India Steem Meetup #1 - We Start From Jaipur For The First Meetup of 2018!

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Ever since the time I held my last couple of conferences around Steemit and it’s blockchain technology in India, there has been a need for a few regular meetups. I was of the opinion that the market here needed to grow a little bit before we could proceed with more.

2018 is here and the user base from India has been steadily growing. I was in Jaipur on some work and felt it would be the right place to flag off a series of Steem meetups in India.

My idea is to bring together Steemit users in different cities pan-India. Give a little push to the social networking side of the platform and get some discussions going in other social media channels about Steem blockchain, cryptocurrency and the applications built on top of it.

These days blockchain meetups are springing all over the country-mostly around BTC and few alt-coins. I felt the time is ripe to get discussions around blockchains worthy of these meetups aka Steem!

This time however, I wanted to hold an informal meetup where people could meet and greet each other casually. There wouldn’t be any need for a presentation or projectors. People often get bored too easily with that. I wanted it to be light and fun but knowledgeable all the same.

I’m happy to say that my expectations were met and beyond. I had another established user from India @sauravrungta join us at the event and he was able to assist me in answering several questions about the platform to some of the new users in the group.

With @sauravrungta

At SteemFest we put personalities to usernames and the same was achieved in this meetup. I got to learn more about these individuals with whom I’ve interacted over Steemit.Chat, some whose work i’ve support and others who I’ve mentored in the past year.

I also had YouTuber and host of a few Viral Video channels @shenoy fly down to the event to capture it on video. We are producing a series of fun videos around these meetups and I hope to share the first one with you soon!

Some of the things we discussed in the meetup are:

  1. Basics of Steemit, Steem blockchain and various apps on top of it.
  2. Why prices fluctuate and how BTC relates to the change in price.
  3. What blockchain technology means and why we are early adoptors to this technology.
  4. How Steemit is helping shape social media slowly but steadily.
  5. Various ways of utilizing the platform.
  6. How to build a following, increase engagement with posts amongs other things.
  7. Some issues related to the platform were also discussed.
  8. How to trade Steem for BTC and BTC for INR was done.
  9. I also informed users on managing their tax burden in this meetup.
  10. Benefits of hodling Steem as SP and active curation on the platform.

Let us grow the community from India and educate people on participating on the best blockchain out there currently and one that rewards users for sharing content and participating on it.

People are still largely unaware of the advantages of the Steem blockchain and we need to work together to bring about that change in mindset and rate of adoption. The market in India offers tremendous potential for growth; in terms of users and price as well.

I want to thank all of you who made it to the meetup in Jaipur. I've had the pleasure of interacting with some of you in the past year and I'm so glad we could finally meet! It was just wonderful!

@aishwarya @shenoy @indiantraveller @cityboy @mehakmittal13 @prakashghai @komal @mariashabbir @kajolag @ruwatiatanu @rovingman @homemakershivi @jayantgarg @vinayakgupta @classyjewel. We also had Latika and Gopika who are new to the platform and came to the meetup to learn about it.

I missed meeting authors such as @ayushijain and @freebirdkhushboo owing to their own travels clashing with this event.

Please follow their blogs and encourage them to Steem on!

This is the first meetup for 2018 that I've organized and I have two more lined up in this month before I take a short break to travel. Stay tuned for details on the next Steem meetup location and time. Based on the response to the first three events I hope to plan more pan-India. The video from this meetup will be up next week so be sure to watch it when I post it here.

Read: Bangalore Meetup Announcement Post!

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It is really good. I am happy to see how we all are working as a community for the betterment of steem blockchain.

Ohh shit I missed the chance to meet you sir 😞😞😞

@sauravrungta you look incomplete without your goggles on!

@firepower ` Meghan bro, I am waiting for the day when my city gets the fortune to arrange such a meetup. Steemit has tremendous potential for growth over any other projects.

Though it is growing slowly, its growth curve is steady.

India is now in the TOP 5 countries where steemit is growing massively.
@firepower is also in the TOP 10 followers category of Steemit. (Congrats for this)

I am glad to see you helping others by sharing your precious time.

This is awesome @firepower. Meet ups like this reinforce the steemit community. And as it grows I think it's important to be asking the questions from above so we can move in a clearer direction with the hope that the diversity and healthbif the steem ecosystem builds. I have a lot of hope in the future of this platform and I'm glad people are meeting up to discuss it's future and how to make it better.

WOW, what a big group!!! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun and covered some really great topics too.

I am surprised and amazed at the size of the group @firepower in your Jaipur meet-up. I am a new joinee and am acquainting myself with Steem and it's ecosystem. I think a more formal event/meet-up is the next logical step for steemit community in India. If you are planning or have plans in that direction I would love to host it in my city (Hyderabad).


Yes! Hyd is on the cards. It would be great if you could get in touch on Steemit.Chat on the #India channel. :)

It was really great. Loved this one and looking forward for more Meet ups...

Wow incredible event, it turns out that steemit developed a message around the world, continued success to steemit of india.
Greetings from indonesia steemit

I'm amazed to see this post. It makes me feel like WOW. I'm just a month old here reading a lot and digesting many aspects of Steemit. There are still many areas for me yet to be explored. I'm from Chennai. I may not be able to attend the meetups if it is far away from my place, but would like to be a part of this energetic team. Can you please guide me how I can also be a part of this? Do you guys have group or something or just steamit.Chat? I'm simply amazed to see such a big team here in India. :)


Chennai is on the cards in this year. Log on to the India Channel on Steemit.Chat to connect with other users from India. Maybe you could help me in organising one in your city in the future. :)


From the day one I have been spreading the word with my friends and colleagues. I will really be very happy to organize one. My blood is really flowing hot and fast. :) Thanks for the post. This is really inspiring. Immediately after writing a reply to this post, I went to and check for a #india tag and found you. :) Now I think I will stay connected and updated.


I feel the steem community in india is growing steadily. I myself am from Chennai and I've recently joined Steemit. I have seen another new user from chennai too. The list is growing fast. Hopefully we can have a meet-up in chennai soon.


Hi @logicalidiot. I have started a WhatsApp group for steemit Chennai people to share and grow. Below is the link to join the group.

It was great meeting the team and also few new members joining. Hoping for such meet ups to come up more . Thank you for organising such a meet up @firepower

Hi @firepower. I am surprised to see that we have people in India promoting Steem. It is really nice.
I find so many people who do not even know the meaning of blockchain or call all the developments fake, ponzi and what not. Everybody just knows the name of Bitcoin, very few actually know the meaning of blockchain, smart contracts etc. And here, I find you, promoting STEEM.

It is revolutionary. I intend to use and promote it myself. I am very new to this platform yet, exploring, learning and contributing now..

never knew that so many people from india exist here on this platform and oh boy you even arranged a get together. happy to see you all. Come to hyderabad if possible. We are waiting ....

Seems like a good meet-up. Will definitely join the second one! I hope it would happen soon.. :)

Awesome @firepower.
Just got my STEEMIT approval today and I'm very excited about everything that happens here. Starting my new life here as writer.
I like the way you guys meeting up and enjoying, sharing your STEEMIT journey, connecting with each other. I too want connect with my Indian Steemitian and want to share more out of it.
I hope STEEMIT India will support and help me in this journey.

Ohh wow ! But Jaipur is far for for me! Will there be any Mumbai Meetup!!


Yes. Later in this year. :)

How big is STEEM in India?


You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!




You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!


So I'll try again. 😉Long live Internet 3.0!

This team is going to be more and more strong with such enjoyable moments

It's a great Steem meet up.

You are doing great work for Indian community @firepower
Resteemed your lovely post.

Good efforts to make a gathering and connecting each other. Meeting face-to-face can really boost up their confidence towards steemit community. You did a great job initiating the meet-up. Keep it up!

bhut bhadiya ji enjoy

I think Steem is a great idea! But of course not a lot of people know of it, so it's important to get this information out to everyone else who doesn't know.

Wowa! This is such awesome @firepower i hope i also get a chance to meet you. It seems you all are enjoying a lot. I hope you had a great time.
I wish you success. The title made me so excited about the article. All the pictures are great. You all rocks.keep it up

Thanks for sharing cause i'm always happy to see all my fellow steemians in one place

also good like your job.thanks for sharing!

Did you get a chance to discuss your thoughts on recent moves against cash? I think countries that take that route are going to see a lot of pushback and are ripe for the adoption of crypto in general, great to see you all getting to meet like this.

The most helpful thing this post did was to find other Indian users for me. Followed them now.

Hopefully the Bangalore meetup will be just as good. Cheers!


Yeah 😊

Very cool. I wish we had a steem meet up in Phoenix. I feel like I'm the only one that is interested in steem here.

nice, i hope be present in the next event, lol

These tipes of meetups Are great and I think really important. It is a way to uplift the entire community.

Wow...what a concept..that was awesome.
First to last...i have read your post.

i am very proud to see my indian team (friends)..pls guide me and add if possible if there is an link...i will be in touching with you. Jai Hind...

Success to you all my best friends in your meetup...
Success is always for you my best friends.. especially for @firepower..

wow india mee v itna steemer haaa ?? mujhe tooo biswas enhi hoo rahahe.....main bangladeshi huu appko dekhke atcha laga loved it...

Very Impressed guys.... You guys are doing excellent job.. it’s really nice way to improve network... Keep it up.. Kudos..

what a nice post it is.. i personally like it and hope that people of all ages like thanks for sharing with us...good job.....

Oh thats amazing! It is nice to see this community growing in every country and people coming together. Lovely photos, thank you for sharing :)

wawoow i am from pakistan but i will seriously want to visit jai pure!nice post love it bro!

I am so happy to be a member of this wonderful community! If I lived near India I would attend 100% I can see the lives steemit is changing for those who really value their work and enjoy sharing. God bless and have an amazing meetup, the future of steemit is endless and positive. Thanks for sharing!

Wow! Please come to Mumbai too :)

@firepwer congrats for successful India steemit meet 1. Are you planning to have any meet up in Mumbai. I would love to be part of it.

This is great. Happy to see the steemit community groups in India.i hope I could join if it happens in Chennai too.Thank you so much for enlightening me. Is there a group or meet up planned in Chennai please let me know !!!

This looks awesome!

Can you please help me with my righting ....

@firepower very nice post i like it

Hello steemians... nice to see india steemian in the world of steemit... welcome to steemit guys... welldone!!

Very warm greatings from steemit team malaysia.

Great, any plans for Hyderabad meetup

This is amazing!
I love how you spread the steemit across the India, excited to attend something like that in Kuala Lumpur as well!

Keep it up and all the best! would feel so great to be a part of such a meetup..I hope I can attend the next meetup, just joined the community. It's a awesome post to read first in the morning.

Looks to have been a wonderful time!

Good community. Go ahead

Great post
Hi friend I am new member

Wooow nice post dear keep it up i follow you

@firepower, this is really neat stuff. I'm a new steemit user based out of Mumbai. I'd love to be part of such an event, if ever held in my city or if I happen to be travelling.


Thanks for sharing!!
I like your pics..

Proud to be an indian

Please let me know if you are in Goa within the next 3 weeks..sounds great

I wish i could meet all of you :( @firepower

Wow it seems like you had a successful meet up @firepower . :)
Steemit is growing bigger and bigger :) It looks like you had a great time too.
Anyway ,thank you for sharing :)

Thank you for post @firepower, I've been on steemit but not been a part of the indian steemit community. I look forward to next meet-up.

There are lots of great posts from India on here. I think Steemit has bright future in India

Im coming to jaipur in summer from england, any places to visit you would recommend?

Finally it Arrives in India with a bang. Guys do you have any other whatsapp group. So as to discuss about steemit. I am excited to see you guys here. I am from Mumbai. Thanks..

Wow ! Meetup in my neighbor land, this is great ! Hope you guys enjoyed a lot there . Namaste !

wow,,,,you are human of social. you enjoy together with your freind and bring them to steemit. i am interested with your post. This post bring me to remember my last time where i am together with my frend in the school and my journey.
Don't forget to follow my blog

Very good. It's nice to see all the steemit meetings in India, Ghana, Nigeria, Philippines, Indonesia etc.
Steemit is already changing many lives for the better. This is just the beginning. But if you can see this message it means you are here at the right place at the right time♨

Completely correct ! :)

Indian girls are always idols

Every individual would need to socialize, socialize, and make friends with anyone.
but most importantly how we maintain that relationship.

really excellent bro ,
Awesome Resteemed thank you for post, very nice picture
good luck.

It's so amazing that you managed to organise a meet up like that! It must have been very useful for people starting out, I'm sure they all loved to gain all the knowledge you guys gave them.
I wish there were more meetups like this in Europe too!

postingan yang bagus
good luck brader
salam kenal dari saya

Where is nex meetup I want also to join in the meetup

Congratulations @firepower!
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This is such a cool concept!

Inspired to try something similar in the cities I travel to. :)

is great today i going to meetup @cervantes Caracas Venezuela

Wow is there Hyderabad/ Bangalore in that list 😊 @firepower.

How about supporting Indians who uses #teamindia ?
By using this tag we can easily support & boost their rewards ( If their post is good) .

great work @firepower,

you really do wonderful efforts for the awareness of Steemit in your country. I appreciated your work and hopeful for positive results. keep it up.

good luck steemit friends all.. @firepower

@firepower I just got on this platform and at first glance it seemed like wordpress with incentives. I might be a bit naive at this point but just reading the faq and just going through content after content didn't really seem to offer much more in terms of depth compared to centralized counterparts like reddit.

If this truly is all about just the money, I was really hoping you could give me your opinion on why steemit would attract quality posters and not just turn itself into a clickfest once the masses arrive.

This is just awesome, I really wish I would have known about Steemit earlier but it's still not too late. Gotta encourage more and more people to start using this.

Way to go . When can we have a session for Bangalore...!

nice looking all of you.

hopefully another meetup in 2018 in Jaipur :)

This looks great. I was thinking the other day that India has so many great bloggers and it seems they have made a great impact on Steemit. Some of the earliest blogs i used to read about Bitcoin were India based, looking forward to hearing your outlooks. Love from the UK.

Thumbs up. I am still waiting on the Japan meet up though.

Great meeting

Was great meeting and bonding with everyone.

I am happy that there is big community of steemit in india. I am from Nepal & very near to darjelling. There are also some friends in steemit from my country.

I will also try to attend next meetup. If steemians of india organize meetup in darjeeling or near area, many sreemians including me will attend the meetup.

good post, I like your post ..

I need your support please visit my blog
if you like my post please give upvote, resteem &follow me.
thank you, keep on steemit

Congratulations, This is what needs to be done, not only in India if not in all the world

@firepower, glad to see the steem community growing in India.. wantd to join the Bangalore event but not in the country to make it.. hope to see more events like this ..

great man you are doing a great job, I am from Pune, please let me know when you are visiting Pune.

Hi sir your articles are very interesting good going best of luck. I am new to steemit plz help me and follow apvote my blogs posts support me thank you.