I Concede Everything To You, You Concede Nothing To Me. (Part 21)

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It really saddens me that a lot of people do not understand depression, I believe we all born as an innocent child. We all used to be pure, clean and good.

The world and the environment we live in have destroyed that innocents in most of us. Some succumb to the environment around us. Some manage to keep the innocents in them but suffer from the environment and the huge amount of evil around them, but they sustain their innocents. No matter how hard it is but they kept their innocents.

Me and my close friends have experienced some of the most disturbing depression. Some can't sleep for a few days until they see things at night that cannot be explained, some stared at a wall for hours because they were bullied or beaten of a victim of a robbery. Just stared at the wall for no reason, some felt helpless and no will to live.

So many kinds of depression out there you can't even begin to list. My own depression if from the divorced, lost of a job because I was played by the owners and most of the time being backstabbed by my own best friends.

I work with a best friend after divorced. He was begging me to work with him but he tried his best not to show it, he asks me on a daily basis to work for him in his restaurant I rejected a few times. But in the end, I had no choice but I didn't mind because I love restaurant work its always been my passion.

The first few months the restaurant was still in construction, I help out with the construction with no pay, I told him I know he can't afford any more workers even the money he used currently is from his investors. I understood and told him its fine I will join the construction of the restaurant but of course, when the restaurant is open he promise to pay me a high salary.

Few months after the construction finally the restaurant open for its first day. It was smooth I manage to teach the new waiters and waitresses how to speak to customers and how to wait for a table properly. The most challenging thing that I had to do was teach them English word by word from the menu.

I was so proud of them they manage to learn how to pronounce the name of the food and use basic words to talk to their customers. The owner of the shop that hired me his name is Steve. Steve and I were like best friends we both have a similar attitude.

That's why he hired me he sees himself in me. Steve always ordered firewood to cook the pizza. But after a month of operation, I notice he owed a lot of money from his previous restaurant. And that is why he needed a partner to pump in money in the restaurant.

I know at that moment I need to resign because when you have a great deal of debt especially the owner of the restaurant people will chase you for that money that you owe them.

I had to deal with all the suppliers and the worse part the suppliers were angry and put the anger towards me that is what I hate the most. I always tell the suppliers to remember your anger do not put it on me I'm just here to manage the restaurant and get my salary monthly nothing else.

If you have a problem go to the owner and settle it yourself. I don't wanna know what happens but don't put me in your problems. All the suppliers just kept quiet because the new supplies we did pay for it still bring business for them.

1 month later the sales grew bigger and bigger with each passing week. But Steve kept telling the chefs and other workers the salary might be delayed. Which I really hate, he doesn't dare to tell me to my face I have to hear this from someone else.

Even after work because we can't buy firewood for the pizza anymore. I followed Steve to go out after work to cut down trees and cut it to big chunks to create our own firewood for the pizzas.

I don't even get paid for my overtime but to me, I see him as a brother and a close friend, so I understood the situation what he's going through. The second month Steve told me he wanted to build stone pillars outside the restaurant to look good.

But I told him you cannot do that without the government permission. He ignored me and called the builders and built it anyway. A few days later the government came and destroyed the pillars I called Steve and he was pissed off with me because he said I didn't call him.

I told Steve the government just came and start the demolition of the pillars without asking us or telling us about it. Steve was angry and went out and talk to the government. The government destroyed the pillars anyway.

I wanted to tell Steve that we don't have the permission for the pillars but I just kept quiet because its morning he just woke up and he has to deal with this.

The government just left the broken pillars in front of the shop and told us we had to clean it up in 2 days. Steve called his guys to clean it up and settled the problem. When salary time came.

(To Be Continued)

The picture was taken from Canva application edited in Canva as well you can download it at play store.

Hi, guys if you miss any parts of the series feel free to check out all the previous parts below :)



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