Successful #1 India Steemit Accelerator and Steem Cryptocurrency Meetup 2017!

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I've been working on starting Steemit Accelerators and meetups across India ever since I got back from SteemFest 2016 and have been raving about this platform and promoting it ever since I got onboard. However, for the longest time it wasn't possible due to various reasons. But yesterday, (11th June, 2017) I was able to kick-start it off with a great weekend session in my city of Mangalore, India.

Surrounded by lush green trees it's a relatively old but well maintained conference location in my city

The event was held at Sahodaya, a conference centre in my city and invitations were sent to about 25 people.

Mangalorean rains!

The city has been experiencing a major downpour since the wee hours of Sunday morning and a few travelling to the event from outskirts of the city had to cancel at the last minute. However, we had a total headcount of 14 attendees including myself. I planned for an hour but the program went for about 2hrs and 40 minutes.

Dear Steemians! This event was fully funded with your support on my previous blogs!

I want to educate people on using Steemit and following is a quick coverage of the event as it went down.

Steemit Coaching 1-O-1

We started off with a round of introductions. It helped that we had a diverse range of people in the group and pretty much everyone was internet-savvy. From professional bloggers, photographers, IT engineers to college students; it was a great mix! It felt great learning how the Indian youth find Steemit a fascinating new experience!

@karthikrao talking about his experience writing on steemit

@andreanoronha spoke about her love for crafts and will be sharing them on Steemit

@wandereronwheels is a young Mechanical engineering student who loves making moto-vlogs and travel logs

Aneesha (16) is one of my youngest friends. A picture of this lil' local celeb and India's youngest female surfer talking about her personal achievements during her introduction!

After introducing the platform I went about teaching everyone how to create an account and everyone came up with suggestions to help Aneesha create @surferanee during the presentation.

I discussed the following in some detail and after 5-10 minutes we had a QnA to clear the concepts. It was pretty detailed but here's a summary.

  1. Account creation and importance of introductions for non-anon users.
  2. How to create a post, add images and selecting rewards.
  3. What are upvotes, downvotes and basics as compared to old social media Facebook.
  4. Where does the 'money' come from?
  5. Strategies for gaining followers, importance of commenting.
  6. Dos an Dont's on Steemit including use of copyrighted materials.
  7. Steemit.Chat and best ways to use the platform.
  8. How to network with others on Steemit and Steemit.Chat
  9. For existing members I also showed them how to use Steemd and SteemDB.
  10. How the wallet page works and transfering Steem/SBD.
  11. Using Mobile App @esteem and attending @steemfest global conference!
  12. How to use and for quick exchanges and crypto trading platforms such as Poloniex & Bittrex.
  13. Many other aspects of Steemit were discussed!

Explain users acquainted in trading of stocks and advanced users amongst the group on how to buy/sell Steem on the exchange.

It was an interactive session and the audience asked over a hundred questions which I answered to the best of my knowledge of Steemit. The session ended as I explained how to get INR from your rewards on Steemit and a general discussion on Bitcoin, altcoins, crypto market cap and future possibilities.

Special thanks to my friends who assisted me in this event @varunpinto (photos) @droidsid (systems) and @wolfpack-raj (Press Release)

It was great listening to the questions. People loved the idea of a Steemit Accelerator that introduced them to our incredible platform with easy to understand concepts.

Steemit has the incredible potential to make dreams come true. I'm doing my part to help others achieve theirs through using this amazing platform!

OK! So we had some fun waiting for the rains to stop!

I swear by The Book of Steemit that I shall stop using old social media!

A friend caught this shadowy figure in the act! - It's dynamic splint for my hand which assists me with everyday tasks.

Because friends are awesome!

Any Wolverine fans in da house?

@droidsid checking votes on his blog using @good-karma's @esteem app. Posting/Voting on the go!

@speedracer asking you get on Steemit Now!

Local businessman @srinidhi thinks Steemit is Love!

I hope to answer these questions in my following posts so stay tuned

  1. Why India is an important and untapped market for Steemit?
  2. My Ideas & Agenda for promoting Steemit in India
  3. How Steemit could revolutionise the growth of Crypto market in India
  4. Future India Steemit Accelerator Locations!

Thank you for your attention and support!

If you like my work, please share my posts and follow my blog to support me. You may also continue reading my recent posts which might interest you:

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Hey all.. I was lucky and glad to be part of the first Steemit meeting here in the beautiful city of Mangalore, India.

I met some really great people with really awesome experiences. I am so happy and thankful that my dear friend @firepower introduced me to the Steemit community.

The session was very informative and helpful as it cleared a lot of doubts that I had. @firepower was really good at conducting the whole session and answering all our doubts.

It was a lot of fun since most of us already knew each other and we had a good time at the meet.

Thanks again for everything @firepower :)
Hope to see you and everyone else again soon

Hi Andy. Glad to make it to this platform. Looking forward to make more steem power :D

i am from korea, i want to make some friends in india

Welcome to Steemit Sanjay! So glad to see you here. I wish you all the best :)

Thank you Andy :) Looking forward to some good action out here

Hi :) I'm sure you'll make plenty of Indian friends here :)

Nice to see you on Steemit @andreanoronha. Im looking forward to @firepower next Steemit session in Bangalore where i would be introducing all my biker friends to Steemit.

I hope i can be there too 😊

Thank you 😊

@andreanoronha thanks for the great feedback! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Was my pleasure :)

Welcome Aboard, Fellow Indian! Hope you have a great time in here. Followed.

Thanks a lot :) followed back :)

So glad to read this.

Welcome to Steemit! :)

So happy to read your story @andreanoronha. You are not only learning from one of the best in India but one of the best in the world. May good thing are to come as you are in good hands!

Yea :)
Thank you so much :)
@firepower really is great as a guide and a friend :)

Hi Andi and @Firepoer

I think this is a fantastic article. I am a new bee in Steemit and I was looking for someone who started it in india. I think you just started to exploring things with your friends but we can take it to the bigger platform and can schedule it in other cities as well to make people more aware of the new social media technology, unlike Facebook.

Your efforts are definitely appreciated. I seen the pics of manglore and rain.. Its definately a beautiful place. Must have to visit once!

Welcome to Steemit :) if I'm correct, there will be a meeting in bangalore soon. @firepower will be conducting more meetings across India if possible. You can contact him for more details.

it is impressive.

welcome to steemit

Thank you 😊

Is it possible to HACK STRRMIT????

I'm sure that it is extremely difficult.

Wonderful to read about this event and get to know the Indian Community. Welcome!
Awesome @firepower!!!

Thank you :)

Bye Bye Facebook ! Hello Steemit !!!

Whoa ! what an event that was !!! Perfect way to kickstart my Steemit Experience .

A Big Thank you to @firepower ( My biker buddy since ages ) for hosting the event and being an amazing resource person to enlighten us Noobs :)

Glad to be part of an exclusive club of Steemers here in Mangalore !
Such a wonderful bunch of people , totally loved meeting such fun and energetic people .

A Month ago when @firepower Introduced me to Steemit , i wasn't so impressed.
But , after attending this session ( & seeing the wallet of @Firepower lol ) i'm convinced .

Looking forward to many more experiences like this , and i Guess its time to save up some dough to attend the International Steemfest this year !

And also a Big thank you to my fellow steemers @droidsid @andreanoronha @wolfpack-raj @varunpinto for attending and making the event a super success !!!
Cheers :)

See you around Folks !

Welcome to Steemit :)
I was waiting for you to say something about the wallets 😂
I hope you have an amazing experience here :)

Haha! I had the same feeling. It literally cracked me up reading the part regarding wallets.

Thank you @andreanoronha !!!
It was a Pleasure meeting you :)
Looking forward to many more interactions on steemit .

& Yes, Meghan's Wallet is eye candy to me .

Waiting for your introduction post on steemit @srinidhi :D

Hey There !

I'm here too. Glad to see you on this platform.

looking forward to make more steeems!!:D


Thanks for the awesome feedback dude! :)

@firepower Great work brother really proud of you. I believe Steem can change lives across India. Hope you are well.

Thank you @thejohalfiles! I certainly believe that Steem crypto and Steemit can make a huge positive impact on lives across the globe. It has a huge potential in India. I'm trying to make a difference as years ago I struggled and taught myself what it takes to achieve anything. Now a decade later of pursuing my goals and achieving many of them I think I am in a position to be able to help other people achieve theirs.

Steemit I hope is that revolution that many people have dreamt of. I hope to take to this platform to the masses in our motherland. I know you've migrated to a better but I know that somewhere in your heart you feel for the people here and know this platform will add great value to people's lives here and it's great to see you supporting work from many authors from India. This platform has the potential to uplift millions of lives and even provide a basic minimum income of sorts.

I will be conducting future Steemit Accelerators in other cities. The next one is Bangalore and then others from there as the community grows.

Thank you for following my work. Please stay tuned as I will also have other interesting content of value coming up and your support will help me continue all of my current initiatives. Thank you for your attention and continued support!

These are very exciting times brother we are lucky to be here indeed, I will be looking forward to reading/hearing more @firepower. Take care

@thejohalfiles Hey brother, see you doing well ^^ I just wanted to ask. Are there any tips on getting cur. rewards or its all the same if you have low SP.
Much love <3

The earlier you find a post that you think will do well, the more you will earn. Look for good content that will bring value to the network that others will also upvote. If you are the first to find good content you will earn the most. With that said it is not always about earning the most. In some cases you may want to vote last to give others a chance or various other reasons. You should experiment and find your own system that works for you. I recommend you use the site to monitor your mining stats if you are going to get heavy into the curation side of things.

@firepower this is AWESOME. A few of us in New York have also been trying to execute a similar program here and I would love to pick your brain at some point!

Surely! I'd be happy to be of some help! Feel free to ping me on Steemit.Chat if you think I could be of some assistance. Would love to attend one of these meetups in NYC someday! This was more of an accelerator/quick starter than a meetup itself but I'll have a meetup to view progress of everyone who made it to this event soon! :)

I definitely will soon (I think the chat is down right now) to discuss potential strategies for on-boarding and community techniques.

Definitely come to New York!

Yeah it's down for some on-going maintenance. Let's chat soon! :) I hope to make it there in 2018 if not sooner.

I saw your posts before before didn't check it out and had no Idea you are from my motherland. Good to see your designation and I am proud you are an Indian. Following you. Jai hind. Cheers!!!!!!

That's great! Thank you! :)

Wow. You did a great job. Thats what we all need to be doing to develop steemit. Will be following you and learning from your footstep. I'm very happy i came accross this thread

Thank you so much! Ive been working hard to build the steemit community and the efforts are showing. :)

Wow! You are ahead of many Western countries. So glad to see blogs such as this. Much love and support from Montenegro, Europe.

Thank you so much @freedomnation! :)

Good work!

thank you @carface and @mirage! :)

good job guys , by understanding how the steemit platform works , we've gotta make it even bigger ,promotions and meet ups like this is the best options for now i guesss. And yet keep posting folks!

That must've been amazing! Mini Steemfest right there. Great to see more and more meetups. I recently heard that there is also one in Spain(?), if I recall correctly.

It's great to see how a simple social media platform like Steemit can unite strangers. I don't see that happening often within Facebook groups, for example.

Every time I see these things, I get happy and motivated to be more and more invested into the platform. This is genuinely great, I haven't met a single bad person who is active on here. Rock on, Steemit!

By the way, you're rocking that beard.

Yeah it was great! I'm glad that we met and then had a great time together thanks to this platform as well as old school fb haha! Thanks Shannon! :)

Thank you @Firepower for introducing me to this wonderful platform. Over the past few months I've been loitering around social media sites for various freelance digital marketing work. Thanks to you, I have now found a better bigger platform to make ends meet.

I've always loved travelling and meeting new people. I believe this is the perfect platform now for me to interact and travel.

Hoping to make it to Steemfest 2017 !


Thank you for the detailed comment bro! :)

This was indeed an awesome event and we should definitely have more of these, so more people can know what Steemit is and the power of STEEM!

A local STEEMFEST without food and beverages, but that's alright :P The best part was that I knew almost everyone there and it was good fun. Hoping to see all of them on the platform, although most of them already are.

Will definitely help with future Steemit programs @firepower! Also, that Steemit Book though :P Nice photoshop!! ;)

It was great to have you over and also thanks for helping out!

sorry for a late response..

was a wonderful programme arranged by @firepower.. was glad to meet my friends and many more..

understood a lot on what and how to post and how to remain active on this platform.

looking forward to more such seminars and even thinking on attending the steemfest conference :D

Hi There.

And here I am who is gonna tag along you for the steemfest :D

Looking forward to it mate.


Thanks dude for your help and support! Would be great to see you and @sanjayjkamath make it! :)

yo.. hopefully :D

HEY, that was one successful SteemIt Presentation done by @firepower , Kudos to him for getting all of us together and sharing his knowledge over this platform.

And what a full filled turn out it was indeed.

I had gotten introduced to SteemIt back in July by @firepower and not joining back then is the only regret i have, so to speak. But its better late than never. So NO RAGRET ( We Are The Miller reference :P )

Feels good to be one of the first few on the platform from this part of the country.

So for me, this is a beginning of something awesome. Looking forward to this Journey and to be a part of something big in the works.


Hello there!

Your next door neighbor is here as well.

Glad to see you here.

Looking forward to make more steeems!!


Thanks dude! Glad you are here now! :)

i'm glad as well :)

Dude @Firepower...

One word: AMAZING!

You are the ONLY person I know who is selflessly promoting Steemit...

I don't know how you do it...

But mad respect!

Love the presentation topics. Simple and informative. Down to the basics.

Exactly what most need.

I wish and hope everyone of them continue to use the platform.

I also see you have your biker groups here, as they have been commenting on my post and elsewhere. :P

So glad you are doing this!

Thank you @sidwrites! Appreciate your help and support in building the Indian community!

This is amazing @firepower. You are doing an awesome work in bringing the indian audience to Steemit. The session looks so professional and organized. I am happy that you have taken this initiative to spread Steem in India :) would love to join one of your meetups when in India !

Billi, where are you from?

From Delhi but currently in London.

Thank you! :) Stay tuned for more! :)

The meetup was a perfect blend of a formal and informal session.

Introduction session was a perfect start to break the ice and get acquainted with each other. It made us feel at home!

Got to meet some really cool people like @andreanoronha and @droidsid

The formal part of the meetup was never boring because of the subtle jokes and humor that we all were cracking!

I never regretted the fact that I came to the meeting even though I had exams the next day!

Hope to have more of these meetups in the future! ;) @firepower JAI!

Thanks @wandereronwheels was nice meeting you too :)

I hope your exams went well :)

Yep it did! ;) Thanks!

Great comment and feedback! Glad you made it!

Hello! Very nice post. My best part is when your mom got a new phone. I'm also a mom but over 50. I've always been attracted to technology like moths to the light but it's not easy for me to understand and keep up with the young crowd. Of course, nothing will stop me! It'll just take me longer to digest it all. You talk about an app but the only link I found was for @surferanee which takes me to a blank page. Could you please share the app's link? Thanks!

Thanks for your comment! You can search for "esteem" on Google Playstore :) It's done by @good-karma

I'll check it out right now! Is it free?

Yes it's available and free! :)

My best part is when your mom got a new phone.

Yes, it is, @blogstar

Great initiative, @firepower.

Why India is an important and untapped market for Steemit?
My Ideas & Agenda for promoting Steemit in India
How Steemit could revolutionise the growth of Crypto market in India
Future India Steemit Accelerator Locations!

Greetings from the diaspora, too.

Whenever you're ready to do Dubai, count me in.


Lol... there's never a good pic of me 😂 (secretly crying inside)
I had a lot of fun at the meet. Thanks for organizing it @firepower ... looks like I missed a fun photoshoot :(

Yeah! But it's okay. The next time we'll take more fun pics. Btw, leave a feedback about how you felt the event was as im sure everyone would love to know! :)

Sure thing bro :)
Kick varun's ass for me 😂

y my ass?? :O :'(

... I look high in the pic 😂
My brother thinks I look weird.. to be fair, he always thinks I look weird 😂

aiyaaa!! not my fault :(

Hahahahaha... 😂

we are all weird and we're awesome! haha!

Wow my friend - another awesome post, 25 people is a number. Our #Steemit #MeetUp in Munich usually includes 5 people but working on it - we know @surfermarly is coming in September to Munich wohooo! And we have some other cool newbies on the block - rising Steemit stars planning to join as well soon such as @lizanomadsoul.

Happy about your post as it includes Steemians i never heard of which I follow now. Thanks and happy Steeming!

That's fantastic! I hope I can make it there too! It would be awesome I think! :)

Wou! You are too genius. You are Indian and I feel very proud to be an Indian. You did a great job,which may become one of the remedy to solve the unemployment problem of our country. Thanks for the great job and wish you good luck. Upvoted.

This is amazing @firepower. You are doing an awesome work in bringing the indian audience to Steemit. Way to grow the steemit community and tell all of Indian audience to Keep Steem On! Much love from Indonesia :D

Thank you so much! :) You guys are doing great at Indonesia! Hope to make it to a meetup there someday!

greet. upvote and following steemit india. greeting from indonesian.
upvote and follow me to @rizkiavonna
good job.

Thank you :)

Very nice loved it thank you.

this is fantastic news
I honestly believe India can be one of the largest steemit communities
even larger than the US

Thank you so much for your support bro! I hope the same. It will take some time but when my country's economy opens up to crypto some amazing new things will happen in this entire space!

Great pictures @firepower ;) :) ( the book of steemit) :P
It's really a great thing that you are doing so much for the community.. Appreciate your work and support!

Thank you so much! :D


Thank you :)

I am Australian but lived in India for over a year. My goal is to get back there asap. There are some family issues stopping me right now, but my heart pines for India everyday. A smell or sound can send my thoughts back there in an instant. A big part of my heart is still there. I blink and I feel I am there, sometimes. And then I open my eyes and am startled (and a little sad) that I am here in Australia. Which can make crossing the road a bit dangerous LOL.
I am so glad to see an Indian community on here. I hope to network with you and make some new friends for when I come back. I am not that computer savvy. I am a noob on Steemit too. But then you have great advice for me. I just miss India and its people. I will be blogging about it soon too.
Fire milengae India. Chelti Chelti (please excuse my awful Hindi)

haha! That's a great to know! I have a few friend who moved to Australia and are enjoying their life there. Hope you are able to come back and travel India some more! Good luck :)

Very good!
I have a doubt. Suppose my account is worth $ 1000. How soon can I transfer those dollars to another wallet? I mean ... take the money?

as long as you have 10x your starting SP you can initiate a power down to withdraw I guess. :)

Your post is astonishing and really motivating for my local meetup group,
where we do 1-0-1´s for upcoming blockchain ideas (f.e. latest Steemit) too.
I hope to see my crowd so happy like yours :-)
farwell mrceebo

Thank you! :)

How big is steemit community in india?? Hard to compare with fb but more close go reddit.. would love to participate when i am in india

It's growing. Still very small and dispersed across India! :)

Can't help but feeling so proud being indian 😄 keep rocking fellas.

Hey @firepower great to see your effort. Please let me know if you have any plan for Chennai.

This is fantastic, @firepower! Wonderful to see the Steemit community in India grow. Excited to be a part of it :)

Hey! Great to see you here! Thank you so much! :D

If there is anything that you need, Ill love to join aboard in this to spread the awareness about Steemit all across our country.

Thanks! :) Stay tuned and keep an eye out for #India on chat.


Right decision

good job :)

thanks :)

This is Really nice I am planing to do the same in my Country, Guess i will get some tips from you guys @firepower Thanks

The work you do is awesome @firepower!

I look forward to supporting your work of pushing this platform in the correct markets around the world that will benefit from it the most. I feel really good about the future of India with this platform.

ps- Thank you for the link to STEEM Chat. now the newest member!

Thank you so much for your feedback and comment! :) If you need any help on chat let me know! :)

Send me a link!

I am on a minnow chat with aggroed and his team.

The steem chat.. the chat I am on uses a different platform. its there in the site menu as well. It's the official chat.

Thanks @firepower, look forward to using it :)

Man, you make me proud!!! And the last picture killed me hahaha

Thank you Tim! :D

wow great initiative i appreciate @firepower

Thank you! :)

lol wow 30 bucks on a comment amazing it really is rain drops 4 drop tops here on steemit,! money is everywhere!!! just need those followers!!!
I swear i have a great steemit promotion stunt to make great seemit promition viral youtube video using a ferrari rented out for a few hours! I rent ferrari, cover in easily removable steemit stickers! then ill get on local by handing out $1 bills to 100 or 200 people! id like to do 1000 but need the money from he post to promote it first! and i gotta make the post soon! ill make theflyers for joining steemit that show instructions on how to make good ini tro post to make more mney! $1 cadh singp bonus giveaway in rented ferrari and i get on local news by calling in saying someguy is handing out $1 bills i a frrari for a websie that just gives out free money! ima get a cheap ferrari spinder rental somehow recod my sef a viddeo of me handing ot $1 bills with steemit pamphlets !

Yeah! Same here. I had to wait for months to save up the money and start these activities. All in good time!

Congratulations and thanks for this wonderful initiative of yours in India. I'm very new to Steemit and looking to learn a lot about steeming from you.
I'd love to organize such meets in my city too. You are always welcome to my city to address a gathering of interested potential steemers. I'm from Udaipur in India.

Am following you now.

Maybe Jaipur might happen later in the year but Udaipur sounds interesting too. Let's see how the next couple of months go!

WOW! That's exciting. Would it be before Lisbon Steemfest or later. Do keep me posted.
I can understand Udaipur is a smaller city in comparison. So if you ever have plans for Ahmedabad too, do update me as well 'coz it's much closer to Udaipur than Jaipur.

Certainly, stay tuned to my posts or join #India on Steemit.Chat :)

Joined. Thanks for pointing out. Good to see 170 members there. How many Indians are on Steemit these days? Any rough estimate from you would be appreciated.

Not sure about that.

definatel looks like it was a success which you had a video of the meetup