Presented Steem Blockchain, SMTs, Steemit & Other UIs at Blockchain Bangalore Meetup!

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Past weekend was a highly productive weekend for me. I was able to accomplish a lot in terms of helping many people understand the Steem blockchain and the major apps utilising it.

A few days ago @bobinson contacted on Steemit.Chat and informed me of the Blockchain Bangalore group meetup. Kiran was the host of the event and Bobinson got me a speaking slot. I was quite excited to be talking to a group of devs.

The event was focused towards developers and software engineers and was a technical meet of sorts. We were about 20 people and participants were engineers from top IT companies including Samsung, General Electric amongst others. They were interested to learn more about the development opportunities with these new technologies.

Some marketing professional for a top supply chain company was also present to understand commercial use cases of blockchain. Overall it was an extremely interactive session.


Kiran gave a solid brief about blockchain technology. It started from basics to intermediate information which was again very developer oriented. This paved the way for @bobinson's detailed discussion on IPFS, Graphene 2 and comparison of blockchains and their capabilities.


Both presenters gave excellent insights into some of these technologies and I enjoyed listening to them as it helped brush up my own knowledge of these matters.

These two presentations tied in perfectly with my presentation on Steem blockchain, SMTs and all the applications on top of the Steem blockchain. We were hard pressed for time as the first two presentations ran for 3 hrs. I was hoping to close in early but the participants were so interested by Steem blockchain that my presentation became an interactive discussion that ran for an hour past our closing time.

Everyone present were thrilled to learn about the possibilities with Steem. I'm now considering holding a couple of developer meetups later in the year as and when time permits. I think we could do with more devs from India experimenting and building new apps using blockchain technology.

India is a nascent market with tremendous upside. I hope to assist in harnessing some of this potential for the growth of the Steem blockchain and currency, and bring new users and devs to use the various apps on the Steem blockchain, as well as create new use cases.

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I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you in Japan and I would like to extend the steemit.


You are right we need more people like @firepower to grow the Steemit community more and more. Congs to thos developers

good job my freind ^^
steemit platform is best for all people
have a good day


You are right my dear @salahchiva,Love you.

Awesome, we need more users!

This is great. When so many of us are incentivized to share the steemit platform and steem blockchain. Really makes sense how we can all grow to some very high level of financial freedom aware from censorship.
A community network is something I am very interested in instead of these corporate websites.

This is what we need - education of the people. What is your best guess when SMTs become available? I am waiting for them eagerly...

How about blockchain based tinder for a start? xD Nobody's done that yet.
Right swipe to get paid :P


Right swipe to get paid :P

there is a typo. you need a "l" & not "p" in the last word ;-)


Can turn into an app for prostitution easily and all transactions recorded permanently! Didn't think this one through did ya? :P


I'm just throwing ideas :P

Everyone present were thrilled to learn about the possibilities with Steem. I'm now considering holding a couple of developer meetups later in the year as and when time permits.

Would have love to be in attendance. But India be miles away. Good job you are doing , kudos

what a good initiative for the benefit of all, thank you for notifying us of this project, success with this project.

If you can support me with an upvote it would be great

Thank you great work @firepower

thanks for sharing information about Blockchain, My dear @firepower

This is simply amazing, the way you really involve yourself to this platform is motivating. I'm kinda new to the platform, but with time following people like you will certainly help me in impacting on others with my post. Keep up the good work bro. @pboss123

pleas follow and upvote me

I love the venue for the meet-up, it's so perfect. Nice work so far, I should go learn javascript to be able to build on blockchain

This is a great job Steemit is very nice to share with everyone through your experience class And if you can make time to share your experiences with steemit blogs with us

Good job sir steemit is the platform which can help people to change life thanks for sharing information @firepower

The man that got the fire to power steemit firepower

You have always keep on showing why steemit is the community meant for all

Keep up with the good job boss @firepower

Wow. I hope someday can meet you in Bangalore. I know Bangalore from Bangalore Days movie

Nice reporting buddy.

Nice post thanks for sharing @ firepower

Awesome work my friend. The more networking we do, the more steem will spread throughout the world. Start small, stay focused and sustainable growth will follow

This is wonderful... All in a bit to promote steemit

Helping others understand something is a very noble job, I am amazed by the above explanation, I must have to learn a lot about steemit because I am a beginner on this incredible platform. Thank you for sharing. Great job

"Everyone present were thrilled to learn about the possibilities with Steem. I'm now considering holding a couple of developer meetups later in the year as and when time permits. I think we could do with more devs from India experimenting and building new apps using blockchain technology."
It would be an honor to have you come give us a talk in Nigeria.
Please consider, we would be thrilled to have you(especially me💃).
The locals are doing a great job(@ejemai, @gee1 and co) are doing a great job. But, Nigerians would definelty value a visit from you more(it would be like the President of steemit coming to Nigeria💃)
Thanks for your amazing and selfless effort to add value to the lives of others through steemit and beyond @firepower.

I would like activities like these to take place in Spanish-speaking countries to implode Steemit and thus be able to draw on the knowledge of experts like you, my dear friend @Firepower

Good job thank you for sharing that ❤️

Any chance you will post your presentation that you gave at the meetup? Im doing a meetup more geared towards beginners about graphene blockchain and cryptos in one week.
Great work my friend, Steem will help to change the world!

maybe this could be a good thing for you and 20 more guys you have,what you give here. all the people believe in you,thank you for sharing,I will follow every spa that you give here.

its a good news.steem is our future.good job in the artical

Great Work guys that is the best way to attract more good Developers and Marketing experts to Steemit. I wish you all the best and keep us updated!!!

I often follow you, but I have not much to know about steemit, please guidance and guide for me, warm regards @rudirach

i really like ur efforts and they way of writing u r totally amazing thank you @firepower

It is very informative. Thank you.

I learn a lot from you , i wish to do the same here locally in hyderabad.

Thanks to be such a good representative for our blockchain ! Very much appreciated!

So, you end up with the formal PPT's.

Great motive to conduct my own area.
Great job.
Welldone Bro!

This was the second meetup of this year. I think this meetup was full of technologies. As I'm see in this blog that most of the developers had joined this meetup. As we all know that Indian people are very talented but as well as they have fear in their minds. New technologies in India are a great idea. It is not only good for the Indian people so that they can get new ways, but it is also very beneficial for the government because if the Indian government makes the cryptocurriencies trading legal, the ecosystem will grow fastly. The government will also get a lot of benefit like income as a tax, the growth of GDP will grow rapidly, The government can save huge amounts of money which it spends in generating new currencies.

All the best guys. @firepower you doing awesome. We all know that you are the one to all of us. You are a tree, we all are your leaf.

Nice to see you educating the community regarding Steem and blockchain! Keep up the awesome work as usual!

You are really doing not just a good job but a great job as well. The way you wrote your post i even imagined the pictures of how interactive your presentation was and i wished i was there :D

It's great holding such meets it will be really helpful for new members.also good new ideas can be shared at a common platform.
One thing that I think should be promoted is,how to get "India" into the most commonly used tags. Like Indonesia.
Thank you
Regards b@crafter

The speed of Indian development is awesome. I think steemit will also become a big community.
Like you, I would like to become a force to develop the community of Japan someday.

@firepower, you deserve thumbsup for all your help. Really great man for providing selective information online as well as offline. #steemeet is gonna so much helpful to all . Good going indians.


Looking like a great meet.can u pls list the apps running on the steem blockchain.Thanks

Great job man ...
We need more people like you....

an interesting event, In our region is still rarely held such an event. thank for your post, I hope can be inspire to me to be able to create many events like this.. regard me @aafadjar

Keep up the good work

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Nice work done.... Keep it up

Wow very nice post

This weekend will be better to you.

thanks. have a nice day

This is something I think is totally amazing. People should promote steemit like this more often.

@firepower I started working recently with Steemit only twenty days, I still have a long way to go, until now as a user it has been satisfactory. I have already started using BUSY.ORG, I believe that the potential of will give us many surprises in the near future as all its associated tools are consolidated and are simple and accessible to all. Also tell you that your publication is excellent. I upvote and I follow you.

congratulations to india team (bangalore) hopefully me and all my steemian friends in indonesia can follow in the footsteps of the success of india team. Thanks @firepower

Thank you for inspiring us with your contributions. Steemians in other countries can look up to your example and get more of their citizens onto the Steemit platform.

매우 유익한 정보 감사합니다.계속 응원하겠습니다.

We need more guys like you! Godspeed. Hail steemit.

I was there at the meetup, Glad to understand about steemit and the technology behind it.

very very awesome excellent for post.

It was really nice meeting you all!

May be I am a little late to the forum, but would love to participate in these Blockchain meet ups (Especially in Bangalore).
Kindly keep posting the upcoming dates for such meetups.

@firepower : Do you have videos of these talks?

Steem is probably the best blockchain out there either in terms of scaling and network fluency. Still highly undervalued in my opinion considering what it offers and all its future developments, it is a great community.