Dummies Guide to Using Steemit.Chat Effectively Everyday!

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Steemit Chat presents a good opportunity for communication and collaboration with fellow Steemians. Over the past week it has turned out to be a good place for Steemians to continue getting to know each other a bit more personally.

@riverhead and @cass have been working hard on improving the platform and it’s a lot faster now than it used to be! If you are facing any problems feel free to mention it in the chatroom.

Steemit Chat requires you to sign up separately with your email a/c. It's independent of Steemit.

Recently, I was asked if I wanted to be a moderator on Steemit Chat. I felt it was an interesting opportunity to observe behavior of fellow Steemians closely and accepted it along with a few other Slack/Steemit Chat regulars. Without further ado:

Ask and you shall receive!


I’m not talking about votes here. If you are new to Steemit then admittedly it feels complicated. It’s sometimes easier to ask users in the chatroom and get answers to your queries.

Ask questions, learn and remember the answers when you get them. The next time you find someone asking the same question—please help them out!

Is it a good place for networking?

I bet this question was on top of your mind!

Chatroom is great place to network with some incredibly talented Steemians. You will find the highly influential celebrities of Steemit here! Many of them are usually active on a regular basis from their respective timezone.

Word to the wise: If you see a ‘Steemit power user’ online don’t directly DM them your link or pester them with your issues. Interact with them first as you would with a stranger on a public chatroom whenever the opportunity arises.

Get to know people a little better before you decide to share your agenda with them. We’re all normal people in here with an extremely busy schedule, minus the trolls ofcourse!

Platform for Creative Collaboration

Steemit Chat is a great place to collaborate. Collaborative articles on Steemit are quite popular. Many authors put their heads together to dish out some excellent articles. Instead of ‘trollboxing’ all the time, bounce your ideas off one another and see how you can give it shape and bring them to life.


  • Use the ‘direct message’ (DM) facility with or without it’s ‘off-the-record’ feature.
  • Use private channels to collaborate with more than 1 person.
  • Share files with each other over Steemit Chat.
  • Message history allows you to track your conversations and the search functionality works reasonably well out of the box.

Use postpromotion-DONT-PING-ALL channel to the max!


  • Use the channel to showcase your work.
  • Promote your personal content once every 60 minutes.
  • You can share multiple URLs at the same time but stick to the rule for re-posting.
  • Allow others to post their links too.
  • Help other users such as yourselves by voting for them if you feel they deserve it.
  • Use the channel to promote work by other authors. They will be appreciative of it!
  • Before sharing NSFW links ensure your articles have NSFW tags in them.
  • Be polite when asking people to see your work. Don’t force anybody!

This is a great place for discovering content if you really want to make a difference to you and fellow Steemians. The channel certainly feels spammy but you’ll find many gems here and support from fellow Steermians!

I repeat, DO NOT tag ‘@all’ on ANY channel!

It’s a surefire way of getting yourself nuked. When you do this it notifies everyone on every chatroom! It happens to the best of us when we are in a hurry. Kindly double check before you share anything when trying to tag someone. Especially if their username begins with the letter 'A'.

Don't notify @all unless you want to turn your channel into a trollbox with everyone reaching for your throat.

Keep in mind that whales are watching this channel, top curators are watching, curators for whales are watching and ofcourse the mods are ready to nuke you!

List of useful channels on Steemit Chat

  • welcome — For Steemit and Steemit Chat newbies.
  • general — Most popular discussion channel. Don’t paste your Steemit Links here!
  • postpromotion-DONT-PING-ALL — Promote your work here.
  • steemitabuse-classic — Report abuse/spam/scammers and help us nuke them!
  • help — Ask for help related to your Steemit a/c. A/c recovery questions go here.
  • announcements — Official Steemit and related announcements only.
  • price — Discuss Steem price and related discussions.
  • trading — Discuss trading strategies etc.
  • dev — For developer discussions.
  • mining — Steem mining and related topics.
  • marketing — IM and Aff-marketing channel.
  • music — Share your original music as well as favorite tracks here.
  • travel — Share your travel stories and help others with their travel plans.
  • steemitwebsite — Steemit website related discussions. Post issues here.
  • automotive — Motorheads join here for motoring discussions!
  • random — Talk anything random but don’t promote your posts.
  • girlpower and mammasittas — Girls and Women on Steemit unite!
  • Country specific channels such as: India, USA, China, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil etc.
  • User specific channels such as firepower —this is my channel! Feel free to join and let’s talk.

New users please use welcome to get accustomed to the chatroom and for introducing yourselves!

Co-operate with channel moderators

Please co-operate with the mods of your respective channels by not spamming or trolling around.

If you find someone doing something illegal in private channels please feel free to bring it to the notice of other users.

Don’t Troll or Harass anyone!

Please don’t abuse other users as well as mods. If you have a personal issue with somebody then take it on DM and resolve it amicably.

If you continue to troll then you can be permanently removed from the chatroom and your posts may be flagged. There is no incentive for troubling fellow Steemians and ergo avoid doing this!

Note: We have few active female users on Steemit Chat. Don’t make it uncomfortable for them by behaving like a pervert anytime you see them online. Don’t call them using the Desktop App. If you’ve nothing good to say then keep quiet. Ask yourself – if this were a male user would I still say this?

Help us all in making this a great collaboration platform for creating fantastic content and earning from it on Steemit.

Appeal for Rep reversals

If you feel that you have been wrongly flagged to a negative rep then please file an appeal in this way and share it in the steemitabuse-classic and steemitabuse-appeals channel for consideration.

You are also welcome to post it in postpromotion-DONT-PING-ALL channel so that people can upvote for you and help fix your reputation.

Build your cred

Stick around and help out and engage in some great discussions. You can also help the community by finding, reporting and fighting abuse cases.

Keep this in mind and it will help you build your rep on Steem Chat and Steemit. You will get noticed more easily and stand a greater chance in increasing your following and improving your rankings on Steemit.

If you have any questions or doubts feel free to ask. I’m on Steem Chat for most part of the day and I’m happy to assist you if you have any problem.

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I like your direct and straight forward approach in dealing with things of importance (must be a lot of trolls around here :)), and also mixing some novocaine with your drill bits. Thank you for the chat etiquette.

Thanks. Your response is appreciated!

Stumbled across this post and it's very informative thank you @firepower for newbie like me to learn more about Steemit! Following you and upvoted, looking forward to learn more from your posts! :D If you have time check out my posts regularly too~

I'm glad you found this helpful. Followed. :)

Thank you @firepower ! If you have time come check out my posts too! I'm a newbie learner writer so any comments/suggestions are welcomed! :D

Thank you for this post! Always good to find new information and found some channels I didn´t know

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Can't wait for all of you in the chat. Looking forward to get to know you :)! When you are in the chat message me.

I welcome you all

Sure thing.

I'll follow! re-post time is 2 hrs though.

Yeah, we changed it today. It might be changed again depending on how much spam the mods have to deal with. Thanks for updating here. :)

Orite...! Thanks for the guide. Much appreciated.

Your welcome. :)

Thanks for reading. Please follow my blog for new articles.

I will surely subscribe! It would be remarkable if you wrote article about steemd! Me the mining and robots which are drawn interests - what mean that? Or it is simply different pictures...

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