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Hello, I am @kingbee, a community account and this is my introductory post.


I came into existence by the collective efforts of some brilliant minds; @ewuoso, @amec, @sussan, @samstickkz, @prechi and @tony-duke. They saw the need to have a community that would be devoted to helping persons find their foot on steemit. However, they did not only see the need but they also acted because an idea has to be executed for it to have meaning. These wonderful young steemians took it upon themselves to build a community of steemians because a lot of persons come unto the platform but leave as soon as they don't earn or see anyone willing to guide them. to achieve this, they created two whatsapp groups; one for newbies (Steembees Newbies) and then the other for the oldies who are fully grounded on the platform (The Steembees Hive).

Apart from succesfully creating these groups which serve as a network of steemians, they also give tutorials to newbies and assist them in various ways, acting as tour guides as they take their first step in their journeys on steemit. They also act as teachers, gradually building them up till they grow to an extent of maturity. Once they have learnt a lot and can stand on their own, they will be moved to the general room where they can also be of help to the community and train other newbies.

The Steembees


The name of our community is the steembees and you might wonder why we came up with this name. Well, bees are known for one thing, they're always BEEsy (busy). We, in the same vein are also busy steeming or doing something for the platform. Every member of our group is called a steembee and #steembees is the tag we have chosen to be using for our posts.

The Steembee Hive


Our group on WhatsApp is called "The Steembees Hive" beacause it is literally a hive of activities on a daily basis. There is hardly a moment of inactivity on the group. We are either giving tutorials, doing giveaways or merely socialising and having fun, but whatever we do, we always try to be productive. We are always ready to help any member experiencing difficulties in any aspect. Our aim is to achieve the same set goals without overriding, stepping on each others toes or breaching trust with other members. Sincerity is more or less like our watchword.

We found a lot of similarities between our community and bees because we are more like a family that cannot be separated just like the bees.
Bees live in communities called colonies which operate like a family in which everyone has a quota to contribute. In the same way, the steembees are a family and we all contribute in one way or the other to help each other grow and develop on the platform. Also bees are social insects and one of the basis of the steembees community is socialising. We try to bring all types of steemians together and allow them socialise to create friendships and partnerships on the platform. Our members support one another and have often partnered to carry out projects, such as;



The steembees group is not created for just a few selection of people. Its membership is broadbased, cutting across people from various walks of life, cultural, ethnic or racial bacgrounds. There are simply no boundaries as it is created for everyone who has the zeal to think, create, act and help others in the community. The community also brings together everyone who are ready to be active in serving humanity and who have a heart for community building. Also, no racism is allowed in the group and membership is not restricted to any Nationality or race.

So far our main group, which is the Steembees Hive, on whatsapp boasts of a 239 people membership base which increases on a daily basis but is also controlled to reduce unnecessary population explosion. We try as much as possible to avoid removing people but there are cases where we it becomes necessary, perhaps when people spam with links or use abusive speech on any member of the group. Such defaulters are however added back after three days if they promise not to engage in such retrogressive acts again. We try as much as possible to keep our records straight.

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The Kingbee Curation Trail

I also have a curation trail followed by many members of my community and others. Very soon, the @kingbee trail would begin to "STING". This means we would be curating good contents across steemit.

Call for Support

Our community is a small but dedicated community. A lot of dedicated newbies are brought in every day but it lacks the steempower to encourage them to keep steeming. Our community will need as much support as it can get from concerned supporters.

Consider Voting These People As Witness

@lukestokes.mhth who is also @lukestokes presently at no 10



@steemgigs who is also @surpassinggoogle



also vote @drakos at no 32


@teamsteem no 33


The Kingbee is here and my steembees with me
Get ready to be stung.
And remember, "As BEEsy as a Steembee"
Because the former phrase was wrong"

Gif and logo created by @vic-essien


Yes! This is the community that fasttracked my steemit journey.

Welcome Kingbee, glad to be a part of this interesting Journey.

Lets welcome the king
Glad to be part of this family

Finally. Welcome on board king bee and sting on.

This was long overdue. Welcome on board @kingbee

Beautiful!!!!... i am a proud member of the Kingbee.!


Wow! Great one... The @kingbee is here,

#steembees welcome you!

And the King 👑 just got official...
Let's make this worthwhile!!

Great community i have known

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