know about everyone else, but I always belive [email protected]

@firepower, I too believe in the positive changes you are bringing in the Indian Steemit community. I especially loved the idea of listing Steem in an Indian exchange. That would be awesome. I will vote for you as soon as I reach home tonight :)

thanks man! :) Appreciate it.

I have already voted, hope this helps you in creating a better Steemit community for all of us. Don't become like our politicians man, after you get all the votes, lolz

its very good !!!

I'm so happy for you! This is a big step forward, and the fact that you already reached position 104 without publishing an official announcement says it all.

I bet you'll be among the top 20 very soon!

You'll be famous, and I have a picture with you - yay! :-))
Big hugs, firepowaaaaa

Thank you Marly! Appreciate all your support and confidence in me. Big hugs back to ya. Hope to see you soon! :D


@firepower Already voted for you as a witness and will add you as proxy as well. 2 years is a lot of work and I see that you have put in your soul in this platform. You deserve to be in the top 50 Witnesses and I am sure one day you will reach that mark.

You are are representing our country in the Steemit Ecosystem and I feel so lucky that I met you a few days ago. There are many things which we can learn from you. One vote from my side for connecting more and more people together. Wish you great success, Steem Power and lots of votes to help you reach to the top.

More @firepower to you and to all of us. 😎

Thanks dude! Appreciate your confidence in me. It's been quite a journey these past 2 years and I'm looking forward to another amazing year ahead on Steemit come what may!

All the very best @firepower and I will try to help you build this community in whatever way I can. Please count me in. :-)

LEGEND Photo...


Follow you vote and follow you thanks...

nice legend photo:

thank you! :)

Hey firepower,

I have been following you for a while and you are doing incredible job. Best of luck for the witness journey.

I just want to know how anyone can setup steem node? Is there any guide available for that which someone could follow to set it up?
How profitable it is for you right now?

Hi man. Thanks a lot for your support. Well at my current witness position I think i'm making about 2-3 SP a day or so. I dont have a monthly data yet but maybe in another month i'll know. If prices remain above $4-$5/Steem I'm able to cover my server costs at my current position. But I run more specialized hardware. One can run this for a lot cheaper but signing blocks is dependant on witness position which is basically a political game as I'm learning now.

Oh okay. Now I get it. I am those people who get selected as a witness they make a lot of money on top of running these servers for steemit and addition to that they also get following resulting in more votes on posts.
Best of luck man, don't worry, you have a support of your brother from accross the border.

Top witnesses make 8000 steem/ monthly. So yeah they are more than covered for their server costs, no matter what config they run at current prices. So it's important vote responsibly for the top 20.

O wow, best of luck man.
My vote is for you. You go boyyy :)

@firepower you have got my support too.. Not saying this because you are a friend.. You have worked hard in the 2years and got a lot of users on board.. You have helped most of us grow and I'm sure you will do a great job running for witness.. All d best

Thanks a lot bro. Means a lot to get your support. :) Let's do some cool shit man.

Goes without saying, my vote is for you, @firepower.
You are one of the most deserving candidates. You have the initiative, dynamism , integrity and fire power to make things happen and launch projects.
India Steemit & Steemit stands behind you :)
Voted for you and resteemed your post.

Success to you always, @firepower :) ...

Thank you very much Neha!

My pleasure, @firepower 😊

Already voted for you as witness even before you posted this blog! 😁
And I am really excited about the STEEM/INR pair on Indian exchanges. That would make onboarding people on Steemit so much easier.
Since the time I attended your Banglore workshop last year, I have been evangelizing Steem to everyone I meet.
Thank you for all your efforts @firepower!

Wow meghan is finally a witness , im voting for you. You are doing so much for the community you deserve it.

@firepower thank you my witness ! the best witness

Thanks a lot bro :)

It's a great concede that today I posted my first post about why witness voting is important and how a witness helps Steem Blockchain and suprisingly today you decided to become a steem witness my friend 😇

Well you are a really nice guy and I know me didn't meet yet but still you are supporting me and other Indian community members,umyou got my witness vote bro and iam really happy to give you that because this is really a proud feeling to have a good and responsible India as a steem witness.

I Voted you as witness and also Resteem this post so my followers also know about this great decision of your.

All the best bro keep it up.😇😇

The shows you have had a wonderful time on steemit. You're part of those people who saw the future in the platform 2 years ago. Your node setups are really good, the specifications of the systems wonderful. I would definitely vote you has witness so you can continue this wonderful job your doing

i love your foresight my man, i wished i had known about steemit years back, just got to know about steemit last month and i have brought several others to the platform within the last three weeks and i am determined to do much more.

I love your analysis and will sure vote you as witness as this will help newbies on the platform.

Keep up the job man @firepower

My witnesses :

  • Curie
  • Jesta
  • Firepower

I would like to see an indian guy in the top20 witness list as we indians are here in majority and after all @firepower is the whale of india so we are gonna vote him as a witness for steemit block chain

Thanks a lot bro.

Hey @firepower :) congrats on the votes mate. I run a witness also and I'm hoping to use it to push my steemit sponsored MX team forward this year :)

Would you like to vote swap with me? We both have spare slots mate.

Follow me for #factorysteemit and motocross news!


Yeah you're right! I think it's better if the witnesses are from different fields of expertise. Having team of developer is awesome but I think it will be great for the community in the long run to have different types of people with different set of skills to contribute with one another for the future of this wonderful steem blockchain.

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Thank You! ⚜

I love your spirit and what you have done for Steemit to grow the community. I need to understand more about voting but I will definitely give you my vote Firepower. Also I am following you. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Good luck! Keep up the great work!

You are doing an amazing job man. Seriously you inspire others @firepower
God bless u

You have been doing excellent work to improve this platform, I wish you success in this endeavour!

This race is heating up. Lots of great posts from great candidates. best of luck...

I agree. thanks a lot :D

WOW! Two years on Steemit??!! You are a legend my man!

Distribution of promotional Steemit poster

Don't you have money to buy the 6-way?

by @jejuin

And you are welcome :P

That's very nice I am going to Resteem this post and vote you as a witness cause I trust you.

Jay Bharat Jay Hind 🇮🇳

Bringing steem to Indian exchanges, that seems a really great effort. I appreciate your work and will definitely vote for you.


I was expecting a reply. Disappointed 😞

@firepower I just voted for you. All the best.

Waww ... wonderfull...

Wow you are a handful...All these you have achieved in just a short period of time. That's a lot mehn. You gat my vote bro.

India india 👏👏👏 india india 👏👏👏

también tienes mi apoyo. No digo esto porque eres un amigo. Has trabajado duro durante 2 años y has conseguido muchos usuarios a bordo. Nos has ayudado a la mayoría de nosotros a crecer y estoy seguro de que lo harás. un gran trabajo para ser testigo ... Todo lo mejor d

I noticed your witness activity even before you announced it here, I believe many people approved it. I wish you to get into top 20, and still maintain ZERO missed blocks.

You can use Steemconnect URL to get one-click witness approval(vote). It is easier than searching for a name and then vote. You can also use this link in your future posts. https://v2.steemconnect.com/sign/account-witness-vote?witness=firepower&approve=1

Thanks a lot bro! :)

you did a great job firepower. i joined in July 17. since then i have been noticing your posts. very good posts. i voted as witness. let us grow and please direct us towards success.... thank you

Lol, you've got my vote and support @firepower
Keep up the good work

Wow! As much as I just came across your profile barely a week ago (The post about the India Steem Meetup, which caught my attention), I went through your blog and Voila! Your post always has some unique quality about them which are;

“Rich and Elaborate Content”

“Selfless and Hardworking Ethics to Inform and Grow the Steemit Community”

“Involvements in Sidechain projects on the Steem Blockchain”

“Informative and Educative”

I couldn’t help but follow you; I think it’s a no-brainer that a witness doesn’t only have to be impactful developers but impactful Steemians like @firepower with a track record of bringing quality to the platform, getting people involved, adding personalities to the usernames here on Steemit, marketing the platform, to mention but a few...

I look forward to your posts and look forward to your witness ranking going up and up until we almost don’t take note when you cross the top 20 MARK.

Yes, we can!

Your are always a great inspirational story how within two years you made a great position in steemit good to know that you made it a full time profession now always learn a bunch of good things from you .....Hope we meet soon in a meetup and you post my pics as a meetup story love and be the same @firepower

Before you vote for anyone, know that Billy Graham has passed on :(
#UpvoteForUpvote #steemit

I'm so glad you shared this, because it has EVERYTHING to do with the topic at hand. For example, Billy Graham is a person. And the person who posted this post is a person.

I think that's pretty much it.

A very good post friends
do not forget my vote🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Witness Node Details help a lot in my personal life .thanks for your review.keep it up.all the best.

vote for firepower cuz he knows what quality content is isn't it >? @firepower

your activity is very good,
please follow me and upvote my blog https://steemit.com/tutorial/@bangjimy/how-to-hack-cctv-with-angry-ip-scanner

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It seems that you have spent a fairly good time on steemit, but more important than it is your commitment to make the platform better which should be looked upon as a divine job, for yhere is certainly a pretty long chain of people all over the globe associated with steemit and making their living. Will vote you.


Warm regards for all

Already Steemit has achieved many success. It's a future project for anyone looking for excellence.

I am a new user in steem, you and your friends are a steam promoter. I feel bad when new users like me are introduced to the platform, I give up because they are not recognized and no detail explained. Your team and you do a good job with recognize the user completely and I will be happy to be part of your team @firepower. Thanks you so much

Oh.......right. Go Meghan Go!

Who's Meghan?

I am very happy with your post. I strongly believe the @firepower. greetings from my steemians of Aceh Indonesia

Thank you! I have really been trying to take the stairs more, rather than the elevator. Also, I've been drinking more water and eating more greens. I think my skin glows more now. So it means a lot you would notice.

Glad to hear from you that you are in witness and definitely will give you vote as witness. You are pride of India .

Great information. You got my witness vote!

wow, since two years on steemit... what a lucky guy! I appreciate your contributions on steemit..

My vote for you. Without any question/doubt. Steem on Meghan?!!!

At first I voted you as witness. Go ahead. Best of luck.

Right on, let's make this man of Steemit a bonafide witness.

Had voted for you long back itself ☺

How about you vote one post of mine (because its good photography) and I vote you as witness? I like this idea much more :D I will vote anyway! haha

All right pal you clearly are a responsible and highly active member of our dear community.

You have my humble vote as a witness. I hope it can help you! :)


Bro don't worry i will surly nominate you. You are the only chief in India on steemit. We follow you and we work together to grow this community. I am voting you. Have a great day.

Wow a "witness at home", cool.

Just last week i was having this discussion with a friend. we discussed about the lack of witness from our country. And a week later here we are. We have a witness from our side.

If i could directly buy steem from exchanges here then it would be so much fun. I would be saved from the hassle of buying bitcoin and then using block trade or bittrex for buying steem. I could easily save some money from my salary every month and buy myself some steem with INR. Another problem that i am facing is the minimum amount the exchanges are asking for. On Zebpay right now you cannot deposit less than 10k Rs. There was a support for 2.5k but that was removed recently. Clearly i cannot afford 10k in a month. Clearly i have life expenses to take care of. And can't even wait for 4 months to save upto 10k. In Crypto world that's like 1000 years.

I hope the exchanges can understand this and allow purchase of some altcoins with the minimum purchase starting from 1000 rs.

And yes i will be voting for you as a witness in 5 minutes.

Respect your outstanding activities....... @firepower. Just building a community and help together. Brilliant work and it encourages me to create a community. Outstanding future plans. I appreciate you..... Time is Cryptos. Skills development is more important and teem work help developing skills. Good job and best of luck.............. Thanks a lot

I doubt this guy even sleep's.
Keep seeing his so late in the night.
He's been a great contributor to the steem network and a real smart worker.
I'm Backing this guy from Mangalore and will suggest you to do the same.

He seems to be a believer and people who are crazy enough to believe in something are the ones who do.

I really like India, I intend to travel around India by using the money from steemit.

I come to know about you from the beginning of my day one @firepower as you have been on trending page. I thought we have an Indian to seek help to grow. But honestly, I was disappointed and misunderstood as you did not replied to comments. I know how difficult it is to reply all. I will definitely vote for you as an Indian Witness helping the blockchain. And putting efforts to boarding more Indians is the ultimate good work.

Make new one plaform base on India.... Bravo for @firepower

I’m going to vote for you NOW. You seem to be doing a LOT for Steemit and I appreciate you detailing it all out. Good luck!

I salute you for your noble work, Indian people are mighty people,on facebok steemit and evrywhere, the exmple when i went to work abroad in Kuwait, i have met alot of beautiful idians people, first houer i came there one of them brought for me juice , wanter and some rice, then i discovred that their favorit rise, damn it was first time on my life i ate rise evryday ;)

All The Best @firepower hope you will soon in under 10 in witnesses list.

upvoted as witness and one thing more yesterday i had translate about steemit witness and proxy in Hindi. Good luck !

I had voted for you, firepower. May the force be with you! Upvoted!

The list i can do now is to upvote u Sir as a new memeber and i would love u to assist in been a memeber of the firepower.moreso u made mention of cryptocurrency,bitcoin.etc,but u didn't mention Bidding Bots those it mean that u are not bothered about Bidding Bot .pls share some light

@firepower Awesome work! You are definitely a big contributor to the Steemit community. Best wishes to you. - @splendorhu
P.s You have my vote.

Here you go.....👍 all the best....fyll support to u👌

Wow....you are great person,I think Indian very happy because of you,,you share your experiences, knowledge to others. And at last you said you very happy if all Indian can earn money on steemit..it is good steatment in your willing.. hopefully your ambition will come true. good luck @firepower.

Best regards from
Aceh, Indonesia

Hi @firepower you are doing great job. In your every efforts I have seen that dedication to establish our community to the sky. You are always fantastic in your work, wish you a very successful life ahead, I am always proud of you and with you for your every move.

@firepower you also received my support. You have worked hard for 2 years and have achieved many users on board. You have helped most of us to grow and I am sure you will do a great job running to be a witness ...

I voted you as witness and waiting for your next update..Screenshot_20180223-010341.png

Sorry to inform that it didn't work because F in firepower is capitalised. You need to put it in small letters only.

Love to be a friend of yours really a great inspiration for the beginners

Hello @firepower... Please visit my post and support my account. Thanks

happy to see your Group work and great meetups you are doing all right!
happy to see all of you together! @firepower

Already voted for you as a witness and have added you as proxy also.

I have read your posts and learnt a lot from it and the only reason I am on steemit is you. Hope you reach the top 10 soon.

All the best.

Your posts are very good and interesting.
you are great at making great posts.
I admire you @firepower.
Good luck @firepower.

It's a long overdue, but never too late. Welcome to the Witness chart.

Looking forward for a smooth steem blockchain operations. The more witness the better especially the growth of the community is in full STEEM.

Cheers for now.

I have remembered that you were the first indian steemian i followed and i am loving my decision. Keep it up steem on.
We are aware about your hard work :)

I am very proud of you my dear Son, @firepower.... Wishing you all the best....

Will surely support and vote for you @firepower ,and yes !! indeed your contributing a lot to this community , all the best.

You are an inspiration for the beginners @firepower

Congratulations bro! It's not long before you'll reach the top 20 for all the work you've been putting into Steemit day in and day out. Way to go! You have our full support. :D

I am literally going to go figure this out just to vote for you. You're the best <3

Oh.. and I can't wait until Steemfest 3 is announced! I so want to go.. especially before it gets too big!

Every since I learned what a witness is , I always wondered why you are not one yet. Very glad to see this post.

Steemian's, here some more reasons why you should vote for @firepower as Witness

  1. "Great Curator": I have not seen many users who manually curate original content "daily" as @firepower does, not to mention the contest he runs - "Giving Back to Community"
  2. "No 1 Steemit Ambassador": The kind of commitment @firepower have to grow community in India is commendable with already hosting "4 meetups across the Country" and I am sure many more to come. Many of the Steemian's I know from India including me got introduced to this great community via him.
  3. @firepower "Consistently blogs" of current state crypto scenes in India to "educate" and keep the community upto date. With lot many fake/incomplete news around, he is the primary true source for many.
  4. "Always happy to help", I have bombarded him with my novice questions and he always finds time to answer them all patiently to get me upto speed. With the no of users he on boards one can only imagine hard that would be.

I am sure many of you who know @firepower echo my thoughts ! Godspeed to top 20 Witness !

Excelente post, muy interesante la información.

You have my vote 100% sir.

everything I just read is very interesting, You can count on my vote!

@firepower ..you have got my support...yeaaay......I TOO BELIEVE IN FIREPOWERR.
thanks for sharing

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