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This was during his high school senior project. He graduated from the Forest Grove High School (FGHS), in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA, in June of 2000. So, this photo was probably from March of that year. But then again, I don't know exactly. But I do know that Rick was studying about ham radios, short wave radio, things like that.

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2000 apx Rick & Ham Radio guy during Rick's Grade 12 Senior Project.png
Ham Radio Journal | Rose Grove Times | Yearbook 2000-2001 Part D | Digging Smiles

The older guy was probably his mentor. My one and only brother was a Yellow Belt ten years earlier at the age of eight. So, he was learning karate. But he was also like a nerd. He was into electronics. I'm three years younger than him. Growing up in Oregon, I would observe him hooking up the Nintendo, the VCR, the Cable Box, etc. So, I was always learning from him when I was not annoying him with questions. We had this inside joke where I would say or he would say, "Ask me another question." And then again, like an interrupting cow, "Ask me another question." Again and again and again, he would say that or I would say that and that all started back in like January of 1997 when we were working landscaping with dad at a storage unit in like Vancouver, WA, doing weeding, cleaning, sweeping, raking, etc. Honestly, smart people do ask more questions than dumb people. Why? Because dumb people don't even know what to ask. Why? Because they are less aware of what they don't know. See, the more you know, the more you know you don't know haha. By the way, I have some of that on video.

joey arnold oatmeal 2000
Oatmeal Joey Arnold From Like 2000 - Grade 09 - 2000-2001

People communicate with each other via ham radios. So, they are like long-range walky talkies. That is valuable when the grid goes down, when there are blackouts, brownouts, no power, as seen in The Walking Dead. So, there is value there. So, it is good to perhaps have a ham radio. You could even get a ham radio. Why not? What are you waiting for? Did you know that government tries to ban it? Yeah, they do. According to his journal, Ricky started getting into electronics when he six years old, that is in 1988. In his diary, he talks about how Amateur Radio is regulated by government. Now, that can be a problem to the extent government overreaches. In other words, when government becomes too big, then their centralization becomes virtual tyranny. That is why we must always promote decentralization and alternatives, like Steemit, Bitcoin, Bit Torrent, IPFS, Ubuntu, Minds, Gab, Infowars, Bitchute, Brighteon, etc. Use it or lose it. Talk about it while you still can. If not, then we may lose. Get a ham or be a ham. The choice is yours.


Honestly, smart people do ask more questions than dumb people. Why? Because dumb people don't even know what to ask.

That's a good point! I find myself struggling to ask certain questions and I think I tend to ask a lot more questions than many if not most people do, so I have a lot of experience and if it's tough for me... Then I could see how it could be really difficult for others too.

Something to think about... Maybe we would be less enslaved if we thought about and talked about these kinds of things more often. I do think to an extent knowledge really is power, and unfortunately too many people don't philosophize or think about these kinds of things enough in my opinion.

Awareness of the struggle to ask questions is half the battle for sure.

I might take up that bit, asking one to ask me more questions. After all, teaching improves your learning, as you might have to know it to share anything on it. I can dig it.

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