This economy will go down to its own success?

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A couple of things have caught my attention here in Holland over the last couple of weeks since I have been here. Now ofcourse there are always a lot of hidden sides that take a bit longer to find, but the first things that caught my attention this week is how GOOD the economy seems to be doing.


I was in the city earlier over the weekend looking for some quality time with some food to go with that. I didn't reserve anything because this was an impulsive decision on a weekendnight. Wrong decision I would say and one with a learning lesson. It took at least 5 places to reject us before there was an easy table for two to be found.

And this was walking in a bit before the general dinner time in an entirely empty resturant, and being rejected with a face like 'look at you two fools for even trying.' Welcome to the new reality of Eindhoven, Holland. Eating out is the new trend, money is there to be spent, and not resevering anything will not bring you to the holy grail of food. Ciao folks.!!!!


Another one which is such a great deception before you even realize what is going on is the current housing market. Now initially I had missed all the whole thematic which was going on in Holland about the Co2 situation. Small summary. Holland itself had sharpened their one rules about Co2 exposure, forgot about them and all of a sudden there was a panic mode because rules are made to be followed. Housing development projects were stopped and highways are getting a max speed of 100 km/h as of soon (but that is an entirely different story for another time).

But with the growing economy, more expats en less people leaving the country the call for housing was still rising and filling this in wasn't being kept up, in combination with low interest mortgages: everybody wants to buy a house. That has been the deal over the last couple of years and now the prices are SO ridiculous that normal breathing souls can't afford it anymore.

And I am not talking about the fancy volla up on the hill with the fantastic view in the centre of the city with a private lake next to it. For a normal house with is connected to others, with barely enough place for a whole family the prices have been risen between half a million and a million dollars. Unsustainable

That is the similarity between these two examples. In the end the the demand will not stand with the deal that has been asked, and people will start to get fed up with it. (I think) Or is this just the beginning, and the situation will only get worse leaving stuff that used to be normal for 'normal'people far away just for the fortunate few? Who knows!


Welcome back in Holland ... This is just the beginning I can assure you that

It's a globalised market. Same in Australia and most other 'hip' places around the world. Although Australia is burning now.

The class system never died, it was just post-poned. The idea the elected leaders are working in our best interests is ludicrous.

How can we remedy this?

I don't know, I like sitting around and whinging, don't you?

Cryptocurrencies, gold, etc, are remedies.

They like money are a tool, the same elitist structure will form with different tools.

The human is a issue in this picture, not its tools.

Consciousness is the issue. Who is conscious to make a decision not of their conditioning?

Who really cares? Who really feels a need to help others?

What altruism within society is genuine?

The key is in independence.


There are patterns in history. But patterns can be broken. The great depression was mostly cause by central banks, the Federal Reserve, etc, in the 1920's, in America. Now, that kind of thing affected the world.


One of the biggest problems is when people rely too much on the dollar or other centralized fiat currencies, etc.


Right now, the majority of the world is stuck in an economic bubble that can pop.


That is why people must buy gold, silver, cryptocurrencies, land, canned foods, water filters, solar panels, etc, before it is too late. Because the economy can go down at any second in many countries around the world. Better safe than sorry.

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