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You can see courage in my older brother. I was a bit scared of him growing up. Well, not always, but he eventually became a black belt in Taekwondo. This photo is from like June of 1990. Richard, my bro, was eight years old in this picture. This is at the karate place near the 7 Eleven near our house in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA.

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Learning self-defense is a good thing. I took some classes there as well for like a few months. My younger sister did as well. Well, you don't have to become a karate master. You can feel a bit overwhelmed at even attempting to study martial arts. You may feel like you might fail. You may feel like you are too busy. I would say, why not give it a try, right? Failure is better than regret. You never know. Accept failure. Take it a step at a time. Try new things. I gave it a try. But then I felt embarrassed in the locker room at that karate place. And we started running out of money. So, I was only a white belt. But I at least gave it a try.

1992-07 - Rick Arnold - Purple Belt.png

This second photo is from July of 1992 when Ricky was a Purple Belt. Eventually, he was a pretty good kicker. That was one of the reasons I was scared of him. Now, less so. I kind of grew up since then. And that is what life is all about.


What an honest reflection.

That's right, pun intended. You can reflect attacks in karate.