Thank you for making a badge with a wonderful design!!

You're very welcome @yoshiko.
We really enjoyed our collaboration and we are so happy you like how we designed the badge.
Greetings to all the Steemians from Tokyo!

Gran trabajo, la insignia es preciosa!

Wow, cool! interesting badge. I just want to give a suggestion, to make a badge logo contest on @steemitboard, I think it's a good idea to increase new customers on steemit boards. Greetings to @arcange and @yoshiko who have successfully held meetings in Japan... Thanks

Hopefully some day we can see a meetup in our country too

Why wait? Create your own meetup! 😉
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Nice one!

thank you :-]


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You're welcome @kinakomochi
Feel free to vote our witness to support us. You will get one more badge and more powerful votes from us on your posts.
Have a good day!

Thanks steemiboard for sharing about meetup news

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It's a pleasure @shashiprabha
Have a good day!
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all the solutions you say. banar-banar is good and useful for all of us here thank you brother.@steemitboard

me encanta tiene mucho significado en sus dibujos! enhorabuena :)

Dear #steemitboard ,Thank you very much for bringing the best budget of all the beautiful designs.

PLEASE HELP! NOTIFY...compromised account please read below RE: Fort Lauderdale ~ Such a Beautiful Day on the Beach! #steemitboard
Notifications have been disabled. Sorry if I bothered you. To reactivate notifications, drop me a comment with the word NOTIFY
My daughters account has been compromised .what looks like 8 months ago....others are voting etc.....No steem has been stolen ..yet....but can you please, please help...she never changed her keys ....and we have been off for over a year...she is starting to blog and all of our keys worked but her account....clearly someone has taken it is @jadabug ...just a couple of days ago i saw someone had voted with her account at this korean site (terrible post)
KR 디폴트
gluer (47) in kr • 4 days ago

"누가 또 따뜻한 바람 나오게 해 둔 거야? 썼으면 되돌려 놔야지."

"미안. 따뜻한 바람이어야 머리도 더 빨리 마르지 않나?"

"난 그래도 찬 바람 나오는 게 더 좋아."

"나는 따뜻한 바람이 더 좋은데?"

I just checked and this @gluer has voted with @ jadabug several times this week...i think it is them or an associated of theirs...please look into this ....we are so sad ...this was very wrong....#steemitboard

Nice tool guys. Please let me know how to activate your notifications again ? And when I will see the change in my page ? I powered up today finally to 5000 sp, but I see that I'm still a minnow here :

To reactivate your notifications, reply to any post/comment from @steemitboard with the word NOTIFY (nothing more)

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I hope many successes and great achievements, in this new stage and with this new logo, continue to support new and small, we bet on steemit, steemit and SteemitBoard

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thx 4 the upvote!

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