I Donated $1300+ Of My Income Earned On Steemit Last Month and This is My Mid-2017 Donation Update!

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I've been thinking of writing this post for a while now and highlight some of the donations made over the past month. I hadn't received the receipts for donations made and had to wait a bit longer than expected. In the past year I've played a small part in helping the society around me which you can read in the following posts.

  1. Starting 2017 with a Bang by Bringing Joy to HIV Positive Kids!
  2. Paying It Forward: Quick Recap of Few Good Things Done Right in 2016!

Due to my accident in feb, I wasn't able to keep up my regular monthly donations to select charities and organizations that I've been supporting from a while. Some of these organizations have a proven track record of living up to their name and even if I'm unable to directly volunteer my time, I feel I should atleast make a small donation and help them out whenever I can, and whatever amount I can afford to spare.

By any standards $1300+ is a lot of money to give away especially if you are in India. But, I'm happy that I am in a position to do so, courtesy Steemit and it's awesome community which is enabling all of this! I'm glad to be doing my part that's all!

Since we're on the subject, i'm also donating 100% of the SBDs from this post to @steemfest @t-r-f account as I commit to helping more users make it to Lisbon for SteemFest 2017. Steem Power will go towards adding to my donations for the period July to December 2017 which I will post about in January 2018.

If you remember, I had made a post to raise donations a month ago and I've utilized it in the following ways.

#1 @darthnava Steemit User

Our Steemit friend @darthnava is undergoing some serious medical procedures. I felt I should pitch in as well and donated 40% of the earnings from my post towards his recovery.

#2 @t-r-f SteemFest

I donated 30% towards SteemFest's Travel Reimbursement Fund. Click the link to learn more about TRF and how it works.

#3 Snehadeep NGO for HIV Kids, Mangalore

Your donations in the past towards this NGO in my city (that takes care of orphaned kids with HIV) has made a positive difference to their lives. Therefore, I decided to make another donation to the same organization last month as they were under budgeted and could have done with a little extra. You can read about the organization from my previous post here.

I added the balance 30% from my post + @djdmc's donation of 40 Steem + a little extra and made a donation of INR 22,000.

#4 Dharamshala Animal Rescue, Dharamshala

These are top guys when it comes to animal rescue + treatment in the foothills of the Himalaya. I've a history with them when I rescued an injured puppy and drove it hundreds of kms to reach these guys few years ago. I'll write about this rescue in another post. They are doing a great job in a location where there's nothing for suffering animals.

#5 Bird Helpline Mumbai

They are one of the best NGOs that take care of injured and abused animals in and around Mumbai, one of the biggest cities in India. Their founder, Salim is incredibly dedicated to this task and I've followed their work for years.

#6 Animal Care Trust, Mangalore

Another excellent animal rescue and rehab organization situated in my city. They've been around for a long time and my friends and I have done activities with them before and this time I felt I should donate some towards their cause.

You are welcome to do your due diligence and donate to them if you want.

Money in any form is useless if it cannot help you or someone who really needs it to improve their life.

I welcome you to read my posts to understand how and why I go about things the way I do.

  1. Let's Talk—Importance of Being Charitable from a Young Age!
  2. Let's Talk—A Realistic Take On What Can Money Do For You and Me!

This was possible due to your support by way of encouragement and upvotes, so I thank you all! :)

If you like my work kindly resteem it to your friends. You may also continue reading my recent posts which might interest you:

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Incredible. You're an inspiration to us all and hopefully your gestures will help many people in the community there!

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You only make yourself weaker than you really are by thinking and saying things like that, so STOP IT! Seriously.

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Of course, it has a lot to do with irrational beings like myself wandering around and interacting with you "normal" folks ;)

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I will do hard work
Thank you explained me
Now I will never make such a mistake again

Again sorry for that @jamesbrown

No need for apologies, bro. It was an honest mistake, I know that.

My only intention with that comment was to point out the truth that success, in anything really, comes down to the right frame of mind.

If you want followers, act like you deserve them. Real leaders don't go around begging for followers. They KNOW that they deserve them based on what they provide (they value themselves enough to expect followers to join in by simply doing what they do).

Believe in yourself and you'll go far.

Right brother thankyu so much

Just curious as to why you upvoted a comment when you are asking him to stop asking for followers @jamesbrown

Charity and teaching!

Wow fire on power! Man i love you :) @firepower! Hopefully see u in Lisboa. U can be proud of what u are doing man - not many out there acting in this responsible way ..! I adore your actions dude! Go ahead and hopefully other will join your direction. <3

@cass thank you so much! Yes I will be there at Lisbon for sure! I'm hoping to see you there again! It was great hanging out with you the last time and will never forget the Burrito place you took us. Thank you so much for your support and kind words! :)

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Yes indeed! Always awesome to see stuff like this @firepower really awesome to see donations like this that actualy get to poor people, thanks for sharing all the good vibes, hopefully I will be able to donate off monthly steem also :) #keepsteemin

Hi @cass. I messaged you about asking permit to use your work. Can you check slack or skype?

You are another nice person I have seen here. Always looking for how to uplift others. Keep it up!!!

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Nice article @firepower
Please follow me and vote

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u realize we will have 100 million users by next year? currents steem millionaires will be billionaires! we will have ALOT of money so dream big!

anyone with an idea will have money to hire developers! oh shit we will have to organize alt of new money minnows! minnows will become dolphins! we will have alot of newly minted hundred thousandaires....we need to train our minnows about how to NOW blow their money how to live frugally how to get like a trailer and solar panels to save money lol we need to really need to hold free steem seminars

After reading this post, I have already decided I want to follow you! You my friend are spot on with your predictions! BIG THINGS COMING!

Hi, Welcome to Steemit.
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Excelente, ese es el trabajo del ser humano, no quitar la vida, sino dar para ayudar a sostener la vida de aquellos que no tienen como hacerlo. Que Dios te siga bendiciendo por siempre

Those who don't understand Spanish here is the translation of what @ceauvalh commented-
Excellent, that is the work of the human being, not to take life, but to give to help sustain the lives of those who can not do it. God bless you forever


Thanks for translating my message gracias por traducir mi mensaje

@donkeypong i agree with you

@firepower I really like this donation, I am very proud if anyone is willing to share money for others, very noble your actions

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great post very good post keep up the great work. Hopefully, Steem and Bitcoin will come back strong so we can all afford to help others in our local communinty and in return here is a Bitcoin poem to soothe those nerves and anxieties. The feedback has been very good so far, some even saying it brought a tear to their eye :}


Hi, Welcome to Steemit.
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This is Awesome! Keep it up buddy!

You are absolutely right @donkeypong. I wish everyone should get inspired by @firepower's soft heart towards the needy. I also strongly believe that we have two hands - one for ourselves and one for helping others.

Great job! @SCILWA is a non-profit organization that teaches independent living skills to the disabled, among other things. I got our director to get us on Steemit. . We just started yesterday, although i have been on since Spring (@r2cornell). I donated some steem to get @SCILWA started. Glad to see the work you are doing....

Thank you. I am in the process of getting our director up to speed. I have some ideas for an introduction post where we can outline what our organization is all about.

We have had two poor directors and even board of directors during their tenure that ran the organization into the ground. Our new director has provided us with hope that we will continue with our valuable services. I appreciate your response.

Will check out your posts. Steemit is a great place for NP and charities to share their message and get some much needed support.

May God bless you always.... Proud of you my son, @firepower.....

God doesn't actually promote giving to charity and bragging about it afterwards (Matthew 6:1-4). But I guess it's still better than not giving to charity?

Meghan Naik....huge respect for all of this bro. I don't see anyone donating such a big amount these days. Especially if they have gone through a financial crunch, serious medical injury and working day and night now. God bless you bro.

Thank you bro! :) I hope more will do this.

Thank you for helping me, dear Mr. Steemit Witness and Whale. God Bless you for your generosity. I'm gonna vote you as witness now. My regrettable mistake is that I should have done that a few months before.

You're a role model for many people in the world, Meghan, not only on steemit. I'm truly happy that we've met here :)

Thank you so much! Looking forward to the real meet at SF2 :)

Hehe, me tooooo! :)

These small gestures of yours make you who you really are. ( no matter what I say :P )
You are such an inspiration to everybody here and very helpful too! Keep up the good work, Meghan :)

haha! Thanks :D

@firepower that is such a nice thing that you shear the money with people. It so great to see someone doing charity and spreading happiness all around. Am a fan of you and am already following you. I too take an inspiration from your donation post and after attaining some growth over @steemit i too think of doing some donations to needy. U are great man @firepower.
Thank you and have a nice day

An incredibly good guy. Keep it up. It is nice to know how the survival of mankind is important to you. It is always fun to be counted amongst the builders and not the destroyer.

Thanks dude! :)

Good to see generous people

These are some beautiful acts of kindness my friend @firepower ! Absolutely heartwarming to see people who truly make steps to help the world! Thank you kind sir. I hope to someday be in a position to do the same for the world!

Thank you so much @bambam808

I am sure you will too! :)

THIS IS AWESOME! I have been searching for stuff like this and I am constantly amazed at the ways this platform can be, is and could be used. Great stuff @firepower. If you're ever in South India, come for holiday. Cheers @ecoknowme

Thank you so much @ecoknowme :)

I do live in South India!

how to do i contact you off of the comments?

Meghan, you are an inspiration for many. You are true friend and a great human being. Helping the needy is indeed a great deed buddy. Keep it up, proud of you. :)

Thank you so much @dheerajdj :)

You are a big hearted human being dear @firepower! Really very proud of all that you are doing for the well being of the society!

Brother, you are doing a great job, and a good example to follow for many people. Helping the people who need them most, I consider it a great privilege. It is a way of inspiring the world that we can achieve many significant changes.

Hey buddy @firepower, quite a gesture there on your part. Hats off to you!! Donating something which belongs to you is one of the most difficult and noble deed one can ever do. And I am glad you are trying your bit for the society, all thanks to steemit. Even I would like to pursue your path in the future. Just hope I can get to a position where this dream can be realized. On steemit I am still trying to plant my feet and hope to get support from stalwarts, like yourself ☺️. Peace

Thanks man! Wish you the best! :)

Thanks mate..!!

That's awesome. We need that "human touch" in our everyday lives. So, with great Steem power comes great responsibility! Cheers and keep up the good work.

Thank you so much @dreamzchm :) True that.

Wow ... really noble heart of your friends. If all the world's steemians could do the same thing as you did. Ultimately we can be a useful humanity on this earth .. because when we return to God, we will not bring all the treasures we have in this world. Very inspirational ... thank you very good sharing friends..
Save #steemit #aceh

Thank you so much @owner99 :)

Your welcome brother :)

Your doing some great stuff. I hope to reach that stage here in jamaica. Our island is riddle with all kind of people who need the help. Your donations are so touching to the core this every steemian should find this post and atleast leave a good comment. My heart goes out to people like you and im glad that alot of people like me is in this forum. I wonder if some other wealthy steemian even care about giving and helping others.Super great post.

Thank you so much @johnlue :)

I am sure even you can do it! :)

Omg this is so heart touching! Glad to know there is still many people do a kindness. Hopefully i can follow your works!

Keep it up @firepower

Guys, i'm new in Steemit. Please kindly checkout my profile ☺️

Thank you so much @eczhra :)

Really a very useful post. You are a very generous person and you are one of those who care about people who need help. Very few in this world people who have a noble heart, you are one of them. You as angels for them there. I will learn from your life. May god bless you.

Thank you so much for the kind words @fauzi03 :)

Okay @firpower, I wait for your new post :)

I am very salute and very proud of your generosity, when the people around you really need help you come as a helper. I hope someday I can do kindness as your generosity, sharing with those in great need. Indirectly the steemit, esteem and steemian platforms also help through our [email protected] job broe. your wonderfull
know i'll follow you @firepower. me @munawar1

Thank you so much @munawar1

you wellcome my brother @firepower. i like it.

Good work buddy, I really like the post you created.
Really very noble activities and actions.
Help and help others who are less fortunate and in desperate need of a helping hand.
Hopefully you are always blessed and achieve success, so you can help more people in need.
I also hope there will be more people who want to do social activities like you.
Thank you for sharing, and if you don't mind, will you check my steemit account and give up vote on my post?
Nice to know you @firepower.

Thank you so much @yuslindwi for these beautiful kind words! :)

You r a great soul........ Hiiiiii I m from India.
Today I m very much happy as I have withdrawn a sum of Rs. 2000 INR from my bank account which is my first income from steemit.

I am also planning to donate a part of it to some poor and needy.

Please see my post and upvote it by encouraging me.

Thank u.

Thank you so much @lachitsarmah

Awesome! Good to know. Keep up the good work! :)

Your donations in the past towards this NGO in my city (that takes care of orphaned kids with HIV) has made a positive difference to their lives. Therefore, I decided to make another donation to the same organization last month as they were under budgeted and could have done with a little extra.
Good idea 😁

That is awesome! Good to know! :) Keep up the good work!

I love ur care about helping the society @firepower. We do need care for humanity arround this planet. I feel ur strong spirit for humanity that I saw with this post. In our country #aceh, we do the same but in different focus like historian, cultural &education. We need subject as sample role model in humanity arround our area. I support ur project by vote this. Support for humanity to better life. Thank u :)

Thank you so much @johnrenald for the kind words! :)

Very nice job! Keep up the good work!

Very nice job indeed!

I am new here in Steemit and this post was absolutely inspiring <3 Considering donating my earnings to animal associations as well since I am vegan

Thank you so much @vicibnz :)

Awesome job!

Thank you so much @sanevys

Keep up the good work :)

Thank you so much @minteh

Beautiful post!
I've myself donated 40$ every month for 7 years to the cause I believe the most in: Providing cost-efficient education for girls in parts of the world where that is scarce. It is the one monthly cost I am determined to keep. If it means sacrificing that extra coffee pr day, or whatever else amounts to 40$ per month, I'll rather do that :)

Keep it up! Glad to see what you're doing!

Thank you so much @fredrikaa :)

Good to see you are doing your part! :)

Instead of paying sbd for steemfest , you could feed many poor children in your area...you may get many more blessings.. Thanks for being so generous to your community and you must always be.

If others did not do the same last year for SteemFest 2016, I wouldnt have progressed as much as I have now. Thank you for your suggestion but I'll be keeping it the way it is and continue doing my part whenever possible. :)

Good point... i am satisfied.

Proud of you man! Kind action!

I admire your benevolence and altruism 🙏🏽

Thank you so much @fleur


Wow @firepower! The more I read about your journey here, the more I am amazed. And then I see this post, about you "giving"...something which these days, most people have forgotten about. "Acquiring" has become the new mantra, and you hardly come across people with such generous hearts as yours.

I so remember that puppy rescue story in the Himalayas, and was so flabbergasted to hear that someone was there to help you with that almost-impossible rescue. And as we all know, good people deserve good things in life...and it must've been so heart warming for them to hear from you and receive a donation.

Brilliant work buddy, and keep it up :)

Thank you so much! Yeah It's been quite a ride for sure haha! I've donated a couple of times to them in the past 3 years. It's great that my journey has gotten me this far now! Thank you so much for your support!

How generous of you @firepower.. :)

Thank you so much @yukimaru :)

Always welcome @firepower. Keep it up! ^_^

This is amazing. You never cease to surprise me. It is great to see that the earned money from Steemit is in good hands.

Bless you, @firepower.

Thank you so much! :)

Hello, bro. I'm from Venezuela. You are the first Steemer I follow, and this are the first words I write in the community.

I'll be watching and interacting around, while I decide to write the "Introduce Myself", and my first post, that will be called "A True Miracle".

I don't know how much money I can make with a second post, and not much followers, but I intend to donate all the money of that particular post for some of the many victims of the regime we're facing right now (hunger, sickness, scarcity and lost of injuried people). I know that the experience I want to share has the potential to seriously touch some hearts, and I hope it let me start good carrear on this place. I've always dreamed to make a living out of words, and sharing experiences and knowledge.

I really don't know much about this system, but I'd like you to read that post when it's done, to see if you can help me bust it (if you like it, of course). By the way, can we tag people on the posts?

Thank you for the inspiration. I still have lots of reading and writing to do.

You are setting a great example to follow.


wow! Thank you so much for this incredible comment! Your kind words are much appreciated! :)

@firepower - I do not know if you will see this comment in the flood of comments but here goes anyway - Your work is an inspiration to many Steemians. I do help organizations and sponsor students from weaker economic backgrounds but I do that out of my normal earnings. I must also donate from my Steem blog earnings.
So far, since I am barely a month old, I do not have too much earning but I am sure some day I will be able to donate a fair amount. Thanks for the inspiration. Upvoted

You seem to be quite a wizard in the crypto world. I am more into wildlife and travel (having stepped back from the rut of being a successful executive). I continued my observations today of nuggets of wisdom from wildlife and wrote a blog 'How to Chill - 🐵
Monkey Style' with my wildlife photos and musings with a twist
. I request you to take a look at it when you have time. Your comments, as always, would be an encouragement and incentive for me to make better blogs. Thanks

Wow! Thank you so much for this amazing comment!

Thanks. Comment inspired by your amazing work!

hell yes now ur makin alll the money u donated back throgh thia post! i do a lot of donations to peopletoo and i giive out a lot ofreqards and i try to make posts showcasing mydonatons and end up making the money back from new upvotes! yyoure aleady up to five hundred bucks! you got like a third of your donations paid for! you are on fire!! im glad because coo Indians like you really need too be in more leadership positions in india to foster a culture o cooperation

as the early internet mem "the spirit of truth" said,
"its about cooperation not competition"

i love your blog man, keep makin that money on steemit! get all on INDIA on ssteemit! imagine 1 billion steemit users!!!!!

steem as the national reserve currency of india

haha thank you so much! :D

OMG . You have been doing a lot of charity. I also do charity for NGO's but not this much. You're a true inspiration @firepower. Especially in India where people don't believe much in charity and people always try to fill their bank accounts with money. You have aced all the charity gesture a man should have. A big thumbs up for you brother.

Thank you! :)

Wow! You are the man! Seriously!

Wooow You are amazing, the world need more people like you ;)

Great!!! I like your ideas.

Thank you so much @sowapac

This was a very uplifting and inspiring post, thanks so much for sharing! I'll be following your page as well, can't wait to see more articles like this!

Thank you so much @dive-diva

Awesome work bro, you are really doing great things. And you are making maximum use of steem in its real sense. The world needs more people like you.

Keep doing the great work Bro.

Thank you so much @imransoudagar :)

Good for you! It's great to see people make a difference.. :)

Thank you so much @automaton

Thanks you very much

You make the world fell warm

The greater happiness is doing donation

Thank you so much @dennisloh

Great job! see all the good work pays off. ♥