My Past Year On Steemit—Quick Recap of 2017!

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I returned home on the 5th after a few days away from my desk. However, I still had to work on the go but with travel and a bit of relaxation thrown in I came back a little refreshed. More often than not I have long 15+ hr days and it's only rarely that I managed to take a full day off without any involvement with computers and electronics in general. I feel lucky to be able to set the hours for work and do it on the go, but it has taken a decade to get here.

In the past few days I've managed to tick a few things off my bucket list. Some were on the list for over a decade. I managed to accomplish some of things I dreamt of as a teenager such as a jungle safari, visiting a certain parts of my state of Karnataka, India but more importantly certain financial goals that I wanted to attain before the age of 30-not a lot of time left for that!

I had some time to introspect and I wanted to highlight some of favourites blogs that I've authored in the past year. I hope you'll allow me a little self-indulgence here!

1. Starting 2017 with a Bang by Bringing Joy to HIV Positive Kids!

This was my start to 2017 and even as I have continued to involve myself in charity projects I'm yet to post an overall update from the last year. Meanwhile this is what we did for 2017. I'm visiting the same organisation again this year to make a donation as they have continued to do a good job.

2. How I faced my demons and fought back!

This was my comeback post to Steemit after meeting with a near-fatal accident. It's been about 11 months since then and life hasn't been the same ever since. Luckily, I've found tremendous moral support from this community and that's something I will cherish forever!

3. How a Himalayan Alpha Dog Domesticated a Hooman!

This is a story from my life when I met a Himalayan dog and about our friendship. I love this piece that I've written as I'm emotionally connected to this dog from my journey. If you love dogs then you will like this one for sure!

4. LetsTalk—How Did You Find Your Passion in Life? This is How I fell in Love with Motorcycling!

This is about finding your passion in life and here I talk about how I found my passion for motoring. If you are a creative person or have a hobby in life, I'm certain you will relate to the content in my post. I'd love to hear your stories on my blog comments if you have any.

5. Successful #1 India Steemit Accelerator and Steem Cryptocurrency Meetup 2017!

This was my first accelerator program that I conducted which got excellent press coverage. It helped me onboard some valuable members of my community as well as the social circle in my city who have become active participants and stakeholders on our platform today.

6. FireTravels #4—Meeting Gaddi Shepherds of the Middle Land!

Another one of my favourite writeups. If you enjoy travel logs and good writing then you will enjoy this article. This is about my experience interacting with the 2 shepherds on one of my Himalayan sojourns. I enjoy putting together creative pieces but don't often get the time to do it. Maybe you will find the time to read through this one.

7. My Most Incredible Steemit Milestone Moment and Why It Means the World to Me!

This was a special milestone and soon after that I also managed to get my mother onto this platform and she loves using it today. I revisit this post sometimes and remember that I have a lot more work to do around here.

8. There Is No Better Way To Die Than This—RIP Dad!

Yesterday, as I shared this with a friend I couldn't help but think about mentioning it here. This is close to my heart and if you have the time, feel free to read through it. It's about my dad and his passing and I find myself reading about it from time to time and it's close to my heart.

9. Top Indian News Publication—TheQuint Features My Story as an Early Adopter to Bitcoin, Steemit & More!

With my network I've managed to get Steemit covered in print and digital publications in India. This post however is about the time TheQuint featured me in their publication. TheQuint is a popular news portal in India founded by top journos.

10. I Donated $1300+ Of My Income Earned On Steemit Last Month and This is My Mid-2017 Donation Update!

The figure is a lot more now than it is in the aforementioned post but the fact is that I strongly believe in helping others come up in life alongside me. If you taste success in life, it's always a good idea to help others out.

11. Successful #2 India Steemit Accelerator and Steem Cryptocurrency Meetup 2017 at Robert Bosch India HQ!

I held the 2nd edition of India Steemit Accelerator at the Robert Bosch India HQ located in Bangalore. We had a great turnout and the event was a great success.

12. Steemit Veni, Vidi, Vici Lisbon! SteemFest² Was EPIC! Few Thoughts On Key People From The 2017 Edition!

This is my post about our latest SteemFest 2017 and the little role I played in helping Roeland and Steemit Inc in execution of the event. I had a great team to work with and together we made it happen!

13. Steemit.Chat Update—We're 40,000 Active Users Now!

At Steemit.Chat we closed 2017 on a high note with over 40K user registration and high levels of user activity. It's been a great year and half of running the platform that we all use and enjoy. Don't forget to participate in the weekly contests that I run where you can win free SBDs.

14. India Is Now The 4th Biggest Traffic Source For Steemit!

India has shown tremendous potential and many Indian users have warmed up to Steemit and have adopted the culture of HODLing Steem. This is great for the platform in general and I'm so glad I've played a small part in enabling these things in my community. I have a lot more plans towards this effect as we usher in a new year.

15. Steemit Mentioned In: How to File Tax Returns in India for Your Bitcoin Profits—My Latest Feature In TheQuint!

TheQuint featured my story on filing your tax returns if you invest in cryptos from India. This was important as I could inform users on how to file their taxes as accurately as possible. Indian users on Steemit need to know this vital information to avoid any problems with the authorities.

I've had another great year on Steemit, and I've done the best I could for the community and the platform. I hope that you will be inspired to do the same in your communities so that we can build a stronger community of Steemians from all over the globe.

I will close this post with a wish that the you have a successful year ahead on Steemit and in your personal lives. May the year bring you good health, peace, joy and prosperity!

Happy New Year everyone!

If you like my work kindly resteem it to your friends. You may also continue reading my recent posts which might interest you:

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I hope that many more people will follow suit and do something good out of their earnings from Steemit. I'm glad to see people like you encouraging Steemians to be on a mission to help fellow men. This Song sums up what I mean. Please check it out. Thanks!


The future will be better

informative. thanks for sharing

WOW! What an incredible year you have had :) Wishing you all the best for the new year, look forward to reading all about it!


I agree with this. Congrats on your success and wish you a successful 2018

you are a successful person on steemit.i follow you.God bless of luck.go ahead @firepower (70)

You have such a heart-warming story. I realize there's been much pain, both physical and emotional, in your life, but your hard work and commitment has obviously paid-off for you, as it can for anyone.

It's so great to see you being able to help others also, as you better your life too. I feel like Steemit is somewhat of a great equalizer, in as much as it doesn't really matter where you are geographically, there is great potential here for ALL OF US.

Steemit continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and I see absolutely no reason why that's can't continue. Relatively speaking, there is just a small fraction of the number of people that is on Steemit, as this is on sites like Facebook, for example. I can't even imagine what this incredible community will be like in another year, or even five years.

Continued success my friend, I truly wish you and everyone else here on Steemit the best. We all have to realize we were handed an amazing gift with Steemit, and the Steem blockchain.

Lastly, for any minnows, of which I'm one, be patient, thoughtful in your curating, and actually take the time to leave meaningful comments on posts that you appreciate. It will pay off. My account has probably grown about three times as much in the last four weeks, than it did in about the first three months on Steemit. That's not just from the increase in the price of Steem, although that certainly helped, but I now receive better rewards as my Steem Power is increasing.



What a beautiful comment you left for @firepower. I too think he is amazing to have gone through all that he has and is able to stay positive and caring. He seems like a very giving person and deserves success; but like you said, everyone in this community is capable of that! Being relatively new to steemit, you give me real encouragement; I really appreciate your comments about thoughtful comments, patience and persistence @rip-youtube. Some days I expect too much, too soon...well today especially:) And then I saw your kind words and everything is back in perspective! Thank you to both!


You're very welcome, and like anything worth having, success here (or anywhere else), won't be handed to you, obviously.

I haven't had any money to invest in Steem directly (yet), but I'm satisfied where I am at this point. Just so you know, I don't really come up with great ideas for quality posts, and have really only had one that made much of anything, and that was only $41.xx, but I was happy. That wasn't even great though, at least compared to many others. However, as I mentioned, if you actually curate and comment with the best of intentions, it will pay-off, you're probably finding that out. I think it's a win-win; you make the community better, and grow your account simultaneously. As soon as I'm able however, I will be investing in some Steem. A little boost never hurts. lol Also, I Power Up ALL rewards.

Good Luck! I have a feeling you're gonna do just fine. ;-)

Wow. Just wow! Real inspiration! I started only a couple days ago, and I know it will be a long journey. But seeing all these amazing things you did, and especially about giving back was truly a push for me to forge ahead in the right direction. Thanks for sharing!!!

For the past year, you were able to empower and liberate a lot of people. So proud of you. Keep on being an inspiration to your community as well.

Dude much blessings and continued blessings to your success. So great to see this kind of hard work all paid off :)

I've personally seen known your comeback (not just since the accident, but even before), and it is one hell of a story. Admire your spirit bro! Sure, I've read and seen plenty of comebacks, but yours is one of my favorites!

And i've to suggest - You should also put a list of all the users you've introduced to the platform since your time here (including me).

And may the steem be with you! Cheers! :)

Always fun to travel and discover those remote places. Makes us disconnect from technologies and reconnect with the essentials. A humbling experience.


Absolutely! I love nature and I enjoy taking a break and spending some time in the hills as well. Thank you for stopping by @drakos!


Same here, I miss the days when I used to camp and hike all over the place. I guess growing old gives less time for such things.


Beautiful post!Also love to travel and nature!;)

You had a great journey of Steemit no doubt. you have enjoyed some of the best time of Steemit.
Your work must be appreciated. you succeed and passed every hurdle. you always tried to help everyone by your helpful and informative posts as a Indian by fulfilling your duty.
Proud of you. i wish you more success in your life, just keep growing.
It's honored for me to being a follower of you.

What a year it has been @firepower. There's a lot of inspiring people here on Steemit and you're one of them. Seeing how you were able to give back to the community with various projects you initiated inspires me to do the same. I have always wanted to visit India and seeing the travel photos makes me want to add it on my travel list this year. :) @firepower

You seem to have done a lot this year. I am amazed. I knew you only by reading all the recent posts that I had seen after I followed you few months back.
But now with this recap post and reading all of this, I see you in a new light.
I think I am aligned in the true sense of following you.

wow amazing info..

That's great bro keep sharing like this i really appreciate your work @Firepower

Quite an eventful year Meghan.

This log leaves me with mixed emotions. From motorcycling and living it to loosing dad. m sure he must be feeling proud when he sees you doing all the good deeds for community and people in need here.

Keep up and stay blessed

Quite a year and recap!!


Absolutely incredible. I had the sense that steemit was changing lives, but how it has changed yours is really inspiring.

Also how you are using your success here as a force for good is a great example for the rest of us.

May your 2018 with steemit be even more amazing!

you are really amazing sir., I love how you shared your blessings that you have earned from steemit. God Bless You sir @firepower

Great post, as I have already gone through all the mention post. From your post I have gathered much knowledge and inspiration to make Grouth and success in this community. You are so powerful and genius, you make us proud from your great job. In the age of bellow 30 you have reached in the highest level, I wish that you may touch the sky and make proud to us as a greatest Indian steemians.

Wow, what a year you have had. You have produced some really excellent content. I'm kind of new and need to figure out how to get into your chat. I'm going to go check out that post now. Happy New Year! It's going to be great.

Congrats on an amazing 2017, and here's to an even better 2018!

Great human! Thanks for sharing, brought many smiles to my face reading this! Now following and eager to continue reading your content. Thanks!

What an awesome brief recap of your 2017..sorry about the death of your dad.This year would definitely be a better year.

It's stories like this that make me love Steemit so much. Just amazing how much you're able to achieve just through it. Its truly inspiring.

Hope this year is even bigger for you.

And I'm completely amazed that there was a Steem meetup in Bangalore and I didn't even notice. :-P


i love steem

Firepower. That is a great name.

I'm really interested in that Steemit Accelerator Model. Don't completely understand it yet, but I'm charging forward with research.

Wow! That was one helluva ride! B|

2018 will be the great steemit year. In the picture you look so handsome. Thanks for sharing such a good post

keep doing the good work bro , you are inspiration for many of us who are new to steemit.
i read and like every point of your post ,
but specially i liked where you talked about your father ( he is love ).
and where you have told about the donating ( helping other is the greatest happiness you can ever get ).
keep donating <3
keep helping <3
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post with us
Up voting it .
love from #Pakistan.
Keep Growing.
Keep Steeming <3

Amazing year, hope you've recovered well from the accident, and nice bike BTW. Wish you another great year!

You certainly have a very successful 2017! And I bet 2018 will be even better!

Keep on steeming bro!

@firepowe you really did well and I am inspired. I sure will do as you did to inspire others. Happy New year.

You are obviously having amazing success in Karnataka, India. Congrats!

Great info thanks for sharing followed

The success journey is the process of working through each step to arrive at the next one, with each step motivating and inspiring you to press on without fail. “Z” may look far away from the vantage point of “A” but once you master “A” you will see “Z” gleaming out on the horizon. The beginning of any process is the most creative. Let’s start with “A.”

To become the type of success you are setting out to be you have to start at the beginning, just like in the alphabet you start with the letter “A.” Success is not an event, it is a process. To finish any great endeavor you must first start. This may not be the start of a new business but could simply be the start of a new idea, a new path or a new way. To be a standout success is to take each new beginning and follow it through to the end.

Great journey @firepower. Definitely an inspiring story for the newbies.

Your story is truly inspiring, thanks for sharing @firepower

You are an inspiration to new and established Steemians alike! I can’t wait to read every single mentioned post. What a powerful year. Thank you for sharing all of these milestones!

The past year has been amazing for you haha! and us all :p Glad to see where you're at right now! :D

I look up to you as a role model, I see certain parts of our stories are similar, and I hope to look back on achieved goals, and objectives completed on my bucket list too. Blessings on your continued journey.

You are a source of inspiration @firepower! Could you elaborate more on the Steemit accelerator - how does it work? reason I ask, I run one startup accelerator program and I'm also working as a technology scout for another impact accelerator program - both located in Norway. Thanks

That's one amazing year. Good for you for coming out stronger on the other side of 2017. BTW, I traveled through India on my Enfield about 15 years ago. From Varanasi to Goa with plenty of stops along the way.

One of the best experiences of my life!

That's an awesome review. I hope I can do one 1/100th as good next year. Keep up the good works. Such kindness!

Wow your amazing 2017 journey on steemit..

really nice post and journey enjoy what is coming

Thank you for such an inspiring blog post! Do what you love ....

i am a new member .. pls follow vote for me 😃😃

You made a lot of good things in past year, thats great :)

Very nice post :)

Beautiful moment you had. It was really a nice time you have had. Keep it real

I can say this boldly anywhere...

I can still imagine how steemit is changing lives and affecting our communities through some selfless humanitarian services.

Good luck to you @firepower.

Thanks firepower,
I am really excited to see the success you have attained. I have a feeling we will continue to see more and more of these kind of success stories here at Steemit. I am Following you now and look forward to more inspirational and informative posts from you in the future :)

Glad you came back from the accident ! Your one of the kinder voices here on the platform ;-)

Great post man, seems like you do a ton for your community. Very inspiring. Great on ya - keep it up and I hope 2018 is a great year for you and the Steemit community as a whole!

You definitely seem to be worth following, so I definitely will be @firepower I have seen an article or two of yours already, and I really like what I've seen! Good, wholesome writing. Cheers from New Hampshire, United States!

He almost looked like one of the guys from the 3idiots movie! Don't take it seriously!

Sigue así amigo mucho éxito para ti... apenas estoy empezando y leí tu articulo y es sorprendente lo que haces...

Loved your post. Listing your past posts isn't an indulgence it shows your readers how much you've achieved in a year. So much!! Inspirational and humbling to see how much you give to others too.

I believe the amazing benefit of crypto-wealth is the opportunity to help others get a step up in life. It is exactly what you're doing. I hope we can all take a leaf out of your book and give generously.

Keep up your good work. :-)

Great pictures and a great story. You've really taken Steemit and made something beautiful with it. Definitely an inspiration to the rest of us and a role model of kindness. Great to follow you and enjoy your story!

Very inspiring! Thanks!

No Doubt your journey has been incredible @firepower :) You have done so much in and for the community in the past year and it truly reflects! Steem On!

Wow, what a year you had! Very inspiring series of posts that you highlighted, as well as this post itself. Good job with all that you've done... you're an impressive person!

What an inspiring post! You definitely did a lot more than this! I really enjoy how you put everything in together as a post is very organized, easy to read and most importantly it helps me to improve how I write my blog! Thank you @firepower I hope you in this new year there will have a lot more great things happen to you!

I went through almost every post inserted jn this blog post. Amazing story man. Your story should be retold many times over. From a crippled hand to rock solid transformation in just under 8 months. :=)


Truly Outstanding and Inspiring. This gave me great hope for this year in that together we can do this. We can empower ourselves and those around us both on and off-line. Safe journeys for you this year.

Any future plan for 2018?

@firepower Beautiful post :) I had seen many of your pictures. Now I feel like I know you a bit more. This world needs more people like you :) Wishing you a phenomenal 2018! :D - @splendorhub

WOW it looks like you a had a very fulfilling year last year and also helped give back to the community. More people should be like you! I mean I sure do try to myself. :)

Hopefully this year is just as great as last year, or even better!

very good post thanks :)

You are the real Inspiration brother.What an awesome year you had with some ups and downs but all in all it's your hard work which is paying huge.Following your path now although i am not that much in to writing things and never been a good writer but can entertain the world through my Photographs and videos.
All the best for your future plans and endeavours.

Man, I'm sorry to hear about your father's passing. I know that must have been very hard for you. And I am very proud of you and all you achieved in 2017.

What a great person you are!. Hoping there will be more people like you out there. ...

Wow! You have a great year in Steem. I'm new though. But I have planned the things I might contribute for the community. Here. What do you think? Your suggestion/thoughts are highly valuable.

It was a pretty year for you, thank God you were able to recover from that accident... wish you a more productive year in 2018...

You are a successful person on steemit. You seem to have done a lot this year. I am amazed. I knew you only by reading all the recent posts that I had seen after I followed you few months back.
But now with this recap post and reading all of this, I see you in a new light. I follow you. God bless you, best of luck. Go ahead @firepower !  

Amazing job you are doing!!

remains an inspiration to us all :)

While you had a really mixed year (you had your fair share of sadness, misfortune and some great success on steem), it's really heartening to see that you're using Steem as a way to give back to the community too.. Keep up the great work!

You remain undaunted by challenges. I wish you well in 2018.

That's a lot of activity for a year! Inspiring. :)

Happy years, I will also wish you good luck always in this new year 2018.

This is wonderful, what made it for me is number 1, I am HIV positive and is always pleased to see someone doing good, especially where kids are concerned. Thank you for that. I hope you have a prosperous year moving forward.

You are living life to the fullest inspite of problems you have faced. Overcoming your problems and bouncing back is the key for a successful life and inspiration to others. This platform needs enthusiast and dedicated people like you to grow.

I am in awe! If everyone in Steemit especially those who have higher reputations could be like you, how wonderful can this world be! Thank you for this post, Sir! It surely influenced Steemians to share and not give up so we can be inspirations too!

omg, what a journey....
Thank for sharing it..
Few moments are really beautiful and I think readers will feel at heart

Steemit seems to be working out pretty well for you!

I am new here and this is the first story I'm reading. I have to admit that you've had a wonderful year, we need people like you to make this world a better place.
I have gained one or two things that I'll emulate from your story.
Thanks for sharing this.

Good stuff mate! Upvoted you !!

The post is very beautiful extraordinary @firepower

Wow, what an awesome recap! If my 2018 is half as eventful on this platform as your 2017, I would be beside myself. I really am thinking about starting an initiatives in my town to start getting more people on board! This place is awesome. Congratulations on the donations! That is too cool. I really feel like I have a few passions, honestly. A few things really do excite me to the core every time. One of those would have to be watching and being involved in the blossoming of someone's art form or dream or goal. It's awesome. I suppose I truly discovered that through my DJ career and sharing stages with many artists. It's humbling and inspiring to watch people achieve that you care about. Cheers!

WOW! I love this year in review... this is a journey that I am going to follow. To combine adventure and service is a beautiful and fulfilling marriage. You are doing it right my friend!

This is excellent, love how the focus on Steemit is not just on the money making aspect but community interaction and impact. I love how you have donated some of your earnings as well, but I was wondering, do the Steemit community in your area do any community based activities? Would be awesome to use Steemit to help the less fortunate and help them with earning some extra income.

What a good conclusions for year 2017. Hope to read more about it this year & thumb up for your good charity project! Well done!

Best content friend, please follow back

waaooooow this is awesome post i really inspire to your post and it is my first year on STEEMIT .after reading your post am really inspire and this is very motivated to mee soo thankx for this post now m really work hard on steemit and earn money and donated money to other people