Krispy Kreme Christmas Collection 2019 - Speculoos Shimmer Parcel

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Hello Again,

Yesterday I wrote about what I thought about the White Chocolate Shimmer Parcel, I am now going to tell you about Krispy Kreme’s second gift, the Speculoos Shimmer Parcel.

Speculoos Shimmer Parcel

”Lotus Biscoff Kreme filling, hand dipped in Lotus Biscoff spread and finished with Lotus Biscoff biscuit crumb and gold shimmer.”

Another parcel by Krispy Kreme, another Lotus Biscoff one. So this one is supposedly dipped in Lotus Biscoff spread. I have had the spread before and this is nothing like it. The spread has crunch bits in it and is no way as smooth and shiny as what’s on top of this donut. It’s more of a Biscoff icing. It’s nice but it doesn’t look very Chrismassy. I mean, you have the white chocolate bow and a smidgen of gold shimmer on the donut, which is mainly on the biscuit corner, but apart from that, it looks really boring! The donut itself is soft and is full of Biscoff kreme. They could have maybe added some gold chocolate balls or something to make it look a bit more special. Maybe even a fondant gift tag that says ”Love from Krispy Kreme” . Maybe I should write to them and tell them. If you like the Lotus Biscoff main donut, then this one is for you.

Can you tell how disappointed I am with this donut? If you read yesterdays post, you would see I wasn’t overly impressed because I felt like Krispy Kreme didn’t put much thought or effort into creating something special for the festive period… but this one SERIOUSLY TAKES THE BISCUIT! ’Pun intended.’ Come on Krispy Kreme, all you did was take a regular donut from your menu, changed the shape of it, added a simple bow and some crumb… this really won’t do! It doesn’t impress me at all. Plus what is that name all about? Don’t ask me what they mean by that name either, I don’t have a clue that it means. Is it a play on spectacular? If it is, then just leave it as the real word, rather than trying to make one up that sounds odd. This donut was far from spectacular.

This donut is the gift you’d totally expect, like a new pair of socks! I really hope the next one is good. Keep an eye out for my review of the last gift.

White Chocolate Shimmer
Poppy Penguin
Rudolph the Reindeer

Jack o’ Lantern
Toffee Apple
Sid the Slime Monster

Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie
Maple Pecan Pie
Cherry Pie
Banana Kreme Pie

Krispy Kreme - Original Filled Salted Caramel
Krispy Kreme - Original Filled Nutty Chocolatta

Krispy Kreme - Mother's Day Donuts

Lemon Glazed Ring
Lemon Chick
Easter Egg
Bunny Bum

Winter Berry
Merry Sparkle

Spooky Sprinkles
Vimto Ring
Vimto Shimmer
Frankie Frankestein

Krispy Kreme - Caramel Glazed


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