Krispy Kreme Halloween Collection - Frankie Frankenstein

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Hello Donut Fans,

Halloween is just around the corner and Krispy Kreme have released their Halloween collection. When I received their email, I couldn’t wait to get involved. Every year I get their Halloween donuts. So let’s see what these little monsters taste like.

Frankie Frankenstein

”Krispy Kreme’s original glazed ring, hand dipped in apple flavour icing and decorated with a cookie crumb.”

"Well you can’t have Halloween without having Frankenstein!” I knew I had to have this donut when I saw the announced collection. I can’t ever remember having a green donut, certainly not a ghoulish green. The only apple flavoured donut I have had was Krispy Kreme’s Apple Pie. I really like the colour and the cookie pieces for hair was a good idea. It added a nice texture to the donut. I love the little fondant eyes too. It’s a kind of ’cute’ Frankenstein. Hey ho, so much for cuteness… I got right stuck in and took a massive bite of this donut. As always the signature ring was fluffy in texture, but that flavour though… I could not taste any apple! I even closed my eyes when I took another bite to see if I could fathom up in the back of my mind and tastebuds to find apple. Nope… it definitely wasn’t there! The flavour I got was mouldy. Actually thinking back to my donut it did have a hint of apple… ”Yeah an apple that’s gone off!” Yuck!

This was not a good donut. If you want my advice, save your money and get a normal Original Glazed. Not even the sweetness of the glaze could mask the horrible taste of this donut. I couldn’t finish this donut and for me not to finish is a bit deal! This hardly ever happens! Looks like a tasty donut, tasted bloody disgusting! Epic fail Krispy Kreme! U know I love your donuts but this… this is something else… and not in a good way I’m sorry to say!

Caramel Swirl
Caramel Glazed


Wish I had a Krispy Kreme here in Spain... but then again then I would be 10kg fatter so I guess its a good thing.

@makesushi Krispy Kreme donuts are great and I really have to stop myself from buying them all the time or I would be the size of a house! If you ever come across one, do get a donut as they are divine. Just don't get the Halloween one. It was horrible!

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