Krispy Kreme Halloween Collection 2019 - Sid the Slime Monster

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More donuts for you! Yes, you!

Back on it telling you all my thoughts on Krispy Kreme’s donuts. Yes I have been away for months, but I still can’t get enough of their bad boys. I wish they would stop bringing them out so often though… I don’t think my waistline can take it anymore let alone my bank account! I am really looking forward to tell you what I think of this years Halloween donuts. I am going to start off with Sid. Meet Sid…

Sid the Slime Monster

”A gruesome one eyed monster oozing with fruity slime, a tasty mix of raspberry and blackcurrant! Take a bite if you dare!.”

When I saw this donut, I loved the look of Sid. Krispy Kreme haven’t done a monster shaped like this one before. Definitely reminds me of a cross between a monster and a skull. The one eye is really spooky though, even if I do say so myself. And those teeth!! Well I have to say this one is a very delicious monster indeed! Nothing spooky about him at all! Haha. Looks scary on the outside, but is sweet on the inside. The jam in the centre was extremely fruity. I was half expecting not to like this one at all. I’m not a fan of blackcurrant but I do love raspberry. The jam was a nice consistency, Not too thick and not too runny. Just right! There were no bits in the jam either. Just nice and smooth… how I like it. It tasted divine! Really what I wasn’t expecting. The sweet flavour of the raspberry and the tart flavour of the blackcurrant was a match made in heaven.

I can’t tell you how good this donut tasted. I put it off right up until the day before Halloween before I got some Halloween donuts. I wish I got them sooner! I really wasn’t looking forward to trying Sid. But he was soooooo tasty!! I did buy 2 boxes of three donuts so I could double up on the donuts. The only thing is, I wish I doubled up on Sid. Being the one I was least looking forward to, turned out to be one of my favourites for sure! I hope he makes a surprise appearance… but somehow I think there’s more change of a snowball in hell instead. Krispy Kreme… can you make this flavour again please!!! Very very soon If I had my way… wink wink

Oooooh…. I wonder what scary donut will be next… keep your eyes peeled!

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Maple Pecan Pie
Cherry Pie
Banana Kreme Pie

Krispy Kreme - Original Filled Salted Caramel
Krispy Kreme - Original Filled Nutty Chocolatta

Krispy Kreme - Mother's Day Donuts

Lemon Glazed Ring
Lemon Chick
Easter Egg
Bunny Bum

Winter Berry
Merry Sparkle

Spooky Sprinkles
Vimto Ring
Vimto Shimmer
Frankie Frankestein

Krispy Kreme - Caramel Glazed


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