I Concede Everything To You, You Concede Nothing To Me. (Part 24)

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We were all abused physically and mentality from our father when we were young. I'm surprised until today all the brothers including our mother who had it the worse, still alive and well. None of us went to the mentality unstable hospitals.

Me and the brothers laugh about it these days. We even make it into a competition compare who got beaten up the worse.

But my eldest brother said he got the worse. There are two types of person my father will become when he's drunk. One he became generous and loving it's bloody rare this happens. He will shower you with gifts, love, hugs and kisses. It's really weird. The best part is you can ask whatever you want. He will buy it on the spot and gave you money. The second type is the violent one this is the scary one. He almost kills his own family many times. He always drinks his whiskey every night after work watching TV.

My brother was home with my mum that time they told me he drank this local drink. It says that it can hallucinate a person if you drank it. My father drank a lot that night. Suddenly he just went crazy and start chasing my brother in the house.

He took out his belt and started beating my brother. My mum as always tries to save her children whenever this happens.

But that night it went really disturbing my father went to the room and took a stack of rope and started to pull my eldest brother out of the house. He punches and kicks my brother. He told my brother to stand up straight and pull his right hand and start to tie up his hand on the tree. Then my father tied his left hand to the tree.

He tied it so hard my brother's hands turn red. My father just left my brother out until morning. My mum was begging my father to let her take out the ropes and bring him in. My brother was tied up on that tree for the whole night.

The next day in the morning my mum just went out and untie my brother. My brother was shaking in pain because his hand was tied soo tight both his hand bruised. His body full of red ants. His body full of red marks due to the beating and bitten by red ants.

His lips have small cuts due to the punches my father threw at him. This is one of our daily routines as children and how we brought up.

My sister was beaten with a broom by my father just because my sister was playing with sand on his Volvo car. My father hates anyone who touches his car even with his own children even with his own daughter. She just cried asking him to stop.

As for me, I don't know how many times I was punched in the stomach and puked publicly. I don't mind the slap and the punches you can still bear the pain but the worse pain is the belt. Damn, whenever it hits your skin the pain is unbearable. Especially if he hits it on your butt. It's so hard to sleep due to the skin peeled. Takes about 1 week or more to be able to sleep on your back again.

Good thing we all grown ups now and of course as adults, we can defend ourself from him and he is too old to be doing that now. It's sad because he doesn't respect us he fear us just like how we fear him when we were a child. Funny how things turn out.

I guess it's true what my friend said if you did wrong to your children when they were young, it will come back to you when you grow old.

All the brothers didn't care about the abuse we forgive him for that. But the humiliation he gave our mothers is something that he will never be forgiven for. Our mum is an innocent angel. She was there when he had his heart attacks, when he was sick in the hospital she cooks and cleans for him, even the hundreds of times he cheated on my mother she still forgives him, and countless of other things she has done for him, for her husband.

My mum took care of him for over 30 years. She gets nothing in return. She Concede Everything To Him, He Concede Nothing To Her.

(To Be Continued)

The picture was taken from Canva application edited in Canva as well you can download it for free at play store.

Hi, guys if you miss any parts of the series feel free to check out all the previous parts below :)



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Hello @ragnarhewins90...that's a great job mate and i guess i am not the only one who has been treated badly by his father. Your story gives me so much hope. Happy new year buddy :)



@ikkelins sorry to hear you have to go through the same thing.

Happy new year! :)

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