Oh nice, finally a replacement for steemwhales, which i used in the past and that hasn't been updated for a long time.

Steemwhales, THAT was the names. I remember it but it was buggy and eventually broke entirely. So cool to have this functionality back!

Fantastic to finally have proper rankings. Very useful, thank you for the work. I have delegated 50SP for the cause.

I really like the new ranking (although the search might be a little off - I had to click Next a few times to find my account).

But it's cool to be able to compare our quantifiable results with our peers' that are close to our ranking. Who knows? Maybe we can connect more this way, although I see many inactives around my position...

This is a very cool piece of technology you whipped up. Nice to know it is expandable with new improvements that will be added.

It's a little bit cringy to see certain names up on the top of the ranking list who probably didn't work very hard comparatively to others to acheive the top spots, but that isn't steemitboard's fault. This is just a reporting tool, and I am thankful for all the hard work that was done to make this possible and open for everyone to see. It makes things much more transparent for all.

All has been said with your comment!

Thank you so much for your delegation @creativetruth!

I like this new SteemitBoard Ranking addition very much.
A lot of things can be read from it and in between lines if we know how to read it. 😉😊

Thanks a lot for this update, I think it's the best ranking ever made in steem blockchain. More people should know about that, that's why I even created a video about you and shared it to my followers. I'm very happy about this ranking and being 1070 is a big pleasure for me. You motivate so much people here. I wish you all the best.

This is pretty awesome! Good job. I will for sure use this whenever I want to compare myself against everyone else :)

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A good thing. I have a question for you
SteemitBoard. What is the meaning of this picture?

Is it me or is the search on the rankings list page not working correctly?

Interesting new features. Thank you!!

Doubt: Why not the landing page itself show the links to leaderboard and a big Google like searchbox for searching for the user ?

Also just FYI : works fine with FF containers + Ghostery + Adblock plus + Decentraleyes + Privacy Badger & few other settings mentioned here : some of the most important Firefox configuration options

thanks to a good job

This looks like a good bit of information on demand. Resteemec.

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Nice feature! Though I'm having trouble using it. So far if I search big names (dolphins whales) it seems to work fine, but if I search my name or people with similar rank it doesn't work. For all I can tell it just shows a random page, I'm in page 944 and it shows page 927, if I search for someone who's on page 1000 it shows page 977. Using chrome.

yep i cant find me also

Thanks for notifying. We are working to fix this issue. Please apologize.

Hooray, I am #44,906 . Can I order a t-shirt?

The number would be more interesting if I knew how many names were in the list.

Clicking next until I found the end would waste your resources.

I guess there is probably several hundred thousand inactive accounts. You'd have to give both an active and inactive count. Great report!

Interesting. Resteem.

I missed being able to use Steem Whales to show my monthly ranking status. I guess this will encourage me to start doing my monthly update reports.

Thank you!!

Looks very interesting. I'll be checking it out. Thanks!

I liked the work you do guys @steemitboard. I voted as witness already - I will delegate some SPs too. On previous post I show you guys mentioned SPs up to 100 only. As I already delegated some SPs to some projects and after this new steemit update we need some for our selves too.

But I want to support this project as you guys are doing great job. Just one question that for less than 100 SP delegation, is there any reward voting ? Like you mentioned in previous post. - upvote according to sp delegation.

Great update !

This is awesome!

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Hey this looks like a fun tool to play with. Checking it out now.

this is awesome. i have a new goal in life. climbing the steemit board rankings :)

thank you for making this place even more addictive lol

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Hey, @steemitboard.

This is a cool and potentially very useful data search on all accounts. Steemwhales was already broken when I came on board, so it's nice to see something similar to that actually functions.

I'm wondering how often it updates. For instance, I was just now playing around with this and ordered the list by posts.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 8.15.51 AM.png

I went and looked at various accounts and found that just in the Top 10, four are actually now with negative reps, like this:

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 8.20.27 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 8.26.41 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 8.29.39 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 8.33.54 AM.png

The first two of these have been flagged over the last two or three days, so might be fairly new, but the remaining two don't appear to have been flagged recently. In the case of markboss, the last posts and comments were 10 months ago.

Thanks a lot for the update, I think it's proper rankings ever made in steem blockchain. its very interesting. Finally updated .need to upvote for sure


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This looks awesome. I did not make the list though lol . I’ll have to try harder :) . Keep up the great work.

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I'm not sure how many would be interested by this, but I would. A ranking by account creation date. This may seem useless, but you can find out how are you doing compared to your peers who have joined around the same time.

Interesting! Hmmmm..... I will check it...

Very useful update @steemitboard I lile the new Ranking sorting list.

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It's so beautiful maan, looking good! :D Feels more fun and gamey now, nice to see the competition out there in such style, well done to all involved!

Hi @steemitboard, is there a possibility to have a personal @detlev ranking page with all my rankning factors and mayby a monitoring about how this is changing over a period of time?

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