Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #50 | Spirit Architect - A Message to Shankra Festival

Psy festival season is coming up and what better way to get into the zone than with one of the most promising full on artists of recent years. Spirit Architect's music has been unifying some of the most magical elements that I dig about awesome modern psychedelic trance. It's wide, it's crystal-clear, sharp, satisyfing, cutting-edge if you will with a mighty dose of compassion and well-controlled torandoes of motion-generating energy that fuels the body to move to the rhythm and to go on a deep journey of the psyche.

Spirit Architect has fast become one of my favorite psy artists in recent years, for the balance he provides with his tracks and the bridges he manages to build among the core of the psy genre heritage to the modern sound that sends people on a pleasurable journey on the biggest floors on Earth.

If you are to embark on a psychedelic journey this summer, if you want some soundtrack to move your body to and let go of the overemphasis on the mind and thought-patterns, come turn up this magnificent set and let things happen as they may.

Since it will be a rather limited festival season for me I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to my only psy festival this year and I will dance so hard, it's long overdue. Listening to his set for Shankra festival 2018 here I sometimes wonder how I even made it through the long winter without touching feet on a floor at least once. God!

If you are hungry for festival season like me or want to check out what contemporary psychedelic full on psytrance sounds like - look no further.

You can find some of Spirit Architect's releases on the Ovnimoon Recods bandcamp page

Turn it up loud and let the music take you on a ride! You'll be gone before you know it.


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Thanks for stopping by <3


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