Krispy Kreme American Pie Collection - Banana Kreme Pie

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Hello Donut Friends,

I finally managed to get my hands on some of Krispy Kreme’s new American Pie Collection. These have been available since the 13th May, so you can see how long I managed to hold before stuffing my face full of these donuts. I knew I had to get them soon because they are only around for a limited time and I’m pretty sure they are due to come off the shelves very soon, so it was imperative I got my hands on them. I am going to start off with the Banana Kreme Pie.

Banana Kreme Pie

”Filled with banana and Lotus Biscoff Kreme, hand dipped in Lotus Biscoff spread and sprinkled with biscuit crumb and chocolate pieces.”

Ok so it all starts here!! The Banana Kreme Pie! I was really looking forward to trying this donut. I have never had a banana flavour donut before. On first impression it didn’t look like how I would describe a ”Banana Kreme Pie”. This donut is practically a Lotus Biscoff. I know the description sings Lotus Biscoff, but surely if you were going to make a Banana Kreme Pie donut, then it should really be about the banana flavour and nothing else. Basically this donut tastes of nothing but Biscoff. You have the Biscoff pieces sprinkled on top of the donut and I’m pretty sure the icing is Biscoff flavoured too. Then you have the drizzle of chocolate on top. I have to say I didn’t get much flavour of chocolate at all. So finally made it through to the centre. Yes, the centre is filled with banana and Biscoff flavoured Kreme, but I didn’t get much flavour of the banana at all. The bit I did manage to taste 'after batting my lips and tongue about 20 times’ tasted quite chemically. It really was so synthetic!

Krispy Kreme… what a let down! This donut is just a hyped up Lotus Biscoff with a bit of banana flavour… if you can call it that! The banana flavour was quite unpleasant. Really should have given it a lot more thought if you wanted to create a banana kreme pie donut. I could easily come up with better ideas with my eyes closed and my tastebuds switched off. Avoid this one like the plague! Not banana pie at all. You might as well spend your money on a regular Lotus Biscoff and add a fresh banana to that!

Keep an eye out for future donuts of the American Pie collection… I can’t wait to tell you my findings!

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