India Steem Meetup #4—An AWESOME Meetup In New Delhi—India's Capital and 40+ Attended!

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Circa 2009, was when I first visited New Delhi in my adulthood. It was a brief visit part of a motorcycle rally and I saw a few parts of Karol Bagh-a famous part of town where I stayed the first night. It was crazy but I enjoyed the experience and managed not to get my wallet stolen in the madness of the crowd. I ate some amazing local street food and decided that I would come back to live here for a bit.

It took me another 2 years to make that happen and I ended up living about 4 years in all. It was a profound experience and when I left I felt I needed to stay longer but something within me told me I would be come back here with an interesting project. India Steem Meetup #4 was just that!

With Saurav Rungta who is another early adopter of Steem from India

The meetup was held on Sunday, 11th February, and it was incredible. Most participants actually showed up on time and we were off to an awesome start. We had a great turnout with over 40 attending the event. I had @shenoy with me doing our video and @varunpinto shooting images as well as handling the camera for the videos we are producing.

A big shout out to @wandereronwheels for assisting me in finding the location and setting it up for the event. It couldn't have been done without you bro! Thanks for all the help with this. This younger biker was also part of my @steemfest firepowercrew at Portugal. :)

It was interesting to note how enthusiastic everyone was about this. People love the idea of these meetups and I’ve gotten some amazing feedback from people motivating me to carry this forth into many other cities across the country.

People really dig the concept of Steemit and love being rewarded for their content. This enthusiasm is likely to carry through this year as Steemit users continue to grow from India. I enjoyed meeting people who had so much to share about their journey. I’ve got a few more ideas around these meetups and perhaps in the future I might try and execute these.

There’s a lot I could say and bore you but some amazing Steemians have summarized tthe meetup in their posts. Please give them a read below.

@bunnypunia - Link @mehta - Link @thethinker007 - Link @steemflow - Link @thatindianlady - Link @wandereronwheels - Link @hungryhustle - Link @sauravrungta - Link @yesaye - Link @touringdiaries - Link @nimik - Link @ashishkukreja - Link @komal - Link @nehab - Link

One of my goals are to highlight the social networking aspect of Steemit and bring together a vast community of users that we have today. With 4 meetups behind me I feel I’m bringing a lot of people closer than they were ever before. I’ve made many friends on and off Steemit, because of this platform and I’m sure many Steemians will Delhi will stay in touch with those they truly connect with.

We did run into some trouble with the police who wouldn’t allow us to shoot our interviews near the Coffee Day outlet. They gave no reasons other than saying it’s not allowed. Same issues in the park. Hosting the meetup in a central location was necessary to make it accessible to everyone in the NCR region but as usual things cannot go without any unnecessary interference in India. Nevertheless, we managed to complete the shoot.

With few notable Steemians from Jaipur who made it all the way from there.

It was a long day for me and it left me exhausted. But it got even more exciting as later in the evening @varunpinto fell sick with a terrible food allergy and needed to be hospitalized and in the rush we lost @nehab’s gift to my mother. But, Varun recovered from it after a short stint at the hospital and we were able to continue the rest of our trip and return home yesterday evening.

With @nehab holding a book on my grandfather and his art authored by my mother @geetharao

Some of the things we discussed in the meetup are:

  1. Basics of Steemit, Steem blockchain and various apps on top of it.
  2. Why prices fluctuate and how BTC relates to the change in price.
  3. What blockchain technology means and why we are early adoptors to this technology.
  4. How Steemit is helping shape social media slowly but steadily.
  5. Various ways of utilizing the platform.
  6. How to build a following, increase engagement with posts amongs other things.
  7. Some issues related to the platform were also discussed.
  8. How to trade Steem for BTC and BTC for INR was done.
  9. I also informed users on managing their tax burden in this meetup.
  10. Benefits of hodling Steem as SP and active curation on the platform.

I've been requested to write about some of these aforementioned points and I might share a few thoughts on the same soon.

Overall it was a great event and I can’t wait to revisit New Delhi again in the future. Given the fact that it is our capital city I expect it to grow sooner than most others. People here are more aware of cryptocurrencies than in another places. I’m sure the next big meetup here will see greater numbers.

I want to thank all of you who made it to the meetup in New Delhi. With 3 days to go I was worried with the low number of confirmations but I’m pleased to say Delhi you surprised me! It was great to onboard a few new people at the location who accompanied some of our existing members from here. I wish Steemit’s onboard system would work fast enough to approve people on time.

@wandereronwheels @varunpinto @aishwarya @shenoy @sauravrungta @freebirdkhushboo @komal @yesaye @bunnypunia @neelamgahlyan @thethinker007 @steemflow @amank @knight-fury @swpnl7 @coolbuddy @himshweta @nimik @indiantraveller @prameshtyagi @touringdiaries @xtrememotoadv @free-ion @thatindianlady @abhik1729 @thenomadictales @mehta @ashishkukreja @hungryhustle @rovingman @footlooselatika @nehab @komal Urvashi Borse, Siddharth and his wife, @gkbell46 and his two friends.

I apologise if I’ve forgotten any usernames here. Let me know if I’ve missed anyone in the comments below and I will add them to my post.

A few who stayed back right till the end!

You can view all the pictures from the meet and download them here!

If you like my work kindly resteem it to your friends. You may also continue reading my recent posts which might interest you:

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So good to see you and Saurav @sauravrungta on the very same pictures! Nice steemy people :-)

Congrats on your achievements as Steem's no. 1 community builder Meghan! Love what you do!!

Steem's no. 1 community builder Meghan! Love what you do!!

Woohoo! Thank you so much for reading this and for your comment Marly! made my day!

wow congrats dude

My pleasure, I'm just telling the truth :-)
Enjoy your weekend!!

Have a great weekend yourself Marly! Hope to see you soon!

Hello sir i am also indian .and i have also joined this steemit recently.I am actually upset that i could not attend this meet up but i am really very interested to join this steemit meet up in future.Thank you sir please upvote me sir

pls assist me here to upvote my post and repost thanks God bless you . more sbd to your steem

this is amazing, steemit going all around the world, like that @firepower

hey Marly! Would love to meet you to one day and click some awesome photos!! :D

We'll do! :-)

Africans need this kind of sensitization. I love what you do. Steemit is the future

Maybe you can go surf all the way to India, hehe, with love and rice and oatmeal.
Awesome meet up for sure.

its not all indian company just employee meet up session by the way grow up steem future

Top de Mais!
Brasil vindo com tudo.

HALLO BUDDY STEEMIANS !! (Senior who already succeeded in steemit and also beginner steemit candidate for success).
This is my first post in an opportunity to introduce myself.
My name is yanissayang
And I'm 21 years old now. I was born on May 4, 1996
In aceh-indonesia.
My address is now still in Aceh right on the pipe line line, cotsenira-lhokseumawe-aceh-indonesia village.
I am the fourth of four children, so I am the last child.
So many of my introductions, greetings to all steemians friends and wish us all to be successful.
Thank you..!

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Why are you spamming this under every post? @steemcleaners should check you out...

Very good post my friend! upvoted 100% !!! I hope that my 3rd meetup in Barcelona tomorrow night will be so successful! =D

I follow you because I like the people who invest and promote our incredible steemit platform! Thank you for your efforts!
Keep steeming =D

Beautiful Steem shirt, girl. Makes me want to eat even more oatmeal.

steem logo design & you ..nice

Hey! This is awesome! I hope to visit Barcelona this summer and it would be great to meet you and other Steemians from there. Please lemme know how the meetup goes in case I miss seeing the post. :)

Wow great job, you are awesome in every time. Your presence turns every impossible to possible. You have that power so your name is fire power. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of you in our area so that,we can enrich the energy and inspiration in a very productive way. Thanks for sharing such an inspirational and exited post. Have a very beautiful time ahead.

what do you think.

Wow here comes the much awaited post. We should plan such meets more often and try bringing more and more people onboard. Cheers

@firepower, this is awesome.

Steem is one platform where regardless our background or religion, we can come together to brainstorm and think of how to bring more value to the platform and also bring more people on board.

We are also planning our meet up in my community, it comes up last week in March

Good job.

Absolutely and the bonding grows when you know people personally instead of just the usernames.

Agreed, Steem is like an American Melting Pot.

nice follow you blog and vote thanks...

nice images:

That's me on the right - cracking a joke probably. @shantonil in middle and @shenoy on the left, holding his laugh

there is no reply to the messages.😀

Very great post. I feel the selfless energy around the meetup just from reading this post; I can't begin to imagine the experience in person.

The more people who get informed and educated about blockchain and the Steem blockchain, the better for the community.

Succesful events like this and social platforms like Steemit, just proves amongst other applications, the fun and profitable way a decentralized economy works.

We need more @steemit meetups around the world as the community grows, and your post has just increased my creative idea for making it happen in my own little way.

You just got my follow and resteem. Thanks @firepower.

I must confess I do admire the Steemian selfless spirit around this platform. I have gotten a lot of information from great contents like yours amongst others post from selfless users alike.

Totally, people are, for the most part, wonderful and open, positive and welcoming. Unlike most other dark corners of the internet where if you disagree you are trolled. Here people share what they like and like what they share. Of course we have abusers who up-vote spam content, but no system is perfect.

I personally like to advertise this platform every day to anyone who will listen. I have gotten two people to join up, but its funny, its kinda like Im trying to sell them some bill of goods, they are skeptical and filled with cynicism.

One tip I give to everyone who listens is this: if you know someone who does quality content, invite them here, do so lovingly, with kindness and respect and explain how you respect their content and through such invitations I am convinced we can grow the quality on this platform such that we build the value of the network, and price of the cryptocurrency.

Check out my last post on this exact topic if you are interested.

You can say that again, I have come across great users with quality content covering different topics. As well as helpful tips teaching how best to maximize the full potential of the Steem blockchain and the Steemit platform among other great platforms like, Dlive, Dtube, ESteem and more...

I'm still very new to the cryptosphere and just joined Steemit a few days ago, I'm trying out every function on this platform to best maximize the experience and to have a better understanding of how and why everything works the way they do.

So I can better educate myself, newbies and the future Steemians. The incentive nature of the Steem blockchain and SMT caught my attention far more than most cryptocurrency has.

Everyone we come across that cares to listen to needs to be informed of the future happening here, lol...

The idea is to reach out to more people, informing them of the great opportunities and benefits of this platform Steemit has to offer.

Meetups like this are one of the many ways we could add to the Steem ecosystem. For every new Steemian getting informed and finally joining, there's a higher possibility of a potential new Steemian to join through him/her.

Steemit to content creators is like the very first trip to the moon, pun intended, lol... Great contents are one of the most important ways to build this community, and I have understood so much in my very short time here from contents created by awesome users.

Steem is a spreading fire of light in a dark forest.

Haha, that's so true @joeyarnoldvn.

I'm 2 years late to this unique movement, but the time just feels right... Barely here a week; I think I'll be here for the long run.

Everyone's got a niche, Steemit is gonna either aid us to discover, explore or try to perfect it.

The possibilities are endless...

Your Posts are golden.

Yeah. I think writing down might have its advantages as well as disadvantages too.

When writing, you might not really get to pit down everything in the head.
But then in a video or an audio, u can get to say everything that comes to the mind.
But currently, I do more of writing cuz I'm not all that pretty to appear on a video. Lol.

Thanks for sharing

Wow, massive opportunity for steem to grow in India. Lots of bloggers, lots of stories to share! Big market!

Nice to see your most awaited post.
You have forgotten my link of post to mention. Hope you will do.

Thanks. I'm updating it now. :) If you think i've missed any please link me in the comments.

Thanks for link me.

@komal is post around 23 hours old. So you can add her link also.
The link of post is

Thanks. I will check back after 24 hrs for any comments with suggestions. I'm sure more posts will come by then and I will add them into this one later.

Mereka sngat kompak

It is really great to see all of you. You all look awesome. I do have Indian national friends here in Abu Dhabi. I will be showing this post to them :) hope too see you guys in the future

I really wanna visit India now.

Me too 👍 just followed you

Always feel good to see you guys meeting each other and spreading love among the community members.
I love the way you guys make video. It really adds a sort of energy.

Seems you people have great time together... i will also join you next time..
and thanks @firepower bro for supporting and guiding indian community.

I am happy to see such meet ups , especially in India. I am not from India 🇮🇳, but I really believe in its smart people. Indian can really make a game changer in supporting steemit.
All respect ✊ to India 🇮🇳 and the Indians 👍🏼

I need support from you friend
@zulfahmii comes the much awaited review @firepower..👍 ..thoroughly enjoyed the interaction...and the meetup...looking forward to meet again and do more for steemit India.....

You're the perfect ambassador!

Said the perfect Greek Ninja.

Thank you! @ned hear hear!

Looks like a exciting time was had by all.

Nice and great work sir ...I big fan of u iam from Rajsthan .....

Awesome - yet another amazing event. Its growing with every such event ! Waiting for the video ! How about also doing a online video hangout too , more people can subscribe in and less logistics !

yes, that is really a nice Idea, we can plan and try this out to see how it turns out to be.

hmm its really a great work ever .,. 40 steemian friends meetup such an impressive meetup in delhi, @firepower keep doing your best !!!
regards : abishali

Next India Steem Meetup could be 40 x 2 = 80 people maybe in a month.
Bring a friend to double it in a month.

@joeyamoldvn nice to meet your community..

This is Vidya I am a new steemit member in Queens New york. I would like to know if your group would like to help fund an sustainable energy project that I have been working on. It is able to produce energy 24/7.

Being north star of indian steemit community, you did an awesome job of parting the knowledge you've gained since your time here and we a grateful for that.
It was amazing meeting you and eagerly looking forward for more of such meets :)

That's great dear @firepower ..when I saw Alexa ranking of steemit,I could notice it climbing up the ladder..But the demographic distribution map shows that India's presence is almost absent..Most number of users come from US and European countries..We need to look on it!

I try my best to propagate this platform..But that doesn't seems to work..Many laugh at me as if I say some insanity! Still educated Indians are unaware of crypto currencies!

I didn't know that @geetharao is your mother..We had some interactions through comments on other mother like son!

You had indeed taken too long to visit New Delhi. India Steem Meetup #4 was the exact opportunity to use for visitting New Delhi after 2 years. I feel over whelmed to hear your fellow youths are excited about the meet up.
We need more numbers in steemit and more numbers in New Delhi would show how far steemit can go because of the numbers. Am glad you guys got through the police stuff.. I know how it can get so nagging when the police use you to get some money.
Otherwise you guys had fun with every little bit of minute you spent in New Delhi.

what a fantastic work you are doing ,,.. @firepower . such an huge meetup!!

Super awesome post. We had been waiting for this post for a long time. It was great meeting everyone. And all thanks to you @firepower and your awesome friends. Truly thank you for this awesome connect with awesome steemians :)
resteemed :)

Awesome for sure to come together as a family and as a community. Globalists do not want us to come together. We can be stronger united than we would be divided.

very true :)

very nice to meet with many friends there. at the local level we have also done so

Regard, @saifuddin73

I hope to come to Indonesia/Aceh someday in the near future.

well, we'll wait

Hey man, you are looking good and pretty smart. Glad you made it there.

This is Vidya I am a new steemit member in Queens New york. I would like to know if your group would like to help fund an sustainable energy project that I have been working on. It is able to produce energy 24/7.

This is Vidya I am a new steemit member in Queens New york. I would like to know if your group would like to help fund an sustainable energy project that I have been working on. It is able to produce energy 24/7.

Wonderful! I am so glad @ashishkukreja made it. He attended my steemit workshop in Pune and it's great that he got the opportunity to interact with so many Steemians from India. I think meetups like these help the new users gain confidence and people sharing their steemit journey helps inspire other people.
Like @xyzashu inspired everyone at my Mumbai workshop.
Plan a Mumbai/Pune meetup soon! And let me know if you want me to help out with anything. Will be more than happy to help 🤘🏼✨😊

Will get in touch with you soon as I have the next few weeks figured out. Thank you. :)

Wow ho it's awesome to see a Delhi meetup post and the post is really so touching and yes people of Delhi has a big and warm heart that's the reason Delhi is called Dil walo k sahar delhi hope you come in my hometown Siliguri very soon and yes definitely Steemit’s onboard system will work fast enough to approve people on time.

Stay tuned to my next updates. Siliguri isn't on cards yet but something nearby is definitely happening.

Ohho that means Kolkata for sure I guess hope my guess works this time..

I'm still working out the dates and feasibility. Will update soon.

Ok sir anyway I can't make out to kolkata maybe because of my upcoming college exam anyway if you want do upvote my comment maybe I'll feel i met you

Finally the post is up ! I have been waiting for the Delhi Meetup blog and here we have it live on steemit now. It was an amazing experience for all of us where we ahsre our stories and got to know each other. I hope we'll certainly have more of these meetups in future and host our local Indian steem fest. Cheers to you for hosting this wonderful Meetup 😊🤘

Wow looks like an awesome meet up, so many people there! We are just starting a SoCal group here in the USA and are hoping one day to have a turn out like you did.
Great looking meet up New Delhi, keep up the good work guys!

I am near Seattle and hope for one here soon.

Well done!!

guys ,good work and nice post !!!CVVuj1XUAAAMhnK.jpg

well it look so awesome .. amazing

Awesome to see so many people come together and talk abot steem.

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I applaud your all out efforts from Bangladesh . brilliant.

one day i want to follow meet up in New Delhi .. good luck and regards for steemians there..

Going global :D

Good going indian steemian. Hello! From the neighbouring country.

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Wow thats great to see guys are having fun :)


its very nice to see Indian meetup.. hope to see more of it in other cities as well!! 👍

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Delhites will always surprise you @firepower. I guess it consists of people from all over the globe. Everyone knows at least one Delhite. Haha!

It felt superb to meet you. Maybe next time I will be able to cover at least 1% of it. Hope to see you very soon because I missed a lot of things you talked about. I have so many questions about this platform, there is so much I still don't know. I want to know it all. Going too much greedy right now but this STEEMIT is addictive. 😋

This is truly amazing. Steemit meet-up a great encouragement to beginners.

Wow this is really great to see so many Indian Steemitian in one place....its such an amazing feel thanks for sharing the experience with us.


Oops we did it again, Britney Spears, with Global Steem Revolution in India.
With Oatmeal in my Bowl, is Jesus in your soul?

Wow, challenging to see an already formidable strong team. You inspire us. I hope to see team uganda groe and move places and towns. Well done team india and @firepower

Hello girl, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and how big is Steem Uganda?

Wow! Good to see you preaching steemit to people. It gives me motivation to create another youtube video and give it another shot to promote it to my youtube subs. Cheers!!!

I just wish it will happen to us also here in the Philippines- I'd like to meet other Filipino Steemians...Long live @firepower! Good to see you meeting up with your fellow Steemians there.

I love the Philippines and hope it grows more and more.

Nice, we struggle to get four people to for our meet up last night in New York and there was a free bar with liquor. Tell me your secret.

I believe it was wonderful meetup. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

you guyz doing great work

Ah, the report is out with all the links! And @varunpinto's pic of me laughing it out with @shantonil and @shenoy makes it here too :-D
I hope it gets cut out in the final video :P
Oops - didnt know Varun had to be hospitalized!!

Well, it looks like you guys had fun.

Congratulations for your achievements, I am new to this community and seeing that people like you are the engine of Steemit is great. Successes :))

Another successful meetup :)

Hungry for great meetups with oatmeal in my bowl.

I wish I was one of you guys who adopted steemit earlier....wish I knew about it earlier

You're lucky .. "wallet was not stolen " ,😃
Followed you👍👍👍

It is lovely to see people from india uniting altogether wud be great to spread the word coz in india people dont know much about steemit ,spreading the word wud become historical moment in india ...

nice post. Thank you for sharing with us ..News about India pictures are always interesting and very beautiful :) I look forward to your next content. @firepower

excellent event I think it is very good that these things are done in India a good job to inform about technology.

Big famili of india steemit

Really your visit to India was very interesting and after reading your detailed post i have enjoyed very well and hope in future you will post a very knowledgeable posts like this.

I am so happy something like this is happening in india. I am looking forward for something like this to happen here in west africa (nigeria). Nice one. Thumbs up for you guys

Hi firepower. This is a good community. Thanks for sharing this post.