Contest #2—Win a Free Ticket to SteemFest 2017 at Lisbon!

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This is the second contest where I'm giving away a ticket to SteemFest. Our global conference for me was one of the most defining moments on this platform. @fatpandadesign won the last contest with @roxane, @karensuestudios and @acromott as the runner-ups.

Steemit is about giving and without people's generosity, none of this would have been possible. Do you know someone who has always been supporting your blog and bumped up your post by another couple of cents? Have they benefitted the community in any manner? Maybe they are a good friend, or maybe someone you met through Steemit!

As we all know, @steemfest 2 is coming up and some people are craving to join this great event but unfortunately do not have the sufficient funds to attend.

This is your chance to give something back to the community! I've been meaning to give something back to the person who has been always supportive of the Steemit community. Do you know someone who has been a great participant in the community or are you someone who deserves an amazing week in Lisbon during SteemFest?

Keep reading because I am sponsoring one SteemFest 2017 Minnow Ticket to the winner.

Minnow tickets currently cost as much as $264.40 or € 222.22 or about 296 SBD.

Contest #2 Participation Rules:

  1. You can nominate yourself or be nominated by someone else.
  2. To participate, tell me in a creative way why you think you deserve to win a free ticket to SteemFest 2017 in a new post or in the comments below.
  3. You can create art, music, comments, video-vlog on Youtube or Viewly or anything else you can think of to this effect. If you write a new post, be sure to link it in a comment on this post.
  4. Feel free to mention if you made any contributions to the community! It will add some weight to your response.
  5. If you nominate someone, please inform them of the rules and have them take a look at this post to avoid missing out on it! A few nominated folks missed out on participation as they never saw the post.
  6. I will manually pick a winner. You can be as creative as you like-the more the better-(vlogs etc)
  7. Winner has to show up for SteemFest 2017 in order to collect/redeem the ticket and participate in our global conference.

Winner will be announced after 1 week. The winner can collect the sponsored ticket at the registration desk at SteemFest. This means that you have to fund the trip yourself, but the entry to SteemFest is completely free! You save $264.40 on ticket cost at the very least.

SteemFest is going to be packed with some of the coolest members of our community. @roelandp has put in a great effort towards organizing this incredible event and to support him Firepower Crew will be there as well. Win the ticket and come join us all for a great party with 300 people from across the globe! See you there!

You can also buy the ticket for yourself or sponsor someone to visit SteemFest. Click this to visit the official ticket website for purchases and come join us at Lisbon!

If you like my work kindly resteem it to your friends. You may also continue reading my recent posts which might interest you:

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Hey @firepower! Thank you for this opportunity to send one of our own to Steemfest.

I can think of no better representative for the minnows of Steemit than the founder of @newsteem in our Editor In Chief - @inquiringtimes!

Please see my nomination post HERE which goes into much detail as to why I feel like he ought to be over there to report back to the rest of us on all the events that take place.

Thanks for your consideration! Have a wonderful day!


@inquiringtimes has my full and unconditional support and well deserves a chance to go to steemfest. I fully support this nomination!


And now I have to commit the funds from this comment to @inquiringtimes potential travel fund as well as the funds from the nomination post! Watch out inquiring, your hotel fund is growing. hahaha

Thanks for the vote of confidence in our friend! I really hope this works out for him!!


I'll send some SBD too. I'm prepared to put my SBD where my vote is. He'll need the financial support.


Glad to see you are still working hard to support the minnows and lift up the community in general. Your work does not go unappreciated! Wishing you the best! -Dan


@inquiringtimes has my vote too for the reasons clearly articulated by other posters. But, for me personally: a paid research job well done, embodying a sense of personal improvement aligned with improving the world. Steemian minnows like @inquiringtimes are the future we need. That future needs to be at SteemFest.


Wow. This... all of this...

embodying a sense of personal improvement aligned with improving the world. Steemian minnows like @inquiringtimes are the future we need. That future needs to be at SteemFest.

This is a great comment @eturnerx! I love it!


Truly creative work behind the scenes and always an inspiration!
Of course @inquiringtimes should go to Lisbon!


wish I would see you there!


I fully support this nomination!


thank you both for your support! I'm sure there are many more deserving candidates. However, if I get a ticket. You can guarantee I will be there, and step up my standards of excellence which this important event deserves!


I'll second or third that nomination!


We'll fourth it? Is that how yo say it?


@inquiringtimes has #thealliance support as well. He is extremely helpful to anyone willing and isn't afraid to ask for help. Model Steempeep.


I also agree to this and fully support the nomination of @inquiringtimes. He totally deserves this.


I support the nomination!


Excellent nomination, @inquiringtimes is definitely an up and comer on steemit and I think he would do some great reporting while there and bring back some wonderful insights that could really benefit the community!


If there is anyone who deserves this it's @inquiringtimes!


@inquiringtimes has my vote as well he forbthe reasons listed by others he puts so much of himself into this community


Thank you for this opportunity.


@firepower - I support the nomination of @inquiringtimes! too. Thanks


So awesome to see you dong yet another SteemFest ticket giveaway!

I love how supportive this community is and how much people such as your self are helping others progress and succeed here on Steemit!

I wil be speaking at SteemFest and also created a ticket giveaway this week to not only provide a FREE ticket to someone who would benefit SteemFest but also to promote the awesomeness of Steemit it self!

Anyone who wants to enter or nominate someone can check it out here.

∞§∞TO SteemFinity and Beyond∞§∞

I nominate @LifeMovedBySteem.

She's risked it all for Steemit.
She quit her job folding laundry. She added all her savings.
She's scraping to make it as a full time urban homesteader.

We eat from our garden and I keep a side job.
Our hope is to never have to power down again.

She's on a mission to find happiness, not through money, but through adding to the world through nature, education, and love.

@Lifemovedbysteem would represent the creative homesteading community. Homesteading and gardening is a huge part of Steemit.

Her goal is to change people's paradigms and lives. She wants to show people with small areas how they can garden and find freedom with food.

@firepower, if you could see the smiles, dancing, and joy that jumps through our little home when Ren's posts do well you would be amazed.

Steemit represents freedom to live a full life. She's finally living her creative passion. This is huge. I know if she has a chance to share her vision it will change lives.

I haven't shown her this post, but she's talks about Steemfest a lot and dreams of going one year.
I think she should go now. She deserves it!

If @lifemovedbysteem wins the ticket, she will be at SteemFest. I can't imagine a more genuine, authentic, candidate.


Thank you @firepower.
Steemit has been a huge positive shift in our life and we're working to give back to the community.


OMGSH! I hope she wins! Would see her! You should go to @happymoneyman you are such an awesome spirit too! :)


Awww thanks for your support @karensuestudios.

I have a prior engagement unfortunately.
I WILL be at next years event.

If Ren wins she will be so excited to meet you guys and hang out. ahhhhh. I wish I was going.
So nice of you to support. Congrats on winning your tickets too!

You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!


awww :) good luck!


Thank you so much @karensuestudios! I would love to attend with you, it would be an awesome way to meet :) Thank you for your support!


yes!!! We are teaching an acroyoga class there too :) eekk! you'll have to join us!


That sounds so fun! I would love to! It is the prettiest yoga to look at I think.


heheh :) So much fun!


@lifemovedbysteem would be an incredible asset to steemfest.
She is so full of energy and passion, not only for Steemit, but for the people here.
Her motivation is love of homesteading and being her own boss, supplying for the family needs through their own means. @lifemovedbysteem is a huge asset to this platform and would be a wonderful contributor at Steemfest, given the chance.

Awesome contest bro i have no thats much money otherwise i will join. Sorry


just Chill and Keep Sharing Love !❤️


Agree with you!

@lifemovedbysteem would be an incredible asset to steemfest 2017!!

She is so full of energy and passion, not only for Steemit, but for the people here.
Her motivation is love of homesteading and being her own boss, supplying for the family needs through their own means. Go check her blog and you will be impressed by the creativity she possesses.
@lifemovedbysteem is a already a huge asset to this platform and would be a wonderful contributor at Steemfest in Lisbon!!
Thank you @firepower for this generous initiative!!

Awesome, I can't travel right now, but if I could I would love to enter.

I would like to nominate the one and only @rossenpavlov!
@firepower, please check the video post I created on the topic.

Here is a list of the reasons why I think that he deserves a reward for his hard work:

  • He created "Steemit Bulgaria" facebook group, to unite the steemit community in Bulgaria.
  • Then, he spent dozens of hours to translate the Steemit FAQ in Bulgarian, to give an idea to the newcomers what the platform is all about. This gives a good start to everyone, which then is visible in their posts, as they start to follow etiquette, provide image sources, etc.
  • He is super generous! He deligated 2000 Steem Power to the active and interesting authors in his list. Link to his announcement.
  • When the steem price jumped dramatically, he sent me $100 worth of steem, which brought me back to the platform.

  • He felt the potential of steemit from the beginning. He never makes a compromise when it comes to original content and whatever he posts has great value. The topics he covers are related to the crypto world, the actual issues that occur in steemit, such as people who do not get that an upvote should be deserved with quality content, rather with "please follow and upvote me". Other topics are science, music, environment issues and more. He makes super funny memes, mostly related to steemit.

    Thanks to him I realized that the potential in the platform is not in the income, but rather in the motivation to develop my potential to the fullest.

    I think he deserves to visit the SteemFest, as apart from his hard work he will contribute even more when he gets back by sharing what he learned.

    All the best!


Good luck @rossenpavlov !
I support you.

Here is a link to the Facebook group - Steemit Bulgaria
I heard about it for the first time today from you @gabchik. Thanks.

I'll most likely skip this year's Steemfest but maybe will meet some of you at OpenFest...

btw. @rossenpavlov, what are your plans for SteemFest, are you going to join the hackaton ? Will you stay for the Websummit that starts at its end ?


Thanks for sharing about OpenFest. I think I will join it :)


You are welcome :) OpenFest is always fun.

Contest time again! I still lack funds for the ticket after gathering enough Steem for the travel and accommodation. I have written my contest entry several months ago. The only addition i would have now is that i have recently became member of @sndbox and I’m aiming to learn more about impactful crypto projects in real world, for I will strive to create one under the banner of @sndbox when my studies will be over.

May the best contender wins:).


We're in the same situation, friend!

Just recently bought my plane ticket and airbnb with my SO. I do have hypothetically enough SP to power down for the ticket. As i feel going to Steemfest will worth the ROI of the the powered down Steem.

You gotta be there bro. We owe each other a frisbee match.


No worries buddy! I will make it work:)
Speaking about the airbnb, would there still be a place for me?:) (Also depends who SO is:D I have no idea)


SO = Significant Other, Me Amore

hahaha. If you dont mind couchsurfing. I may try to contact the host to see if he is okay with it.


I totally dont mind, thats why I asked. If you guys dont mind of course:)


Cool! I've contacted with my airbnb host. fingers crossed, hopefully we'll get updates soon.

This is an amazing oppurtunity

Great contest!!, Rewards Open Source Contributors via Steem

Hello @firepower and thanks for this opportunity. It's been over a week now that I have presented Utopian to the Steemit community and already got positive feedbacks from relevant Steemit users.

What is Utopian is a platform that gives everyone the possibility to create a Contributor Report.
A Contributor Report is a Steemit post that will automatically fall under the category "utopian-io", where you can write the latest contributions you made for an Open Source project, be voted and rewarded for that.
Contributions can be anything, from code development to graphic design, documentation, social engagement and more.

Utopian provides a way for anyone to be rewarded for collaborating on projects from which everyone will benefit immediately.

Utopian is the first and only platform that rewards Open Source contributors.

Utopian Adoption

There are already three Contributor Reports at the moment in Utopian and the first one got almost $250,00 in reward. The other 2 are still getting rewarded for more than $50,00 each as I write.

I'll be happy to visit Lisbon

I am actually considering moving to Portugal and I was waiting for a chance to visit Lisbon for the first time. Well I hope Utopian will buy me a ticket for the SteemFest and the chance to finally go there!


I think @elear work on Utopian deserves to win. His work empowers programmers around the world to finally be rewarded for their open source contributions and bring a whole new audience to Steem platform! Complete Game changer!

Hey @firepower and what a great initiative!
Soooo.... I thought of making a post, but since I'm not nominating myself but someone else, I thought I'll stick to the comment! Plus, there was a post already...for which I'll talk below... ;)
I'm nominating @creutzy aka Broke Traveler!

First of all (no, no, not because he's my boyfriend haha) because ...he is a Broke Traveler as his nickname says! Difficult times for artists! We did a fundraising post months ago to make it to Lisbon (in exchange of free portraits to all Steemians there who would want to!) but it didn't go well...

Then, the offer is still on the table: We are photographers, we will take everyone's portraits!! :D
@creutzy is an amazingly creative guy - he's the one who introduced me to Steemit, that's why I don't want to do this nomination for myself, it doesn't feel belongs to him!
Crypto enthusiast and incredible photographer, I think he totally deserves this! He is new here, but he managed to build up a nice rep and an audience of almost 1000 followers since May - I admire him for that!

And therefore, I hope he wins! (ok ok, also because I'm the girlfriend I'll join as well - we went to Lisbon once but only for 24 hours...we loved so we can't wait to meet all of our fellow Steemiaaaans!!!!)

Fingers crossed and a bit power! ;)

What a great move, Meghan! You rock!!!
Can't wait to have a beer with you in Lisbon :-)


0.01% shot in the dark probability of having me on the beer table with you guys? 😜😜

I've recently bought a ticket and airbnb to get a place in Lisbon (can't afford hotel this year, perhaps next steemfest?)

The only hurdle i face now is getting the actual steemfest ticket itself. Not sure what i can offer to the Steem community other than my disposition to smile 24 hours a day.

Hope to see you there Marly!


Here's one way to get a Steemfest conference ticket! :-) The amazing @firepower is giving away one of the highly demanded tickets FOR FREE

Hope to see you there, too!!!


I'll give it a shot! Though i can already see there are many other Steemians who are more deserving than me for the things they have already contributed to the Steem Community.

Regardless, I'm heading there one way or another come hell or highwater!

See you there!!


So your nickname doesn't mean that you're awesome...? ;) Give it a shot!!! My fingers are crossed!

Great contest! I no have much money otherwise i will join. Sorry

I joined recently and have not contributed anything. Anyway whoever wins the contest, Congratulations. Great opportunity. Love Steemit.

THAT'S great . congratulation

a very good post

You are an inspiration to the steemit world, thank you for touching lives ❤❤❤❤

I don't deserve to win anything. But I did resteem and upvote your post here.


dear @tonygreene113 why do you think you do not deserve to win anything ?


I am the world's worst luck person.


We could have a lengthy healthy debate on this...


Next time vote for me lol

Yes.. @roelandp worked hard for that, and @firepower Crew is making a great thing supporting this. I have no founds for flying to Lisboa, (I'm saving to make the next Fest in my country :) - Remember Punta del Este @roelandp!- ! hahaha Really.. I just can desire good vibes to the lucky winner we wil have! Enjoy the fest Steemiannnnn! Peace V

I appreciate all that you are doing, my friend

I am resteeming too.

Wow this is awesome! I love that you are doing this :)
Good luck to someone who deserves to make it!!

Thank you for sharing dear it is amazing and information for every one.really helpful post for us
keep it up.
and please friends follow me.


While you're all enjoying this event I'll be feeling super envious. I hope you appreciate how pissed off I will be not being there lol

Very nice contest every one should participate...

Awesome :) but i can't make it there on that day , so please don't give me the ticket , give it to another one

I wish i could afford the tickets bhai, but I am sure one day we both will go together to attend the steemfest,haha.

I'll have to check among my following and followers to see who's the most deserving. I know that a lot of steemians i know will really like this I just need to get know their thoughts first hehe ☺️

STEEMFEST... sounds to good to be true; count me in!!

Good post! I want to join but sadly, I don't have money and passport yet. I try to join next year for sure.

Steemfest, Lisbon, huh? Are gorillas allowed? :)

I'm so sad, I wouldn't be able to came.

sadly don't have the time and money for this steemfest. Have a good time guys. :D

@firepower i like this post
let me resteem

Thanks for starting the competition

Very interesting. Many people want to win it. Luckily they are the ones who will get.

Just knowing and discover about STEEM-FEST now....Upvoted and Followed

Your post are really amazing.i will join steem fest.thanks for share and i will waiting for your next post.

Wow! I am Portuguese, currently living in Norway. I found out about Steem a few weeks ago and had to join.. sounded too good to be true, i had to check it out!! And here i a great place where you can be creative and get some good feedback. I might say it is a place where great minds think alike. Eheheh so far i am loving it. And now i found out that my homecountry is hosting a steem fest.. and i am perplexed that none of my friends back home never mentioned to me that they knew about this... 🤣


Irony. I am English living near Tomar today, but due to start work in Lisboa next week. Unfortunately the ticket price is just a wee bit pricey but might hang out near the event...


ehehe you got yourself a new follower just because of that :)

lisbon wait for me ?

Hello @firepower please you follow me and vote 20% please @bilqis07

Great contest .

Good luck everyone! :)

Thanks for starting the competition. In this, how can we link to the new post?

Great work firepower, there are lots of deserving minnows out there. I think @hopehuggs would be a great candidate. I was in a group with her a while back and she epitomizes the idea of selfless behavior. She helped our group grow, help to moderate the new recruits, donated most, if not all of her sp and just had a genuine aspect that not many others have. I think it would be great if she could attend

Of course I'm the winner, but I'm going to give it to someone like me, maybe me!
I'm just joking.
Good luck to all

Thankyou for sharing @firepower

If i win and i couldn't make it, can i get the Steem or SBD equivalent Please?


@oluwoleolaide You can get me
with great effort I believe

I would say @sweetsssj. Her posts are on point in that that they are well researched and well done. She also replies to comments on her posts. I nominate her.


She ain't a minnow.

I won't be able to join the contest because I can't afford to travel.. but I wish to join any steemfest in the future.. the ticket price is almost like my monthly allowance :) very expensive

Woah, that's huge, @firepower! I JUST WISH I could travel but it is impossible for me at the moment. I'm surely coming to the steem fest next year. Sponsored or not, I will be there to volunteer photography services :)

Nice post follow upvote u

Good infor

You are very kind!))))) I wish you to choose the best of the best)))))

that is great news that one more minnow get ticket as i am still new and learning but i resteem this post so if someone who deserved will read then get some chance. you are doing really great work. best of luck to all.

Would be great to visit Steemfest)) I wish good luck to all participants of this competition! Let it win the most worthy!

Thank you for information.

Great chance for us ! thank you so much !!

Amazing give away. Thanks for the comp!

Always doing good here my bud @frepower , keep it up hence why steemit is beautiful- and thanks for writing a post on SMT which motivated me to write my latest post on how Steem will be EOS and Ethereum killer-I cited you there, pls feel free to see it. Wish you more success.

Wow great. Thanks for giving out to the community. @Steemfest is already a success. Kudos to you guys.

Hi! I represent the official ICO bounty program

We really like your activity on Steemit and I want to invite you to our automated Steemit bounty program.

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hi my name is dr sunny sandhu
i am working in the field of environmental conservation.
I really like the idea of steemit and wish to be supported on my project to conserve river dolphins in punjab.
I wish to meet creatie minds behind steem and work on a broader environmental movements across the world.
I have worked on creation of river dolphin reserve in india

i sing songs on ecological issues

dr sunny sandhu

Congratulations @firepower!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 10 with 430 upvotes
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Wow amazing

That's great to see people going lisbon as I see some entries for steem feast as it requires skill post and

Wow. Amazing

This is an amazing oppurtunity. Party for everybody .

wow I want to nominate my self because I am the first steemit women user from Bangladesh :) . Love for steemit <3

good contest!

Nice, great opportunity!


that is great

aww you are so awesome! :) I love that you decided to run another contest. One lucky winner!!!

That is good news as follow-up to our mission, in that respect.
Resteemed and Upvoted.

Omgoshhhh. I cannot wait for the opportunity to network with like minded people that share the love for cryptocurrency as i do.

Thanks for sharing

Just following

@firework Bundle of thanks for creating such a wonderful opportunity Contest #2—Win a Free Ticket to SteemFest 2017 at Lisbon!
My contribution for the community is i have joined on 16th june 2017. After joining i was trying hard to introduce this wonderful platform with others. I have planted soe trees on Steemit which are developing very fast i want to share those names @engramanullah @hmushtaq @ayeshairfan @adnanmajeed @abrarahmed and very soon i will add some more names here.
sir i am a native steemian please ignored my English grammer mistakes.

It'a shame STEEMIT FEST is so far away from where I am, I couldn't buy a plane ticket even if I could power down all my SP at once lol, bu still is awesome to see this kinds of opportunities, I'm sure this is gonna make someone really happy, keep it up @firepower

this is so funny for me

Wow! Nice contest...Following you for future post.

Hiio @firepower, nice and interesting article shared about Steem Fest 2 contest managed, awsome efffort. supported. upvoted.

@inquiringtimes is also my vote. @inquiringtimes is very active on discord, helping both minnowsuppot and @steemitbc. I also house a community with steemitbc and there is no better representative than @inquiringtimes for our entire community

Advanced congratulation to the winners . Your so generous @firepower

@surpassinggoogle got my vote, because he has being supportive to new users and minnow in this great community.
This is the link post I wrote concerning voting @surpassinggoogle as the winner for the free ticket.
Click Here

Way to go @firepower!!!! You are a powerful force here on Steemit and exemplify the amazingness of community coming together. And, one of the greatest things is, that once whoever this blessed winner is, will get to see your shining face as one of their first introductions to SF2 through your work in registration with your welcoming team!!! It's people like you that make this experience on Steemit even more enriching and joyous for us all.

I'm in the market for a SF2 ticket to attend and share the Collaborative Art Journey and handmade Steemit gear -- alas I doubt I qualify as a minnow. I do know, however, that whomever gets to attend because of your generosity will be blessed with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thanks for being such an integral part of this platform, always raising the bar and helping others. You're a gem @firepower. I'm excited to give you hugs when I see you again.

i wish i could participate.

"Why you think you deserve to win a free ticket to SteemFest 2017"

I don't believe I deserve to win a free ticket. But I do believe that Steemfest will be awesome and I can't wait to meet all of you! What I also believe:


Great to see more competitions to win tickets, however I couldn't risk being there so I had to book for myself and @osm0sis.

I have entered a few competitions for a ticket but to no avail. However, if you would consider this as an entry, then I'm happy to be a part of the competition.

In brief, we are heading to Nepal after Lisbon to do some volunteer work in a children's home and school, where we will be blogging and trying to improve the lives of these kids using Steem.

I personally (yes I'm biased) cannot think of a better way to promote the platform and earn a ticket to the event :D Thank you for your consideration!

Asher @abh12345 Sylvia @osm0sis


Great to see more competitions to win tickets, however I couldn't risk being there so I had to book for myself and @osm0sis.

I have entered a few competitions for a ticket but to no avail. However, if you would consider this as an entry, then I'm happy to be a part of the competition.

In brief, we are heading to Nepal after Lisbon to do some volunteer work in a children's home and school, where we will be blogging and trying to improve the lives of these kids using Steem.

I personally (yes I'm biased) cannot think of a better way to promote the platform and earn a ticket to the event :D Thank you for your consideration!

Asher @abh12345 Sylvia @osm0sis

Hey hey, @firepower. Please confirm that you saw my nomination for @rossenpavlov. The post for it received almost 50 upvotes and I hope you consider them as support for him <3 I asked people to upvote my nomination here in the description, but I guess nobody reads when there is a video :D Thank you for this opportunity and fingers are crossed!

First of the bat, I would like to say thank you to everyone who is organizing these contests. They might give me a shot to attend Steemfest!

I think you can find all relevant information on my entry in my post:

TL:DR: I came into steemit, fell in love with the community, created Steemit Worldmap, saw a post hitchhiking to Steemfest, I'm joining up on the hitchhiking adventure and hopefully for Steemfest itself too!