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Gun rights are not constitutional rights but natural rights acknowledged by the constitution. The second amendment (2A) is simply there to personify one of the key principles to freedom from tyrannies. Rock work for five hours. Gun rally in Virginia had around 100,000 patriots or possibly more. Happy Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) Day. Happy 2nd LMS Anniversary today. I tweeted that I didn't like Star Wars and some SJWs reported my Twitter account to get me banned.

Are there absolutes? Are you absolutely sure?
Twitter terminated my @joeyarnoldvn account.
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2020-01-20 - Monday

My Day in Review

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in January of 2020

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Working on a meme on absolute truth.


02:36 AM - Steemit

There are patterns in history. But patterns can be broken. The great depression was mostly cause by central banks, the Federal Reserve, etc, in the 1920's, in America. Now, that kind of thing affected the world.


One of the biggest problems is when people rely too much on the dollar or other centralized fiat currencies, etc.


Right now, the majority of the world is stuck in an economic bubble that can pop.


That is why people must buy gold, silver, cryptocurrencies, land, canned foods, water filters, solar panels, etc, before it is too late. Because the economy can go down at any second in many countries around the world. Better safe than sorry.

Ray Donovan

2020-01-20 - Monday - 02:46 AM - 03:50 AM - Ray Donovan 710

daughter finds refuge in her father, Ray

old lady jumped off and killed herself

like Ray's sister did

ray's brother went to se the doctor who was on MASH

a robin on a branch


In a flashback, it shows Planned Parenthood which started in 1916 by Margaret Sanger.

that guy raped ray's sister

now he is old

so ray shot him

and buried him in the forest

smitty is shot and dies in the streets

The Expanse

2020-01-20 - Monday - 03:52 AM - 04:41 AM - The Expanse 307

the blue stuff is contagious

she breaks up with space dare devil boy

and cheats on him at the same time

car racing

space racing

blue zombie dust came from the rings of saturn long ago and who knows where it was before that

mars girl is kind of like oh divorce is ok as long as you know who you are

dangerous to say

dare devil hits restrictive space and falls apart as he tries to impress his GF who said she who hook up with him again someday



10:22 AM - Alex Jones, Patriots & ANTIFA Meet In Richmond, Virginia

Copy Right vs Copy Left

11:11 AM - Steemit

I just hate the tyranny of copyright which is dangerous in too many ways.


11:30 AM - 04:30 PM - Gravel work near the front door for five hours today in the cold. We worked on evening out the ground. Leveling the area of rocks. Pick up rocks. Put them in a wheel barrow and cart them over near the raspberries. Spray rocks. Got wet. Used 5 bags of sand. Rake. Decorating the area near the new AC with special rocks. Make it look like God put them there. Unique rocks. Almost like making a water fountain without the water fountain. Like a bunch of rick rocks and rock collections and stuff. And the showered. Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day. No mail. Eating bean soup for dinner. It is delicious. Speaking of all of this work, Bear Independent agrees. This is like our second week working on this rock project neat the outside AC machine that we just got this month. I will continue working on it this week.

Bear Independent

05:11 PM - Harden your Hands

Feed the meat.


05:22 PM - The Alex Jones Show Mon 01/20/20 Full Show 720p

Over 50,000 people came early this Monday morning, around 10:00 AM EST. More and more people continued tryig to get into the area in Virginia and/or Washington DC, USA, for the 2A Rally which is a protest to keep the basic fundamental bill of rights which Americana is founded on. Leftist democrats put up blockades and yet people continue to come in and try to come in. This rally started in 2003.

Richmond, Virginia. That is where the rally was, in Richmond, VA, USA. The evil governor of Virginia tried engineering chaos there to frame on gun owners and others. They failed. Probably more than 100K people in that city protesting.

Resign Ralph

Are there absolutes? Are you absolutely sure?

2020-01-20 - Monday - 02:43 AM - Absolutes - Created | 08:13 PM - Published

This question deals with philosophy, logic, reason, evidence, the ability to analyze, to think, to reason, to debate, and ultimately absolute truth or lack therein if it does in fact not exist at all, absolutely. Let me explain this flowchart meme that I made that is a little bit funny. This kind of photo art is self-explanatory but I'll still attempt to add some commentary to this diagram thing.

Absolute Truth 2020-01-20.png

Bad Grammar

09:02 PM - FS

Trump has poor grammar.

But who the Hell cares.

You go back with Mommy to your basement.

You are dead.

According to your avatar.

You died in a car crash in 2018.

Nap for 2 hours.

Millie Weaver

11:17 PM - Black Guns Matter

Just Try

11:32 PM - Steemit

I'm the unknown comic. That is funny.

Autism World

11:36 PM - Steemit

I agree with you. That is why it is valuable to network with people who can roll with us. And like you said, society generally don't.

Twitter Banned

My @joeyarnoldvn account was terminated because I didn't have my phone. They wanted me to send a text to myself to reactivate my Twitter.

I tweeted that I didn't like Star Wars and some SJWs reported my Twitter account to get me banned.

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Bear Independent

05:11 PM - Harden your Hands

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