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Here we are with another meeting of the Japanese community that took place today in Tokyo.


These meetup haven been regularly organized by the @yoshiko and several Steemians have attended the last occurence of this meetup. For more information about this events, read this post (if you can read Japanese or have a good translator 😉)


To celebrate it and reward all participant, @yoshiko asked us to prepare a new commemorative badge that attendee will receive when participating in the meetup. The badge attribution is manage by the meetup organizer @yoshiko and anyone getting the badge will be able to display it on his/her board of honor.


Thank you to all participant of this Steem Meetup. We hope they had a lot of fun together and that they will come back to the next edition!

このSteem Meetupに参加してくれた皆さんに感謝します。皆さんが大いに楽しまれて、また次回、参加されることを願っています!

Happy Steem meetup!


If you are a meetup organizer and want to reward participants with a personalized badge, do not hesitate to contact SteemitBoard’s creator @arcange on discord or on

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Thank you for making a badge with a wonderful design!!


You're very welcome @yoshiko.
We really enjoyed our collaboration and we are so happy you like how we designed the badge.
Greetings to all the Steemians from Tokyo!


Gran trabajo, la insignia es preciosa!



Hopefully some day we can see a meetup in our country too


Why wait? Create your own meetup! 😉
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very good

Nice one!


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thank you :-]

Wow, cool! interesting badge. I just want to give a suggestion, to make a badge logo contest on @steemitboard, I think it's a good idea to increase new customers on steemit boards. Greetings to @arcange and @yoshiko who have successfully held meetings in Japan... Thanks


Thank you for the suggestion @littleboys-faiz. This is something we may consider.


Good luck @arcange 👍👍



You're welcome @kinakomochi
Feel free to vote our witness to support us. You will get one more badge and more powerful votes from us on your posts.
Have a good day!


I voted :)

Thanks steemiboard for sharing about meetup news

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It's a pleasure @shashiprabha
Have a good day!
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all the solutions you say. banar-banar is good and useful for all of us here thank you brother.@steemitboard

me encanta tiene mucho significado en sus dibujos! enhorabuena :)

Dear #steemitboard ,Thank you very much for bringing the best budget of all the beautiful designs.