Paying It Forward: Quick Recap of Few Good Things Done Right in 2016!

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I returned to Snehadeep last Saturday and made a donation after raising funds with an article I wrote here. It felt great when I presented them with a cheque for a total amount of INR 34100 / $500. It was my first time raising funds with a social media platform and I'm proud to say that it was made possible on none other than!

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Paying it Forward

As I sat down to write this post I thought it would be a good idea to highlight a few things that our motorcycle club-United Bikers of Mangalore has done in the past year. Except for a pic or two on FB, most of it has gone unnoticed. Now there will be some permanent record of some of the activities from the past year which I hope, will inspire many to do similar things for others.

If you've received any kind help in life from society around you (friends/family/strangers etc) please remember that it's always a good idea to pay it forward or give back to society whenever you have the chance to do it.

1. Heels On Wheels: A Ride for Women Empowerment, Freedom & Safety!

This was one of the first things that we put together in 2016 with help from various chapters of other clubs in my city. It was a unique event followed by a city-wide motorcycle rally that gave emphasis on women’s safety issues and freedom. The Police Commissioner of our city was there to support us with his team and flagged off this event.

Heels on Wheels, was also about breaking traditional gender stereotypes and spreading awareness about equality for women in all aspects of the Indian society. Read more on the 'TheMotorLife.'

Two girls from our group have First Degree Black Belt in Karate and gave a demo.

Symbolically I think that riding motorcycles is a great way to empower women. I'm glad to say that things are changing and many Indian women now have several accomplishments on motorcycles/cars in India in the past few years.

2. Putting Smiles on Faces!

Honestly, this was a low key affair with no coverage and there was also no name to the event as such. The idea was simply to thank all the cops manning the traffic junctions in our city for their service to the public. It's a thankless job and difficult to do given our population and crazy road manners. We pooled in some funds and bought around 60 boxes of a mixed-Indian sweets and distributed it in teams on a rainy day in early July.

Many cops had no idea and few were trembling under the pressure of their job as they extended their hand to receive the boxes of sweets. It was a truly a humbling day for me. I feel lucky to be able to sit in the comforts of my home and earn money day in and day out. It's a privilege that I don't take for granted!

Selfie with the police, only in Mangalore!

We had the support of the Asst.Commissioner of Police who was extremely happy with our gesture. It was a day I'll never forget!

3. Raising Donations for 'Abhaya Bala Mandira'

It is a child care centre for destitute/orphans boys in the outskirts of the city. I'd like to think that it sort of spawned the idea for the visit to Snehadeep which happened a few months later.

It's a tough world we live in but it's not hard to put smiles on a child's face.

4. The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2016 - Cancer Awareness Event

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride is a global motorcycle fund-raising event to raise awareness of prostate cancer and male suicide prevention. We've been supporting this event in Mangalore as much as rest of the country. It's a great opportunity for all the clubs to come together and ride.

United Bikers of Mangalore

This was relatively major city-wide motorcycle rally preceded by an event to raise awareness about cancer. We had the city's top Oncologists as well as Psychiatrist with us who presented a small talk on Cancer, Depression and Suicide-prevention followed by a QnA with everyone. It was conducted at the local-Forum Mall and ergo was open to anyone willing to come forward and attend the event.

We raised donations towards, 'Ave Maria Palliative Care'. They are doing a fantastic job in assisting patients with terminal illnesses in their final days. We rode to the hospice at the end of the event and spent some time learning about the place and meeting the staff and few of the patients.

Some days I wake up and feel so lucky to be in good health and be able to create a future for myself, the way I want to!

A friend who loves vlogging made this video. Hopefully, he'll make a post soon on Steemit about his two-wheeled adventures.

5. Healing Hearts - Animal Adoption Event!

Now, we love our pets as much as we love our motorcycles/cars! While this event wasn't directly conducted by UBM, our club supported it in good numbers. My friend Shawn and others in our group are members/volunteers at ACT - Animal Care Trust, Mangalore.

ACT is the number one animal rescue and shelter in our city. They've been doing a kick-ass job on the rescue scene for years.

They had an adoption event for puppies and kittens! X-Mas was nearing and what a good way to get into the mood.

It was a success as many Mangaloreans came forward to adopt as well as donate to the cause. There was joy all around as many animals found new permanent homes on this day!

With Steemit, the possibilities are endless! (Donation Update)

I was able to raise approximately $468 in donations from Steemit. Some wonderful Steemians donated in Steem, SBD and Bitcoin cryptos while others gave my post two thumbsup which allowed me take my personal total donation to this orphanage to $100 and also save the rest for future activities.

There many ways to help others in need, some require monetary assistance, others your time, energy and care. Snehadeep HIV Child care center receives zero funding from the govt and no regular donations. I'm glad that together we played our part in assisting them.

Find a problem, and provide a direct solution. We can all do it!

I've had an extremely busy start to the year and ergo it took me a while to make the time to write a post about it. I would like to thank everyone who supported for patiently waiting for an update.

Your support has made a real difference!

and an anonymous patron.

Thank you for coming forward with the donations and to all Steemians for your kind words of encouragement!

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What a powerful way to empower the world and using Steemit. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


All for one and one for all!

Damn right! Thank you! :D

Way to go, @firepower!! It's so fulfilling to build a better world, and I'm so happy to follow your adventures in creating it! It's so exciting that Steemit can bring us all together and support these great projects 😃


Thank you so much for the kind words! The more time I spend on Steemit, the more I've come to realise the awesome things one can do with it. I also love the fact that there is a close community here that wants to see changes happen and be part of this change. Truly great times we're living in! :D

Oh @firepower---what a great feeling post. Thank you for sharing how you share the love. When meeting you at Steemfest--I was so inspired by the way you truly reached out to connect and made everyone feel special. I'm certain your interactions with those on your journey also feel your joyous spirit. Thank you for being you!


Thank you so much for your kind words! I just try to show up and support as often as possible anything that I truly believe in. I'm glad that with Steemit I have a good outlet to showcase some of the good things that are happening in my neck of the woods. I've also met some incredible people who have inspired me along the way such as yourself and Sara with the things you do back home. Cheers! :)


Yay! We love providing inspiration. I agree on Steemit being a good outlet for sharing incredible works. If we keep it up--it could be contagious!!

You are doing terrific work in the Steemit community and for the community outside of Steemit. Thank you.


Thank you so much Tom for the kind words! I hope to continue doing this and more in 2017. :)

That's a pretty busy 2016! Are most of your colleagues, also bikers throughout all the events?


Yeah, 2017 is also off to a good start. Well most of them are bikers/car enthusiasts. Motorcycling has been a great connect and since we started off all those years ago, it has helped make a difference in many areas of life. People in my city also immensely love their motorcycles and cars. There's a lot of good vibe surrounding motoring related activities here since a very long time now!

Wow! You did a lot of great things for the world! "Find a problem, and provide a direct solution. We can all do it!" That is a great motto. That you for inspiring me and many other steemians. Thank you even more for helping all the people that you did. I still have faith in the world because as long as good people stand up to do good things the world will be ok. Thank you for being a good person who stands up!


Wow! Thank you for the kind words of appreciation and encouragement! I think we all have some responsibilities towards the world we live in. Personally, I think anyone can do these things. It's all boils down to taking an initiative to do something that matters. :)

Incredible work @firepower! Awesome to see such steem-impact on the real world for those who truly need it. Thanks again!


Thank you so much! :)

Good work. Resteemed :-)


Thank you :D

Wonderful @firepower! You are awesome!


Thank you so much! You are awesome yourself! hehe :D


Thanks man. 😊 I would like to visit India some day. The person who started my meditation group, Paramahansa Yogananda, was from there.


Oh that's great! I hope you plan a visit. Feel free to ping me if you need any help with it. I'm sure you will like it. :)


Great, thanks, I'll definitely let you know when we decide to visit! Thanks @firepower!


Sure thing! :)

Wonderful. Resteemed


Thank you so much! :)

Inspiring and provides hope and joy for many.


Thank you. :)

Wow this is fantastic! So many lives were improved, so many people had good days. Thank you for making the most of steemit and putting our fortune into good use. :)


Yeah. The wonderful possibilities at Steemit! :) Thanks.

Nice action!


Thanks much :)

what a wonderful initiative! Well done @firepower


Thank you :)


No props - keep it up

You're a true gentleman and a scholar, @firepower. Bless you and know that no good deed goes unnoticed.

All my respect for such a great thing you did... :)


Whoa! Thank you for the kind words of encouragement! I'm just happy to be able to do my part. :)

You are doing a great job! Gratitude has no limits...


Indeed! Thank you so much. :)

Very nice.

@firepower, puppy))). small)