Hi @firepower you are doing a great job. We also interested to join your this great project ,and we also waiting for steem meetup @kolkata.

Kolkata is certainly happening. I'm doing the best I can to work out the dates on asap basis and make an announcement towards it. Please stay tuned. :)

Your the greatest man! Steemit is taking over the world. We will live our dream and make it come true.

Thanks man. I hope that it will help us all in the future. That's why i'm working so hard.

I know you are man! I can't wait to see what you gonna do next!
We are all here and got your back :)

Put me on the list too. Hope you remember my previous request for steem meetup in Kolkata.

Thank you! Stay tuned to my posts for update on Kolkata meetup.

Thanks for your valuable reply, will be waiting for that. :)


its so be thats.everyone always belive [email protected]

Well, I don't know about everyone else, but I always belive [email protected]

@firepower, I too believe in the positive changes you are bringing in the Indian Steemit community. I especially loved the idea of listing Steem in an Indian exchange. That would be awesome. I will vote for you as soon as I reach home tonight :)

thanks man! :) Appreciate it.

I have already voted, hope this helps you in creating a better Steemit community for all of us. Don't become like our politicians man, after you get all the votes, lolz

its very good !!!

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