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2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 114 Dance Team LIZ N OTHERS GROUP PHOTO CROPPED.png

Scared to Beauty Death.

One of my teachers include Bartel of World Studies Class during both semesters of my freshman year in high school. Salena Willner was in that class & I remember her smiling when I was required to give some speeches, some presentations during class, & her overwhelming, ghostly cat smile either scared me or hooked me to liking her. I would sometimes daydream about her a little. And I was pretty shy. Burke was my Spanish teacher during both semesters during my Sophomore year but then I failed Spanish 2. But I did enjoy how we played games, as in interactive role playing activities.
Page 064

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 64 Teachers Bartel & Burke.png

Enlgish, Art, Math, P.E., Yoga, FCA

Teachers Mike Mlynski of English 9, Philip Thias of the art department, Joe Baumgartner of the math department, Sue Fleskes of Physical Education (P.E), Greg Evers of Health 9 who probably taught some New Age Yoga which promotes subjectivity, which counters Christianity, & Pete Rusaw of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) which was a weekly Tuesday before-school Bible study, church worship, fellowship, club that I attended a few times.
Page 065

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 65 Teachers Mike Mlynski English, Philip Thias Art, Joe Baumgartner Pre Algebra, Sue Fleskes PE, Rick Brandeburg Health9 Greg Evers, Pete Rusaw FCA.png

Marketing, Careers, Woods

Teachers Kunkel of Marketing Class during my sophomore year, Teri Otto, Dee Kyle, Doug Hoffmeister of a Computers Careers Class (CCC) & Doug was a basketball coach or something of mine a few times, Chris Higgenbotham of Woods Class.
Page 066

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 66 Teachers Kunkel, Hoffmeister Careers n Basketball, Chris Higgenbotham woods-class, Teri Otto n Dee Kyle of Careers n Computers Class.png

Science, 9/11 Biology

Teachers Tammy Jones of Science 9, Esther Garcia of 10th grade Biology, Bartels of 9th grade World Studies. Garcia played some of my home videos during all of her periods (classes, blocks) & not just block 6 on B Days during my class period. So, all 8 classes saw some of my videos in 2001 and 2002. I was in her class during 9/11 & we were watching the building fall straight down. I asked myself if it was real. I could not understand how a building could fall like a demolition. In other words, I do not know what happened. I do not know why building 7 fell as well, right behind the twin towers in New York City (NYC).
Page 067

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 67 Teachers Tammy Jones Science, Esther Garcia 10th grade Biology, Bartels world studies.png

When Life Gives You Lemons

Soccer & a funny cookie quote: sometimes life throws you a tough cookie. The best thing you can do is dunk it in some milk & enjoy the Hell out of the Oatmeal Cookie, good to the last Q Drop.
Page 075

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 75 soccer with cookie quote.png

Basketball Rejection

Freshman Basketball Team which I tried out for. The 2 coaches told me & possibly another kid that they didn't want to cut us & gave us a manager / bench position which might be similar to the 12th to 15th players on NBA teams where those last three players may not play a lot of minutes. They told me to work hard during practices to improve, to help out in running the scoreboard, the clock, or whatever they needed during games, & that I might be rewarded with some minutes down the road. After the month or two long tryouts during September and October of 2000, or around that time, after they told me I would be a manager, I probably stopped showing up. I might have showed up to a few more practices after that but I was hugely disappointed & started dreading riding my 5 miles in the rain without gloves from my house to high school in the dark without a helmet and without bike lights for the practices. My dad rarely had a car. My mom didn't drive. So, I stopped showing up to practice. I was embarrassed, sad, angry, confused, for months, if not longer. Tommy Tamez was probably a point guard for our team. He encouraged me a lot. Dan was on the team. They all knew me pretty well & thought I was cool. They started asking like in November 2000 & after that why I wasn't coming. I shrugged. I did get a number 9 jersey during tryouts or around that time & I had that jersey for like years. I was supposed to like return like the crutches & that Nintendo console of Corky.
Page 091

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 91 Basketball I Quit as Manager Tommy Tamez & whole team Freshman year.png

Believing in R.L Kelly Flying

Girls Freshman Basketball Team featured friends of mine or girls I had crushes on who I wish were my friends if they were not really, like Shalane Campbell & Erica.
Page 095

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 95 Frosh Girls Basketball Erica, Shalane Cambell Quote.png

Living In Water: We Are Mostly Water

Swimming Duy Rast was in my art class & attended our Word Of Life Teens Involved Youth Group at the Hillsboro Community Baptist Church (HCBC).
Page 096

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 96 Swimming Duy Rast GROUP PHOTO.png

I'm Coco For Cheesy Puffs

Katie Koelbl, a church friend at HCBC, had this cheesy quote.
Page 097

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 97 Katie Koelbl Cheesy Go Viks Quote.png

Bring It On: Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Team starred church friend Liz Warren & classmate crush Salena Willner. My older sister was once on that Dance Team in like 1996.
Page 114

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 114 Dance Team Salena Willner, Liz Warren.png

So You Think You Can Vote

Bre Bartel, of my World Studies Class, also lead the Mock Trial Club, which taught students how to debate in court rooms as lawyers, & how to vote, think, etc. Church friend Dan Anderson was in that club. Homeschool friend Charity Hundley was there too. But I didn't know about this club until now.
Page 139

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 139 Mock Trial Club Bre Bartel, Charity Hundley, Dan Anderson.png

Mouth Wide Shut

The Vikings Log was the high school newspaper, led by miss Katherine Bennett who was my English 11 teacher. I tried out to be a writer probably during my Junior Year & Bennett said something right to my face. I don't remember the exact words but I feel now, looking back, with all I know now, that she was hugely liberal, as in socialistic, progressive. She probably hated Christianity & knew I was a Christian. That might have been part of her reasoning behind rejecting me. I was also writing my only Encouragement Articles (EA) which I handed out to students all over school & Bennett may have been against that. She also hated my like book report questioning Jihadism or something like that. She gave me a bad score due to my observation of what was already there at least to some extent.

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 143 Viking Log Club.png

Karaoke Party USA

During the annual student body December 2000 Lip Sync Prep Rally, Kari Herinckx did the R-E-S-p-E-C-T song. It was truly inspiring like Will Smith singing in Men In Black (MIB).
Page 151

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 151 Lipsync Kari Herinckx Respect.png

Donald Trump Art of the Deal

Matt Oakes had that funny quote on being sorry or not sorry or something for all the little people he had to step on to get to where he got with all the success and winning and everything. Classic.
Page 171

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 171 Matt Oakes Step On Little People To Succeed Get There On Top QUOTE CROPPED.png

Coming Together, Singing Songs

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) was a club I attended Tuesday mornings before school began a few times. We met around 6:30 - 7:00 AM on Tuesdays, usually. This group photo might be of an additional after-school FCA program or extension which I didn't join, assuming there was one. I remember seeing around 40 students, generally, or maybe smaller, Tuesday mornings. So, this photo is just a small collection of everyone that attended at least when I was there.
Page 199

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 199 Fellowship of Christian Athletes FCA group photo.png

Yearbook 2000-2001 Part D

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Got Integrity Joe Cool

During my Senior Year, I went to that Fry's Action Athletics Store & custom designed & bought a t-shirt for about $15 USD, the cost of the green shirt & red & white letters. The shirt was green. The letters (fonts), I'm not sure, but probably red in the front & white in back. The front said, "Got Integrity?" The back of my shirt said, "Joe Cool," my high school nickname. Well my other nicknames included Cool Kid, Ghetto Joe, Joey, Joe, Hey Arnold.
Page 200

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 200 Frye's Action Athletics Store GOT INTEGRITY SHIRT BOUGHT 2003 LATER ON.png

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Maggie's Buns, Mary's Kitchen

My mom worked at Maggie's Buns restaurant in the early 2000's for like a few years. Before that, for a few years, she worked at Mary's Kitchen along with my older sister. Mary was like the grandmother of Tiffany Cumbo.
Page 204

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 204 Maggie's Buns Mom Worked There 2000's for some years.png

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