India Steem Meetup #3—An AWESOME Meetup In Mangalore—The City Where It All Began!

in steem •  last year

Mangalore is where Steemit started for me. It’s also my hometown. I was raised in this coastal city located on the western coastline of India. The city is situated in the Indian state of Karnataka and is famous for its food and culture. It is rich is its heritage, and has beautiful beaches and places to travel around it.

I’ve conducted a meetup earlier in this city as well as a technical session last year. It felt great to do the 3rd India Steem Meetup for 2018 here. I was expecting it to go really well and it did. As far as our video goes @shenoy thinks that this was the best one so far. Well, I’ll let everyone here decide on that when we release the video when it's ready.

The meetup consisted mostly of my friends but also acquaintances. Participants come from a range of backgrounds. We had business owners, working professionals from varying domains. We also had homemakers, artists, actor, motorcyclists and photographers join us. Participant age group ranged from early 20s to 71 (my step-dad). My mother @geetharao was also part of the group. It was indeed great honor to have her sit in an event I was hosting.

We were just under 30 participants including a few new users who were onboarded on the occasion. Infact we got 3-4 new people interested in the platform as people sat up and noticed the group picture shoot and a few came to find out what it was about. I’m excited to say that this turn out is largely reassuring of the fact that people want to be part of these meetups and more of this is welcomed.

There’s a lot of demand for technical meetups as well as many are unaware of the intricacies of using their accounts, blockchain technology, Steemit’s complex and sometimes impossible to understand algorithmic changes as well as method of encashing. These are some of the pain points for most of the participants. I intend to do some of these in the latter part of the year.

Overall, Steem blockchain seems to be receiving a good response and people seem to love the idea of being rewarded for their content.

The location was Spindrift-Mangalore’s only Microbrewery which also sports one of the best restaurants in town. It is owned by @phoneypictures. They also own Thyme which is located in the same mall and we used both the locations for our video shoot. People really liked the place and many of the participants were regular customers here anyway.

I’d also like to mention that @lifecruiser came all the way from Bangalore to attend the event and it was great to meet him in person. He was spoken about Steem blockchain in blockchain event in Bangalore and I hope to collaborate with him and @bobinson at a future date if such an opportunity presents itself.

Meetups like this provides a unique opportunity to go over some of the basics as well as advanced questions from the audience. I generally ensure I am able to cover the following in these meetups on a 1-1 basis or in a group audience if people have any doubts.

People loved the idea of meeting and interacting with other users from Steemit. My mother follows some of these bloggers and she loved meeting them in person. It was a great experience for her and I think she may write about it in her own words on her blog.

Some of the things we discussed in the meetup are:

  1. Basics of Steemit, Steem blockchain and various apps on top of it.
  2. Why prices fluctuate and how BTC relates to the change in price.
  3. What blockchain technology means and why we are early adoptors to this technology.
  4. How Steemit is helping shape social media slowly but steadily.
  5. Various ways of utilizing the platform.
  6. How to build a following, increase engagement with posts amongs other things.
  7. Some issues related to the platform were also discussed.
  8. How to trade Steem for BTC and BTC for INR was done.
  9. I also informed users on managing their tax burden in this meetup.
  10. Benefits of hodling Steem as SP and active curation on the platform.

People find it confusing to navigate. Users such as @geetharao only use @good-karma’s Esteem mobile app. There was a lot of queries for Steemit’s native app and I hope that happens soon.

Overall it was a great event and I can’t wait to revisit Mangalore again the future and I hope we’d have grown significantly larger by the time we get here again.

I want to thank all of you who made it to the meetup in Mangalore. It was great to onboard a few new people at the location who accompanied some of our existing members from here.

@geetharao @shenoy @ninnajji @madnomad @phoneypictures @sanjayjkamath @rjsudeep Vardhan @serenyx Namratha, Swetha, Gayatri, Jyothica, @preethib @srinidhi @speedracer @heelsonwheels @varunpinto Zain, @rogerloren @droidsid @sucheth.shetty @its2bhan Ram, @lifecruiser Ramdas Shevgoor, Lenord.

I’ve forgotten a couple of usernames here and I apologise for the same.

I want to thank @varunpinto for helping with the photography and camera work. He’s been a great help not only in all my meetups but also at Steemfest 2017 as part of my Firepower Crew!

Missed meeting @andreanoronha her brother, Rajat Rao, @oceangirl @wandereronwheels @karthik Sandesh and a few other users from the city.

Delhi folks, expect an announcement in the next few days! The location and date of the meet is being finalised. Will post the details very soon!

This is the video from the meetup I hosted in Jaipur.

You can read about the Jaipur event here and the Bangalore one here! I also made a presentation at Blockchain Bangalore group meetup on the Steem blockchain which you can view here!

I'd like to thank everyone supporting my work on Steemit. This is how I'm able to carry on with my community building efforts. Please stay tuned as there's a lot more in store for the days to come!

If you like my work kindly resteem it to your friends. You may also continue reading my recent posts which might interest you:

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@firepower it was great to meet you and others in person. I was late but finally made it.

I got to know other interesting folks and enjoyed interacting with them, most of them were moto enthusiasts :) Following them now to see their future posts. Hope we will meet again in some place some time later.


Steem meet up anywhere is always a delightful experience. Steemians would rub minds and interchange experiences and learn something new that would add value to their Steemit journey. I believe that held at Mangalore was no exception. A very big thank you to @firepower

Wow great event you have conducted and every people are looking so excited and very happy. Yes this types of events are very very important for the sustainable development of our community, every people able to clarify doubt about the working of the system. Your mom seems very happy and proud for you, and it is obvious, you are so talented son of her. I am also waiting for your arrival, please don't cancel the your great presenc in our states too .I have already discussed some of the steemian from Assam and also with some of my ex students, who are very excited to meet you here. But I have little hagitation, I am not so much telanted in English language, so seeing your great events in Jaipur and mengalour, I feel little inferior. But if I get your inspirations and guidance, I think I will manage everything. So please think for us, my dear great steemians. Wish you good luck good health and happiness in every walk of life.


Please have Rahul get in touch with me for planning an event in Assam. :)

Exciting stuff. Above everything else I found it very interesting you had your mother participating in this near-crazy-virtual-meet-of-millenials ! Its an amazing thing to have our parents attend an event that we are organizing. Good going buddy.

Technical events:

If you are planning them, we can think of traveling. We need to have focused topics based on demand.


Thanks man. Yes I am planning them but maybe a couple of months down. For now I'm focusing on Delhi event and take a short break after that.

You are just so awesome. And these pictures are great! Makes me want to go to India :)


Well why dont you plan a trip down to India? :D


Maybe I will if this crypto thing takes off! I'd love to do a concert :D

Oh.. I wish my community will arrenge this kind of meetups.


Please don't get me wrong... but you are a part of this community ;) This is permissionless blockchain, you don't have to get permission from anyone to do anything ;) If you want something enough, you should just do it ;)

A year ago I understood, that I now enough about Steem, to start explaining it to people. My public-speaking skills were really bad - but I decided to practice. I started with my first talk in front of 15-20 people:

Source: Talk about Steem & Steemit by Krzysztof Szumny (@noisy)

and few days ago... my talk was to more than 200 people :)

Source: My talk about Steem and its Ecosystem, during meetup at Crypto@Cracow Poland,
with over 200 attendees

The easiest way to have a meetup in your city is... to organize a meetup on your own :)


I agree with you @noisy ... I have ever imagined that I will be able to talk infront people on a stage etc once we start doing things, find the courage, things just start happening. All the best.

Very positive and pleasant meeting you made guys!! I really enjoyed your video 😊😊😊. Now i'm thinking about the same meet-up in my city. I hope i will manage to organise it in March or April :) Steem on!

good to see this

Glad to see that your meetup went well and that it was a powerful experience for all the attendants. Spreading awareness about steemit and the blockchain is really important too, especially in such an important and populated country as India :-D

I love this your post. thanks for sharing followed and upvoted

Amazing seeing the aged interested in blockchain and steemit.
As regards what you discussed at the meet up, can you have a comprehensive break down of the following

Basics of Steemit, Steem blockchain and various apps on top of it.
Why prices fluctuate and how BTC relates to the change in price.
Various ways of utilizing the platform.
How to build a following, increase engagement with posts amongs other things.
Some issues related to the platform were also discussed.
How to trade Steem for BTC and BTC for INR was done.

And most especially, how to compose and get value for quality post.

That is very good if you do that in Bangalore I think you will get more people. In Bangalore you see a lot of tech savvy people.

Great job @firepower of making people aware about such community India. This site is so interesting to learn with and along that you can make money of it.



This is awesome. Can someone tell me when is the next meetup scheduled in bangalore?


Done with Bangalore already. Next is Delhi. Do keep an eye out for announcements.

Wow!!! That's beautiful, I love the way you tell people about steem. Thanks for bringing people into the community

Brilliant! i am already powering up and trying to hold on to steem as you keep on saying. Good Food n liquor and steemit meet up = deadly. :)

Amazing article , it’s really amazing to see the awareness for steemit it’s still going on , I think steem would be the best social platform very soon

This is just great, Is there a video for this event. I would love to see it.

woow! when is this gonna happen in Lagos Nigeria....cant wait....comment if u in Nigeria, so we can discuss better,,,cheers!

Glad to know that people are receiving this wonderful opportunity with open hearts. Continue withe same spirit and the steemit community will grow bigger in no mans time

We all are eagerly waiting to meet you.will you come to north east ?

That was such a great meet-up, I love all the pictures you shared plus the video of the Jaipur meet-up. India is on FIRE :)

hi brother !awesome so nice steem ... i am following you .your post is very import and for steem of you follow me and up vote.....

@firepower, success for your community my friend

Nice initiative, keep spreading the steemit story, we are doing ours here as well

Looks like a lot of fun, I am always inspired to see steemit having an impact on the real world .

Sounds like a great meet you guys gave me a great idea ...imma meeting myself with all my friends that's on thank u so much for this idea cause it sounds good when everybodies together...this is awesome...


Oh! nice pic

Lovely to see steemit members meetups in different parts of the world!

it's good to see people meeting and exchanging ideas. connecting with people in person. how about organizing one in Ahmedabad @firepower

i like it
its very nice
i love it awesome

Great job, community looks stronger together.

This is so awesome! I wish I could find a steemit group near me for encouragement and fellowship. Thanks for posting.

now india is more popular country and also alot of user are joining steemit!
spread the world and bring change in india !

Thanks Indian Carry One

Good meet-up!

Hi @firepower that's the really great man you're sharing your experience with other so start some videos for us newbie and create discord channel where we will discuss all things related to Steemit. It will help me and newbie like me :)

great job :P

Good post 👍 👍

@firepower Please help me to get a lot of votes to @nuer.

Great community in India.. salam from indonesia,

Great! I hope i find my self a group too. Here in philippines

Please upvote me @erisbobo .im from Indonesia . @firepower

Happy to be part of the meet up Thank you @firepower for conducting it in mangalore :)

FYI: you added "u" when you tagged me in the post above its just @its2bhan ;)

Please somebody plan a meetup in Hyderabad also! :(

Another awesome meetup it seems, lots of learning points there. So bad to miss them :(

i am impressed with your mode of promoting steemit, i have gotten a hint from here to carry on thank you.

Wao.this is beautiful.great job

i am impressed with your mode of promoting steemit, i have gotten a hint from here to carry on thank you.

Thank you @firepower.... You really got a good heart

What did the girls say...?


All of them noobs, clueless about steembirds. They need a proper introduction to Steembirds which I will give soon. Hopefully there will be some girls in Delhi meetup to get some feedback ;)


Lol. I hope so too, Crypto-babes ;)

nice steem post

Wow! That's pretty awesome! Congrats :)

You guys are really awesome. The work of yours hands shall not go unrewarded by the almighty.

Life is all about helping others to fulfill their destiny, and that is what you are doing right now by introducing steem opportunity to others in order to enhance their destiny. Good job, continue to Steemup

Beautiful photos,i am glad that you also got the opportunity to introduce new members to steemit,it will also bring change in their lives.

Great... i attended one in my state yesterday in in Ibadan,Nigeria

Heya, wowo so nice to see people habing their meet-up.. We also have meet-up here in cebu and glad steemians are growing everyday.. Nice to meet people whod have the same purpose having the platform.

Congratulations guys for the successful meet-up 😍


Happy to see respected @geetharao enthusiasm.

Hi, greetings from Malaysia, Your commitment to build the steemians community is inspiring and I have by far involve in starting two meetup here and sharing my knowledge and hope to meet up with you one day to learn more so I can contribute more.

I love seeing this type of empowering the people all across the world with their voice within the Steemit community.

Wow steemit will soar high with good people... congrats for the meetup

Is it consist of All steemit people? Or most if them all? Or just you are? Why the meet up activity so often?

@firepower: I'm new to Steem and I love the work you guys do in India. We run a magazine in Australia targeting Indians living here. Since I'm on Steem now I would build a community on Steem here. It would be great to team up with you. Let me know your thoughts! @sidsun

This is awesome! Glad that you are taking things to the next level <3
Fantastic Pictures @varunpinto :)


Hey guys anyone up for the meetup in Punjab near Jalandhar?

Sangat luar biasa

Waaaaaaaaah! :'( hopefully at the next one I will be there and be able to contribute too :D
Can I cover the event? Lol


You could have done it with this one too. hmmm


Heeheehee... yea but wasn't able to take leave this time... will do so next time :D

Can I meet you guys if ever I visit @firepower?

i love you,i new steemian from russia

Mangalore video is going to be awesome, trust me.


I'm sure its gonna be funny. Awaiting...

Very pleased to see such inspiring work .... Admire your work... You are doing great job in promoting steemit community and enabling others to be part of Steemit family.... Wish you very best of luck.. Love from Pakistan

Very nice meetup, Congratulations to you all, very inspirational. Thank you.

Good luck nice comunity @firepower please upvote me .@erisbobo

Good content, thanks for sharing

Good my family 100

great initiative..

Success for your community my friend

Good luck always @firepower 👍

it's great to hear that meetup ended with something great

To see that communities around the world are making of Steemit a stronger site is incredible! I'd like to be part of a meetup very soon!

Welldone for organising a meetup in your community

that's awasome @firepower
thankyou so much for sharing this.

nice to know your blog,
iam a biginer steemian from Indonesia.

hope you will visit my blog, help me and coach me in improving my @steemitilmu account.

see you at

Great post..


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Would love a Leeds UK based community like this. Keep up the good work

Very glad to learn about the successful meetup. Any meet planned for Chennai guys here?

Congratulations @firepower!
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awesome keep going

this is wonderful, i wish you guys great success. perhaps one day we can do a steemit meetup between communities of different countries.

we are organizing several event too next week.

I misread...I thought you said “my mother, @good-karma” and thought, wow...talented mom! I can’t wait to start meeting steemians! Is that you with the beer?

It is really good the way you are giving a good message to the world. I love this your update steemit post. upvotedDQmPvziZjvqGVmWF87b7gtwyebBQx7gThMdiDN8BRSVHfsS.png

hello im afiq from semarang indonesia


This is good if you do this in all sectors.. thanks guys i love you all

Hi friend! I like india 🇮🇳, but i didn’t get the chance to travel this time with my mother in law, but india already i put it in the list of traveling, and I can get the chance to meet your mother @geetharao.

great pics. My best wishes to all of you !