India Steem Meetup #2—An Incredible Meetup In Bangalore—IT Capital of India!

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Wow! What an amazing Sunday noon spent with some very cool Steemians from Bangalore! Met some very enthusiastic bunch of Steemit users as well as a few new faces who will now be signing up onto the platform.

We had working professionals, TEDx speaker, college students, motorcycle adventurers, business owners, aerospace engineer, YouTubers and social media influencers in the group. A group of about 33 people were expected and we had a great turnout.

Some of them were introduced to the platform by me. I was happy to see them finding their space on our platform after the last meetup in Bangalore 6 months ago. Some have managed to establish themselves as a known user and are doing quite well.

Many of the users at the event are regulars on Steemit, Steepshot,, and Dtube. Their knowledge of the blockchain varied from beginner to advanced. It was great to onboard some devs from Bangalore who are working to onboard some of their colleagues and friends.

The location, 'Three Dots and a Dash' was just perfect for the meetup and was appreciated by all of the participants. The place had great food and drinks along with a friendly ambience that put everyone at ease and allowed us to talk and network with one another.

I wanted to get more pictures of everyone but I was so busy with discussions about the platform and technology that it was only at the end I managed to find some time for a few pictures. I also had my YouTuber friend and host of a few Viral Video channels @shenoy do some interviews at the event. We are producing a series of fun videos around these meetups and I hope to share the first one with you soon!

Some of the things we discussed in the meetup are:

  1. Basics of Steemit, Steem blockchain and various apps on top of it.
  2. Why prices fluctuate and how BTC relates to the change in price.
  3. What blockchain technology means and why we are early adoptors to this technology.
  4. How Steemit is helping shape social media slowly but steadily.
  5. Various ways of utilizing the platform.
  6. How to build a following, increase engagement with posts amongs other things.
  7. Some issues related to the platform were also discussed.
  8. How to trade Steem for BTC and BTC for INR was done.
  9. I also informed users on managing their tax burden in this meetup.
  10. Benefits of hodling Steem as SP and active curation on the platform.

I want to thank all of you who made it to the meetup in Bangalore. I enjoyed explaining to the newer users and soon-to-be Steemians about the workings of the platform. I'm sure many of these guys and girls will go out to bring even more people to the platform.

@sandeshm @jayogz @vj1309 Darshan @codingdefined @bobinson @madmaxwanderer @harshavardhanm Sukesh, Priyanka, @ajsvlog @shonyishere @thedudeabides @vishire @i69withyourmumii @rahulkondi @awakeningartist Sougandh Rao, Harshadeep @bikergirl @speedracer @shenoy @thebatmanbiker Shraddha, @cptn.naresh Mohammed Zamil @acrylicnoob2 - You were great and it was wonderful to meet you all again! Apologies if I left anyone out accidentally.

I missed meeting authors such as @bombaybellyrina, @ninnajji, @hungry-nomad and a few others but hopefully they will make it to the next event.

The next edition is at my hometown of Mangalore and from there I will take it to other bigger cities.

There has been an overwhelming demand for a meetup in Delhi. I certainly plan on holding one in the capital city of India asap! Please be patient as I get these three events behind me and bring this to the capital city!

The first in a series of videos that I’m producing on these events will be out this week. Stay tuned to my blog for further updates!

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Looks like it was an amazing time.

Very good work done @firepower. We should get the masses on board. Nice pictures you've got there

i followed also.... i m new plz follow me....

This meetup was a success. I Welcome all the new resourceful people that have joined the community. Invite all your friends and family to join also.

Nice Great Work Guys Keep Going


Agree with you @sircharles. Already Mentioned it, Again mentioning it, Delhi Steemit Community is waiting for a meetup in Delhi.Khabhi toh aao aap delhi mai. Please don't Block/Flag me for bothering you again & again. Sometimes I feel like I am hassling you. Sorry for that.

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Wow!!!its amazing 😉 to see this group of steemians bonding together

The best thing about creating a great team is that ideas explode like the big bang and the strategies arrive alone.

Nice work there. I would love to visit India one day.

Everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time!

I would love to visit India

Witnessing you go to every major city in India is overwhelming. You seem to be a man on a mission. I just can't wait to see you in the Capital of India, Delhi!
Cheers and regards!

Good sir, can you please take your time and go through this little piece below
Pls read and follow, and u can upvote(if u feel like) for more of it. Thanks

Yes @firepower please visit the Capital of india, Delhi.

Hi @firepower, all the best for India Stemians.

I am just waiting for your meet in HYDERABAD.

Yes -- that is INDEED exciting news.

♥ INDIA Loves Steem

I just wish i was in India to enjoy with you all

That's awesome!
I wish my community would have these meetups...

You should get in touch with the people in your community and organise a meetup. Am sure it will be great.

that will do the community a lot of good

It is due to your efforts that the Indian community is growing here. Keep up the good work mate.

India steem meetup is a huge success. We also conduct meetup on a regular basis in Japan. At the moment there are about 30 people from various countries. I would like to have you come and have a meetup in Japan.

Certainly! I would love to be present for a meetup in Japan. Infact Japan has been on my wishlist for years. I have 3 good Japanese friends in my hometown as well and they run a small Japanese cafe here. I hope I can make it to Japan soon and meet all the Steemians there. :)

This post is in Japanese, but we hold meetup in this way.

Please let me know when you come to Japan.
We would like to do Meetup.

I will check it in a few minutes and surely I will let you know. Do you use Steemit.Chat?

Yes, I use Steemit Chat.

amazing. how do you connect to so many people. how to dm users here?

Thank you. People have increased as we take contacts within the community and meet up on a regular basis.

@tardotram please use Steemit.Chat -it's the communication platform for the site. :)

i didn't know. thanks

Great to see the steemit community growing :)

awesome.. @firepower ,hopefully steemit in india continue to grow ,, and we all also do not forget to say thank you to @ned ned as CEO STEEMIT, because with the steemit we can share each other here and we also can know about everything that exists in world ,,

This is a large turn out of steemit users at bangalore. I am very much sure great idea will be shared and more opportunity created for every participant.

The highlight of the discussion are really exciting, i hope i can get a video copy of the meetup

great stuff @firepower! ID LOVE TO VISIT INDIA ONE DAY!!!! hope steemit can chip in with my dream :P greetings from spain my friend! upvoted!

We are very excited to see you here in Assam, though we are very few people here, but your presence turns it into a most practical meet, I have already talked about you with my friends and supporters who are from my area,so we need your time, if you give your precious time it will be great help for us. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful work, wish you good luck and good health my friend. Steem on.

Thank you. Let's hope for the best. :) I'm quite excited to see how far I can take this.

glad to know that India has a steemit growing community like this

I couldn't make it to this event, though I was waiting for this for quiet sometime. Inform in advance about the date and place for Mangalore meetup, I'll try to fly from Bangalore for that event! Cheers!

Announcement will be up soon!

In Japan we will meetup on February 10.I was pleased that 28 people came.However, this one looks a lot!excellent!!

So steemit is also popular in Japan? Wow. Hope more meetups happen in all parts of the globe.

Japan's community is small and growing process. However, it will expand from now!

Im excited to read about the Japanese meetup! :)

Please come to Meetup of Toukyo!Everyone is a wonderfully fun meet up!

Wow I'd like to attend.

That seems like a fabulous meet to miss, lots of learning and lots of knowledge being shared. Keep up the great work, looking forward to join some Steemit meet one day too :-)

very good dear @firepower

Thanks bengaluru for Steeming.

Bangalore is on the first rank.

good work dude keep it up

fantastic! This is great to see and inspiring to get the word out! Thank you for the post and continued blessings on your awesome adventure!

Wonderful! What a great gift to bring these transformational relationships into the physical world. This is how change happens!

Nice post ! Great stuff!!

Spreading Steemit to the world will give everyone a free voice and allow them to be compensated. Great job spreading the word.

that is great meetup...

I wish I could have gone!
I've always wanted to go to India and see all the beauty it has to offer!
Including the people!
Look at that good looking bunch! :D

Sucks being broke, but maybe one day I'll have a chance to meet Steemians abroad!
Glad you guys had a good time!

This is great movement, I am spreading the words at Bhubaneswar and we have already quite a few people on-boarded and doing great. Hope to see you sometimes in Bhubaneswar.

I was about to ask you write a blog on how you manager your tax details on the income ? As the govt is not yet clear on what taxes would be applicable, it will be great, if you can write one post from your experience. I am sure, you would have shown your income and paid tax on it.

Nice promotion sir. Eagerly waiting for you in North eastern India.

Thanks for sharing great info with us regarding steem community.
may we talk via mail.

Is Bangalore the richest city in India then?

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I never knew they had Pizza hut in India. Man you would think that Indian food on its own would do enough damage to their sewer systems. RIP Indian sewer system

lol! Well we have all major brands in this country. :)

Good job @firepower.
Tell me !
How to make many vote and get A lor money on steemit account.

Wow! this is inspiring @firepower. India is right next door to us and we are same in so many ways. Din't know Banaglore had so many serious Steemians until now. Think I should do something like this in Kathmandu too.

its very good to see all you at one place ,we should keep some time to others ,nice to see it

awesome job.
Last few days I see that Steem in too many countries publically, I believe this will have a huge positive effects on Steemit as a Platform and Steem as a coin.. Steem is the leader of positive stuff indeed.

@cryptosteve I Second you on that.

@firepower glad to see so many Indians on steemit and will b more glad when I'll get a chance to become a part of such meetups in Mumbai

What a great turnout...I missed meeting so many awesome steemians...!

hope to see you in the next one! :)

yes..for sure :)

hey... this is amazing.. we have a mounthly meet up too in Aceh, Indonesia..hope someday can join you guys

Hey wowww...Steemit meet held in india for Indian...:) Waao dear I was actually for last few days searching about the steemit meet in india but could not found any news about meeting up...and now I have seen this post in which steemit meet has already done...and i missed it..unlucky...I didnt get the chance to meet the Indian community of Steemit which i really wanted to attend...I am feeling like really bad this moment...:((

GREAT POST AND GREAT TURNOUT! I also love the pics! This is such phenomenal news! India is so GREAT! The Steemit Community is so GREAT! It is going to be such a PHENOMENAL year for the Steemit Community! All the best my Friends! Warm Wishes! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Blessed 2018! :)

Nice to know, that meetups are a good experience to every steemians, and every pioneering steemians are so energized to share the good news which is steemit.
Good job. Keep it up.

Wow very nice step guys i am really happy for u and your step👍🏼

You're really on fire for steemit...more power to you sir @firepower. Hope we could manage to have meet ups here in the Philippines like what you do there...God bless!

Lovely work
upvoted and resteem

Nice experience it would be so nice if we could have one meeting like this in London :)

Thats great. happy to see the growing indian steemit community .
Lets get connected together.
Together we will grow fast.
Respect, love and care from pakistan.

Ohh I wish I am India to be part of the group photograph.

I am a noob Indian from a small town. What would you suggest is the best way to get involved with the steem community in India?

join the India channel on Steemit.Chat and talk to other Indian users. :)

Is there any discord server?

@firepower i liked the way you all got together in Bangalore. Is there any meetup happening in Pune? I would be happy to connect.

Nice to meet you @firepower. I hope your journey of Bangalore was awesome. I am new here .please support me.

Just Incredible. The team is having plenty of youths. Hope this would steem the Crypto world.

I am in Bangalore and want to be part of the next meetup!

This is soo interesting and massive,, Steem is everywhere now.
Thanks for the great post

Very good work done @firepower. This would really inspire the others to go forward with steem. Nice pictures and a meeting that is really needed.

firepower, you really have the power! Bring it on! Congrats for a successful meet up..

@firepower When are you coming to Pune/Mumbai? Would love to be a part of meetups.

This is a very nice meet up for those that attended.
Please kindly help check out this my little piece below

Wow!!! Good to see that meet up in India more indian guys are conacting to steemit

incredible cohesiveness is very necessary may always be successful

Excellent!. More friends for the Steemit platform. On Monday, this activity took place in Anzoátegui, Venezuela. How good things are without planning as long as it is in a good way. Greetings.

great ... can i join next meetup .i'm from maharashtra

Steemit community gets stronger
Keep sharing ❤️ Following you

Awesome community, great

A very good team. enjoy it together with your friend

Great work of promoting this platform and the idea that stands behind it. Nice to see the Indian community very active and friendly!

That's great. Next meetup will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Steemians from Bangladesh please contact me.

It great to see the growth of steemit across the globe.

salam know me from indonesia please support his friend my buddy

wow! its nice seeing people in steemit community all over the world even through just in photos. Congratulations on your meet up :)

Very well done. I enjoyed this, keep up the good work!☺️

very very good @firepower I love bollywood

United we stand..... Iike your post.... group of steemains Bangalore ... it's a good start for indian steemain's.... good luck



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nice post .....@biplab818
hou to join your group

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Wow big community 👏👏👏
Follow you I like to see how people grow 👍
Greetings from Nederlands @justynatina

Great, I'm from Venezuela and a leader in laughter yoga. The creator of the yoga of laughter is called Madan Kataria and lives in Bangalore - India. I would like to be there sharing laughter with you in your #Meetup. Congratulations!

Amazing! I wanna go some meet-up like that. Thanks for sharing with us.

Wow what a great meetup. I hope we can organize one here in Venezuela.

It's really incredible comunity... 👍 hopefully victorious in steemit
Do not forget vote me @mnazir

good job!

only one girl;-(

Meeting people is fascinating.....

Great job you doing in India... Wish you could come down here to Africa

thank you, your post

it looks like a great meetup. Maaannn, I wish I could be there... It was decided. I will set up a meetup like you :). You've done a very good job. congratulations!

That's awesome! amazing !

Reading about what you are doing as a group is absolutely fantastic! Thank you for sharing your info with us!

Without a doubt, nothing better than being in a new environment and where we can connect with so many people, many willing minds.
Sin duda nada mejor que estar en un ambiente nuevo y donde nos podemos conectar con tantas personas, muchas mentes dispuestas.

woow very fun if you meet steemit friends as much as that

Guau! !! espectacular, me encantaría participar. Bueno cuando tenga capital para hacerlo, por ahora no podría jeje

Buen grupo, éxitos en la India espero se organicen y mejoren su rendimiento y curación. también preocupa as noticias de hoy de la India sobre las medidas que toman sobre las Criptomonedas. Suerte que o pase a mayores,