Conscious Music you have (probably never) heard of | #33 | Dub FX - Society Gates (live)

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An internet phenomenon that single handedly started the rennaissance of Loop stations for the younger generations in the late 2000's, Dub FX' sound and level of performance is a real gem to witness and listen to even now a good ten years later.

Where he started on the streets of Europe playing his songs in a non-traditional fashion, his music and live performances have since reached all continents and cultures that dig music. And while I have never quite liked his studio recordings that much, the performances that have been recorded back in the day in 2009 live on the street still blast me away for their high level in skill, depth and meaning, as well as showing all aspiring musicians that it CAN be done, even if you are a one-man band. I may offend some of his fans but I think these original tracks have never been surpassed by the man himself to this day...

In addition to loop stations Dub FX uses several distortion pedals and intricate sound manipulation circuitry to modulate his voice to become the basis of the track, stacking layer after layer on top of one another until jaws drop and people forget where they were originally going when they pass by his little live performance.

May I point out that someone is leaning against a tree just watching this performance go on...

Best of all, the lyrics inspire and tell a story of a rigid society that has become narrow and radical when it comes to curtailing the freedoms of the individual, and that we all have to make our choices in life regardless of the contemporary and politically correct "standard" of what others tell us we ought to do. Someone will have to break the cycle so it might as well be us.

I remember when the video had less than 100k views, and by today we are up to 3 million, wow. Still, despite his well-deserved success it is worth sharing for all those who may not yet have heard about the guy and his music.

If you want to dive a bit deeper into the lyrics you will find them below the video.

Without further ado, here is one of the best live performances I have seen to this day, hope you'll feel the same way. If you are a musician and have never heard of this guy please do take a few minutes, I can almost guarantee you it will be totally worth your time.

Come check out the lyrics:

"Humanity is conformity
Conformity is society
Society is this reality

The faces that saw me
And the angels that warned me
They told me to run
And dispose of the gun
I could have escaped
Be gone with no trace
Instead I just stayed
Within societies gates

'Cause I can run but I can't hide
And I must justify
The way I live my life
Until the day I die
I live within these gates
I cannot go against
So I must see it through
There's nothing left to do

They said I was crazy
And they called me a fool
But words cannot change me
And my respect for the rules
I may be part of the system
But if I could rule this land
The rules would be different
But I am just one man

So I wish I was under a tree
Far away from society
Where the only truth in me
Is the soothing sound of my own entity?
While my other voice is free
It expresses words of plea
To return to a stable form of reality
But I'm inside of that tree
That tree is inside of another tree
The perplexity is infinity
So I will just chill with a spliff

I can run but I can't hide"

You can check out his latest tour dates and music catalogue via his official website

Please, enjoy <3


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Thanks for stopping by <3


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Hi there buddy! Good to see that you're still going strong and not giving up on this awesome series that makes surfing the internet a lot more enjoyable and inspiring

Hugs from Portugal,


Aww thank you brother. I am amazed how many tracks and albums I remember to share, there was a time after the first ten episodes I didn't really know what else to share. But there are many many items <3
Hope you're doing well, really excited for your release of episode 4
Much love!

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