Krispy Kreme Halloween Collection 2019 - Toffee Apple

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Good Morning All,

Another day another donut. Today I bring to you Krispy Kreme’s Toffee Apple donut. Now, Krispy Kreme do have their Apple Pie donut, so it’s going to be interesting to see how different it is. Read on to find out more...

Toffee Apple

”With a tangy apple filling, hand dipped in toffee glaze and finished with apple caramel pieces and a caramel drizzle!”

I was really looking forward to try this donut. I love caramel and I love fruit flavoured donuts. Thing is, Krispy Kreme didn’t put them
in their cabinets, you had to travel to a store to get them. Really inconvenient, but I decided to make the trek. So this donut was lovely and shiny with the toffee glaze. The apple caramel pieces on top tasted a lot like fudge to me. I’m not a fan of fudge, but these tasted ok. The Toffee glaze was really thick and sweet. It did have a bit of a burnt’ flavour… like cinder toffee which I like. The glaze was very sticky. I suppose I expected it to be crunchy like you would get on a toffee apple. Anyway, the filling was really good. Lots of apple pieces in a spiced jam. I think the filling in this one tastes the same as what Krispy Kreme put in their Apple pie donut. This, I don’t mind, because I really like that donut, but it would have been nice to have something a little bit more special in this one considering it was supposed to be a Halloween donut!

I wouldn’t call this Toffee Apple donut a Halloween donut, I Think it would have been better if Krispy Kreme brought this one out for Bonfire Night. In actual fact, Krispy Kreme didn’t bring out any donuts for Bonfire Night. I’m quite annoyed about that! I was looking out for something special. Anyhow, this was a really nice flavoured apple donut. I liked the filling with the toffee glaze and I would say this one has a lot more flavour to it than their Apple Pie one. I just wish there was something else added to it to give it that ’Je ne said quoi’ A great apple flavoured donut but Krispy Kreme should have brought out something else for Halloween and let this one be their Bonfire Night donut… Plus there is nothing creepy or spooky about this donut either...

Will the next donut be scary???...

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