Let's Watch This Fun Video From India Steem Meetup #2—Bangalore Edition!

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Bangalore meetup was a lot of fun but it was also very insightful. The discussions that took place on the day reaffirmed my belief that this platform is gaining popularity across India. I returned home last evening from Sri Lanka and @shenoy was ready with the initial cut. After a couple of rounds of edit we've got the final cut ready for you guys.

My plans are to take this across the country and I will be doing that as long as I can afford to keep it going. Meanwhile, I hope everyone on Steemit enjoys watching the 2nd video. It's always great to get some interesting feedback from users of our favorite blockchain.

I have a few more ideas around this and hopefully with your support I will be able execute some of them as we go forward into this amazing new year. For now let's watch the second video I've produced in collaboration with my friend and YouTuber @shenoy. We're working to improve on our concept for these videos and it'll get better as we go.

You can watch the video from the Jaipur meetup here! Jaipur had some really great participants and the video came out great! Please follow @shenoy on Steemit and support him if you like his work.

You can view the posts from the meetups conducted for the following cities below.

#1 Jaipur Meetup
#2 Bangalore Meetup
#3 Mangalore Meetup

Delhi Meetup on 11th February.

You can read the announcement post here for details on the meetup and RSVP with @wandereronwheels on Steemit.Chat or Discord.

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This is great work from you @firepower. It shows steemit is getting deeper into India. The guy that talks about free money.. hehe. It's not free money.
It's money paid for content you take time writing.
I feel steemit will transform wider parts of India bringing many people out of poverty.


Wow! That's a great new perspective that you have showed me. Thank you 💞
I was only thinking how I get paid here, whereas I don't get shit on other platforms, where I relatively post the same content.
I think that's what makes Steemit great.
Steemit will be great for India. I am doing my own work onboarding as many people as possible.
For this year, I have a goal of onboarding 500 users. I have only done 14 yet. A lot of work yet to be done.


14 still is a good start. Let's just continue raising the numbers. 500 users is a perfect goal


I'm starting a campaign on my YouTube channel. Hoping to convert some of my subscribers to Steemians.


joos vedio...i am from bangladesh..i also agree with you that steemit will be great for our this side country..


Well said and I agree. @cptn.naresh take note! :D


hope to see u soon i delhi...


It gets annoying when people say it is free money. Little do they know we spend 4-5 hours on writing a good article.


Oh Gosh, why can't you guys just do a world tour? Your spirit is so contagious, it'd be great to send you all over the globe in order to onboard people :-) Loved and resteemed (cause it helps, haha)


Well that's an Idea i'm already considering and working on but it would be great if the community supported these kind of initiatives more whole heartedly. :) Thank you for your encouragement and constant support Marly.


You're more than welcome! I really can't imagine any reasons why the community shouldn't support you in doing that :-)

Watching this video just reminded me of how amazing the steem meet up was! Can't wait for the next one haha

@firepower this is really inspiring and motivating for you guys to oraginase a meetup we here@ Enugu Steemit did our own meet up today and it was awesome look out for the pictures and videos too am really inspired thank you very much for sharing!!!

It really feels awesome when someone from india brings up the post in here on steemit....it kinda give family feeling......btw you people are too funny out there...keep working and show steemit what indians can do.....and i am having intutions that this post will be trending soon ...
Yaar phadooo inki.....

I have lost count on the number of people i have asked to join and actually join. Seeing stuffs like this want to motivate me to even do more. You are always inspiring.

first comment!! Hahaha Yesss big achievement!


yay! Now watch the video will ya? :D


Haha! Not here just to spam. Of course, I've watched the video! Good going bhai :)

What you do is impressive and i just came on board but i can see that you are burning with love to bring everyone on board. I am really excited about it. Good job you are doing there.


Thanks. I noticed that you are new. You should make an introduction post to get started. Lemme know when you do. :)


This makes me happy. Thank you for showing me this support. I am encouraged. I will make the introductory post very soon. Thank you so much. :)


Thank you sir. I finally made my introduction post and as promised, i want you to know. I mentioned you as well. 🙈

Nice video @firepower. When you come to Chennai Meetup in future, please bring @shenoy with you. He is very interesting. :-)


Thank you :D

Finally you appeared at last , i was looking for you :) . Indeed a lot of work you put in. Cheers!!

So happy to see that fellow Indians have joined the Steemit bandwagon, and how! Kudos to you @firepower for taking the lead on this! I would love to be part of one of your meetups on my next trip to India.

Oh and a huge shout out to @bikergirl - Girl, you've inspired me! I've been thinking of starting a crowd funding campaign for my Antarctica expedition and looks like you've given me some ideas. Thanks! :)

Nice video and perhaps a very memorable event. The successes recorded by Bangalore Steemit met up would necessitate that the event be held much more regularly. Thanks @firelpower

Hello sir. Good post.

Its nice that you are spreading the steemit word in India and i hope many people can join,i love the video.

Very nice post my friend! Keep going. Would love to see more from you!

This is awesome and a good way of preaching the gospel of steemit to people out there in Indian.
Kudos to you

Hmm it is really a great Meetup 😋 I wish to be a part of the interviews ... But I can't 😂😅


Maybe someday it might just happen! :D


Yes I'll be happy for that @firepower thank u ...

So nice video .... I like to watch it...really enjoying...

You are really doing an amazing work. Really, well done.

Yo Steemian Rocks! Bangalore Edition was great hope you all comes in my City Siliguri
@firepower sir hope even i get a chance to say few words front of cam.
Again Steemit Rocks!

nice post , thanks for sharing

India is beautiful in its own rite. Glad steemit is gaining more popularity in the world. So glad to be here

incredible post you guys.

Very nic post,i like it very much,

Very nic post,i like it.

Yes, that's a great initiative...
Let's make steemit known throughout the country..
Not a lot of people in india know about this.
Keep going bro.
Pura Hindustan ko pata chale Steemit kia hai

meetup is awsome,if this is like this meet up give more fun

wow ..... really a great video ....ive laughed 5 min at all....

really good....

wow ..... really a great video ....ive laughed 5 min at all....

really good....

wooww .. this is really very amazing, very good post and very interesting, also very memorable, great work my friend. The world must be proud to have talent like you. once again, very, very amazing .... !!!

wow very nice sir and good information...Resteem and upvote
images (1).jpg

verry niice l video indeed india is a very beautiful place to be !! great poste

Beautiful video indeed india is a very beautiful place to be

Excellent post! I hope you can take a look at mine and see what you think and vote it. Regards!


Awesome post :)

wow very nice sir and good information

For me it is very interesting to see the shots from Bangalore as I live in Sweden. Very inspiring interviews. Thanks for sharing.

very nice post dear @firepower


nice post,,,please follow me

Energetic video actually

This is great. I need to go to some meetups.

Super awesome video, @firepower :)

Are waha jii
Acchi post hai...
M also want to meet u brother...
Can tell were we can meet

well this is encouraging!!

Very good idea, India can contribute best steemia.

Looking forward to a similar meetup in Pune. Please connect me to concerned person.

Keren, semoga sukses terus. Salam dari Indonesia

Hello @firepower I am planning for steem meet up at Gujarat. You are always welcome. And request you to help me find out Gujarati on steemit platform.

Plz visit my post and resteem it if possible for you.

Thanking all in advance.


Up up we go

Congratulations, very good video.


How are you, @firepower? I liked the video, it is full of energy, joy and motivation and I appreciate your involvement on this amazing platform. I would have liked to be part of the interviewers ;)

Best wishes!

Sir do visit Pune once, we will give you a warm welcome

greetings from aceh.

Please spread your tentacle to Africa ,I believe together we change the World.