Contest #1—Win a Free Ticket to SteemFest 2017 at Lisbon!

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This contest is all about the community. Steemit is about giving and without people's generosity, none of this would have been possible. Do you know someone who has always been supporting your blog and bumped up your post by another couple of cents? Have they benefitted the community in any manner? Maybe they are a good friend, or maybe someone you met through Steemit!

As we all know, @steemfest 2 is coming up and some people are craving to join this great event but unfortunately do not have the sufficient funds to attend.

This is your chance to give something back to the community! I've been meaning to give something back to the person who has been always supportive of the Steemit community. Do you know someone who has been a great participant in the community or are you someone who deserves an amazing week in Lisbon during SteemFest?

Keep reading because I am sponsoring one SteemFest 2017 Minnow Ticket to the winner.

Minnow tickets currently cost as much as $264.40 or € 222.22 or about 296 SBD.

Contest #1 Participation Rules:

  1. You can nominate yourself or be nominated by someone else.
  2. To participate you must write a detailed description about why you think you deserve to win a free ticket to SteemFest 2017 in the comments below or make a vlog on Youtube or Viewly and share the links in the comment.
  3. Feel free to mention if you made any contributions to the community! It will add some weight to your response.
  4. If you nominate someone, please inform them of the rules or have them take a look at this post to avoid missing out on it!
  5. I will manually pick a winner who I think has given the best response. You can be as creative as you like-the more the better-(vlogs etc)
  6. Winner has to show up for SteemFest 2017 in order to collect/redeem the ticket and participate in our global conference.

Winner will be announced after 1 week. The winner can collect the sponsored ticket at the registration desk at SteemFest. This means that you have to fund the trip yourself, but the entry to SteemFest is completely free! You save $264.40 on ticket cost at the very least.

SteemFest is going to be packed with some of the coolest members of our community. @roelandp has put in a great effort towards organizing this incredible event and to support him Firepower Crew will be there as well. Win the ticket and come join us all for a great party with 300 people from across the globe! See you there!

You can also buy the ticket for yourself or sponsor someone to visit SteemFest. Click this to visit the official ticket website for purchases and come join us at Lisbon!

If you like my work kindly resteem it to your friends. You may also continue reading my recent posts which might interest you:

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I would like to nominate @fatpandadesign.
Why - Its not because he has started a #TheUnmentionables group for minnows but he is helping a lot of minnows who are not getting heard in this platform. As we all know or might its my obsevation in 2 months of Steemit that as an Individual you will never succeed in Steemit, you have to have a good connection and good community to thrive on. He is trying to build that with the help of minnows. So all the like minded people are getting together so that we make this community better and thus help each other while enjoying it. Thanks @firepower for the awesome opportunity.


Thank you so much for the nomination @codingdefined - you're an amazing groupmate!

I have already been ranting and raving about making my way to Portugal as I am a digital nomad. Going there and THEN attending SteemFest would be a dream come true this year. I am currently fighting a bum leg and have spent about 8k in med bills over the past few months - so winning a ticket there would be an AMAZING present!!

I started #TheUnmentionables so that everyone - black, white, yellow, rich, poor, smart, not so smart, whatever - had a place to call home. It can be home to EVERYONE of all ideals, creeds, religions, and mindsets - so long as you treat each other with respect, dignity, and compassion. And honestly, the group members we have recruited so far (over 160 so far) have done an amazing job at embodying these ideals.

Our group focuses on forging lasting bonds and friendships - and honestly, that's exactly what's happened. I've made so many new friends, and so many others have as well, simply by having a place to call home. I've received countless messages and post comments from people stating that our group is exactly what SteemIt has needed for a while now, based on the way we present ourselves and the acceptance and tolerance our group embodies.

We turn away NO ONE. And I invest everything of myself into this group. I spend so much time and energy in growing and ensuring the group continues to grow, evolve, and better itself day by day - and I have recruited an amazing team of moderators and other leaders that help me implement our plan and carry out our mission.

So, this nomination is huge for me, and I would be HONORED to go. I was already potentially planning on going to Porto around the same time, and probably would have purchased a SteemFest ticket even without being nominated (if I had the money by then) - but winning this would just be absolutely amazing.

So, thank you. And I hope that you consider my nomination and admission when making your decision @firepower !


As I am wondering to all the people contending (I am only here for a month now, and have not contributed enough to contend), I must say @fatpandadesign deserves to be the winner for me.
#TheUnmentionables seems to have had an amazing impact on some people lives, and I am considering to join them. So @firepower, here's your winner in my humble opinion!


Thank you so much!!!


@fatpandadesign DESERVES TO BE THE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100%


i'm agree with you,


Let's see what happens - I do hope this becomes a reality though. I would cash out some crypto to purchase my ticket to Lisbon tomorrow if I do win this <3


I would also like to add that I am planning on running for witness before the end of the year too - I am fully invested in SteemIt and being able to go to SteemFest would allow me to meet everyone who's made this possible.

I'd be able to learn so much more about being a better leader for the group I formed (now around 270+ members + quickly growing), connect with some of the most influential and inspirational Steemians around, and even offer up ideas to improve the existing services and apps available, by collaborating with other attendees.

I've recently been interviewing many influential figures in the SteemIt community, and one of them, @ADSactly, said he was actually going to SteemFest - they've made me their official podcaster, so by going, I'd be able to record so much valuable content to share with all of SteemIt and hell, the entire world.

Sending me to SteemFest this year would also check an item off of my bucket list. Ever since I lost the first SteemFest contest I entered, I've been absolutely determined to win and make it there - I HAVE TO GO and be a part of this event, which will mark a point in history for SteemIt.

Sending me to Steemfest would allow me to represent my fellow group mates, all of which I (and my fellow leaders) work extremely hard day in and day out to ensure that they have the best possible chance to grow and succeed.


I've recruited so many people from FB to join, and I literally advertise Steemit to almost everyone I meet - especially about how "they have to join right now they're missing out on the best thing ever".

Plus, Portugal has been on my bucket list to travel to, so I'd be able to visit and explore after SteemFest ends - the absolute PERFECT set of circumstances!

If you send me, you will not regret it. I've been saving up crypto to afford the flight, and also a cheap action cam, so I can document the entire journey and event, and share it with all of you beautiful people that are unable to attend.

Send Panda to SteemFest and make a dream come true <3

FREE Crypto & Steemit Email Tips: click the banner!


I would also like to see @fatpandadesign get the ticket.


I truly appreciate your support!! Here's hoping that this happens!

What an amazing initiative, thank you for giving exposure to the good heartedness of people on our platform, this is what makes us strong!

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

This reminds me of our last steemit meet up in Berlin...

many friends of mine already have the tickets and will be going for the Fest! I hope I can go too!

Hello! This a message of a huge importance. My Steemit friend, @roxane, deserve to win your contest. She has already tried different contests - have a look at this and this ! since she discovered Steemfest (and even made a video about it!) ... But she never succeeded. She has this obsession about steemfest since the very beginning. And got depress when she saw the ticket fee (extra costs, extra costs !). In my point of view, she deserves more than anyone to win your contest. Look at my steemit blog : at the beginning I was doing everything shit and now thanks to her I am invested thoroughly in Steemit. I walk the streets every day to convert new people into Steemians. Without @roxane I will not be here and I will have given up a long time. she works hard very hard every day to bring quality content on Steemit (look at her videos ... and she even organise meetups where almost nobody show up... but she continue... !), look at her blog ! sSe spends all her time here., to help the french steemien to show up here and stay. Her strength and her energy helps a lot the french community everyday to grow. There were no community at all before she arrived ! There were all posting in english ! I wish she could win , this will be justice. She deserve it so much... ! Be fair and make her win this ticket. It will motivate her to do even more and above all you will discover a wonderful person! I do not need this ticket I want that @roxane wins and she asked me nothing, I write this comment of myself because she deserves it. So now if you want to be fair, go look at her blog, at her videos... Offer her this ticket please... The entire French community of steemit will be grateful to you! Thank you for your attention ! And sorry for the english, it's Google Trad !


Hahaha Crazy girl :-D
Mais Merci Infiniment, merci de m'aider à la réalisation de tout cela :-) Du soutien moral, c'est ce dont on a le plus besoin quand il n' y rien d'autre. Et c'est finalement le plus important ! Merci @planetenamek ... Je verrai si je participe ou pas, mais j'ai déjà passé tellement de temps à essayer de gagner ces concours, que parfois, je me dis, que le plus important est juste de continuer mon boulot auprès de la communauté FR, plutôt que de perdre mon temps à essayer de plaire à une whale pour lui mendier un ticket pour Steemfest. Si mon boulot était reconnu, je pourrai me le payer moi-même. C'est ça qui est trop con ;-) ! Et comme tu sais, quoi qu'il arrive, j'irais à Steemfest ;-) Merci encore de me soutenir !

Hi Firepower! @acromott and I created a video together nominating each other! We would love to teach free acroyoga class at the event, and it would be such an honor to meet our Steemanian friends. I made a post for our entry. Hope you find it entertaining! :) For full reasons check out my post:

This is the video we made! hehe.

Nice event bhai.All the time u giving better information plus u r idol for indian Comunity and big Inspiration for me want to talk u at list once :)
have a good day bud 😉

As soon as I read your post, the first person that came into my mind is my friend, @awesomianist. To tell you more about him, he is the one who introduced Steemit to me, telling me how Steemit is like a light at the end of his dark tunnel. He is very passionate about Steemit and is really excited to be in Lisbon to attend Steemfest2.

Now, there are several reasons why I want him to be there. I really want him to win the ticket as a form of appreciation. I can say that he constantly supports me, both in life and in Steemit. In life, well, first, he introduced me to Steemit, convincing me to try. To write and express myself more. And I did! I learnt to voice out my opinions more day by day, thanks to him. Whereas on Steemit, he constantly supports my blog, upvoting and telling me where I did wrong, how to edit them to make them more interesting. I would never have the confidence to comment on people’s blog if he doesn’t encourage me to.

Knowing him for over 5 years now, I’ve seen him grow. From zero to where he is now. It was hard for him and I want to see him grow more by attending the Steemfest2, where he can learn more from others, meeting awesome people, giving him the motivation to keep pushing himself to the very best. His life is hard and I want to help him to get out of that. I think that by attending Steemfest2, it will boost him up to do more in his life.

Besides that, he is already supporting others in Steemit. Just recently, he held The First Ever Steem Workshop to introduce Steemit to those in Miri. He even went as far as to prepare the snacks for the participants on his own. He succeeded in gathering 5 “new friends” and ever since, the number of new Steemians from Miri has been increasing.
He is also helping @acidyo to run a “Comment of the Day” contest, which enable Steemians like me, who doesnt have much voting power, to reward commenters and show our appreciation.

He also told me how he is trying to bring more people to Steemit. For example, he told me that he talked to a lady at a bazaar,who is on her solo hitchhiking journey about Steemit. He also talked to his ex-schoolmate to post her song covers in Steemit. And this is why I salute him so much. I would never have the courage to do so.

Other than that, he is also leading a team, together with @bitrocker2020 for Malaysian Steemians. Their goal is to grow the Malaysian Steemian Community.
He also started a Facebook Group, with the help from @kevinwong, to gather around online outside of Steemit.
As you can see, @awesomianist is all about teamwork and supporting each other. This is why I want him to have the opportunity to grow more because I am sure, he will not grow alone but will bring people together with him.

The flight ticket from Malaysia to Lisbon is not cheap. Therefore, I would like to lessen his burden, by nominating him for the free ticket.

Just bought tickets to Lisbon. What a great timing to encounter this post!

I've been thinking when to buy the ticket and keeping an eye on the fluctuating steem and sbd prices. Sometimes transfer steem to sbd. Now I still haven't bought the ticket.

I think I'll postpone my action of buying SF ticket for a week. Thanks @firepower for the contest! Added ur link in my post :P

See you in Lisbon haha.

Hello @firepower - I would like to nominate myself @art-universe - well unfortunately I saw your post a little bit late and I didn't post my Steemfest post until now, but I will post a series of drawings which represent the most important component of STEEMIT - THE COMMUNITY itself.

I also would like to attend, because I want to make a short movie and interview some people there - the movie is about "THE VISIONS OF THE CRYPTONAIRES" It is NOT about technical things or the world of cryptos in general - it is about the social visions, how WE ALL CAN CHANGE OURSELFES AND THE WORLD to make it a better place. I would like to transport insights about important topics which are related to the society, the human psyche and what visionairies like Daniel Larimer think.

Another reason for me is very personal actually - I really want to get out of town and meet new people, but in the moment I am unemployeed and cannot afford it. I will have a new job and hope to make some money with my art in the future, but for this Steemfest, I really can need some help.

THANKS @firepower for viewing this post. I hope to get your help and that you keep watching my post... in the next days I release the posts and you will see what I mean.

Blessings, Martin


So here is my ENTRY


What? Theres a steemfest ??? Dude this is like F%Ckin amazing.. This has gotta be the best social site ever..

#1I would Love to go simply to connect with other steemians by having a great time with one another..
#2Share ideas on how to expand Steem
#3Work with how promote steem to everyone outside of the crypto community
#4 Party HARD with fellow steemians
#5 make bonds that will last forever

This would be a business/ party trip at SteemFest!!!

@firepower sir one of my friend id is blacklist ,how he can remove from blacklist .in comment he received in post by cheeta that channel for blacklist removal is not found in .

Thanks for sharing! Info about the contest and a link to your post were included in the wiki page SteemFest²:Crowdfunding and Contests. Thanks and good luck again!

soo cool..

thanks for upvoting my post @rizwankhan
I always follow and upvote back those who follow and upvoted my I also upvoting your post.I hope you like this and it will interesting for you.have a nice journey at steemit

Dear @firepower

Hi brother, can you teach me or give to me some tips how to earn more money for upvote please.. thanks before..


Can you tell me about the power of this team. Otherwise tell me something about the rules so that I can earn some money too. You will be very pleased. Thank you.

This is a very good possibility of assistance for Steemians. I see here many good guys. But to choose one the best. There is little time to think . And then I will propose its own candidate. Thank you for this opportunity!

So the Steem Fest itself costs 300$ ? -.-

Nice post and i like post you @firepower

That is a hell of a good prize. Only if I had my life sorted out to go and do something like that.

I am just a curioso about Steemit, for sure another guy deserve the tickets more than me. I am not a hack3r, not a developer, sei usar o Markdown e pouco mais, mas o facto de haver um evento tão grande related with this community, desperta realmente muita curiosidade. I saw the map in event page e fiquei curioso em saber se em algum haverá something free para assistir.
De qualquer sou residente em Portugal and if all of you guys tiverem alguma dúvida about Lisbon, like where to go or where to eat.. seria um prazer ajudar.

Bruno Azevedo

Other than putting up good contents and give people some tips and try to pormote steemit, I can't think of anything else. Anyway, very generous of you for doing this. believe who ever gets it really deserves it.

Very nice post bro.

ust bought tickets to Lisbon. What a great timing to encounter this post!

I've been thinking when to buy the ticket and keeping an eye on the fluctuating steem and sbd prices. Sometimes transfer steem to sbd. Now I still haven't bought the ticket.

I think I'll postpone my action of buying SF ticket for a week. Thanks @firepower for the contest!

This post is quite attractive! I was attracted to click

We at @acab1312news vote for @kennyskitchen he has done nothing but good things for us and the community an amazing individual with nothing but positive potential and love to give...

Nice post friends @firepower good luck

Well, im 16 years old, im form ecuador, my mother tongue is the spanish,
All the days, i spend a lot of time in help the others with votes ( a lot of them)
and too i spend a lot of time in writing storys, like horror stories, misteries, poetry and recently write the "lyrics" of my first song.
I think that i deserve the ticket because im one of the most young users of steemit and i can influence the others teens i guess, i can do a lot for this comunnietie if they want and let me do it, i really wish the best for all, my mom is working in spain since iwas 7 years old, for thebad money entries in my family.

Aproveitando a oportunidade vou fazer um resteem que pode ser interessante para quem vier visitar Lisboa.

Descontos para Viagens em Taxi, Uber e Cabify

Good work! See you at steemfest next year!!

This is such an awesome gesture and really does show what Steemit is all about. I expect lots of post and videos from Steemfest 2 and will be eagerly awaiting them the first few days of November. Good luck everyone!

Great initiative Bro. @firepower for conducting this contest, thanks for sharing such great Info. with us. I really want to attend this Fest as it can give a boost to my knowledge about Crypto Future and Steemit Platform, so that I can contribute more to our steemit community.

very good initiative, thanks for sharing with the whole community, that speaks very well of the kind of people here!

que bueno lo apoyo

Very nice post. In information Steemit thanks firepower

I wonder if there's any other upvote service aside from @randowhale??

I am taking some of the initiatives to spread steemit at my place, but I should say, I am still not done a great job. But thank you for such a nice initiative. We all should spread the word of Steemit, as people in India can benefit a lot.

@firepower I believe everyone here will enjoy your post ! Upvoted.

놀라운 계획이네요. 모든 사람들에게 좋은 기회네요.

awesome event sir.thanks to are my Inspiration & all newbie in steemit community...again thanks

It's an exciting contest, you always support the Steemit community and I appreciate you very much for your work and effort. I like to participate in this contest but I don't have money to fund my own trip.

Discussions that attract friends, your post is also very neat.

Hi friend, I am going to tell you something about different. I want to participate,but I can't afford to buy the tickets. I simply want to tell you that for the development of community I want to do lot. You know (you are much junior to me, so I call you beta if you don't mind) I am a teacher, I have lots of ex students who are talented but unfortunately unemployed, so I think that I am able to get them engaged in this world. As a woman I have already introduced three of my friends in this community. You know beta I had already done one food distribution program for the flood victims with the help of you people. From my food distribution program, lots of people have shown their interest in joining us. It is for your kind information that recently I will definitely produce another food distribution program. But you know, unfortunately I get very little upvotes and little rewards in my post, so sometimes I feel very helpless. But now a days steemit becomes my habit and passion. I want to thank you from my heart for your great supports earlier. Now I want to tell you that if I get supports from you I can full fill my wishes to help the needy and also can make my time productively and culturally, socially and economically. Wish you good luck and good health and happiness in every walk of life. Happy steeming.

Fantastic idea thanks



amazing! I am glad to be together @firepower and @steemfest
and read interesting news here

I wish. all the way from USA

I am interested!!!! @firepower

Hello I want be there too!!!

Yea Brother!

Yet again you come through with generous support of this community!

I am sure I am not alone in my gratitude for your contributions. This is why Steemit is so awesome. What a great community!


I want to nominate @enginewitty.

This guy has been non stop steem on for months now. He started #thealliance, runs the killerwhale curator and is constantly supporting his fellow steemians. He's almost never taking anything for himself. He's growing on here and in my opinion he should get much more out of this place for the effort he is putting into other people.

I love the initiative! I wish all the contestants good luck! :D

I always follow the post is amazing. many of the science that I can during my follow posting.dan I will share your submissions to other friends so many who vote. I also hope komentae and vot from you
Follow me @imranroza

Great Steemit. I hope to be great as great people in this Steemit community.
Thank's to @steemitarmy87

Maybe i will do it, it is a nice opportunity!

I am resteeming this post, with a wish to all the contestants.....

Great initiative, people to people!

Keep inspired!

I have already created the post for some early contests but I didn’t manage
to gather sufficient amount of money yet:/ - only for the travel and housing. Let me try my luck in your contest:).Here I go...may the worthiest one win!

This is magnificent mr firepower, i hope someone from the Nigerian community can in this, i unfortunately am part of a project already, bringing this same concept to africa and nigeria.

I would like to nominate @geetharao . Her support and appreciation has undoubtedly given me a boost in steemit. However, my reasons for nominating her are not just this. @geetharao is an amazing woman. She comes from a country that is known for its patriarchal outlook and traditions. :) Yet, she has the fire power and the steam to be here on steemit and create an identity for herself. Her kind and welcoming and supportive aura is of great value on steemit.

I nominate @geetharao . She is the embodiment of "Shakti" (Power) :)


Very sweet of you for nominating @geetharao. ;) She's my mother and unfortunately she wont be coming to SF2 this year.


Your mother @geetharao is an amazing and progressive woman, @firepower . In my opinion, she is the most deserving candidate. :) Perhaps next time :). You can go instead. :) If not her, then I nominate you. :)
My reason for nominating you, is that you are a most supportive son and progressive too. At an age when women are pushed into a corner by a patriarchal society, you encouraged your mother to find a space and an expression of her identity here. World needs more men like you. :) . My greetings and best wishes to both of you :)


@nehab Thank you so much! I was there last year and will be there this year as well. One of the reasons I am there once again is to help Roeland with the execution of the fest with my team as was the case last time and it's great to be able to also represent India at such an event!


:) :) My best wishes are with you and your team, @firepower. Enjoy yourself and Jazz It Up !!! :)


What a cool exchange this was! Lovely to learn more about you and your family on Steemit (I mean that both ways). I came here through @nehab who sounds like a nifty sort of person herself. Will follow your mother now! 😊😊

awwww this is awesome. I was wondering when this will end? I wanted to make a video for it soon :) Just didn't have time this weekend.

Hello @firepower - I really want to participate here - how long do I have time and how long does the contest take place????? THANKS, Martin

Great post

you're making steemit a great community with your content firepower! keep it up!

Thanks for the opportunity! I would like to say a lot about nominate yourself, but even with a free ticket to go to Lisbon is very expensive for me (despite the fact that I live in Portugal) unfortunately.

Very true about generosity, each one of us needs to be a bit more generous and kind to one another in order for us to prosper and be more successful in the future. Helping & Caring will make this world have a better future. Cheers

This is a great initiative, indeed! I appreciate you post the good part of the users of this platform.

it will surely help out this community at making it bigger and more united. kudos!

nice post..I upvoted u... u can check my post also. Thank u


Am new on steemit so i dont really knw who to nominate as am getting to learn the ropes, buh i will keep my eyes on the price hoping for another opportunity like this to either nominate someone or be nominated Will always follow ur post coz u r really doind a good job... #namaste#

Hi I am also from India will be glad if anything else is there in future...if u can add me in any of ur group

Good post... upvoted. I posted my writing then saw this can u check it..plz

@Firepower I really appreciate you following thank you.

I would have loved to have been able to go to this but I have work commitments throughout November.

I am sure it is going to be great though.

great idea 💡🤔🔝

Very generous of you 😊

Lucky one who will have his place 😉

Hello! @firepower ! Any news for the contest ?


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Positive site, where did u up with data on this posting? I'm satisfied I found it however, sick be inquiring soon to discover what extra posts you incorporate.

Portugal fire...