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Hi Donut Lovers!!!

It’s been such a long time since I have written about my favourite sweet, Krispy Kreme donuts. I have been eating them, but not as much lately as I’ve been trying to save them for my ’cheat day.’ I have managed to keep a record of all the donuts I have eaten since my last post about them. Are they still as good as I imagine?? Read on to find out more!

Caramel Glazed

”Krispy Kreme’s classic light & fluffy Original Glazed donut coated in a caramel flavoured glaze and hand decorated with a caramel drizzle.”

I was really excited when Krispy Kreme announced their caramel collection. I do love caramel. Usually when I have a donut, I tend to go for the filled ones. This one was their signature ring, but with caramel! Don’t get me wrong, I do love their rings as well, I just go for the big ones because I’m a pig! I was excited to try this one because I know how fluffy the rings are. At first I wasn’t sure if this donut was an Original Glazed but with a drizzle of caramel sauce. It was only on closer inspection of the description that I realised it had a caramel glaze too. When I took a bit of the donut, it definitely had that unmistakable ring texture. Light and fluffy as always. I couldn’t help myself but let out a loud, long ’Mmm’ after my first bite. It was truly delightful. The caramel glaze was lovely, it wasn’t too sweet. The caramel glaze was quite strong so it was nice to have a mild glaze over the donut, topped with the strong flavour of the drizzle.

This donut was one of Krispy Kremes better ringed donut. You can’t beat an Original Glazed, but I’ve had different Krispy Kreme rings before, and this one is definitely one of their finest. I’m glad I only got one of the caramel glazed rings at the time because I could easily have eaten 6! Krispy Kreme no longer do this donut, but I’m glad in went in for another couple of helpings before they vanished!


Tasty and crispy .. Looks very delicious.

It was very nice :-)

We have only just got a Krispy Kreme's in our little town, and all I can say is that it is the devil, lol They are way too delicious and tempting to resist. So now I have to work extra hard to keep in shape.


Tell me about it. I have to travel into another town to get these delicious babies. Plus I love eating them so I always have to be very good during the week so I can eat these with pleasure at the weekends :-)

Haha :-) Really has motivated me to run a couple of extra days, just so I can indulge - lol.

Happy Tuesday. Happy Krispe Kremeing :-)

@michaeljn Happy days for the motivation!!! I will be working extra hard with my bodyweight for the rest of the week. Nothing wrong with indulging is there?? ;-) :-P

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