Changes to Thundercurator Services Effective June 17th, 2018 - Introducing Tier Based Upvoting System.

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BRONZE (200% UPVOTE) - All users whom transfer the minimum transfer amount to @thundercurator qualify for this tier. Base upvote before curation trail is 200% of transfer. With curation trail effect, users can expect a 210-220% return on their transfer amount.

SILVER (250% UPVOTE) - All users whom transfer the minimum transfer amount AND have automatic voting setup through STEEMAUTO AT A MINIMUM OF $0.02 SBD UPVOTE OR 100%, WHICHEVER IS LEAST qualify for this tier. Base upvote for this tier is 250% of transfer. With curation trail effect, users can expect 260-270% return on their transfer amount.

GOLD (300% UPVOTE) - All users whom transfer the minimum transfer amount AND have automatic voting setup through steemauto at a minimum of $0.02 SBD upvote or 100%, whichever is least AND HAVE DELEGATED A MINIMUM OF 50 SP TO THUNDERCURATOR qualify for this tier. Base upvote for this tier is 300% of transfer. With the curation trail effect, users can expect 310-320% return on their transfer amount.

We expect this will help alleviate some of the strain that our explosive success have caused, as well as to incentivize users to actually support the servicer they are generously profiting from on a daily basis.


I am requesting clarification:
When you say you want us to set up an automatic upvote, do you mean an automatic upvote of your posts?

Thanks for the update. I have 4 different transfers that haven't received their upvote yet. Hope to see the votes soon. I know you are getting a lot of business so patient just want to send a friendly reminder.

Please look into the following and send refund. I use your service a pretty good amount. Transfers to Thundercurator not voted (0.12 x 5 = 0.60 SBD)

  1. 3 days ago Transfer 0.120 SBD to thundercurator
  2. 3 days ago Transfer 0.120 SBD to thundercurator
  3. 4 days ago Transfer 0.120 SBD to thundercurator
  4. 4 days ago Transfer 0.120 SBD to thundercurator
  5. 4 days ago Transfer 0.120 SBD to thundercurator

Good Morning. We are currently refunding several days worth of upvotes as we are changing over to a new system. All non upvoted posts will be refunded, thank you for your paitence and continued use. the delay in upvoting is roughly 5 days right now, but that will be addressed shortly.

Thank you, I already received the refund, I congratulate you for being responsible with the community.

Thank you, I already received the refund for 0.12 SBD, I congratulate you for fulfilling the community.

hello, I bought a vote for the post >> << already closed and you did not give me the vote nor did you return the money

Please be patient, if you have not been upvoted it will be refunded.

I'm just reading this now, cool idea with the tiers! I'm delegating, but my steemauto automatic voting (100%) was temporarily deactivated to regain some VP (it was below 30% for a while). I plan on reactivating it once it recharges to at least 60%. I'm not sure which tier my account would be categorized under at this point. I hope I can fulfill all the requirements for gold soon! @ironshield

Thank you, the change over has been choas but almost done.

I didn't recieve an upvote either for my post:
Since 6 days

We are changing over our system, you will receive upvote or refund..

I have sent SBD for an upvote on my articles but didn’t receive an upvote. I have written you twice and so far no reply and no refund. Please check your wallet for my name and please refund my money.
Thank you

I sent you 0.12 SBD 7 days ago and you not voted. Please vote or return the reward

Man I really hope you start to get lots of votes. I really enjoyed your article!

Thank you for the info and the service.

I don't like steam-auto. At all.

Do you have an option for those of us who would be happy to delegate but don't want to auto-vote?

If not, I will be happy to continue using your bronze level service.

Yes, I beleive we can work something out with a 50 SP delegation. Please contact us via our discord.

Hi. Greetings from Venezuela ...

Friend already made a delegate, also followed him by Steemauto. I think the work you are doing is excellent and as you are distributing the votes, I hope to be transferring something soon for my next article.

Thank you very much fo your support.

hello i am waiting for my upvote my post finish in some hours and still waiting -_-

I've been waiting 4 days now.

my post finish and dont get my upvote i wait for 6 days and nothing -_-

@thundercurator should be flagged as a scam.

That is a horrible accusation, as we have a very long proven history. It is quite obvious you do not read our reports or blog.

Saludos No recibí un voto favorable para mi publicación:

Hello @thundercurator, 6 days ago, I send you 0.121 SBD to upvote this link -
But you didn't upvote me. Please Check the link.

Hello, buy your vote a few days ago, the post closes in a few hours and you have not yet voted and you have not returned the investment. Here I leave the link of the post >>

You will be refunded if you have not received upvote.

Hello, 8 days ago I made a transfer of 0.12 SBD for votes in a post to thundercurator and I did not receive a vote, nor the return of 0.12 SBD and the post has expired, as is done in this case.
This was the transaction in the purse:
8 days ago / Transfer 0.120 SBD to thundercurator /

This should have been refunded. Have you not received it?

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i send

| 0.120 SBD | To: @thundercurator2018-06-17, 21:39
Amount 0.120 SBD
no upvote

Upvotes take 3-4 dys. This is a manual curation service.

hola saludos , hace aproximadamente 5 dias le envie el costo de su pagina 0.12 para sus servicios y nada que tengo respuesta

It's been 4 days now and I haven't seen my upvote. Is this a scam?


No, please read our blog and understand that we are changing our system. Normally upvoting takes roughy
ly 3-4 days. Several days are being refunded as this new system is taking place.

@thundercurator It's been 8 days. I still haven't seen a refund. So obviously the system changed AFTER I upvoted. That shouldn't be my problem, but somehow you're making it my problem. :(

Your post will either be upvoted or refunded if expired, we have many users so please be paitent while we implement the change.

Please, i'm still waiting for my upvote...this is the third day

Upvotes typically take 3-4 days. Since the changeover we are a bit behind. It will be corrected soon

Hey @thundercurator
I noticed a refund in my wallet, which directed me to here and found this post. Love the new tier system, and would be keen to get more involved, but I have a question:
I have my SteemAuto set to only vote when my VP > 95% ... so I only upvote people I'm following 2 or 3 times a week (sometimes when I'm personally active and voting, 2 or 3 weeks will go by without any of my follows getting a single auto-vote).

In the scenario:

  • I've delegated the 50SP min
  • I've set SteemAuto to follow @thundercurator (BUT I've only upvoted once or twice, or even not at all for the last 7 days)

then: When I send through an upvote transfer... will I qualify for a 300% upvote?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sorry for the delay, been extrmely busy over here @braaiboy. Looking at the scenario, it is unique. The delegation is straightforward, however if you have us set on 100% upvote yet it does not upvote on our posts (we expect to be posting once every 48 hours or so), then there really is no benefit to us with you having that set up.

It would be like having someoone set it up at 100%, but they vote on 150 posts a day at 100% and their upvote means nothing. That would also be a unique case but seen as more of an abuse than anything, just trying to work the system or they may just be uneducated on how the system works.

Really it all comes down to good faith, the upvote requirement allows us to bring in a bit more income for growth as everything is reinvested and paid to delegators and upvoting is a disposable income that is autogenerated.

On the management side of things we will be tracking who upvotes posts and at what percentage and what value to determine the tiers for the week. With the amount of users we have, we have to simplify it due to workload.
My suggestion is maybe manually upvoting our posts and ensure all posts are upvoted at least $0.02 before Sunday when the tiers are constructed.

Is this 100 percent upvote in thundercurator posts (fanbase and not a curation trail?).

The 100% upvote program has been paused until further notice. Fanbase is required for gold level.

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