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Hi Donutters!

It’s been a while since I last wrote about Krispy Kremes Halloween donuts. I can still remember the taste. This one I’ve had more than once, so it’s gonna be a good one.


”No tricks just a treat with this chocolate orange filled donut.”

I was quite surprised with the unimaginative halloween donuts this year. Apart from Frankie Frankenstein there wasn’t much Halloween decoration at all. Where were the skulls? Where were the spiders and bats?? Thankfully Krispy Kreme managed to pull a pumpkin out of the bag. This donut is huge! I love the bright orange colour and that cheeky face the pumpkin has. There is so much icing on the donut and the mouth is fondant. It’s really nice actually. if I remember correctly, the orange icing tasted of orange. The donut had a gorgeous chocolate filling. It was sooooo smooth and silky. It had a rich chocolatey flavour with a big hit of orange too. I really loved this donut. By far one of their best off the menu.

If you have read my previous halloween donut posts, then you will know how unimpressed I have been this year with their choices. Thankfully this one was delicious. It certainly made up for the last two donuts I had. If I had known how good this one was, I would have bypassed the others and gone in for more of these! This one was well worth the money. I wish Krispy Kreme would bring out a chocolate orange one to stay around on it’s standard menu.

Vimto Shimmer
Frankie Frankestein

Caramel Glazed


Krsipy kreme is one of the best sellers to Donuts. My favorite is the classic glazed.

Yeah you can't go wrong with that one. Delicious!!

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