Krispy Kreme Easter Collection - Bunny Bum

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Hello Krispy Kreme and Donut Fans!

It’s been a while since I last wrote about Krispy Kreme donuts. I still have some in the pipeline to write about. Truth is I have been so lately such as visiting people and enjoying my birthday celebrations. I have been waiting a while for some special occasion donuts, then Krispy Kreme announce their Easter ones. I have so say I was dying to see what the flavours were going to be when they only showed the pictures. ’Talk about keeping us on our toes!!’ Thankfully I managed to get some Easter donuts yesterday, and what made them taste even sweeter was that they were Buy One Get One Free!!

Bunny Bum

”With strawberries and kreme filling, dipped in white icing and hand decorated with a meringue drop!"

This donut looked so lovely in the cabinet… a row of cute bunny rabbit bums! Just look at the little feet and tail! When Krispy Kreme announced this one, I struggled to make out what it was at first… then it hit me! It’s the back of a bunny of course! You can’t have Easter without the Easter bunny. I took a guess on each of the flavours before Krispy Kreme released them. I was right on all! This one is flavoured with strawberries and kreme. The donut was soooooo soft. It oozed with strawberry jam and their signature kreme. The icing on top was like a fondant icing. That was really soft and squidgy, but not sticky. The feet were also fondant but just that bit firmer. The tail had a real meringue crunch. I ate the feet end first, then left the tail end till last. It was nice having that last little bite for the final mouthful. This donut did last just like their ’Strawberries and Kreme’ donut. No surprises there, but I have to say this one was very delicious. I definitely have to get some more before they ’hop off!’

It was nice to see how imaginative Krispy Kreme were in using the heart shape and turning it into a bunny bum. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bunny donut from Krispy Kreme before. Also it was really nice having such a soft and tasty donut. Probably because I got there super early to make sure I was able to get one of each donut. I can’t stress how tasty this one is. I know they have their Strawberries and Kreme on their standard menu, but this one was something else. Given the choice out of two, I would definitely pick this one over their Strawberries and Kreme. I wish the Bunny Bum would stay around for a long time and not just for Easter.

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