Introducing The Youngest Female Surfer and Other Cool New Users from India to Steemit Including my Mother!

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Please help in welcoming some very interesting and talented individuals to Steemit. I've been meaning to write this post as soon as a bunch of people I wanted to join Steemit would get on board together and start posting here! Let's begin with a quick round of introductions!


Say hello to Aneesha! She is one of the two youngest surfers in the country as well as the youngest female surfing instructor from India. She started surfing when she was just 12 years or so and now 4 years later she's a local star!

She registered her account around the time I held the first India Steemit Accelerator but had been busy with her studies, travelling and other things that teenagers do, but she's finally begun her journey on Steemit and I hope you will welcome her and follow her posts to learn more about her.

She's popular amongst her peers and a recognized young surfer from my city who has been featured by various publications for her achievements.

You can find her introduction here!


My buddy Dhanush from my hometown and a popular motographer here. He loves and breathes cars and motorcycles. He's got some interesting content lined up and he's likely to be a regular in the India tag on Steemit in the days to come. Check out his latest post!


Sanjay is a foodie and traveller who's also a great guy in general. Another old biker buddy and a young digital marketing guy. He loves spending his time around steemit. He's planning some interesting content that talks about his journey as part of the The 3 Hungry Men. Check out his blog sometime.


I've known Sunil for over a decade and we are old biking buddies from a popular Indian motoring platform and publication called Xbhp. He's a popular social media influencer and has travelled every nook and corner of the country. Please welcome him to Steemit.

You can find his introduction here!


Bunny, Sunil and I go wayyyy back! Known each other for nearly 13-14 years. We even worked together briefly as auto journos for the same publications few years ago. He's a top auto journo in India and social media influencer and recently has started a hotel in the foothills of the mountains. He's been writing about his travels and you will love the pictures he'll share.

Check out his post here.


Another old friend of mine who seems to be enjoying posting on this platform very much! He's an avid photographer who loves clicking pictures on his travels. Be sure to check out his blog sometime and give him a follow if you like!

Check one of his posts here!


My buddy Varun is a young vlogger and has been in love with Steemit. He's not exactly a newbie but I never introduced him before. He posts some very interesting posts so you are welcome to check them out on his blog page.

One his newest posts!


Motherpowaaaaaa! She's my mother and at 58 she's just discovering the power of social media. She's brought me up just fine and has posted a great introduction recently. She's still learning to use the platform and I try to help her whenever I can. Expect pictures of flowers, cats and some life stories along the way. She really seems to be enjoying reading the content on Steemit!

Check her introduction here!

Be sure to follow some interesting accounts from India such as @aishwarya @droidsid @sauravrungta @bikergirl @looftee @liberosist @varunpinto @chaithrabhat @andreanoronha @ayushijain @rahul.stan @sidwrites @taraamin77 @thatindianlady @travel-cuisine amongst others.

You can check the India tag on Steemit to find some interesting content from India.

Thank you for welcoming and supporting these new authors from my country!

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i enjoy your post n thanks for donating $1300for helpless


nice post... @firepower
you help new member.. thats very good

i hope, i get promotion from you to :D hhaa


nice one

Welcome to steem nation

Great to see new people on the platform.. And its even greater to see new people with great value behind them as people on the platform.
I would like to wish you all the best of times and adventures, also much love and appreciation from me..

Be free

If every country had even one person like you here on steemit it would take no time for the platform to go past all of the other social medias. So nice to see someone helping out so many fellow new comers and introducing so many people to Steem. Keep it up!

good job my friend, thx for your contribution to new members. Such sharing spirit is always needed every where in today world

wow you are doing good @firepower and I like the fire and power in you working hard and adding value at steemit.
welcome @oceanchild , @speedracer , @sanjayjkamath , @sunil.gupta , @bunnypunia , @dheerajdj , @wandereronwheels ,
and mum @geetharao . Steemit is a great platform where your efforts will be rewarded handsomely. Feel free to see my posts on strategies to succeed here especially

and feel free to join my post debate on : Why Steem debit card will be great for all

I hope that all of us will stay in touch and I am sure that you guys will be a big success story.


Thanks a lot for the warm welcome @charles1


you are welcome

Nice post. Upvoted and following you. Please do the same for me. Thank you.

I Donated $1300+ Of My Income Earned On Steemit Last Month

That's great, @firepower

You got your mom to sign up! That is awesome

What a pleasant surprise to find the mention of my name here :)

And probably I won't be wrong if I say that every single person here from India is because of you.

But getting your mom here Is priceless. Give my regards to her.


Sunil ji, Namastey hope you remember me.


Hi Sanjay, please don't embarrass me by asking such questions man :)

Of course, I remember you, you are Sanjay, the movie star from Bulgaria, right? :D

Welcome to the wonderful world of steemit! Keep up the great posts!

Motovlogging has picked up in the recent years ! , this platform shall give them both power of influencing and support financially !
steemit is incredible !

Congratulations on getting your mother to steemit. I have been thinking to invite my dad but he will likely have some opinions about what's I write about

@firepower none of us would have been here if it was not because of you. I'm learning so much everyday because of this platform and a big thank you for that bro. :)

@firepower really thanks to introducing with us!! @ocanchild she is really awesome !! I really like to follow these Indians guyzz!!

I like to share these post with my followers!!

i read your post its very good you are donating $1300 from your income .
i am follow you know you plzz follow me and tnxx for guideing about account security.


Well it's good having someone on your side... And now I wish I had someone who promoted me... Like you are doing for her.. good way to introduce someone.

I guess Redbull should patrocinate you and your people! I alway I read some of your posts the image comes... Always a kindof xtreme content man! Go Surfing and Go going to @oceanchild story..

So cool motorbikes

I was hoping the first photo was the photo of your mom. Just kidding love this post!

Great to welcome these cool new Steemians! Cheers, keep it on!

Perfect 😱

That's very nice of you to introduce them to the Steemit community!
Great job @firepower

Great to meet my fellow Indians. I welcome you all with open heart . If you ever need anything, I'll be glad to help :) Thanks @firepower for introducing them.

Nice! Interesting people)))

Hello @firepower! I am following you!

Welcome to everyone! @oceanchild is a pretty cool name for a young surfer

My mom introduced herself to FB a few years back, time for the son to introduce her to steemit. And and and... Your mom will be the pioneer steemian mom frm India.

Wooohooo this is so awesome..

Thank you for the re introduction.

Fire power crew \m/

Hey it moves well in India I often hear about you. Go a little upVote from France 😉

Hello Indian friends! It's great to read about people with passion :) By the way, I love indian food :) I want to visit your country definitely! ;)

You got me on this. I'm following you straight up. I love your posts

Steemit can help anybody

I just show there blow they did well on their blog. Nice to meet them all and looking forward to watch their vlog. thanks for sharing @firepower

@firepower, an awesome bunch of bloggers from India with a wide range of interests. This sure is getting more and more interesting by the day. Thank you for being instrumental in bringing so much value to this platform.

Nice post ..i like

@firepower, You're doing an awesome job by lifting others and bringing interesting content to steemit. Fully support you bro. Keep it up. Upvoted!

Thank you for introducing those wonderful people especially your mum. I will check them out, upvote and follow to see their posts :)


Love this post.

Hello, welcome to steemit

Nice post,enjoy life @firepower

i love to surf but the fear in my heart of getting drowned keeps me away from this beautiful ride :(

These guys are lucky to get a features from you. :) following them to get some inspiration, I might be going back to india next month. hope to meet someone from steemit along the way. :)

Hey! @firepower. Thank you so much for introducing me early to this platform.
It's only because of Steemit that I was introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies and the potential it has in the future world!
Also, Steemit has been pretty addictive and it's not the bad kind of addiction because I'm being productive and it's motivating me to write and also get better at writing. I rejected two job offers because Steemit's got my back!
Looking forward to a lot more on Steemit!
Cheers! :D

Hi @firepower, Help me make $1300 a month :) @lank | great work for donating to the homeless

good job ! keep on posting

thk steem sup (2).png

This is great to make us knew about such awsom people on ssuch a platform

Your kind acts will not go without notice. Thank you.

amazing post @firepower

your mom too steem?

nice post

Another super post there @firepower : thumbs up for this post and putting mere mortals like me in front of this super community. Loving each day here :-D #steemitindia

wonderful intro of the entire team bro. :) Kudos

YES ! ! ! You Guys Are Awesome ! ! ! Please Be My Friend @mummedia

Art Philosophy Life and Fun

<3 MUM <3

@ firepower - Thanks for putting my name up there! :)

This post is really great and I am really feeling excited after meeting some of my fellow Indian steemers. I already know @oceanchild and now I've come to know you guys from this post. By the way, you can also visit my page if you love reading @vinaypsychic.

Hi @firepower, I truly enjoyed reading your post, I am from South Africa and also loved to surf, the pics and info about the fellow steemians is truly informative. Many Namaste to all and Prem Namaste to your Mum.

Nice post

Nice post,,,hi @firepower. Vote my introdce.. Thank.

India power here in Steemit, this is wonder.

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thanks for helping other people not just to get started here on stemmt but also in life!! Great work! follow and upvote

Damnn, cool post ever :3 @firepower


I appreciate if you follow me!
Your comments are always welcome,
I will try to answer as much as possible.Good luck with your trip in this communitas, the best combination with all your friends is no exception, and upvote to your friends as much as possible, and the reverse.

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Regards community steemit

Welcome to Steemit! @firepower . A firely post!

Amazing post about outstanding people

You got really cool gang!

Glad to have all these new faces on steemit and thank you for the introduction @firepower! And you have even inspired your mom to join steemit! I got my mom to join a few weeks ago too :D Great work supporting the Indian community on steemit! Cheers! :)

welcome here are few tips to grow ur earnings at steemit
also resteem post that other will also get benefit of these tips


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The most important part is that.....u have introduced your mother....thats awesome...truly inspirational for others as well....anyway every time your post has got something new and very very informative as well....

Thanks for the mention..
Really appreciate the support :)

nice Post


Wish you best of luck

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Thank You @sitara12511

Hello @firepower! Thanks a lot for introducing such talented persons here for us to discover! I'm looking forward to connect with them soon and share some of our passion! So glad that your mum joined too, I had my wife also signed up and you can welcome her here she'll be happy!

Great post man! Lets make India great again!

@firepower - -- Welcome to the steemit Community to all new Steemians from India.
I hope you all will enjoy your stay here.

For more details on the contest click here!

I would like to wish you a warm welcome to the Steemit Community. We look forward to your posts and interacting as we build this community together. I upvoted you.

Great post, @firepower.

That's a really nice of you to introduce other folks on this wonderful platform. I could see how you're working towards helping the steemit community to make it a better place.

I'd love to know more about you. I'm an aspiring space entrepreneur. I've been a passionate reader and I write about simple life skills and values one can learn to lead a better life. I joined only a month ago and the warm welcome I've received so far on this platform really impressed me. And I'm confident this particular post will help me connect with fellow Indians.

One of the major reason for me to come to this platform is to find and engage with people who share my passion and interests, attempt at something crazy or ambitious, and support others. I firmly believe in the concept that one can always learn from a few and teach a few. Based on your posts, I'm confident that I can benefit personally from following your journey and find meaningful ways to interact with you in the future. And hence, I've followed and upvoted you and hope we can learn from each other.

Let's set our steem boots on fire. :)

Yes !! More awesome people added to the Steemit family!!! :)


More to come :)


Sweet! I like your post. Can we talk on steemit chat for a short while. Thank you


Hi @firepower I've written an article about you, check it out, if you can? thanks.

30 Best Steemians Of The Day To Follow 1st August 2017


looking forward to it :D

Welcome to Steemit
follow me @nawir


Yaay! Thanks!

Best story I've read this year. Congrats and welcome on Steemit !


Yaaay! Thank you! :)

You are such a wonderful rider , keep your riding #steemitbd


Thank you!


You are welcome

@firepower welldone.. you supporting other people by puting a word out for them


Hello @firepower. Im new and i must say u have a nice introduction for your friends. This is awesome man. Steem on


Thank you! Steem on!

Hi welcome to the steemit community. please post with great contents. Cheer up. I am post about Japan in 3 language (in english,Japanese,Korean). If you have any questions about S.Korea and Japan, Please let me know. I do my best to response with steemian especially. Good Luck with Steem. @steemitjp you can get inspiration with posting Regards David.


Thank you so much. Keep Steeming! :)

Welcome to the Steemit platform – you’ll love it and I can’t wait to read your articles.

I'm blown away by how many interesting people are in this intro piece!

I just wanted to share some articles with you that helped me as a new user…

Here’s a great post with some amazing formatting tips!

The Complete Steemit Etiquette Guide (Revision 2.0)

Something I really need to learn was the special way to add pictures and gifs to your posts so here’s a great article that tells you how to do that.

So good to meet you and I hope this helps!


The Steem Report


Thank you! I am glad you dropped by.

Amazing !! I loved your post. Upvote and following you. I hope you can visit my blog and enjoy my post too! Regards!!


Thank you!

Welcome to the steemit I hope your happy with we
And keep it up

I'm very glad to see here both women surfers and your mother! I read about India with pleasure.

Welcome aunty. @firepower, we have bumped into each other a couple of times but never really interacted and look where fate makes us meet. Small world it really is :)

Welcome to Steem :) Have fun in this Unique place!

Welcome firepower, I hope you enjoy it here! This is a great place for a multitude of reasons; I’m sure you’ll find out plenty of your own.

I am going to follow you and ask that in return your follow me. But take note, this type of following is almost a moot point. After all, wouldn’t you rather be following people with similar interests? OR following people whom are like minded?

Just my two cents, but welcome all the same. At my site, @carltong; I have blogs on scams, easy to use faucets, and more. I don’t link to any of these in this letter, because I want to genuinely welcome you to Steemit. It’s that great an invention, lol.

Here is my best advice for you:

”If it seems to good to be true, then it’s NOT true.”

I lost over $1000 at BitcoinsBrain, and almost got taken by FexFund; I was given this advice once; “be nice to everyone and don’t trust anyone”.

Whatever the case, WELCOME to STEEMIT. Say hi once in a while and I’ll try to do the same.